Mark Watches ‘Over the Garden Wall’: Chapter 5 – Mad Love

In the fifth chapter of Over the Garden Wall, the group tries to make (or take) some money from a rich old man whose mansion is unconscionably large. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Over the Garden Wall.

This show just gets weirder and weirder, and I’m all for it. LET’S DISCUSS.


I thought it would be best to split this up so I could address the two main plots in “Mad Love.” Greg’s infectious energy pushes forward the story of Quincy Endicott, a disturbing wealthy man who is terrified of his own house. And for good reason! His mansion is so ridiculously large that there are entire parts of that he simply doesn’t go to. One place in particular frightens him more than others: the bedroom, where the painting of a mysterious woman haunts him. ALONGSIDE THE ACTUAL WOMAN IN THE PAINTING.

This honestly works as a parody of gothic literature, since we’ve got a lonely rich man tormented by the ghost of a woman in a painting in his house. The home itself is almost like a character, full of quirks, long shadows, and hidden passageways. Which is why Greg ends up helping Endicott! Greg has no shame at all. Or self-awareness. Or sense of self-preservation. Really, he can be quite single-minded once he knows what he wants, and here? That little dude wants to see a ghost. He won’t let a silly thing like endlessly debilitating terror stop Quincy Endicott from facing his fears!

I actually started worrying that Quincy was trying to hide something from Greg and Fred the horse. The whole time, his anxiety was due to his terror over the ghost, but LOOK. HE COULD HAVE BEEN LYING. What if he really had stolen the home from the woman he murdered? WHAT IF THEY WERE GOING TO BE HIS NEXT VICTIMS???

Wirt and Bluebird

Meanwhile, Wirt and Bluebird spend some quality time together… trying to steal money from Quincy Endicott. LOOK, IT’S NOT LIKE HE’S GOING TO MISS IT. Right? If there are entire rooms he’s never been in, surely they could find some money to conveniently remove from the premises! In doing so, they get stuck in an armoire and things get real.

Actually, they really do! I loved the conversation between the two of them because it shed light on their characters. Bluebird’s story finally comes out: a curse on her family turned them all into bluebirds. Thus, the trip to Adelaide’s is important for her! It might provide the only means for her to return to her actual home and turn her family back into humans. So who is Adelaide? Why is she the good woman of the woods? Also, why was there a hidden passage inside that armoire? Did someone need to escape that armoire frequently enough that they built it?

I only ask because I wonder if it has to do with the eventual reveal of the episode: that Ednicott’s ghost is actually his neighbor, someone else who is so rich that THEY BUILT THEIR MANSION TO ACCIDENTALLY CONNECT WITH ENDICOTT’S. It’s kind of a sweet ending, since both parties were attracted to the ghosts they saw (that’s… weird, but okay), and Greg helped Endicott conquer his fear and find a new friend! Of course, Greg ruins everything by using the pennies that he got to make a pun… which I respect. I respect that level of dedication and pettiness. I’ll miss Fred, the anti-capitalist horse, but I’m glad Bluebird is still coming along for the journey! ONWARDS!

The video for “Mad Love” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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