Mark Predicts ‘Voyager’: Season 3

Oh, lord. Those last batch of predictions, y’all. Well, it’s time for me to proceed into the unknown of the Delta Quadrant for another season of Voyager. Let’s do this!

First, of course, we must go over season 2. WE MUST.

Mark’s Predictions for season 2 of Voyager

1) The team will find something that allows them to shave time off their trip home. Technically? Though it technically also did not work at all. 

2) We will get a backstory episode for Chakotay, Janeway, and Kes. One out of three ain’t bad.

3) A plot in season 2 will heavily rely on Neelix’s cooking. I’M COUNTING THIS. Also, be still, my heart. Tuvix. TUVIX. 

4) Harry will try to date someone on VoyagerWow, he actually didn’t!


6) We’ll get another episode with one of Janeway’s awesome roleplaying adventure. CORRECT FOREVER. 

7) We will meet at least ten new species this season. I counted. Oh my god, WE DID. 

8) At least one episode will feature a species from another quadrant. oH MY GOD I DID SO WELL.

9) We’ll get a time travel episode. I’m counting this.

10) The Kazon will show up once. They showed up a lot more than this. 

11) As will the Ocampa. They did! In “Elogium.”

12) A black hole will feature in one episode. Well, I tried. I still did well!

13) B’Elanna will get an episode that (more or less) updates her progress on being head of engineering and how she’s adjusted to it. You know, this isn’t exactly true, but I love how natural it felt. She’s just PART of the team now and no one questions it.

14) Season two will end in a cliffhanger. HAHAHA I KNEW IT WOULD, I PREDICTED IT, IT STILL HURT. 

15) We’ll get at least two episodes that focus on the crew having to seek something out in the Delta Quadrant to help them survive. Multiple episodes, actually!

Okay, not so bad for my first round. Let’s try this a second time:

Predictions for season 3

  1. The Voyager crew will get off the planet they’ve been stranded on by the end of the first episode.
  2. Suder, Tom Paris, and the Doctor will orchestrate the means to do so.
  3. At least one person will die on the surface of the planet.
  4. Chakotay will only see his son once this season outside of the premiere.
  5. At least once this season, the crew will find a shortcut home that will reduce how long they need to travel.
  6. At one point, they’ll be able to send a communication home.
  7. Most of this season’s serialized plot will concern the Kazon.
  8. We’ll see three new species in the Delta Quadrant.
  9. We’ll get an episode set entirely in a holodeck.
  10. There will be at least one flashback episode.
  11. Another Q episode!
  12. Season 3 ends in a cliffhanger, too.

Not as expansive, but I genuinely don’t know where this season could go. HOW EXCITING.

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