A note about the upcoming schedule

Hello, friends! So, you’ll see a very unplanned change to the immediate schedule for Mark Watches. Not in the number of posts, mind you, but in what is coming next. For August 30th, the plan had been to start watching the anime Monster, something that folks have been waiting YEARS for me to get to. (Much like Sense8!) However, in the years since it was first commissioned, Monster has left both Netflix and Crunchyroll, and there are no DVD sets available for purchase online.

So, two quick things, and then all shall resume as normally!

1) If you happen to own the DVD boxset of Monster and would be willing to lend it to me, please let me know. You can comment here or email me at markreadsandwatches at gmail, and I have an office address you can send it to that’s incredibly, incredibly safe. I’ve never lost a package there; I am also DEATHLY careful with things, and will mail it back to you once I am done!

2) In the interim, I decided to boost another show up to watch RIGHT NOW that one of my lovely Patrons had suggested I watch. I’m also terrified of spoilers, and apparently it ruined everyone’s life, so: starting on August 30th, I’ll be watching season 4 of Veronica Mars. This should buy me some time to get a Monster set somehow; if not, then I’ll figure out what comes next.

All of the episodes were lovingly claimed by longtime Mark Does Stuff friend szark, so please thank them!!! I’m so excited to dive back into the show, so please enjoy this unplanned but exciting diversion. Thank you for understanding!

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