I am proud to announce my YA debut, ANGER IS A GIFT

The day has come, friends. Paste Magazine has the HUGE reveal: Title! Cover! Release date! AN EXCERPT! This is a huge deal, and I’m so happy that I can finally talk about this. I’m going to be a published author! HOW IS THIS REAL.

Aside from finally being able to announce my debut, this serves as a chance for me to talk about the upcoming schedule for Mark Watches. If you check the Master Schedule, you’ll see I have updated everything through January. There’s no change until November, when my Star Trek journey will be replaced with my continued watch of Person of Interest. One thing I’ve been aching to tell y’all is that my deal with Tor Teen is for TWO books, and I have a deadline for Book #2 (currently still untitled) right before Anger Is a Gift  comes out. On top of that, I have other projects I cannot talk about yet that are in the pipeline, and it’s become very, very hard for me to maintain fifteen reviews/videos per week and write books at the same time.

So! We’ll finish off Person of Interest as a main feature, then switch over to Alias. I apologize for delaying Alias for a couple months, but this will allow me to work on my fiction and still pull off my annual Holiday Cards in November/December. I also plan on folding Jane the Virgin into regular features, too, most likely after I get a few of the shorter shows done!

Otherwise: Mark Watches isn’t going anywhere, and as long as y’all still support me, I am going to scream and cry on camera for all of you. Thank you for supporting me as long as you have, and I hope you’ll stick around. As a reminder, I post announcements in my newsletter and all exclusives/secrets are posted to my Patreon. (They found out about the announcement in the vaguest of terms earlier this week.)

Thank you!


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