Mark Watches ‘Steven Universe’: Season 4 Shorts

In the season 4 shorts of Steven Universe, technology is the theme of the day, and THEN IT GOT REAL WEIRD. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Steven Universe. 

OKAY, THESE WERE GREAT. Really, really great! Since we’re so far along in the show, the writers eschewed the whole educational shorts thing and instead gave us five miniature episodes that all centered around the brilliance of technology, much of which is actually in Steven’s life. I love the idea that all of these shorts contribute to worldbuilding, in the sense that we’re actually getting to see inside Steven’s daily life.

You know, if you give this concept some thought, that means Steven has fans online. Within the universe of the show. Because seriously, wouldn’t you watch a cooking show with a giant pink lion if it were streamed on YouTube? I SURE WOULD. I also got a super intense craving for sushi after watching Steven make some. I grew up eating sushi, so I’m slightly picking about what I consider edible or not. I’m not that big of a snob, as I am ALWAYS down for some spicy mayo on a roll. Perhaps that sushi set my brother get me for my 23rd birthday will have to finally get some use!

Anyway, let’s take the in-universe logic a bit further: if they all know “Haven’t You Noticed,” which was sung in one of Sadie’s episodes, does that mean the Gems sing other songs that have already appeared in the run of the show? Like, please tell me that sometimes, after a long marathon of karaoke, Pearl convinces everyone to let her belt out, “It’s Over.” BECAUSE SHE TOTALLY WOULD DO THAT, OKAY. Or maybe she does it after everyone’s passed out and too exhausted to wake up and stop her I LOVE THIS HEADCANON.

What about this headcanon: Steven sometimes watches my videos of me watching him watch Crying Breakfast Friends. TAKE THAT, INCEPTION. You wish you could have this many layers.

Headcanon #4: Steven is in contact with Peridot and Lapis much more frequently than we see on the show itself after figuring out Facetime/Skype. It’s his way of checking in on them! Sometimes, they sync up copies of Camp Pining Hearts so that they can watch them together from their respective homes. AND LAPIS CALLS SOMETIMES FOR DECORATING ADVICE. Oooh, oooh, what if they both call Steven privately to help figure out the problems of cohabiting, and often, Steven has to guide each of them separately through the exact same problem. YES, THIS IS GREAT.

And finally: I just adore that this show is so intrinsically tied to music, y’all. I think I’m going to have to learn “Still Not Giving Up” very soon, because that was a whole lot of fun. And it fit very well with the theme of technology, since I have used many a YouTube tutorial to help me figure out songs I couldn’t play just by ear. CAN WE HAVE MORE PLEASE.

So! Here we are. It’s February 9th as of the date I’m writing this, so I have no more Steven Universe episodes available to watch. As they come out, you are welcome to commission them (and remember, it’s two episodes per commission!), and I’ll continue reviewing it as soon as I can. I know the release schedule is chaotic, but since these are short, it shouldn’t be an extra burden on me. And since Over the Garden Wall is just ten episodes, I’ll take tomorrow off for Double Features so that we can have two solid weeks for the show. Then? GARGOYLES. It’s happening!!!

Thank you, Steven Universe friends. This has been an incredible, hilarious, and heartfelt ride, and I’m just glad that it isn’t even over. THERE’S GONNA BE SO MUCH MORE. But what I’ve gotten to experience through this show has been unparalleled, and I’m so thankful y’all got me to watch this show.

Onwards, friends!

The video for the season 4 shorts can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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