Mark Watches ‘Alias’: S02E11 – A Higher Echelon

In the eleventh episode of the second season of Alias, this show is continuously an experience, and I need help. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Alias.



Well, after some delay, Will has finally been granted a job within the CIA. And it’s a perfect job, honestly, one that I think he was suited for much earlier than this. Being an analyst is exactly the kind of job Will would excel in, you know? He can sift through data and connects points better than anyone else on this show. I’m just curious how he’ll intersect with any of the main stories at this point. Here, he acts as Sydney’s friend, warning Vaughn to respect how Sydney feels about him. It’s an interesting move on his part, and I do admire that while he has feelings for Sydney, he didn’t try some weird, jealous power move. Rather, he just wants the best for Sydney, and if he’s gonna be a good friend, then this is a much better move than turning into some horrible Nice Guy or something similar, you know?


This show really knows how to pack in the tragedy, doesn’t it? I was actually super pleased with Marshall’s story here because the writers didn’t undercut any possible development for him. I was worried that Marshall would be rendered largely useless because he didn’t have much field training (or possibly any), and he certainly wasn’t trained to deal with torture. Yet in his own way, Marshall fights back, first by admitting the truth—that he memorized the code to create Echelon—and then using that truth to get free and set up his master plan.

And in the end, without knowing if his messages to SD-6 made it, Marshall did do what he was trained to do: protect his country. Which is where the ironic tragedy comes in, y’all: HE WASN’T ACTUALLY HELPING HIS COUNTRY. Well, at least not intentionally. His ignorance, however, doesn’t diminish what he does. He stalls until the last minute, when he reveals that his Echelon code just created a game of Pong. Y’all, he was willing to die to prevent these men from getting access to Echelon. Awkward, mild-mannered, and sweet Marshall was fully prepared to give up his life. AND THEN HE HELPS SAVE SYDNEY, TOO. I just??? I don’t know if we’ll get another story like this, but it was a huge improvement for his character. It’s too bad he returned to Sloane after Sloane basically wrote him off as both dead and replaceable. I HATE ARVIN SLOANE.

Agent Kane

EVERY CELL IN MY BODY IS TERRIFIED OF WHAT SHE JUST DISCOVERED. ALL OF THEM. I have no idea what the ramifications are for this episode, and that scares me, too. She came in to find out who killed Emily Sloane, and in the process, she zeroed in on Jack Bristow as her number one suspect. Through this, she unknowingly discovered that he has secrets, and these secrets are evidence of his disloyalty on a grander scale. She’s so good at her job, too, and despite that the CIA assists Jack in providing evidence of his alibis and stories, SHE STILL ZEROES IN ON THE TRUTH. I’d admire it more if she wasn’t working for an organization that’s downright demonic, but HERE WE GO.

Y’all, that scene where Jack and Vaughn just stare at one another without saying anything, fully aware that Kane figured Jack out… FUCK. IT’S SO DAMNING.

What is this show WHAT IS THIS SHOW!!!!

The video for “A Higher Echelon” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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