Mark Predicts ‘The West Wing’: Season 4

Oh shit, so much can happen. I think it’ll be easier to predict for the upcoming season than it was last time. That being said, OH GOD NOTHING IS FAIR OR JUST.

Let’s first go over my predictions for season 3:

  • The staff will spend most of the season gearing up for the re-election campaign, but the elections won’t happen until season four. Strangely, I spent the entire season forgetting I predicted this because season 3 felt so slow. Anyway, I was spot-on! 1/1
  • The first third of the season will also address the media’s/public’s reaction to Bartlet’s disclosure about his MS, and will include the hearings/Grand Jury testimonies. EVERYTHING HURTS. 2/2
  • Josh will find a way to get more funding for the DoJ’s suit against the tobacco industry. Well, I had to get one wrong eventually. 2/3
  • THIS IS REALLY DIFFICULT, FYI. Oh my god, it is not as easy to come up with these things as it was for me at the end of season one. Ha. HA.
  • Anyway, a real one! The following people will explore new romantic relationships: C.J., Donna, and Sam. I WON’T COUNT THIS BECAUSE OF SAM AND ALSO MY HEART. C.J. NO. NOT FAIR. 2/4
  • There will be another Big Block of Cheese Day! OH! There wasn’t one! Weird. 2/5
  • There will be an episode devoted to the fourth State of the Union address. What a boring prediction. I WAS FISHING FOR POINTS. 3/6
  • Hoynes will be pissed that he isn’t getting his chance to run for President. WHAT. Where did I get this? 3/7
  • Joey Lucas will be in four episodes. NOOOO MORE JOEY LUCAS 🙁 3/8
  • Abigail Bartlet will be in fourteen episodes. NOT ENOUGH. And she wasn’t around as much as I wanted her to be. 3/9
  • The killer of Charlie’s mother will be found. Wow, I was really bad at this. 3/10
  • Let’s do some issues that will be brought up in season three! Gay marriage. Nope. 3/11
  • Affirmative action. YES. 4/12
  • Airport security. Bah. 4/13
  • I don’t even know what I’m doing here. Um… there will be a plane crash mentioned in an episode? Wow, these are so awful. 4/14
  • Oooh, we’ll meet the last Bartlet daughter we haven’t met yet! IS THIS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. 4/15
  • Someone will be hired to take over Mrs. Landingham’s job. :( I WAS SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. 4/16
  • I really have no clue where season three could go beyond this. Hey, it’s the actual truth!

I admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of season 3. I mean, season 2 was ON FIRE so consistently. But I’m excited for season 4! ELECTIONS, OH SHIT. Let’s do this.

Mark’s Predictions for Season 4 of ‘The West Wing’

  1. Elections will be held this year.
  2. Hoynes will NOT BE THE VICE PRESIDENT. Yeah, I’m predicting that some ~drama~ happens and they have to replace him.
  3. We will get an episode about one of the debates between Governor Ritchie and Bartlet.
  4. We will meet the Bartlet daughter we’ve not seen yet.
  5. THE MURDER OF SHAREEF WILL NOT BE KEPT A SECRET, at least not internally. I will be kinda mad if they get away with it?
  6. One of the staff members will quit over it.
  7. Bonus points if it’s Toby. (And I don’t think Toby would leave the show, just have a new storyline.)
  8. Lily Tomlin will appear again and be hired to replace Mrs. Landingham! (A boy can dream, y’all.)
  9. C.J. will spend most of the season dealing with Simon’s death, but she will begin to date again by the end of season 4.
  10. There will be at least one reference in the characterization/speech of Ritchie to George W. Bush. (I’m basing this off the fact that he seems to be a willful reference to Bush anyway, and I really want to get one thing right.)
  11. Josh and Amy will stop seeing one another.
  12. During the run up to the election, Leo’s alcoholism will be made public, and it will be used against the Bartlet campaign.
  13. Let’s do some Election Day predictions! Bartlet will appear to be losing at first.
  14. He will lose the popular vote, BUT –
  15. Bartlet will win the electoral votes needed to get a second term.
  16. That’s right, I predict another four years of Bartlet. While I love the idea of the show changing presidents mid-run, I think we’ll get more of Jed Bartlet.
  17. With this, we’ll get at least ONE new staff member.
  18. Donna and Josh will consider a relationship with one another because FUCKING COME ON. IT’S SO OVERDUE.
  19. This season’s inanimate object that will destroy me: a pizza box.
  20. The season finale will make me cry.

And with that, we start season 4 on Thursday. Huzzah!

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