Hello, Watchers! A little update from me that you should read

I don’t like repeating myself, but there are actually two distinct sets of people who read my two sites, so I figure y’all deserve your own post! I have some events coming up very soon, some news about Double Features, and an idea I’m looking for an input on about a possible online event for this community. READ ON AND WEEP IF YOU WANT, BECAUSE WEEPING IS TOTALLY FINE.

So, let’s get to it!

1) Help support me if you can! Tax season is upon me, and despite having saved throughout the year as best I could, that goddamn self-employment tax just knocked me to the ground. That thing is UGLY. So, if you can help with donations or purchasing anything, please check out the post I’ve put up that explains how you can support me and keep the Mark Does Stuff universe chugging along. Any little bit helps, honestly.

2) I have a ton of events this year! I will soon be updating my tour schedule for a couple Bay Area events. I’ll also be at a number of conventions this year, nearly all of which will have free, public events while I am in that specific town. If you’ve not seen me live, I can assure you it’s a more ridiculous version of what happens on the website and at some point during the event, I’ll have ruined someone’s life. Guaranteed.

3) Would y’all be interested in a low-cost online “convention” of sorts? I would like to go everywhere for everyone, but alas, there are any number of factors that have prevented me from going… well, everywhere. I am curious if any folks would be interested in an online event (on a weekend) that’s part hangout, part live reading, part panel. It’s something I’ve been toying with as a way to raise money AND have a more accessible way to host an event. I have 0% details worked out, but I wanted to gauge interest. IS THIS A THING YOU’D LIKE TO HAPPEN. It would happen mostly likely in a couple months, and have various levels of membership, but again, nothing is set in stone. If it works out and is successful, it could be something that happens multiple times per year!

4) I am also thinking of applying for a subscription service like Subabble or Patreon. My initial hesitation to this is that I’m always concerned about access. I want to make sure people can always view the site for free, and it’s why nearly every event I’ve done publicly was free and open to the public. So, like the previous point, I’m more or less testing the waters. Would people be open to an optional subscription service? The site and YouTube videos are staying exactly the same, so please don’t think that this is me even considering changing the format of the site. It would just be an optional thing for people to support if they can. If so, what sort of perks would you consider reasonable? That was always the one thing that seemed too complex to me, but I’m interested in what y’all have to say!

5) I have Double Features coming up. In case you did not know, I have already planned out the next two Double Features. In order, they will be: The Middleman and then Band of Brothers. But you know, those are both very short shows. I thought it would be neat to finalize what I’ll be watching after I finish Band of Brothers in May, since that will only take two weeks to accomplish.

After Band of Brothers, I’m returning to the anime world to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena, which already has a sizable number of commissions that I’d like to get around to. After the two months it’ll take to watch that, I will be watching all four seasons (and the movie!) of Farscape, which has been quietly gobbled up in commissions by three people ALONE. Thank these precious souls! I HAVE ANSWERED YOUR CALL. IT IS HAPPENING. I don’t know what I’ll pick later this year; I’ll let you know when I’ve decided! I have no plans to stop Double Features on Mark Watches because they have been unbelievably successful this year. SO THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME YOU LOVELIES.

6) I will start giving away free copies of my commission videos on Twitter! You don’t need to follow me in order to get them, though that might help you to know exactly when I tweet them. I want to continue to give away things to people who can’t afford stuff, and folks responded very well when I asked if they were interested. It’ll happen randomly and will generally be recent episodes, though I may dig out some Buffy stuff because IT’S BUFFY DUH. I am @MarkDoesStuff on Twitter!

I have a similar post up on Mark Reads discussing issues affecting that site if you’d like to read it. I’m currently working my way through the final Tortall trilogy, as well as starting my journey through the Discworld canon, if that’s something you’re interested in!

As always, I must thank y’all for helping me make this my life. It’s not lost on me how much fun this is, and even if I am stressed and overwhelmed at times, I love that I am doing this for all of you. You’re the best.

Mark (Who Does Stuff)

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  2. Stacita says:

    Farscape! So exciting!

    Commenting for the first time to support the idea of something like Patreon, or some other way to support you that doesn’t involve videos. Videos are just not my thing, and I am not great at remembering irregular donations. Some sort of set-and-forget donation/subscription system would be awesome. if it had some sort of text-based perk, that would be extra-super-awesome.

  3. VroomSocko says:

    FARSCAPE?!? *commences the Dance of Joy*

    Just an FYI, there are a few oddities when it comes to viewing order. Nothing as severe as, say, The Prisoner, but in the first half of the first season, a few episodes were shown out of order, which for whatever reason is the order used on Netflix. For the love of nun, watch them in the right order; have a mod look it up on Wikipedia for you or something. Please. Otherwise, you might be spoiled by the very show you’re watching. And we can’t have that, now can we?

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