Hello, friends! I need a bit of help before tour.

So, I leave the Bay Area in less than 48 hours to head out on the third Mark Does Stuff Tour. In between panicking about this massive endeavor, I’m excited! Anyway, I need some assistance on a few things before I leave, so I’m wondering if any of y’all can help me!

1) Commission something from me!

So, as of RIGHT NOW, I’ve actually completed all upcoming commissions. They will not close during tour, and I’ll do my best to get them done ASAP while on the road! Starting on March 8th, the Master Schedule is open for any re-watches or random Mark Watches commissions! Not only that, but I have time to get them done tomorrow.

You can also commission any bad fics/bad novels to be read LIVE on any tour date. If you aren’t able to make it out to a date and give me the fic there (obviously I am not asking these people to pay for a commission), you can ask me to read pretty much anything you want on tour. Just keep in mind that it generally can’t be good, as that’s nearly as entertaining to do in a live setting.

The only reason I’m asking for this is that I just put down two huge deposits for my New York City and D.C. venues, and I could certainly use the money before I take off. THERE IS NO SHAME IN ADMITTING I NEED HELP. You can also donate via Paypal (which is linked in the righthand column) if you’d like to be generous! Thankfully, ALL of my travel is paid for, and I only have a few hostels to pay for, but I’m still cutting it pretty close. Thank you in advance to anyone who commissions something from me or donates! Y’all are keeping this machine running!

2) Help me find clips for my Mystery Science XXX Theater Panel @ ConNooga!

So I am running an adult version of Mark Watches at ConNooga on Saturday night, and I’d like to pay homage to Mystery Science Theater shorts by finding a batch of things that I can watch that aren’t very long and provide live commentary on.

These things can be:

– R or X-rated, though please don’t send me a link to a snuff film or something. NOTHING REAL LIFE. It has to be fiction.

– No longer than 10 minutes. (My panel is only an hour.)

– Commercials or animated shorts are totally fair game.

- Scenes are also fine, especially if you can either link them to me online OR rip it for me. I’ll be using my laptop to play these in the theater I’m in.

- YOU CANNOT TELL ME WHAT THEY CONTAIN. You must provide the title of it OR where you took it from, and if there is any background you think would be necessary for an introduction, that is fine. But DO NOT tell me the content of it. This panel will only work if I don’t know what it is.

I’ve been sitting on this a few days and I am STUMPED about what I can use. Suggest/link in the comments! I’d love for y’all to further ruin my life!

3) Invite your friends to come see me on tour!

I do not cater my events to folks who know everything I’ve ever done. I generally assume that most people have only read one review series of mine, and even then, my events are totally more about celebrating geek culture and having interesting conversations. Oh, and reading tons of bad fanfic and bad novels.

The more people who come to an event, the more fun it is! As of right now, every event is free and all-ages, I try not to be too crass/crude/adult, and I’m usually pretty good at it! So I won’t make things awkward by cussing up a storm.

The whole tour is listed right here. I just have to book Indianapolis and my first D.C. date (ideally, somewhere outside of DC for folks who can’t make it to the city).

I am so excited to meet hundreds upon hundreds of you, and I have so many surprises in store for those who are going to show up. And tomorrow, I will be releasing the last book in the Mark Reads Harry Potter series just to y’all before I go on tour. The physical book will be available for purchase so that some of you can pick up a copy to get signed.

Thank you so much for your support. I’m thrilled to embark on this new chapter of my life!

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