Mark Predicts ‘Friday Night Lights’: Season 3

Okay, this is going to be fun. The Writer’s Strike made this SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING. Let’s do this!

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled post, already in progress.

 I can already tell that not only did I get a lot wrong, but I can carry over some predictions for season 3! Let’s go over my season 2 predictions:

  • So, there wasn’t a sign in the finale of season one that Coach Taylor was going to turn down TMU’s position for him, so we’ll see him in Austin in the season two premiere. Oh god, so much drama. 1/1
  • We will also see the apartment he is living in, as I’m guessing he isn’t going to drive from Dillon every day. I’M DOING SO WELL. 2/2
  • Tami will give birth to a daughter! Who will be named Princess Unicorn. Okay, that part doesn’t count as a prediction. Or does it? IT DOESN’T OR ELSE I’D LOSE. How exciting! 3/3
  • Buddy will reconcile his relationship with his wife, but Lyla won’t want anything to do with it. HAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS SO CLOSE BUT NOPE. 3/4
  • Landry and Tyra will go on an honest-to-gods date. For real. Laughing to keep from crying. 4/5
  • Most of season two will deal with the pending graduation of a number of Dillon players, including Tim and Smash. Yeah, Tim isn’t graduating yet, is he? I don’t understand the players’ ages. And the season ended before the end of the year! 4/6
  • Smash will pursue scholarship options after making the list of top 100 players. I won’t count this because that list never showed up. 4/7
  • Julie and Matt will have sex. Oh god, HOW COULD I HAVE KNOWN? 4/8
  • Jason Street will get promoted during his time as assistant coach. WOW I’M STARTING TO BOMB. 4/9
  • Unfortunately, I think he’ll have to deal with bullying/bigotry when a parent/citizen believes that Jason can’t be a good coach because he’s disabled. OH MY GOD NO, BUT IT DOES APPLY TO THE DEALERSHIP JOB. 4/10
  • We will not see Matt’s father once in season two. Now I’m sad I got this right. 5/11
  • Angela will have a serious relationship with someone who doesn’t treat her terribly. GODDAMN IT. 5/12
  • Tami will begin work on the mayor’s campaign. Whoops, what happened to that? 5/13
  • Coach Taylor will realize that coaching college football is a million times more difficult and stressful than high school football. EASY ONE. 6/14
  • He’ll also have to deal with far more issues of bribery or outside influences because there’s more money to be made in college ball. Technically? There was that whole plot in the early part of the season. Right? 7/15
  • Let’s get to some big predictions: Coach Taylor will quit TMU by the end of season one. HALLELUJAH. 8/16
  • Julie and Matt will not last as a couple for the whole season. Sad times. 🙁 9/17
  • Neither will Landry and Tyra. (I don’t think they’ll get together, but even if they do, I don’t see it lasting.) Okay, technically, I’m right AND wrong. They didn’t last, but then got back together? what. 9/18
  • Tyra will graduate, as will Smash and Tim. (I’m aware that I may have gotten their classes wrong, but I believe these three are all going to be seniors this season.) Good lord. 9/19
  • Matt’s grandmother will get worse. Maybe? No? I’ll count this since she got bad enough to need Carlotta. 10/20
  • Tyra will confront the man who tried to rape her. HA. HA. 11/21
  • And the Dillon Panthers will not win state. Oh shit, we don’t even know! I shall predict again! 11/22

50%. That’s… pretty abysmal. So let’s go with season 3!

  • The Dillon Panthers will not win state.
  • Tyra and Smash will graduate.
  • We’ll get an episode focusing on Smash’s time at Whitmore.
  • Tim will find someone else to pursue instead of Lyla.
  • However, Lyla and Chris won’t last the season.
  • Santiago will leave the team and leave the show this season.
  • Jason will move in with Erin.
  • Matt will face competition from a new quarterback on the team who is just as good as he is.
  • Landry and Tyra will break up. Again.
  • Buddy Garrity will face a scandal in the community.
  • Billy will get a girlfriend.
  • Tami will work on the Mayor’s campaign? I’d really like to see that storyline brought back up again.
  • There will be at least three new players on the team who get lines.
  • Coach Taylor will clash with a new coach on the team.
  • But he will lead the Panthers to a win at state in the FOLLOWING season.
  • Tim, Tyra, Matt, and Landry will all graduate high school by the end of season 3.
  • Julie will get a steady boyfriend this season, and that boyfriend will be Matt. I FEEL LIKE THIS COULD HAPPEN AGAIN.
  • I am unprepared.

Seriously! The abrupt end to season 2 made this pretty difficult. Oh, well. Let’s see how I do!

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