Mark Watches ‘Game of Thrones’ Liveblog: The North Remembers

As promised (and after much begging from like half of you), I will be hosting liveblogs every Sunday night for season two of Game of Thrones! Now we can all flail and have too many feelings about fictional characters together. Join the Mark Watches community tomorrow night if you can!

oh god YES.

Due to the unique nature of this, the rules for all liveblogs of Game of Thrones will be different than they usually are.

1) The liveblog begins for you when the episode first airs in your timezone. Please do not liveblog a leaked episode or anything. I do not want to expose people to spoilers. Use the comments below as your “blog” to comment during your viewing. HAVE FUN OR ELSE.

2) ABSOLUTELY NO BOOK SPOILERS ARE EVER ALLOWED WITHOUT ROT13. I know there are lots of folks who have not read the books who are now watching the show. I am going to cater to them by default. You must go to and cypher any and all spoilers from the book series, AND you must label an rot13 comment as a book spoiler, too. So say, “Spoiler for books” and then paste your cyphered comment. YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM POSTING ON THESE LIVEBLOGS IF YOU BREAK THIS RULE. I REFUSE TO ALLOW ANY OF YOU TO SPOIL NON-BOOK READERS. THIS IS YOUR ONE AND ONLY WARNING.

Oh my god, I am so excited. LET’S DO IT.

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