Mark Predicts ‘Voyager’: Season 5

Hello, friends! Two prediction posts in a row, THIS RARELY HAPPENS. But I shall venture unprepared into this next season of Voyager, and I am excited for you to join me. ONWARDS.

Okay, here we go:

  1. Janeway will make a successful deal with the Borg. EVERYTHING HURTS.
  2. But it will not get them entirely through Borg space. It did, and then IT DIDN’T.
  3. Working with the Borg, the Voyager crew will find a way to use the nanobots against Species 8472. I THOUGHT I WAS SMART.
  4. But they will not destroy the species or stop them. They’ll reappear again in this season. I THOUGHT I HAD THIS FIGURED OUT.
  5. Harry will be cured, and I say this mostly because I will be FURIOUS if they kill him off. Thankfully, I was right.
  6. Tom and B’Elanna will start dating. Two in a row!
  7. This season will feature the ramifications of Chakotay disagreeing with Janeway, even if it’s only one episode. And it did, right at the beginning!
  8. Tuvok will mind meld with someone else. Boo.
  9. Neelix will try to date at least once this season. He was severely underused this season, wasn’t he?
  10. Kes will talk about leaving Neelix at least once this season. WHAT THE FUCK. Well, at least I’m right?
  12. I also think there will be an update on all the holonovels that people were writing due to “Worst Case Scenario.” Seriously, where is this plot? GIVE IT TO ME.
  13. At some point, the Voyager will have its journey home shortened. Thanks, Kes. 🙁
  14. Voyager will get out of Borg space by the end of the season. Much earlier than that!
  15. Only to meet a new antagonist in the season 4 finale! Technically, this is right, too! STILL UNPREPARED, THOUGH.

Let me continue to be unprepared.

  1. Most of this season will track Seven of Nine’s struggle with becoming more human.
  2. Voyager will also get another big boost home.
  3. And it will come from SLIPSTREAM TECHNOLOGY.
  4. At some point, B’Elanna and Tom will take a break.
  5. But it won’t last the season.
  6. Harry gets a promotion because HE DESERVES IT.
  7. Tuvok somehow becomes human at one point. (I don’t know, I’M JUST THINKING OF RIDICULOUS PREMISES OKAY.)
  8. Janeway visits da Vinci once.
  10. A new antagonist arrives at some point, and for this to count, they have to appear in more than one episode.
  11. More of Species 8472.
  12. MORE BORG.
  13. At some point, Voyager will find another way to contact home.
  14. At the end of the season, the crew will get news that they are closing in on the Alpha Quadrant.

Okay, admittedly, I don’t have much to go on, but at least I’ll be surprised, right?

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