Mark Watches ‘Princess Tutu’: S01E02 – Heart Shard

In the second episode of the first session of Princess Tutu, this seriously is not what I thought this was going to be. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Princess Tutu.

What is this??? WHAT AM I WATCHING???

  • The opening credits changed. I thought it would be a retelling of the same story about the old man, BUT THE DETAILS CHANGED.
  • What’s the forbidden power the prince was given?
  • THE PRINCE’S HEART SHATTERED AND SPREAD SHARDS ALL OVER THE TOWN. It explains Mytho’s entirely apathetic behavior. HE HAS NO HEART.
  • One of my main questions was answered during the opening sequence: The town is completely intertwined with the reality of the old man’s stories, meaning there really is a blur between the two worlds. Everything is real.
  • No, holy shit, what has this show done? Ahiru is a “creation,” so to speak, of Drosselmeyer, the old man who wrote this story. He gives her the power to become a human girl, and then gives her the power to turn into Princess Tutu. But there are rules! There are logistics! If Ahiru acts like a duck, she turns back into one until she can get back in water while wearing the special pendant Drosselmeyer gave her. Also, she returns to human form naked. Also, IS THIS REAL LIFE.
  • I barely understood anything Edel was saying.
  • Look, I think the entire scene where Ahiru tries to start a conversation with Mytho is ADORABLE. I love all her little asides that point out how absurd small talk can be, especially with someone you have a crush on. There’s also more evidence that Mytho is merely a shell of a person because of his missing heart shards. He doesn’t feel anything about reading books.
  • And then there’s a girl.
  • And she is an anteater.
  • There is a character on this show who is an anteater.
  • I was so confused by Anteaterina’s behavior. (THAT IS LITERALLY HER NAME. Why is no one aside from Ahiru even slightly bothered by these anthropomorphic animals????) Anteaterina was openly rude, swooping in to steal Mytho from Rue. Mytho had no concept of right and wrong in this moment. It was like if someone asked him if he liked breathing. While that was bewildering in and of itself, why would Anteaterina purposely act so terribly? This was further complicated when Anteaterina challenged Rue for a place in the advanced ballerina class. Why did she hate Rue so much?
  • I am in love with the fact that this show is not pitting Rue and Ahiru against one another. Ahiru has an obsessive crush on Mytho, yes, but that doesn’t mean she despises Rue for being Mytho’s girlfriend. If anything, she seems to enjoy them being together as well. This culminates in a haunting and extremely queer sequence in which Rue and Ahiru dance beautifully, beating Anteaterina. Look, I don’t care, but it is impossible for me not to view that scene through anything but a queer lens. I think it’s incredibly significant that it’s a young woman who gives Ahiru her first successful, transformative dance. It’s not Mytho, and that’s yet another reversal of gender roles in this show. We had the whole twist on the damsel in distress trope in “The Duck and the Prince,” and now this. YES. YES. MORE OF THIS PLEASE.
  • I think it’s rather brilliant that whatever part of the prince’s heart is contained within the heart shard is what affects the person who possesses it. I don’t know the reason behind why Rue so rudely stated that it was impossible for Anteaterina to ever be as good as her, but it’s what causes Anteaterina to harness the bitterness and disappointment in the shard.
  • THIS SHOW FEATURES CHARACTERS WHO BATTLE BY MANIFESTING THEIR EMOTIONS IN BALLET DANCING. Holy shit, there is nothing like this in the world. I love it. I LOVE IT. It’s symbolic, it’s ridiculous, and it’s goddamn entertaining. Ahiru helped Anteaterina realize the power in developing her own dancing style instead of merely copying Rue. Bless.
  • Okay, Fakir gave Mytho an odd look when Mytho said that he was “feeling” again. So… is Fakir some kind of guardian? That would explain his behavior to Mytho. Well, sort of. Fakir seems determined to keep Mytho in line for some reason, but I don’t know what that reason is.
  • Poor Ahiru. She didn’t make the Advanced class after all that, and in her grief, she quacks, returning to duck form. In front of everyone. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS SHOW.
  • Shoutout to Ahiru’s friends. My god, I love them so much.

This is one strange show, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I need to know more right now.

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