Mark Watches ‘Hannibal’ Liveblog: Mizumono

WE SHALL NOT SURVIVE THE NIGHT. Y’all, it’s time for the season 2 finale of Hannibal. I’m not ready, you’re not ready, we are collectively not going to make it through this. Let’s liveblog, shall we?

Here goes!

1) The liveblog starts whenever you have access to the episode. In order to pull this off, we can’t have separate posts for each time zone, so expect there to be spoilers in the early pages of the liveblog. Essentially, use the comments as your space to yell, caps-lock, or comment as you watch the episode.

2) You do not have to use rot13 for your commentary on this post. That being said….

3) Do not purposely go through another person’s comments while they are liveblogging and spoil them.

4) The Site Rules still apply!!!

I will do my absolute best to try and get at least a video up sometime this weekend of me watching the finale, but I am at a convention with horrific Internet service, so I cannot make any guarantees at all. I will, of course, tweet about the video and review availability. My Twitter name is @MarkDoesStuff. If it ends up being impossible this weekend, I’ll get it done ASAP once I’m home.

For now, ENJOY.

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