Mark Watches ‘Bones’: The Graft in the Girl

Did you know that this commission had the potential to end the world? IT DID, I SWEAR. So, Kelsey (sonicpolo) commissioned me to watch “The Graft in the Girl,” and because of events I can’t even begin to explain, I got behind on commissions. So, I ended up needing to watch this episode right around the time that I was hanging out with Kelsey in Houston on tour. I suggested that we watch some Bones after my event, and by gods, destiny made it so that I WOULD BE WATCHING KELSEY’S COMMISSION WHILE I WAS SITTING NEXT TO HER.

Fortunately, this did not happen, as I’m sure that it would have opened up a black hole and sucked us all into it. But it almost happened. Y’all can thank The Hobbit Cafe in Houston for making me so full that I needed to enter a food coma. You can also thank the same establishment for their mango smoothies, which had so much delicious sugar in them that I actually couldn’t enter a food coma. IT TOOK ME LIKE THREE HOURS TO FALL ASLEEP THAT NIGHT. WHY.

Anyway, let’s get to this episode! The video file for “The Graft in the Girl” is available right here.

  • This might be the most unique serial killer story I’ve ever seen because… well, someone is murdering someone through cancer-ridden bone grafts. It’s so specific!
  • In the video, I commented on something that The X-Files did that I picked up in this episode. Actually, I’d say The X-Files in general influenced this show, especially when you think about the dynamic between Booth and Brennan, as well as the format of the show. Anyway, I liked that The X-Files explored the personal and emotional issues that Mulder and Scully’s boss – Skinner – faced throughout the show. Getting to see a more personal side to Director Sam Cullen was nice.
  • This is one of the bleaker episodes of this show, and the writers constantly remind us that no matter what the team does, Amy won’t ever benefit from this. They might save other people, but she still dies at the end. Well, okay, she doesn’t die in this episode, and I’m guessing that will be addressed at some point in the future.
  • Really, though, I feel like “The Graft in the Girl” is mostly about how Angela is the best person in the universe. Oh my god, y’all, SHE IS SO AMAZING IN THIS EPISODE. Why? Why am I not her best friend? I NEED ANGELA MONTENEGRO IN MY LIFE. It’s just so touching to see how understanding, empathetic, and respectful she is in this episode. Her interactions with Amy were all my favorite parts!
  • Okay, I’ve got that out of my system. Like “The Woman in the Car” or “Aliens in a Spaceship,” I’m impressed with how the writers are able to twist the expectations we have for a procedural show. It’s not often that a story is framed in the way it is here, and that’s fascinating to me. Granted, I know that y’all are essentially commissioning the best of the best, which is certainly a lot of fun. Still, I don’t find anything wrong with that. Why not?

I’ve got some Stargate SG-1 episodes coming up, more of My Mad Fat Diary, more Bones, and then six episodes of I, Claudius in a row! Oh god, SO MANY GOOD COMMISSIONS! So many.

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