Mark Watches ‘Battlestar Galactica’: S04E05 – The Road Less Traveled

In the fifth episode of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck’s failure to find Earth begins to grate on her crew. Tyrol, still in mourning, finds himself drawn to the preaching of Gaius Baltar. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Battlestar Galactica.

Seriously, this show is not giving me a single goddamn break, and I find that it is become increasingly difficult to feel anything but discomfort and frustration. The best part? I LOVE THAT THIS IS HOW I FEEL. What show does this to its audience FOR FOUR YEARS IN A ROW. Granted, for me, it’ll be about three months straight of near-relentless pain, but the point still stands: this show has taken its characters to extremely uncomfortable places, grown them in unexpected ways, and managed to tie it all together with one hell of a perplexing mythology. WHICH I FEEL LIKE I AM NO CLOSER TO FIGURING OUT THAN I WAS A MONTH AGO.

The two main plotlines don’t really help me put much together because they only hint at what is to come, delivering us a lot of clues and a ton of development from Starbuck, Helo, and Tyrol. Tyrol’s story continues on from the chilling end to “Escape Velocity,” as the man comes to terms with his nihilism in the wake of his wife’s death. This show is doing a fantastic job showing us that the death of Cally was a huge moment for everyone on the Galactica and most especially for Tyrol. He finds himself falling between extreme apathy and destructive self-hatred and anger, unable to contemplate the reason for his wife’s death. God, it’s so hard to watch this because Tyrol is kicking himself down when he doesn’t even need to. Argh, I hate Tory Foster so much. You ruined everything! What have you done? Oh god, and the way she tries to comfort him in the launch tube…MY HATE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES.

Baltar’s sermons only seem to aggravate Tyrol more; his talk of the inherent perfection of humanity irritate him because Tyrol’s experience with life seems to run completely counter to that. Where does a Cylon who has made monumental mistakes fit into that world view? And not only that, but Tyrol’s a Cylon who largely considers himself an atheist. How does he factor into Baltar’s God’s plan?

But I think it’s important to acknowledge these factors while admitting that Tyrol’s grief is what motivates him to visit Baltar for the first time in his quarters. (Is that a church now? It looks more like a commune, actually.) I was irritated by Tigh’s insistence that Tyrol simply “get over” his mourning of Cally because WEREN’T YOU JUST MAKING OUT WITH A CYLON WITH BLOOD ALL OVER YOUR FACE. By the way, how is Tigh’s face not all bruised when he sees Tigh?

Anyway, that’s not important. You know what is? Tyrol’s FRIGHTENING FREAK OUT ON BALTAR. Look, as soon as Baltar tried to reach out to the Chief, I thought this wouldn’t end well. Telling him that this is what “Cally would have wanted” though? OH NO, BALTAR. YOU IN DANGER. What the fuck possessed you to use such a manipulative line on Tyrol? I think Tyrol overreacts, because no one, not even Gaius Baltar, deserves to be choked. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand the man’s rage at such a callous comment; I empathize with his anger at someone taking such a horrific moment in his life and using it to proselytize him. Hell, that happened to me over on Mark Reads when I spoke about why I became an atheist when someone (actually…quite a few people) told me that I was abused and outed because it was all part of God’s plan. That sort of trivialization seriously hurts, and would certainly cause me to contemplate throat punching someone.

It seemed to be the final breaking point for Galen Tyrol; overwhelmed by the loss of his wife, furious at the absurdity and pointless nature of it all, he flips out in his quarters. I believed he would actually kill himself during this scene; I think it’s inevitable at this point that one of the four Cylons on the fleet is going to die and be resurrected. IT HAS TO HAPPEN.

Instead, we’re given a scene just following this that surprised me. As I said in the last review, Baltar’s faith seems genuine this time, and I think it’s tied to his quest for an identity. So when he shows up at Tyrol’s quarters (where’s Nicky, by the way???), I expected some sort of ridiculous performance with him. Instead, I was pleasantly shocked by how real his apology was; he was actually trying to show Tyrol remorse for what he did, explaining that this is the path he’s chosen to redeem himself for the terrible things he’s done. And I believe him when he says this, and so does Galen Tyrol. Galen Tyrol, the conflicted, mournful Cylon. He takes Baltar’s hand in a silent acceptance of the man’s apology.

God damn this show is good.

