Mark Watches ‘Fringe’ Liveblog: Worlds Apart

Hello, Watchers! I am attempting to post this from my phone in a bookstore in downtown Denver. I’ve not had reliable Internet since SUNDAY, so I am hoping this works. I’VE NEVER USED THE WORDPRESS APP BEFORE.

oh god, I still haven’t seen last week’s Fringe yet. IT IS DESTROYING ME. Enjoy liveblogging this, as I will probably miss this too, since I’m at an event when it starts. HELP.

I also just got the news that there will be a (short) season five and I LOVE IT I AM SO HAPPY. Anyway, have fun!!! Oh god I miss watching this show.

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2 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Fringe’ Liveblog: Worlds Apart

  1. Erik says:

    Two minutes left, not gonna cry, oh god, WHY?!

  2. Erik says:

    Next episode, WHAT. THE. FUCK. are you doing Bell?

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