Mark Watches ‘Sherlock’ Liveblog: The Hounds of Baskerville

Oh, that title. That title. Tomorrow, let us all rejoice in yet another ninety minutes of Sherlock. How many thousands of GIFs will it spawn? Will our brains break again? HOW IS STEVEN MOFFAT GOING TO UPDATE THIS WONDERFUL STORY? Also how cute is Martin Freeman’s face? I’ve won no BAFTA awards and I don’t care. Let’s liveblog Sherlock, shall we?

I can’t wait. I CANNOT WAIT.

Now, this liveblog is going to be different for everyone, since it’s not airing officially in the United States. Like all liveblogs with relative airings, this liveblog starts when you have access to “The Hounds of Baskerville.” Use the comments below as your glorious canvas. In order to avoid spoilers, please try to avoid going back and commenting on comments made on the front page so those of us who are liveblogging can stick to the front page to leave them.

The review for this will NOT take the place of a Buffy review. You’ll still get five of those. This will just be an extra one! I’ll have it up Monday or Tuesday, and I’ll tweet from @MarkDoesStuff when it’s up. Thanks!

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