Mark Predicts ‘Angel’: Season 3

So, I’m going to continue treating Angel and Buffy as separate shows as much as possible, and that means they get separate prediction posts. Because of the network switch, Angel posts will generally go up before Buffy ones as I alternate. If you’d like to see the complete order in which I will review both shows, check out my Master Schedule, which has now been updated!

First things first: let’s go over my season two predictions!

1) We will learn why they brought back Darla. OH FUCK. 1/1

2) We will not see Angelus at all in season two. NICE TRY, WOLFRAM & HART. 2/2

3) Angel will stay a vampire the whole time, and will not become human. I’m not counting this because he became a demon on Pylea. 2/3

4) We will see a marked improvement in Cordelia’s behavior to others. HELP ME I HAD NO FUCKING IDEA OH MY GOD. 3/4

5) Holland, Lilah, and Lindsey will all die by the end of season two, as will the Wolfram & Hart story line. Only Holland! Oh shit, more Wolfram & Hart in season 3! YES! 3/5

6) There will be one funny episode, intentional or not. Actually, quite a few were. Hmmm. But not one that was all funny, however. I’m not counting this. 3/6

7) Wesley will at one point be tempted to betray Angel, but will refuse to do so. NO I GOT IT BACKWARDS NO 🙁 3/7

8 ) Dennis the ghost will protect Cordelia once in this episode. I meant season, but I’m counting this for his appearance in “Disharmony.” 4/8

9) Buffy will show up once in season two. Ten arbitrary bonus points if this is after Riley breaks up with her or vice versa. Fuck. No. 4/9

10) Spike will appear in this season. Damn it. 4/10

11) At least one episode will expand on Angel’s past. OH GOD OH GOD. 5/11

12) Angel will kiss someone in season two. DAAAAARRRLLLAAA 6/12

13) We will see the Powers That Be. Bonus points if it’s Prince and Bob Ross. Can I award myself bonus points just for this sassy prediction? No? Damn it. 6/13

14) Kate will die by the end of season two, but not before trying to kill Angel. Omg I’m glad she didn’t die. 6/14

15) And my big prediction for season two: Angel Investigations will add a new team member. Fred? FRED???? FUCK. There’s no confirmation of it, so I can’t count this. DAMN IT!!!! 6/15.

I think I faired quite well! So, let’s embarrass myself further.

Mark’s Predictions for Season 3 of Angel

  • Darla will come back!
  • Fred will join Angel Investigations full time!
  • Gunn will sing one song at Caritas.
  • Daniel Dae Kim will show up more than once in season three.
  • Angel will ultimately get to keep the hotel office.
  • Cordelia will either lose or be forced to give up her visions by the end of season three.
  • We will see Wesley’s father onscreen.
  • Fred will attempt to find people she used to know when she lived in Los Angeles.
  • The season premiere will explicitly address the death of Buffy Summers.
  • Willow and Spike will be the only Buffy characters to have crossover appearances. (I AM STILL PUSHING FOR SPIKE TO SHOW UP ON ANGEL GOD WHY HASN’T IT HAPPENED YET.)
  • The Wolfram & Hart storyline will end by the season three finale. Bonus points if their office blows up or if the earth opens and eats it.
  • Lilah Morgan will die.
  • Lorne will fall in love.
  • Wesley will still be in charge of Angel Investigations.
  • And my big, ridiculous prediction: Angel will start pursuing Cordelia as a romantic thing. I base this solely on those weird moments in the last five or six episodes of season two where he was all weird around her and he like looked at her and stuff. This is a tenuous prediction at best. Oh well.


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  1. puzzlestuecke says:

    “15) And my big prediction for season two: Angel Investigations will add a new team member. Fred? FRED???? FUCK. There’s no confirmation of it, so I can’t count this. DAMN IT!!!! 6/15.”

    But didn’t Gunn join only up in season two?

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