But really now. Really. This plot is well-written and fabulously acted by Aaron Douglas, who totally sells Tyrol’s determined anger and hatred. But. But. Ugh, Starbuck, I will never stop proclaiming my love for you. Katee Sackhoff, why is your fireplace mantle not made of 40 million Emmys? Where is the justice in our world?

There have been many uncomfortable plots throughout Battlestar Galactica. I won’t deny that. I am hard-pressed to name one worse than this one: watching Starbuck slowly deteriorate as her crew decides to mutiny against her. We’re normally dealt these situations with ambiguity on both sides of the issue, but not this time. In “The Road Less Traveled,” we know that Leoben is not lying. We know there is a Cylon civil war going on and that it’s highly likely that this specific Leoben escaped at the last minute in order to find Starbuck.

We’d already seen how strained relations were on the Demetrius, but with Starbuck’s decision to allow Leoben onboard and believe his ridiculous story about a Cylon war brings about a near-riot from almost every crew member. Pike in particular doesn’t even pretend he’s okay with this.

We also get to see the second Final Five Cylon meet one of the original models and have a ridiculously loaded conversation about identity and destiny. I mean…Caprica Six could sense that Tigh was a Cylon, right? Just like it seems as if Leoben knows there’s something special with Anders, right? AH THIS IS SO AGONIZING TO WATCH.

But y’all. I just can’t deal with this. It’s bad enough to see the crew turn against Helo. HELO I LOVE YOU AND YOUR DESIRE TO SUPPORT STARBUCK AND FOLLOW ORDERS AND RESPECT THE CHAIN OF COMMAND EVEN IF YOU YOURSELF FEEL TERRIBLE ABOUT ALL OF THIS. I’m going to start shipping Starbuck/Helo just on principle and not even because I think they’re necessarily a good fit. You are not allowed to stop me.

Seriously, Kara’s storyline is so haunting to me and it’s not just because I want to see things go right for her. Her character has been built on confidence over the last three seasons, and while she’s certainly wavered from time to time, what has always drawn me to her was the certainty she possessed time and time again. She was certain of her knowledge and certain of her morals. Sure, she’s arrogant and rude at times, but that sort of resolve is what kept her going. Throughout “The Road Less Traveled,” the events on the Demetrius continue to test her spirit, over and over again, and as the crew members rapidly start to turn their backs on her, even she starts to doubt herself.

That doubt is never stronger than when Sergeant Mathias dies while searching the Heavy Raider for any possible tracking devices. Mathias has been such a constant force on this show that I never even considered her expendable. She’s always been there in the background, and suddenly, she’s gone. It causes Kara to erupt on Leoben, furious that even if it was an accident, she can’t be positive of anything anymore. What if this is all a trick? What if he’s telling the truth? Starbuck can’t tell anymore, and that kills her. It destroys her. But all Leoben has to offer her is talk of how different she is, as if her body is just a shell. (SHE CANNOT BE A CYLON, CAN SHE???) He insists that she needs to see the Hybrid, who we know is a lot more insightful than the Cylons mostly realize. She has a destiny, and the only way she can feel whole is if she pursues this.

All this talk of destiny doesn’t help, and I think Starbuck, a woman who lives for definitive ideas and direct facts, just cannot deal with not knowing what this is about, what she’s supposed to do, and how she’s supposed to act. All she has left is instinct, and it’s instinct that got her to fly into the Ionian Nebula to find earth. But I didn’t initially realize this when she returned back to her crew, who are all milling about in marked anticipation for what Starbuck is going to decide to do. As she started to make a loose apology for what’s happened, for being a poor captain to her crew, and accepting responsibility for Mathias’s tragic, senseless death, she suddenly stopped. This isn’t something Starbuck is used to admitting or saying, that she fucked up.

I was touched that Gaeta spoke up to seemingly complete her thought. WHERE IS MY GAETA EPISODE BY THE WAY. He seemed to be sympathetic to how hard this was for her, even if he was a tad vocal in disagreement with her earlier. So you can imagine my surprise when she tells Gaeta that they’re actually going to the basestar and not meet up with the Galactica for the scheduled rendezvous. Things erupt into chaos so quickly that I had to watch this final scene twice because I thought I missed something. Yep, Pike’s down. Helo’s got a mean pistol whip!

