Mark Predicts ‘The West Wing’: Season 2

Hello, my fellow West Wing watchers! It is time for my VERY FIRST prediction post about this lovely show. There are rules below, you should follow them, and then you should laugh at my general sense of ignorance and unpreparedness. It’s what we do around here! ONWARDS I GO.

Okay, so there are always new folks around whenever I start a new series for Mark Watches, so let’s set some ground rules for prediction posts, especially since we’ll have FIVE MORE of these in the coming year. So much West Wing omg.

  1. Do not spoil me.
  2. Do not spoil me.
  4. Every time we have prediction posts, people try to circumvent the rules because they are sad. Or something. I don’t know. I don’t analyze their behavior. I just ban them or have my mods do it. So do not try to find a loophole where you can post spoilers. There are other people following with these reviews who are also watching the show for the first time along with me. You are ruining their experience, too.
  5. Because I need to spell it out, you cannot tell me how many things I got right, how many I got wrong, how close I am to the truth, how poorly I’ve performed, or make any indication that you know the truth and I do not. This includes quoting something I’ve said without using rot13 and then snickering or laughing or crying or whatever. Granted, I tend to avoid comments on these type of posts because people are so bad at obeying the rules, but I still care deeply about the other unspoiled people who are reading.
  6. Use rot13.
  7. Use rot13.
  9. If you are one of the newbies to the show, feel free to post your own theories! Everyone else, these rules still apply to newbies. You don’t get to be spoilery to them just because they’re not me.
  10. DO. NOT. PRETEND. TO. BE. A. NEWBIE. Oh my god, this happens so often, and you aren’t funny, and no one thinks you’re cool, and you’ll probably die deeply unhappy with your life or something.

I admit that I sound incredibly serious right now, but y’all have no idea how much stress these posts cause my moderators. Do not make their voluntary jobs even harder than they already are.


Mark’s Predictions for Season 2 of The West Wing

  • This first one is in multiple parts, since each aspect of it will count as a separate prediction. I predict that one person died in the attack at the end of season one.
  • Separate from that, and I utterly hate to write this, I think Gina is going to be the one who died. I think she took a bullet for one of the Bartlets, and her quick thinking saved their lives.
  • A different member of the staff was shot, though, but they survive. My guess is Charlie.
  • The two gunmen and the accomplice will all be caught.
  • The shooting will have an instant and long-lasting effect on how the Secret Service treats the President and Zoey, and we will see the arc over multiple episodes.
  • Joey Lucas will be in six episodes.
  • Justice Mendoza will be in three episodes.
  • We will have a scene inside the Supreme Court once this season.
  • There will be an episode or a scene in an episode dealing with gun regulation, and it will be due to the assassination attempt on Bartlet.
  • Mrs. Bartlet will be in eight episodes.
  • We will deal with midterm elections for the bulk of season two! Based on the timeline of the show, we’re approaching the halfway mark in Bartlet’s presidency, so those have to happen. My prediction is that while the Democrats will make gains, the Republicans will still hold control in the House of Representatives.
  • By the end of season two, Bartlet and his staff will begin the transition to thinking about Bartlet’s re-election campaign.
  • Some issues this season will address! Gay marriage.
  • Affirmative action.
  • Campaign finance reform.
  • The fact that all the assistants in the office are women. (I literally just realized this. My heart can dream.)
  • Josh missing his chair in “What Kind of Day Has It Been.” I need this to be brought up about 400 times in season two because it’s one of the funniest things in the universe.
  • Lying to the press.
  • Some character stuff! C.J. will stop dating or entertaining the notion of dating Danny and will become interested in someone else.
  • Sam will go on another date with Mallory.
  • Leo will face intense public scrutiny when he heads up the push for changing the way the government prosecutes drug users.
  • President Bartlet’s MS will become public knowledge.
  • Charlie will begin to have a greater effect on what the President says in his speeches.
  • Zoey and Charlie will become a very serious couple. 
  • Toby will spend every episode being full of rage. Yes, this is a no-brainer, but I need just one of these.
  • Mandy will be ignored? I don’t know what to predict regarding her character because the writers have done such a poor job of including her.
  • I will cry at least once in season two.

Bring it on, The West Wing. I’m ready.

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