Mark Re-Watches ‘Doctor Who’: The Doctor’s Wife


Thanks to meltalviel for commissioning to watch this because it never fails to make me feel absolutely wonderful about Doctor Who. The commission video for “The Doctor’s Wife” can be streamed or downloaded with QuickTime Pro right here. Otherwise, the file can be downloaded on Dropbox.

  • I can’t. 
  • I CAN’T.
  • I sincerely adore this episode, and along with “Vincent and the Doctor,” it’s one of my two favorite episodes in the entirety of Doctor Who. Idris is wonderful, the end makes me tear up every time, and seriously, I know it’s been said, but how did this show never do an episode like this?
  • This episode’s obsession with language and what words mean is so very Gaiman and so very beautiful. That sad word was ALIVE. Jesus, just punch me in the heart, will you?
  • I NEVER NOTICED THE SANDMAN REFERENCE UNTIL THIS VIEWING. One of the code words is DELIGHT. Oh my god, Idris is Delight/Delirium. h e l p h e l p
  • Like “Vincent and the Doctor,” this story is remarkably upbeat and brutally heartbreaking at the same time. The look on Eleven’s face when he finds out all the Time Lords he heard from the hypercubes are dead is PAIN. And then, just minutes later, the joy he experiences when he realizes who Idris is… that is too much for me to handle.
  • I still love Eleven the most, despite that he’s written as a hot mess, and half the episodes in his incarnation hold no real interest for me. I think I’ve read so much meta about Eleven online that my head canon version of him is actually a lot more pleasant than he truly is. WHOOPS.
  • Okay, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I had not been able to recognize the Cloister Bell until I watched this. I knew it was a thing, but I’m positive I misheard the actual sound in past episodes. NOW I AM SURE I KNOW WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE.
  • Whoa, I just realized I watched two different shows in a row for commissions, and both included the main character traveling outside our galaxy/universe in some way. Neat!
  • I LOVE THIS EPISODE. Isn’t Neil Gaiman writing another episode for series 7? Or am I mistaken?


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