And with the main voice of dissent out of the way, I mistakenly believed that we would see the Demetrius jump to the basestar, and we’d find out if this was truly a trap. Instead, Battlestar Galactica gives us one of the most heartbreaking (and well-acted) scenes of the entire series: Helo refuses to obey Starbuck’s order. She very quickly relieves him, turns to Gaeta, who promptly refuses her as well. This. Is. Not. Happening. And as Helo began to cite the Colonial Military Code, I knew that I was forever unprepared for “The Road Less Traveled,” to watch Starbuck’s entire crew turn against her.

This is so fucked up.

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  1. Maya says:

    The Starbuck/Helo friendship is one of my favorite relationships on BSG period. I love that there isn't anything sexual between them; they're just two people who get each other and are perfectly happy to hang out and rag on each other. I'm such a sucker for any fics that have an awesome Starbuck/Helo friendship storyline- I would kill to see their adventures in flight school or on the Galactica pre-apocalypse.

    • BSGfan1 says:

      I've always thought of them as soulmates in a non-romantic fashion. They just totally get each other. It's a fantastic relationship.

    • monkeybutter says:

      Man, I'd love a pre-war Starbuck/Helo spinoff. Or just give Katee Sackhoff and Tahmoh Penikett a show doing anything. I love it when they share scenes; having Helo pick a team to go with Starbuck is Adama's greatest accomplishment, even if it's a little messy now.

  2. NB2000 says:

    Argh, I hate Tory Foster so much. You ruined everything! What have you done? Oh god, and the way she tries to comfort him in the launch tube…MY HATE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES.

    So much WORD to this. It seems like every episode Tory finds something new to do to make herself more loathsome.

    where’s Nicky, by the way???

    Daycare? Maybe? Yeah he does sort of disappear after that scene at the beginning where Tyrol tries to turn the wireless off.

  3. cait0716 says:

    I'm just endlessly amused by the Baltar-as-Jesus storyline. Especially when you look at the arrogant, self-serving scientist he was back in the mini-series. It's such a one-eighty to see him as a humble messiah now. Not that his character development isn't believable, just that this is the last place I would have expected him to end up in the fourth season. And he does seem truly repentant. Or if there is an ulterior motive he's hiding it really well. Maybe the fact that he can still have as much sex as he wants helps.

    His apology to Tyroll was an absolutely fantastic scene.

    • BSGfan1 says:

      I think James Callis is the best actor on this show. I love Katee to death but James can do EVERYTHING perfectly.

  4. Shaylani says:

    This is hysterical! It's a summary of the first three seasons.

    [youtube grfI3Yv6T0Q youtube]

    • Ryan Lohner says:

      Awesome how she's able to keep up that rushed, deadpan tone through the whole thing.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Commanding Officer Tigh is a drunk and thinks the attack is a joke, but it's not –
      'Damn it!'


    • Iamwinterborn says:

      "Then Helo tells Starbuck there's a bun in the toaster."

      I cried.

    • patatsea says:

      Starbuck and Apollo like each other, so they beat each other up.

      Yeah, that about sums it up.

    • akacj18 says:

      now there are 12 humanoid models. some actually look like models.

    • akacj18 says:

      that can mean only one thing: sorry boomer.

      then boomer shoots adama and everyone goes nuts. bad boomer.

      but not before bad boomer gets jack rubied by cally.

      apollo is happy yo see starbuck. boomer, not so much.

      starbuck puts the arrow in the sweet spot and BOOM a map to earth

      roslin promotes adama to admiral. he promotes her right back.

      suddenly its one year later. baltar's a lame president, and new caprica sucks.

      cylons are diehards, literally.

      but then it makes them all meet up in a big room with heavy doors and they realize they're not crazy. "we're cylons." and thats crazy.

      i could not love this recap any more. and other shows have copied the style since, even used the same voice actor. LOVE IT!!

    • Peter says:

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think she came out with shorter ones (around 2 mins each, maybe?) for every episode in Season 4.

    • notemily says:

      "where cameras have a hard time keeping up" was my favorite bit.

  5. monkeybutter says:

    No way, Helo/Athena forever, your ship sucks.

    I really don't see why they couldn't just jump back to Galactica first to check in, and then go investigate things on the basestar. Between Caprica Six and Athena, one of them would be able to tell whether Leoben is lying, right? Or arguing something like "oh, hey, you know how the Cylons haven't been bothering us for months, and those Raiders turned around for no frakkin reason? Civil war" should be convincing enough. If Leoben gets tossed out the airlock again, I can't say I'd mind. But I guess the point of the episode title is that they should just throw caution to the wind and follow Leoben, and being reasonable has nothing to do with it. Even though I'm always on Helo's side, "The Road Less Traveled" seems to be saying that they need to somehow follow the jerk. I'm wondering how they'll resolve this.

