Mark Watches ‘Dead Like Me’: S02E10 – Death Defying

In the tenth episode of the second season of Dead Like Me, George lashes out at the men in her life after being spurned. Meanwhile, Rube, Daisy, and Joy all try something new. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Dead Like Me.

Holy shit, what is this show doing to me? WHAT IS IT DOING TO ME?

  • “Death Defying” shows us how multiple characters – specifically George, Daisy, Rube, and Joy – all defy death in some way in their own life.
  • Initially, I couldn’t quite figure out how George fit into that theme until the end of the episode. Being stood up by Trip after losing her virginity was traumatizing for her. I can relate because the same thing happened to me. It was a demoralizing experience that was hard to get over for a long time after that. So I get and support George’s beautiful misandry crusade.
  • (And before some MRA asshole comes ’round and starts whining about how unfair we’re being for not being sensitive towards the rights of men because of ~misandry~: Stop. Don’t even start. Just stop, put your computer away, and don’t.)
  • George lashes out at the men around her after she realizes she’s been used just for sex. And she has every right to! It’s an awful feeling to be used for sex. Now, I don’t know if Trip knew George hadn’t had sex before. (The guy I lost my virginity to did know, and he purposely pursued me because of this, and I wish I’d known that this was a thing before I had sex with him. THIS IS WHY WE NEED MORE COMPREHENSIVE/INCLUSIVE SEX EDUCATION IN THIS COUNTRY.) Regardless, George feels used, so she lets her fury take over her day.
  • I’m also a big fan of George here because of how she refuses to accept Ray’s charm. It’s so beautiful watching her take him down.
  • Anyway, by the end of the episode, George has a revelation: Her anger and fury comes from her inability to accept what her life has become. She’s dead. She isn’t going to feel more alive by having sex. It’s how her story fits into the titular theme. How much can she defy something she’s unable to change?
  • Bless this episode for every single scene with Delores. Can anyone tell me what the massive acronyms in her email mean? I didn’t quite catch them.
  • Look, I just want to endlessly freak out about the big reveal concerning Rube, but let’s just talk about what Rube does here: defy his role. Despite that he’s told George a bazillion times not to pursue her past life, to leave her family alone, he goes against his own standards to seek out a life that has long since passed. It’s like he entertains the notion of being alive and with his family once more. Perhaps he just wants to get closure on Rosie? This isn’t clear to me, but perhaps it’s not supposed to be.
  • WHAT THE FUCK, WHY WAS RUBE WANTED? WANTED FOR WHAT? Is that how he died??? Oh my god, you can’t give me something like that and then not give me any more. 
  • H E L P
  • Well, Daisy and Mason’s relationship just got a whole lot more complicated. It’s obvious that Mason is intensely jealous of Ray. Just as it seemed like he was figuring out his feelings for her (or at least getting comfortable being her friend), Daisy expresses interest in someone else while Mason is there. As he puts it, her stories about being with other men never bothered Mason until they became real.
  • At the same time, this is Daisy’s choice, and I’m hoping the writers don’t pull some terrible shame-y stuff with her. Clearly, there’s something about Ray that Daisy finds appealing to her. She’s intrigued by this man, despite that he’s kind of an asshole. I am also interested in seeing what he’s about! Is this just a persona or facade that he put on to impress her?
  • Holy shit, it’s Eric McCormack. I just need to say that. I have seen a ton of random Will & Grace episodes over the years because lots of my friends were into that show, so I’ve just always known him as Will. He is very not Will here, good lord.
  • So what’s Daisy’s future going to be like with Ray? Will we see him in another episode, or was this a temporary fling for her? I have no idea.
  • Oh my god, I love that Joy went on another date with Angelo, and I’m glad she didn’t let Clancy (THAT ASSHOLE!!!) ruin the chance. Angelo is such a sweetheart. He respects Joy! He’s so nice to Reggie! HE CAN DRAW REALLY WELL, TOO. And seriously, Reggie likes pretty much no one, so it’s a good sign that she can stand Angelo.
  • (By the way, Reggie was on fire in this episode, my god.)
  • It’s not lost on me that Angelo said he felt strange that Joy’s daughter was “so close” after putting down a picture of George. I know he’s literally speaking of Reggie, but in a way, I could see this having an unintended subtext of referring to George. Joy has spent this season defying the death of her daughter and her marriage. She’s trying so hard to move on, and I think Angelo could see that. I just hope Joy finds happiness.

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