Mark Re-Watches ‘Fringe’: Jacksonville

I just had a conversation with an acquaintance early this morning about how life is not the same anymore now that we know there will never be another episode of Fringe. So, friends, let’s all revisit this crucial moment in the series, and then we can sob together and mourn the loss of such a fantastic show.

Video first!

  • I will always think that one of Fringe’s best qualities was the fact that the writers held Walter responsible for his acts over and over again. There were moments before “Jacksonville” that brought this up, but this episode in particular addresses what Walter and Billy did to children in a way that doesn’t skirt around how fucked up it was. I love that it’s Olivia of all people to tell Walter this.
  • And I love that Olivia’s ~powers~ weren’t ignored in the final season. It was so beautiful.
  • Even beyond that, this was such a good, suspenseful story about something that seemed impossible. Looking back on it, IT WAS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. It would get so much more awful than this.
  • Hey, it’s Prez from The Wire! I forgot he had a guest spot on this show.
  • This episode was also the start of Fringe becoming highly serialized and moving away from being monster-of-the-week, though that format was still rolled into the show, too.
  • Oh god, Peter and Olivia weren’t an ~item~ yet, either. Look how hard Walter ships them in this episode, I swear. He’s so adorable.
  • It’s clearer now that Walter always knew that if he helped Olivia activate her powers, she’d learn that Peter was from the other side. Oh god, “Peter” is SUCH A HEARTBREAKING EPISODE. Lord, I love this show.

Okay, I have a ton of commissions to do today, so I’m cutting this short to get started on them. Discuss!

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