    • cait0716 says:

      Checking in the Galactica seems like a perfectly reasonable idea to me, too. Especially since they're running out of fuel. I mean, if they do jump to the basestar and it's a trap, will they even be able to get away? Starbuck is just unraveling to a point that she's not listening to reason and it's really distressing to watch.

      • monkeybutter says:

        Yeah, I love Starbuck and I want her to be right, but I also want her to be well. It's hard watching her come apart and lose her sense of self in pursuit of Earth.

    • robin says:

      One unspoken thing, I think, is that Starbuck knows (and Helo, Athena, and Gaeta probably do too) that if they bring the question of Leoban back to the fleet then Adama and Roslin are not going to immediately listen and jump on this right away. As much as I LOVE them… that's not what they do. Roslin is very much "throw 'em out the airlock" and if they consider it, it's going to be after much debate and with considerations about the opinions of the fleet and the politicians/Quorum. But none of these guys is going to say that, because of their emotional ties to the leadership. It's not something they'd feel comfortable voicing. But I think it's something that goes unsaid, in the way that no one really makes too much of a convincing argument to Starbuck on why they should return to the fleet for the decision and Starbuck doesn't make the obvious, reasoned argument against it.

      So then the real question becomes if Leoban's deal is a real and attractive one. The problem is, from Kara's perspective, is that if Leoban is telling the truth (and deep down she thinks he is) then there really is a Civil War, and the rebelling Cylons are in fact stranded and seriously endangered, and if there's going to be an alliance then it better happen ASAP before the Civil War is over and Team Mission Priority #1: Destroy All Humans is declared winner. If they say, "lol sorry Leoban, brb" then it may very well be too late to do anything about it if the decision ultimately is that they want the Cylons and hybrid's help to find Earth.

      I think that Kara is actually trying to be as reasonable as she can be (with all of the crazy sh*t that's going on). It's just that she sounds like a crazy person. 😉

      • monkeybutter says:

        Please don't use "crazy" on this site.

        You make good points, and I see how everything could fall apart if they took Leoben to the fleet, but they're also about to run out of fuel and Galactica may leave them behind. How would they find the fleet to seal an alliance if that happens? And they'd still spend time debating it, right?

  6. knut_knut says:

    HELO! HOW COULD YOU STAGE A MUTINY? There was a mini POA Harry in my head screaming “HE WAS [HER] FRIEND!”
    <img src=""/&gt;
    I get that you have a child and the ship is running out of fuel and Adama is probably going to jump away and abandon you all and Kara’s whole plan is pretty much a giant death trap and you DID stand up for her before, but *whimper*

    Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of what happened in this episode, other than BSG managed to become bleaker still (the lack of Roslin and Adama probably didn’t help). Pretty much all the Tyrol scenes were pure heartbreak 🙁 I wonder if Tyrol will become part of Baltar’s group…akldj;faj what is the Final Five’s purpose? Is Baltar collecting them? I have no idea what I’m saying, but “Faith” better bring some answers.

  7. BSGfan1 says:

    Mark, you are beyond not prepared. ..Just sayin'

  8. elusivebreath says:

    It is getting harder and harder to bear waiting until the next day to watch the next episode! This episode was AMAZING and also FUCK OFF 'to be continued' … how do I never know about these until they slap me in the face??

    Ok, BREATHE, anyway, I love Gaius Baltar's story arc more than most things, and it's been fascinating to watch him accept god in such a self-serving manner and then grow to really believe in something. I don't even think it matters what that something is, it's growth for him to believe in anything outside of himself.

    Tyrol's grief is so heartbreaking, and also, can Tory Foster please just go die in all of the fires? I thought I hated Ellen Tigh but Tory takes the cake -.-

    Starbuck, Starbuck, Starbuck… I just CANNOT EVEN. I did not think for one moment that Helo would do what he did, and even though I can see the crew's point in doing so, knowing what we know about the Cylons, it makes me want to scream with raaagggeeeee. Starbuck, I would follow you to the edge of the universe <3

  9. Noybusiness says:

    "What show does this to its audience FOR FOUR YEARS IN A ROW. "

    Five. There was a year break between 4.10 and 4.11, which in retrospect was a preview of the frakkery the network pulled in relation to the Caprica cancellation.

    "By the way, how is Tigh’s face not all bruised when he sees Tyrol?"

