Mark Watches ‘Blackadder The Third’

OH, THE JOY. It’s time for another Blackadder post! I experienced the pleasure of watching series three of this fine show, and thanks to both Emily and Ryan, I HAVE EVIDENCE OF SUCH THINGS OCCURRING.

First, the videos!

“Ink and Incapability”

“Duel and Duality”

  • Y’all, I am fascinated by the fact that this is a show where it basically resets each series. Some jokes carry over, and the writers reward those who have been paying attention. (I refuse to get over how funny it is every time Baldrick says he has a cunning plan. Bless his heart.) Otherwise, we get “new” characters, a new setting, and a new continuity with each series. That’s so awesome! The only other show I know of that does this is American Horror Story.
  • I was a bit saddened to see Tim McInnerney only in a guest role for “Nob and Nobility.” He was my favorite actor!
  • That’s okay, though, because Hugh Laurie really steps up to the plate with his portrayal of the bumbling George, the Prince of Wales. Oh my god, I finally know where that GIF of Hugh Laurie with a powder wig acting shocked comes from! HE IS SO GREAT IN THIS SERIES.
  • I am actually surprised I recognized Robbie Coltrane at all, as I’m generally bad at noticing these things and my memory is kind of terrible these days? Lord, I really was destined to do Mark Does Stuff, wasn’t I? Generally, my memory is great! But I’ve seen so much television in the past two years that it has all sort of jumbled in my brain into One Giant Canon.
  • Anyway! I’m torn between thinking “Dish and Dishonesty” or “Duel and Duality” are my favorite episodes of series three. None quite met the same bar raised by “Beer,” but I liked the setting of this series a great deal.
  • I’ve never seen Tony Robinson in anything else, but he’s great. I don’t comment on Baldrick enough.
  • The Macbeth ritual joke in “Sense and Senility” WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME. That’s sort of my issue with Blackadder, though. I wouldn’t say these episodes (aside from “Beer” are particularly memorable. Instead, I walked away from each episode with a moment or two that stood out more than the rest. I certainly like the show, and it makes me laugh, but I’m starting to think that it’s not quite my own sense of humor all of the time.
  • I will say that it’s funny that this show doesn’t even try not to be anachronistic. Bless.
  • It was nice to see Miranda Richardson again, too!
  • Overall, I think I liked series two the most so far. It felt a bit more consistent, though there were individual moments that were better in series three.

Onwards to series four, which will be posted on Friday!

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