Mark Watches ‘Gargoyles’: S01E09 – Enter Macbeth

In the ninth episode of the first season of Gargoyles, Xanatos hires someone to take care of his gargoyle problem. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Gargoyles. 

Well, I clearly wasn’t ready for this show, how serialized it is, and how frequently the writers just fuck me up without a care in the world. Seriously, “Enter Macbeth” introduces a new character devoted to capturing the gargoyles, gives us a hint of an impossible past, and then he’s gone, AND I DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS THAT I NEED AT ALL. I am an adult who is at the mercy of this show, and I don’t care. BRING IT.


As a general concept, loyalty means a lot to the gargoyles, which is understandable. There aren’t many of them left, and they’ve gone through hell to survive as long as they have. (And I haven’t even gotten to Demona yet!) However, Goliath’s loyalty to his home puts him and his brethren in danger. He refused to even entertain the notion of moving to another home, despite that Xanatos was about to be let out of prison. Surely, the man wasn’t going to just leave them alone, right? He’d already exploited them multiple times before, and his creepy butler/assistant wasn’t exactly making things easy. Yet Goliath refuses out of a point of pride: this is their home and no one could take it from them.

Oh, how I wish that were true.

Enter Macbeth

I DIDN’T THINK THE TITLE OF THIS EPISODE WAS LITERAL, BUT HERE WE ARE. I simply don’t understand Macbeth, but I imagine that was intentional. The hints that we get to his past are bewildering. How does he know so much about gargoyles? How was he able to create or use so much technology in order to catch them? His methods imply that he’s been trapping gargoyles for a long time. How else would he have gotten so good at this? Right????

Let’s talk about his mansion. That dude built a veritable fortress full of ways of trapping and managing gargoyles. WHY??? HAVE THERE BEEN OTHER GARGOYLES ASIDE FROM THE MAIN GROUP AND DEMONA??? Or – and this option seems even more horrifying – has he devoted his life to capturing Demona only? Is he so obsessed that HE BUILT A GARGOYLE DUNGEON MANSION TO CAPTURE ONE GARGOYLE?

The Chase

Regardless, I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see Macbeth. All I know is that more than any antagonist they’ve faced, Macbeth is a serious threat. He’s immensely talented; he’s got technology that seems specifically design to deal with gargoyles; and he’s motivated to a frightening level. Watching him kidnap Brooklyn, Lexington, and Bronx was bad enough. His fight with Goliath was even worse because Goliath kept falling for each of Macbeth’s tricks. Of course, Macbeth viewed him as a means to an end. He never truly wanted to offer them a home or to help Xanatos. Instead, he wanted them to compel Demona to come save them. All of this for her?

Oh, the delicious irony of that. I can see the Shakespeare influence in this beyond just the name. So what does this mean for Macbeth? He lost his home to fire, and he can’t exploit the gargoyles to get to Demona. (Who he named! HE NAMED HER!) I highly doubt he’s going to give up his search, and I bet he’s gonna be real vindictive about what the gargoyles did to his home.


The video for “Enter Macbeth” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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