Mark Watches ‘The Return of the King’ Liveblog

Why is there only one more? Why couldn’t there be six movies? I never want this to end. It’s time for me to watch the final Lord of the Rings movie, and y’all are welcome to join me. You have 6,281 comments to make to meet the site record, and I expect you to BRING IT.

This third LOTR liveblog will take place on Sunday, April 15th, at 1:oopm PDT. We will schedule a twenty (20) minute intermission between switching from disc one to disc two. So at that time, just go do stuff for twenty minutes, and then continue on with the film!

Please note: I am watching the Extended Edition, so please do the same to stay in sync.

If you’d like to follow my own comments, here’s my IntenseDebate profile. Like the Two Towers, if I can put aside time for it, I’ll review the movie. At the very least, I’ll put up a discussion post.

See y’all on Sunday!

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2 Responses to Mark Watches ‘The Return of the King’ Liveblog

  1. Insert-witty-name-here says:

    Wooooo! Birthday liveblog!

  2. Andy says:

    Mark, you really should consider recording audio commentaries for these films!

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