Mark Watches Commissions for Week of 6/3/2013

Hello, friends! I have just a few commissions for this week, since I had to wait to receive some DVDs in order to finish off things, so this will be a short post. BUT LET’S DO IT.

Later this week, I’ll be watching all of Tipping the Velvet and an episode of Black Mirror to complete the remaining commissions I have left. For now, though, we have Bomb Girls and Samurai Jack to talk about!

Bomb Girls – “Jumping Tracks”

This is a stylized and SUPER BABE-FUL pilot that I adored, and I will ship Betty and Kate until the day the world ceases to be. That might be alone worth watching my commission because holy shit these two are meant to be. I love that all four of the main characters are women, I adore how so many issues concerning misogyny are brought up, and SO MANY BABES WHO HAVE AGENCY AND ARE WRITTEN BEAUTIFULLY and lord, I need time this weekend to sit and watch the rest of this show. A+, WILL WATCH AGAIN.

Samurai Jack – Episodes 1, 2, and 3. 

This is one of those shows that I’ve heard things about, but all I could ever remember was that it was good and I should watch it? So I was truly unprepared to experience this trilogy of “The Premiere Movie,” which MUST BE WATCHED ALL AT ONCE. It’s a brilliant way to introduce this world, and the twist at the end of episode/part one is SO FUCKING AMAZING. oh my god oh my god TIME TRAVELING SAMURAI FIGHTS THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE. I realized at the end of part one that Mako Iwamatsu voiced Aku, and it’s too much to deal with. 

And then this show immediately goes for the overwhelming and the weird and the surreal and it’s SO WONDERFUL. I love that the future is presented as such an overstimulating disaster for Jack. It’s a difficult choice for the writers to make, because it’s absolutely jarring, but I love it! WHAT A GREAT SHOW.

I’ll have another post later this week once I finish my last four commissions. Huzzah!

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