Mark Watches ‘Veronica Mars’: The Movie / Q&A Finale Party!

I don’t even know how I’m awake right now. My life in the past 48 hours has been surreal – returning to where I was born to spend time with friends and idols, watching a movie for a show I just finished, meeting people who I admire and adore, going to Disneyland for twelve hours, watching the same movie a second time with a bunch of lovely people – and now I have to definitively close this chapter of my life.

Excuse me if I’m a bit emotional.

This show means a lot to me, and I touched on some of the reasons yesterday. This fandom just… well, let me put it this way. I got to meet Rob Thomas at the cast afterparty, and in talking to him, I learned that it was because of some of y’all who have read this site for years that he tuned in occasionally to read my site, which he enjoyed. And getting to talk to someone whose writing has affected mine so strongly in the past few months was liberating and exhilarating, and it would not have happened without this fandom.

I’ve never seen a show address race and class (in Southern California, where I grew up, no less!) like this one does. The mysteries were incredible. These characters are my forever. So, I don’t think it’s surprising that I absolutely adored this move. I’ve seen it twice now (and lord, does it hold up well with a second viewing), and there’s no doubt in my mind that this cast and crew have pulled off something special. It’s a love letter to those of us who watched the entire show (I cannot fucking deal with how many references and jokes there were), and it is a terrifying thriller. Like, seriously, from that one scene with… the cars… THAT ONE. Yeah, from that point on, I was reminded of many of my favorite scenes of suspense throughout the three-season history of the show. God, Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero are just so fucking good at writing suspense!

Anyway, I toyed with a lot of possibilities of how I’d talk about this film, and I realized that there are folks who probably want to participate in the Q&A without having to skip an entire post full of spoilers. I also admit that I am running on nine hours of sleep SINCE TUESDAY, so my brain is a bit of a mess right now. I would like to talk about many of the finer points of this film within the Q&A itself, as more specific questions will allow me to pull this off better.

So! If you’ve never attended one of these, here are a few examples. I will be sitting online for a while today, perusing all of the threads and answering anything (within reason) that you ask me. This allows me to answer and address a lot larger ideas instead of single episodes or mini-arcs. This is also the time to LIFT ALL SPOILERS FOR VERONICA MARS. You are welcome to link to interviews, behind-the-scenes stuff, fanvids, fanfic, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I MISSED. You can ask me about favorite characters, favorite plots, ALL ABOUT THE MOVIE INCLUDING HOW LOUD I WAS AT THE PREMIERE DURING THE ACTUAL FILM i am so sorry to everyone who sat around me. And you also don’t need to worry about staying on topic? While most will be about Veronica Mars, feel free to ask me anything on your mind!

This is my account. This way, you can see all my answers without having to read every thread to find them!

This is also a video you can download of me watching the first part of the unaired, season 4 “pilot.” (I found out yesterday afternoon there’s actually a second part! I’ll try to watch it today.

This is me saying thank you: To Sunil (spectralbovine) for being one of the biggest pushers for me to watch this show; to Seanan McGuire for her excitement about me starting Veronica Mars; to NeptuneRising and MarsInvestigations, for being wonderful sites and fan communities; to the cast I met at the afterparty for being so gracious and kind, and by the way, HERE IS VIDEO EVIDENCE OF ME MEETING KRISTEN BELL, PERCY DAGGS III, AND FRANCIS CAPRA, which was shot by my friend (szark in the comments!), oh and there’s this photo and THIS ONE, TOO.

And thank you to the many, many of you. This has been unreal and surreal, and I could not ask for better readers. NOW YOU MAY ASK AWAY.

MOD NOTE: Please keep any major movie spoilers out of top-level comments and tag/rot13 movie spoilers so that people who have not seen the movie yet can participate in the show party! NOTE: If a top-level comment contains rot13, then plaintext spoilers are allowed in any replies in that thread. Thanks!

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