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I don’t normally put commission posts up on weekends. (I need some time off, after all!) But as I was going through emails as I started tour, I realized I’d left one unattended! This commission is for Jessica, who wanted me to watch “The Woman in the Car.” I didn’t want to make her wait too long for it either, so here it is! ON A SUNDAY.

First, here’s the video file for “The Woman in the Car.”

  • It is interesting that this is the first real case that the team has where they get to actively save a life. This show deals so extensively in the past that I enjoyed the change in focus.
  • Plus, here’s a whole episode centered around what it means to be a parent, and Brennan openly says she doesn’t want a kid. Like, I kind of expected that at the end of this episode, she’d have an epiphany and change her mind, but SHE DOESN’T. SHE DOESN’T CHANGE HER OPINION. I just… well, I know how these things go on network shows, and it was shocking to see the writers stick with this characterization. Bravo!
  • At the same time, it’s clear that this episode establishes how personal Booth can be. That’s a theme we’ve seen before, especially since he often has to tell Brennan to be more sympathetic. But this episode deals with Booth’s fears as a father and shows us how they motivate him in a way that differs from those he works with.
  • Can Emily Deschanel get an Emmy just for her portrayal of Brennan in the opening interview scene? It takes talent to create something so painfully awkward.
  • The use of the security review offered some necessary comic relief amidst a pretty tense episode. I especially liked the fact that the State Department considered Hodgins “harmless.” HA. HA.
  • It’s always weird to me when mainstream shows address things that are like… real life issues1 Because contracted security companies are a real thing, as are the absolutely horrifying things they do. Ultimately, while we don’t find out if KBC Systems really set up the kidnapping of Carl Decker’s family, this episode is hardly sympathetic in the script.
  • Also, it’s Juliet’s awful husband!
  • Also, THEY ACTUALLY CUT OFF THE BOY’S FINGER. Why? why did you have to do this?
  • I thought this was another strong episode that highlighted how great these characters are. It’s definitely fun trying to figure out the mystery at hand, but I find myself far more interested in the characters than anything else.
  • Here is my obligatory mention that I need to be friends with Angela right now.

Thanks, Jessica!

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