Mark Predicts ‘Person of Interest’: Season 4

Oh, friends, I am so ready for this show to continue to steamroll me and my heart. I AM READY.

Which means I’m not even close to being ready, but that’s what is so fun about watching Person of Interest. Y’all, this is one of those rare shows that truly feels made for me. So! Let’s go over my predictions for season 3.

  1. We will learn the identity of the woman in the car who Hersh spoke to in “God Mode.” And we did! CONTROL.
  2. We will find out that the Machine is still giving numbers to the government, too. Hey, this is a good start. 
  3. We will learn where the Machine was moved to. Well, not technically? We know it moved somewhere SECRET.
  4. Root will get out of the facility she is in. AND BECOME A MAIN CHARACTER IN THE PROCESS.
  5. BONUS POINTS IF THE MACHINE HELPS HER. I didn’t actually plan for bonus points to affect anything, so let’s just accept this as a rare moment of insight.
  6. Shaw joins the team in season 3! FUCK YES, I’M SO HAPPY.
  7. HR goes after BOTH Fusco and Carter in season 3. FUCK NO, I’M SO ANGRY.
  8. And both of them get fired in the season 3 finale. ugh remember when I was this innocent DO YOU REMEMBER THESE DAYS.
  9. The government will threaten Grace to get at Harold. Not quite; that would be Greer and Decima.
  10. Nathan Ingram will be in two flashbacks. Was he in this season at all? Maybe once?
  11. Zoe Morgan will be in three episodes. Ah, she only appears in one episode.
  13. The Machine will stop giving out numbers at the end of season 3. Nope, still going, but as for the future? I have no idea. 
  14. Because the government turns it off out of spite. Ah, so I feel like I had a grasp on where this was going, but CHRIST, nope. 
  15. And the finale: the Machine goes FULL ROGUE. I was so far from the truth. SO FAR.

I’ve been given lots to go on, so here we go, friends.

Season 4 Predictions

  1. The team remains separated for at least five episodes.
  2. They will still be given numbers based on where they are located.
  3. At least one of them will have to deal with a number while alone.
  4. The main villain in season 4 will be Greer/Decima.
  5. We will learn what Samaritan is “commanding” of Greer.
  6. Samaritan will start targeting people based on information provided to it, instead of the other way around. Basically, as we saw in the finale, external forces (namely Decima) will be able to direct Samaritan to track anyone they want.
  7. Samaritan will cause the death of at least one innocent person.
  8. More request than a prediction, but could Root and Shaw do something about all that flirting? I’d really love if this wasn’t queerbaiting.
  9. Lionel will have to play a bigger part in this season.
  10. But only once the main characters reunite and re-assemble in a new HQ in New York City.
  11. Control dies in season 4.
  12. So does Greer’s assistant, whose name I didn’t get. He’s the guy at the end with the sling on his arm.
  13. So does Garrison.
  14. Public opinion will veer toward favorability of surveillance due to the Vigilance bombing.
  15. And the big finale: Samaritan turns on Decima and the rest of humanity. Isn’t that what Harold warns Greer of? I THINK IT HAPPENS.

Onwards to the great unknown!

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