    From the timestamps given in these episodes, it's been almost a month since the last one.

    "Hell, that happened to me over on Mark Reads when I spoke about why I became an atheist when someone (actually…quite a few people) told me that I was abused and outed because it was all part of God’s plan."

    Gosh, that's disgusting. I didn't read any responses like that when I read that post (if it's the His Dark Materials one I'm thinking of). They must have been made later.

    "We also get to see the second Final Five Cylon meet one of the original models and have a ridiculously loaded conversation about identity and destiny."

    Hey, Starbuck has two Cylons! It's almost like having two vampires!

  10. stellaaaaakris says:

    I had a dream the other night that brought a lot of the MW elements to terrify me in my sleep. Basically, I was going to be ritualistically sacrificed by a clan of people led by Tory (BSG). I knew about the plan and tried to escape her, but she chased me (Zuko-Season-1-style) into a Wal-mart (not MW related, but those layaway commercials are everywhere) and, even though I had the lead, she would catch up with me because apparently her Cylon model is super fast and strong. The only places I was safe was if I was in the view of the security cameras, I have no idea why. Apparently she's got some Weeping Angel in her blood because she couldn't move then, but this was only the case with cameras, not people. I'm not sure how, but I was caught…in an airport. Damn you, Tory, go die in a fire.

  11. robin says:

    I love how they built up Baltar's journey to faith throughout the series. As unexpected as his turn to religion would have been in S1, it also makes so much sense now looking back – out of all of the characters in the series, he's spent the most time constantly debating theology. Head Six basically spent 3 seasons converting him to the Cylon god. And now in his awesomely creepy, self-serving way he's a true believer. Even though I'm an atheist myself, I can't help but be fascinated with his inevitable conversion — 100x more interesting because he's been converted to the CYLON god instead of the humans' gods.

    And dude, I can't help it… Baltar just entertains me so much. I've grown to love the little weasel and wish him well, just so he can continue trolling everyone forever.

    Also fascinating is how this little mutiny subplot displays how Helo and Athena manage to be both married and still military officers. They balance the conflict of interest nicely — not letting their personal relationship cloud their ability to fervently disagree about serious military matters. I love how neither of them pull the "if you love me, you'll do what I say" card.

  12. Shaylani says:

    Mark, if you ever find a great sale on the DVDs for this series, I highly recommend that you buy it. There are cut scenes for almost every single episode (plus other fantastic extras).

    Also, this is a series you'll definitely want to rewatch. You pick up on so much during your second (third, fourth) watch through!

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Do they exist as a Blu-Ray set? Or DVD only? I would love to own them on Blu-Ray.

      • Noybusiness says:

        Blu-Ray too! And it has extra special features, like fact files I believe.

        I like the box sets because they have the Extended Episodes (like the coming ones for 4.12, 4.18 and the one-part finale). That's the only way to get them without downloading. Some of the deleted scenes in other episodes have one-liners I wish hadn't been cut! But unfortunately the third web series (the one between 4.11 and 4.12) has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray.

        • robin says:

          They never released the web series between 4.11 and 4.12?! That's horrible. It's so critical for understanding character motivations. D:

          I've been planning to buy the series on Blu-Ray. Guess I'll have to burn a copy of the webisodes and stick it with my DVDs. LOL.

          • Noybusiness says:

            Yup. Travesty. We had some hopes it would be released with the second movie or the complete series, but no.

      • Shaylani says:

        Yep, it's on Blu-Ray too! It's a very worthy investment!

        My biggest issue with the DVD/Blu-Ray sets is they don't make the extended editions blatantly obvious. There have been at least two episodes where I watched the aired version, then when I flipped to the next page of the menu, discovered there was an extended edition. They definitely could have handled that better.

        • xpanasonicyouthx says:

          Oh god, that happened to me with a copy of Bridesmaids I bought. I watched the normal one, then when it ended it was like DO YOU WANT TO WATCH THE EXTENDED VERSION

          you are evil sometimes blu-ray.

          • Noybusiness says:

            If you download an extended version from filestube or whatever, it should have "extended" in the name. And remember, if the finale is in more than one part, it is *not* the extended version.

  13. Megg says:

    Starbuck, I know things are pretty crazy right now, but you can still wash your hair. Just sayin'.

