Mark Watches ‘Pushing Daisies’: Season 2 Predictions!

Hello, my Pushing Daisies friends! I’m glad there is a second season of this show to do predictions for, though I wish it lasted an eternity. Well, wait, maybe not that long, since then I’d never finish it. Okay, this is a terrible start to this. JUST KEEP READING.

If this is your first prediction post, I’ll make the rules very simple:

Don’t spoil any of us.

By “us,” I’m referring to the fact that there are going to be people in the comments who are also watching this for the first time, and will use this space to post their predictions below. ALWAYS USE ROT13 IF YOU’VE SEEN THE SHOW AND ARE COMMENTING ON PREDICTIONS. Don’t toy with us. Don’t tell us how many we got right, don’t pick out certain predictions and then put a smiley face next to it. Treat this like a public record. At the end of the show, I’ll go over my predictions, and we can laugh at me then without cyphering out text. Don’t ruin this for everyone!

Without much further fanfare, LET’S DO IT.

  • Let’s deal with some of the cliffhangers! We will meet Emerson’s daughter.
  • Chuck will find out that Lily is actually her mother.
  • I’m just going to be ridiculous here. Chuck will finally confront her aunts.
  • Ned will accidentally bring someone back to life in front of a person who doesn’t know about his power.
  • The coroner will find out about Ned’s power.
  • Olive will fall in love with someone who isn’t Ned.
  • The aunts will go on another tour!
  • Ned’s father will show up in an episode.
  • There will be one reference to Dead Like Me or Wonderfalls in this season.
  • There will be one guest star I recognize!
  • I have nothing more to go on, so let’s just go for the big one: Ned will find a way to be able to touch Chuck by the end of the show.
  • I also think he will still have his power by the end, too.
  • Digby will be endlessly adorable.
  • Alfredo won’t come back for Olive. 🙁

Oh god, I am so excited to watch more!

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