Mark Predicts ‘Deep Space Nine’: Season 7

Well, the time is here: my final prediction post for Deep Space Nine. I’ve made it through six seasons of this wonderful show, and I’m so glad I got to watch. Let’s revisit season 6 and look forward to the final season of this show.

First things first:

  1. Sisko/Starfleet will not take back DS9 in the first episode. Huzzah! Correct!
  2. It’ll take HALF THE SEASON to do that. And then immediately wrong.
  3. Meaning that the characters will be largely separated until then. I’M COUNTING THIS BECAUSE IT STILL WORKS.
  5. There will be an episode just about Jake’s war reporting. Sort of? “Valiant” kind of fits this. 
  6. Odo will be forced to work as Chief of Security under Dukat. Indeed, he did.
  7. Garak will help Sisko infiltrate DS9 when the time comes. GARAK HELPED WITH MANY OTHER THINGS.
  8. Jadzia and Worf will get married by the end of the season. YES YES YES YES.
  9. Kira and Odo will attempt to see each other by the end of the season. OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE LOOK AT THIS.
  10. But it won’t work out. oh my god IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 
  11. Keiko and the kids will return to the station by the end of the season. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS and then weird.
  12. Julian’s past will come up again in another episode. Actually, it came up ALL THE FUCKING TIME.
  13. This is more of a request, but can Morn speak ONCE? HOW MUCH CACKLING WAS THERE AT MY EXPENSE.
  14. Quark’s conscience will develop this season after witnessing the war firsthand. This is not a bad prediction, actually, though I’m still bitter that I had to sit through “Profit and Lace” and not get a reformed or changed Quark.
  15. Season 6 ends with the end of the Dominion War, and the Dominion will be defeated. A bold choice, but I think it’s possible. I WAS 100% WRONG ON THIS, SO WRONG, UTTERLY WRONG, WRONG FOREVER.

So, let’s try this one last time.

  1. Sisko will not return to Deep Space Nine until the FIFTH episode of the season.
  2. At some point, a new Dax symbiont will appear, and they’ll be a woman.
  3. Worf will have to deal with a new Dax, but will ultimately choose to stay with her.
  4. Oh god, I really want this: JULIAN GETS AN INVITATION TO SECTION 31.
  6. Quark will finally have some character growth.
  7. Morn will speak once. (Bonus if it’s in the finale.)
  8. Sisko and Kasidy Yates will get married!
  9. Kira and Odo will get married, too.
  10. Gul Dukat dies.
  11. Garak dies.
  12. Weyoun dies.
  13. Damar dies.
  14. Nog dies.
  15. Jake leaves Deep Space Nine.
  16. (I’m gonna just do a whole bunch of huge, series-ending predictions because I suspect this show is not fucking around with me.)
  17. Deep Space Nine is destroyed by the end of the series.
  18. Sisko regains contact with the Prophets by re-opening the wormhole.
  19. Kira leaves DS9 in the finale to live on Bajor.
  20. The Federation wins the Dominion War, but it won’t happen until the series finale.
  21. Julian finds a romantic partner by the end of the series.
  22. The Federation gets a huge new ally before the Dominion War ends.
  23. I will cry a lot in the finale and at least one other episode.


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