Mark Watches ‘Steven Universe’: S02E07 – Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

In the seventh episode of the second season of Steven Universe, Ronaldo films an exposé on the Crystal Gems. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Steven Universe. 

Oh, this was a fun one, y’all. This episode is packed with references and visual gags, but it’s also a loving look at what makes Ronaldo tick. His penchant for drama and exaggeration fits the style of his reporting perfectly. The show skewers both tabloid journalism and those dramatic documentaries I remember from my childhood, a lot of which were aired on TV and were just as terrible as Rising Tides / Crashing Skies.

Because oh my god, this documentary is terrible. That’s half the joke, of course, since Ronaldo’s work is sloppy, overly dramatic, and purposely full of unbelievable and absurd evidence. But it’s still a labor of love, and at the heart of “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies” is Ronaldo’s deep affection for all things weird and strange. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, and when Ronaldo is harmlessly pursuing this understanding of the world, it can be a beautiful thing.

Yet beyond all the jokes and humor, this documentary actually shows how quietly thankful Beach City is for the Crystal Gems. Nanefua might have been disturbed by Peridot’s ship, but she’s thankful that the Crystal Gems stopped her fish from flying up in the air. As long as she’s able to maintain a semblance of normalcy in her life, then the Crystal Gems are fine with her. Sadie has seen some strange things, but she enjoys her life with Steven and the Gems. Kiki and Jenny aren’t bothered by the Gems, either, and neither is Ronaldo’s own brother and father.

In their own way, the Gems have bettered Ronaldo’s life. When he successfully gets the Gems to leave (well, successful from his point of view,) Peedee points out that without them, there’s no weirdness in Beach City. It’s a sacrilegious idea, isn’t it? Ronaldo’s entire identity is built on the supernatural and the weird. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, this episode pokes a lot of fun at him, but at the end of “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies,” Ronaldo gets back the strangeness of Beach City. He can still maintain his blog and keep making terrible documentaries, and that’s perfectly fine. If anything, they make the world of Beach City even better.

The video for “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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