Mark Watches ‘Angel’: Season Two Predictions

In the second season of Angel, stuff will happen and Angel will look unhappy a lot. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to predict Angel.

Well, this should be fun. That means it will be agonizing.

– Angel will be on the show. Not bad. At least I got this right. 1/1

– He’ll brood in half of the season in the dark. YES. I KNEW IT. 2/2

– He will primarily concern himself with slaying vampires. Nope! 2/3

– There will be some event, thing, or place that is the impetus for wherever he goes having a high amount of supernatural events. So, sort of like the Hellmouth existing, there’s a reason why Angel’s new home will need him there. I don’t know if this counts? The importance isn’t Los Angeles, it’s the Powers That Be needing Angel to help people. He just happens to go to Los Angeles. Hmmm. I won’t count this. 2/4

– We will see him begin to date again to try to get over Buffy. Kate doesn’t count. 2/5

– Okay, so I think he’ll try to assemble some sort of “team” in his new location to help him out, and it will be entirely comprised of characters we’ve never seen before. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. 2/6

– The first character to crossover from Buffy will be Buffy herself. Goddamn it. It was Oz. 2/7

– By the end of season one, I think we’ll see appearances by Buffy, Buffy’s father (doesn’t he live in L.A.?), Cordelia, Willow, and Giles. Okay, I get 0.4 for that. Buffy’s father? What is wrong with me? 2.4/8

– The first non-vampire villain Angel will come across will be a witch. Nope. 2.4/9

– I am only bullshitting at this point. I’m out of ideas. 100% correct. 3.4/10

Okay, so what I like about the second season of Angel is that there’s such a huge carryover of the plot. This isn’t like Buffy, where the season-long mytharc largely goes away. SO EXCITING. I actually feel like I have much more ground to base my predictions on. Here goes!

Mark’s Somewhat Fabulous Predictions For Season 2 of Angel

1) We will learn why they brought back Darla.

2) We will not see Angelus at all in season two.

3) Angel will stay a vampire the whole time, and will not become human.

4) We will see a marked improvement in Cordelia’s behavior to others.

5) Holland, Lilah, and Lindsey will all die by the end of season two, as will the Wolfram & Hart story line.

6) There will be one funny episode, intentional or not.

7) Wesley will at one point be tempted to betray Angel, but will refuse to do so.

8) Dennis the ghost will protect Cordelia once in this episode.

9) Buffy will show up once in season two. Ten arbitrary bonus points if this is after Riley breaks up with her or vice versa.

10) Spike will appear in this season.

11) At least one episode will expand on Angel’s past.

12) Angel will kiss someone in season two.

13) We will see the Powers That Be. Bonus points if it’s Prince and Bob Ross.

14) Kate will die by the end of season two, but not before trying to kill Angel.

15) And my big prediction for season two: Angel Investigations will add a new team member.


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