    • Megg says:

      Oops- forgot about the ban on the word "crazy" on the site. Please disregard and accept apologies. 🙂

    • ChronicReader91 says:

      I love that they allow her to get disheveled. On TV it usually is the men who have greasy hair, whereas women, no matter how much stress they’re under, always manage to keep themselves groomed. I mean, I don't wash my hair every single day and I haven't had finding the location of humanity's last hope on my shoulders.

      • Megg says:

        Despite my flippant remark above, I agree. You can really see Kara slowly losing her grip on everything and it's totally unsettling to watch.

      • hamnoo says:

        I love your entire arguement and I agree, but on the other hand … can I say that I still find her incredibly sexy this way?

        But really, in general, I adore female characters that can get really dirty/ beaten/ tired looking/ disgusting/ unhealthy/ ugly – without finding them sexy. That's just Starbuck magic for me, I can't resist.

  14. ChronicReader91 says:

    It’s Mutiny on the Demetrius! Starring Helo as Christian Fletcher. All jokes aside, I can’t see this possibly ending well. Maybe if they can make the case that Starbuck was endangering them, they won’t get charged with mutiny? But I don’t want the mission to be a failure because STARBUCK. 🙁 Worries, I haz them.

    In spite of Baltar’s really terrible conversion methods (news flash, singling someone out in the crowd and using their recent loss as emotional manipulation is NOT a good way to enamor them to your message), he’s less irritating now than he’s ever been. Tyrol’s scenes were all so heartbreaking to watch, btw. Add Aaron Douglas to the ever-growing “should have won all the awards” list.

    In the deleted scenes, there’s one between Baltar and Head Six in which she tells him that he “doesn’t need her any more”. Then, as she watches him walk into his crowd of disciples, she just fades away. I was surprisingly sad to see her go. So we’ve lost two characters that have been a part of the show from the beginning, and we’re only five episodes into the season. I dread what’s to come.

    • Noybusiness says:

      You're assuming the scene wasn't deleted because they changed their minds. Then again, maybe they didn't. I'm no telling.

  15. kristinc says:

    Holy shit, Tyrol is going to be SO PISSED when he finds out what happened to Cally. And I'm convinced he will find out someday.

  16. breesquared says:

    I’m going to start shipping Starbuck/Helo just on principle and not even because I think they’re necessarily a good fit.

    You're going through the Steps to Being a Compulsive Shipper rather quickly now :p

  17. akacj18 says:

    i have always hated anders in the same way mark, and probably most people, hate tory now after she's killed cally. sure, anders is a cylon, and that makes him important to the story blablabla but SERIOUSLY he's never been more than whiny, wimpy, clingy wedge between lee and kara. dee is fucking bad ass, (though i admit her and lee's sudden and out-of-nowhere attraction was also for wedging purposes). but anders is just lame. and i dont think he's cute. i dont like him as an actor. sorry for being a negative nancy, but i have lots of ~feelings~ about this that are probably far more dramatic than necessary for it just being a tv show. this is what BSG does to me!!! there is one very small moment in season 4 when didnt mind him. but that moment is strictly related to my personal life and is not significant to the show at all in the way that it is to me.

  18. MelvinNotloggedin says:

    So there's a couple comments that mention the "jurer vf zl tnrgn rcvfbqr ol gur jnl" bit of the review. Mark, haven't you learned about asking for things yet?

  19. notemily says:

    Okay Baltar, maybe "the Gods" don't exist and therefore can't be blamed for abandoning the people, but in that case YOUR ALL-POWERFUL GOD is to blame. You can't just say that YOUR God is responsible for everything good and nothing bad. Blarg.

    LOL Nicky wants to listen to Gaius talk.

    Meanwhile, on the Demetrius, I hate this storyline.

    "How does she go from antidepressants to suicide?" Um, Chief, sometimes that is a straight line.

    "So now the Cylons want us to rescue them. That's… novel." I love you Gaeta.

    I feel like a lot of this anti-Starbuck stuff in the crew of the Demetrius is contrived in order to set up this conflict. AFTER they found Leoben, I can see them starting to question Starbuck, but before… look, they knew the deal. They knew they were going on a mission to FOLLOW A HUNCH. I don't think they'd be spouting this much vitriol just because they were going to be due for a rendezvous in two days. (Unless it would take them two days to get to the rendezvous point. I don't know how FTL works.)

    Poor Mathias. I liked her.

    How the frak do you know what Cally would have wanted, Gaius.

    Gaius looks really cute in that jacket and hoodie. What? I have a weakness for boys in hoodies.

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