Mark Predicts ‘Friday Night Lights’: Season 2

Hello, Friday Night Lights friends! It is time for me to journey forth into the unknown: season two of this incredible show. Let’s have a laugh or cry at my expense, okay?

If you’re following both shows I’m writing about right now, I apologize for being repetitive at the start of this. You can skip down to the bulleted list for my predictions! If you’re new to Mark Watches, then this is your first prediction post! I would like to remind y’all of the rules regarding spoilers so that we do not have any unfortunate incidents if you’re participating in the comments. So!

  1. Do not spoil me.
  2. Do not spoil me.
  4. Every time we have prediction posts, people try to circumvent the rules because they are sad. Or something. I don’t know. I don’t analyze their behavior. I just ban them or have my mods do it. So do not try to find a loophole where you can post spoilers. There are other people following with these reviews who are also watching the show for the first time along with me. You are ruining their experience, too.
  5. Because I need to spell it out, you cannot tell me how many things I got right, how many I got wrong, how close I am to the truth, how poorly I’ve performed, or make any indication that you know the truth and I do not. This includes quoting something I’ve said without using rot13 and then snickering or laughing or crying or whatever. Granted, I tend to avoid comments on these type of posts because people are so bad at obeying the rules, but I still care deeply about the other unspoiled people who are reading.
  6. Use rot13.
  7. Use rot13.
  9. If you are one of the newbies to the show, feel free to post your own theories! Everyone else, these rules still apply to newbies. You don’t get to be spoilery to them just because they’re not me.
  10. DO. NOT. PRETEND. TO. BE. A. NEWBIE. Oh my god, this happens so often, and you aren’t funny, and no one thinks you’re cool, and you’ll probably die deeply unhappy with your life or something.

Oh god, it is time for me to be forever unprepared.

Mark’s Predictions for Season 2 of Friday Night Lights

  • So, there wasn’t a sign in the finale of season one that Coach Taylor was going to turn down TMU’s position for him, so we’ll see him in Austin in the season two premiere.
  • We will also see the apartment he is living in, as I’m guessing he isn’t going to drive from Dillon every day.
  • Tami will give birth to a daughter! Who will be named Princess Unicorn. Okay, that part doesn’t count as a prediction. Or does it?
  • Buddy will reconcile his relationship with his wife, but Lyla won’t want anything to do with it.
  • Landry and Tyra will go on an honest-to-gods date. For real.
  • Most of season two will deal with the pending graduation of a number of Dillon players, including Tim and Smash.
  • Smash will pursue scholarship options after making the list of top 100 players.
  • Julie and Matt will have sex.
  • Jason Street will get promoted during his time as assistant coach.
  • Unfortunately, I think he’ll have to deal with bullying/bigotry when a parent/citizen believes that Jason can’t be a good coach because he’s disabled.
  • We will not see Matt’s father once in season two.
  • Angela will have a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t treat her terribly.
  • Tami will begin work on the mayor’s campaign.
  • Coach Taylor will realize that coaching college football is a million times more difficult and stressful than high school football.
  • He’ll also have to deal with far more issues of bribery or outside influences because there’s more money to be made in college ball.
  • Let’s get to some big predictions: Coach Taylor will quit TMU by the end of season one.
  • Julie and Matt will not last as a couple for the whole season.
  • Neither will Landry and Tyra. (I don’t think they’ll get together, but even if they do, I don’t see it lasting.)
  • Tyra will graduate, as will Smash and Tim. (I’m aware that I may have gotten their classes wrong, but I believe these three are all going to be seniors this season.)
  • Matt’s grandmother will get worse.
  • Tyra will confront the man who tried to rape her.
  • And the Dillon Panthers will not win state.

oh god, I’d say BRING IT ON, but I already know the show will, so I give up.

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