Mark Watches ‘Veronica Mars’: S03E19 – Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down

In the nineteenth episode of the third season of Veronica Mars, Veronica helps Weevil escape a fraud charge and EVERYTHING GETS SUPER FUCKED UP. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Veronica Mars.


  • Let me start off by saying that I loved this episode in practically every way, and one of the reasons why is the pervasive theme of the class and race divisions you see in Neptune. The show isn’t perfect in representing this dichotomy all the time, but goddamn, I’ve never seen a television show that talks about the privileges of the rich as much as this show does. At the heart of “Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down” is Veronica’s desire to take the rich kids of Neptune down a notch whenever they try to pull a fast one on someone less privileged than him. Weevil is stuck with a fraud charge after a group of students is caught with fake debit IDs on campus, and it’s actually kind of scary how easily they relied on stereotypes and prejudice in setting up Weevil. They knew that anyone would suspect a Latino with a felony on his record, and then they did the work of making sure things looked terrible for the guy who is ACTUALLY TRYING TO MAKE HIS LIFE BETTER AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY. We’ve seen more than once over the course of this season how Weevil takes pride in his work and has helped out countless students and faculty members in his job, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so frustrating to know that these assholes (WHO COULD AFFORD LUNCH THE WHOLE TIME) would target one of the poorest people on the entire campus.
  • Just like the last episode, Keith has to play an interesting role in this case because he has a duty to perform as the Sheriff, and as the evidence mounts against Weevil, it’s not like he can make exceptions or cut corners or be the private eye he used to be.
  • So it’s all up to Veronica. Bless her heart, I love how willing she is to always come to Weevil’s side when he needs help.
  • I just realized why I recognized the actress playing Karen Mackay: It’s Holly from True Blood!
  • Which I’m super far behind on, good lord.
  • You know what would have been amazing? If this episode was really about how Veronica discovered another budding PI in Jalisa Jones, the woman who figured out that the students were using obviously fake names. WHERE IS THAT SERIES?
  • I also realized in hindsight that I should have known that Abigail was lying because of what she told Veronica about her student ID. She claimed that she was humiliated by having an empty card of her own, but the next day, she gives $100 to a stranger for a fake card? If you had $100 for a card, then you had the $10 for your shitty campus meal, you liar. There was no reason for you to be embarrassed at all! (See, I’m a detective! I can do detective things! Who am I kidding, I’d probably be awful.)
  • I have told this story before, but Abigail’s line about Weevil having kids to feed? I was 18 the first time I heard that stereotype spoken to my face. Seriously, some racist asshole believed I already had 3 kids at 18.
  • I AM REALLY, REALLY CONFUSED BY WALLACE’S STORY HERE. Oh my god, please don’t let this show end without an answer. What the fuck is The Castle??? Does this have to do with that one weird, unexplained line between Sheriff Lamb and Wallace earlier this season? About seeing the Knight? Just… what????
  • I had a thought hit me during the scene where Keith walks in on Veronica and Piz making out: I am going to miss Veronica and Keith interacting with one another more than most things in the universe. I really don’t want this show to end. 🙁
  • I’m also worried that unless Keith comes up with some last-minute shocker, Vinnie is going to win the election for Sheriff. He’s appealing to the lowest common denominator (which is perfectly in-character for Vinnie) while Keith is just trying to do the best job possible.
  • One of my favorite repeated tropes is in this episode, too, which is when someone accompanies Veronica on an investigation and they act horribly confused when she lies or makes something up in front of them. To date, only Wallace has learned to roll with the punches.
  • I miss Wallace.
  • So, Dick is undeniably fascinating here, especially since the show is finally starting to peel away the layers of his jerkiness. Just… holy shit, it was so uncomfortable when he dropped that line about Cassidy to Logan while Logan was negotiating his summer with Veronica. But you know, I’m glad that the writers are tackling this! Dick absolutely treated his younger brother terribly, and I don’t think it’s difficult to see how that behavior left Cassidy feeling isolated and lonely. I also agree with Logan: hanging out with Dick, Sr. is probably not a good idea.
  • But then this is soon followed by Dick apologizing to Mac? What the fuck DICK APOLOGIZING FOR ANYTHING IS A HUGE DEAL. Of course, because he’s Dick Casablancas, he ruins the moment by trying to kiss Mac. Please tell me there’s a GIF of Mac just shoving Dick’s face away.
  • Hey, remember when I said that Logan obviously wasn’t over Veronica yet? Yeah, he pretty much confirmed that when he deliberately picked a fight with Piz. Holy shit, man, you need to not do that ever. This isn’t Piz’s fault at all, dude!
  • So, I admit that I was shocked that the entire fraud ring presented themselves to Veronica at the end of this episode because that never happens. I was not surprised that they thought they could bribe Veronica with the promise of an unlimited balance on an ID because that’s all they had going for them. Bless Veronica for calling them out on the crass nature of their enterprise. These people could afford a winter vacation in Aspen, and yet they’re stealing food and books WHEN THEY COULD EASILY AFFORD IT.
  • Except Diana Agron, she’s lovely.
  • I completely adore that Weevil went and stole the ID machine himself. Hey, after what just happened to him, I don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt.
  • I am seriously frightened by the end of this episode, though. Like, we get a Weevil-centric episode that’s fantastic, it has a great end to it, and then Dick reveals that SOMEONE TAPED PIZ AND VERONICA HAVING SEX.
  • !!!!!!!!!
  • And if you’ll allow me to repeat myself, Dick completely did not consider that Logan, who once had a girlfriend taped without her consent by HIS OWN FATHER, would FREAK THE FUCK OUT over that tape. My god, Jason Dohring is fucking terrifying as he approaches Piz’s studio, and this just got… so horrible SO QUICKLY. I really don’t think Piz was responsible for this, which means Logan is gonna realize he just beat up his best friend’s boyfriend, and that‘s gonna be a disaster.
  • Who would do this????

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