Mark Watches ‘Angel’: S04E12 – Calvary

In the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Angel, the group scrambles to deal with Angel’s misplaced soul while learning that the Beast is basically a PROLOGUE. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Angel.


I don’t get it! I know I am missing a puzzle piece but IT’S TOO BIG OF A PUZZLE PIECE TO EVEN GUESS WHAT THE PIECE LOOKS LIKE. I don’t get how the Powers That Be would give Cordelia a false vision, or a vision of a trick, and I don’t understand how they would let whatever happened to her happen to her. How the fuck is it even possible that she was the one who let Angel out? I just re-watched that scene, and IT LOOKS VERY CLEAR THAT ANGELUS TRICKED HER AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. How is that final line true? HOW IS IT TRUE?


I don’t get how you can have an entire episode feature Lilah Morgan as the most brilliant, sarcastic foil to the entire group at Angel Investigations, hinting at how splendid it would be if she spent time with these people she clearly hated, and giving us an idea of how necessary it was that she still appear on the show. THEN YOU KILL HER OFF AT THE VERY END, and not only do you do that, you have the one character do it who is so moral and good that SHE LITERALLY ASCENDED TO A HIGHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE AT THE END OF THE LAST SEASON. There is no universe in which this makes any sense, I am furious with frustration, and why are all of these choices being made?


How can you reveal that Los Angeles is nearly destroyed from the influx of demons and vampires due to the lack of the sun and not spend more time on this awesome idea? This isn’t a complaint so much as a loving ode to this fantastic moment that BETTER BE DEVELOPED IN THE NEXT EPISODE. THANK YOU.


much of anything at all right now.

Except these things:

  • Lilah Morgan was one of the best characters on this show, and the fact that this sentence has to be in past-tense for the first half is heartbreaking.
  • David Boreanaz acting as Angelus acting as Angel is so brilliant that I don’t understand how that scene with Fred wasn’t nominated for a prize or something.
  • I understand (but am saddened by) the end of Fred and Gunn’s relationship. When it comes down to it, Gunn moves on for his own health. It’s not that he doesn’t care about Fred or that he’s not willing to work things about, but he just can’t deal with being her second choice at this point in his life. He sees that she’s torn between these two men, and he refuses to continue allowing this to tear him up the way it is. It sucks, but it’s honest. And it makes me sad. You know, it makes me sad mostly because there’s not a Wesley for him to go to. Fred is clearly upset about the end of her relationship with Gunn, but the show does seem to be pushing her towards Wes. Gunn has no one at all in his life, and he’s spent so much time with these people that he doesn’t even have other friends to turn to.
  • I understand that the Beast has a boss, and that this episode teased me with the sight of it for like ten seconds, but I still don’t know what this being is.
  • I understand that this episode was quite entertaining, and really well-written. Oh god, every single scene with Angelus must have been agonizing to write. I mean, you have to write about someone being the very worst person ever. Well, actually, on second thought, that probably isn’t that hard?
  • I understand that the show tried to set up Fred/Wesley and then Angelus ruined it in like five seconds because he’s a goddamn genius. I AM NOT DISCOUNTING THIS RELATIONSHIP IN THE FUTURE, but good lord, the way he deflated Fred’s excitement by using Wesley’s affair with Lilah was unbelievable. What an asshole.

Otherwise, I’m just… I don’t get it. At all. That final twist is one of the most shocking, confusing, and bewildering moments in all of Angel. I mean, I don’t see ANY FORESHADOWING FOR THIS AT ALL. Why the fuck would Cordelia betray anyone at this point?


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