Mark Predicts ‘Steven Universe’: Season 2

It’s time for my VERY FIRST STEVEN UNIVERSE PREDICTION POST. Gather round, friends, and watch me embarrass myself publicly for your amusement!

Okay, if this is your first Mark Watches project, welcome! This post serves one sole purpose: to provide myself and other Steven Universe newbies the chance to guess what’s going to happen in the next season. This means a few rules need to be re-stated for importance:

1) Do not spoil me or others. Anyone is welcome to post predictions for season two! Treat everyone as you would treat me.

2) Do not post “fake” predictions. Despite that it’s been a while since someone’s done it, I just want to warn against this behavior. People used to pretend to be unspoiled and then post predictions that were all eerily correct, and it would thereby spoil folks who’d seen their post. Don’t do this, my mods will know when you do.

3) Do not respond to predictions in plaintext; use rot13. Don’t tally how many a person got right/wrong and tell them. Don’t reply to a prediction in plaintext, even if it’s something like, “Wow,” or “Oh my god” or anything of the sort. This can easily bias a person into thinking they’re either super right or super wrong about something, or it can even nudge them into believing they should pay attention for certain things. Let us be blissfully wrong, it’s more fun that way.

4) Have fun at my expense. I mean, that’s the whole point of this.

So, without any delay, here we go:

Predictions for Season 2 of Steven Universe

  1. Steven will have to tell Connie what happened, or at least keep her in the loop.
  2. The Homeworld will send more Gems after Peridot reports back.
  3. We will see the Lapis/Jasper fusion again.
  4. Lapis will turn against the Homeworld.
  5. There will be an entire episode set on the Homeworld.
  6. We will see Stevonnie once.
  7. Lion will get another episode centered around them!
  8. We will learn more about Kindergarten.
  9. We will learn why it was obvious to Garnet that Steven could escape the jail cells in “Jail Break.”
  10. Each main group of Beach City – the Pizza family, the Fry family, Sadie/Lars, the cool kids, Dewey, etc – will get an episode centered on them.
  11. Steven will develop TWO new powers!
  12. We will see Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst fuse together once.
  13. We will meet FIVE new Gems by the end of the season.
  14. And finally, I think the end of season two will be Peridot’s return with an army to take back Earth.


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