Mark Watches ‘The West Wing’: Documentary Special

So this happened.

And I liked it! I actually expected that the documentary aspect of this special would address behind-the-scenes shit for the show itself. Instead, it was all about various figures and politicians who once spent time in the West Wing, and how their experiences were similar to what we’ve seen on the show. Which is neat! I’ve never seen a show do something like this at all.

But then this documentary just made me want so much more. Like, is the set the same layout as the actual West Wing? Does everyone walk-and-talk like they do in this show? Has there ever been a prank war in the White House? Did y’all see Allison Janney do The Jackal on Arsenio Hall’s show last week? Did you know Arsenio Hall has a show again? Did you know that I fucking love Arsenio Hall?

Also, if someone could put Henry Kissinger and Karl Rove into a rocket and shoot them into the sun, I’d be perfectly fine with that. Not sorry at all. Those two are vile human beings. VILE.

I suppose I don’t have anything stunning or witty to say about this because it wasn’t what I expected. Which is okay! It was nice to be surprised by the documentary. The video commission for this episode is now archived on for just $0.99!

We’ve got predictions going up on Tuesday of next week, and then I start season four of The West Wing on Thursday. which I am TERRIFIED of, given how season 3 just ended. Pre-emptive hugging is needed.

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