Mark Watches ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ / ‘Angel’ – Predictions (S4, S1)

This is actually exciting! This is the first time I’ll be doing two shows for Mark Watches at the same time, and it’s even more rare that these shows will both operate in the same fictional universe. I’ll be attempting to figure out the logistics of this as we move through both Buffy and Angel, but you can check the Master Schedule to see the watching/reviewing order of both shows over the course of at least the next season.

I thought it would be fun to do predictions for both of the shows at the same time as well. Admittedly, I know my predictions for Angel are going to be subpar. I don’t have the luxury of context. I don’t know how the show will be framed. I don’t know anyone aside from Angel who might appear in it. To me, it actually feels like I am starting a brand new show, and that’s a really fascinating thing to try and pull off. So, let’s first begin with my predictions for season three of Buffy before moving on:

  1. The first episode of season three will be highly Buffy-centric. I’m guessing this because Buffy left Sunnydale and they sort of have to show where she went and what she did. However, now I realize they could just do what they did for season two’s opener and just show us Buffy returning from summer vacation. DAMN IT. Whatever, I’m sticking to it. I RULE.
  2. Oz will die in season three. I am basing this prediction solely on the fact that I like him, I think he and Willow are cute, and Joss Whedon cannot tolerate joy over the course of one season. He’s been around too long and I imagine Whedon was just itching to pull the trigger at this point. OMG SO GLAD I WAS WRONG.
  3. Cordelia and Xander will break up. My general theme for these predictions will be: “Joy cannot last.” I think this is a healthy choice to have. oh god i take this back.
  4. Buffy and Joyce will have an extended conversation about her being the Slayer at least once in the season. Extended means it has to last at least five minutes. !!!!!!!1 EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT
  5. Joyce will slay a vampire. Look, I don’t care if that’s an irrational prediction. I simply do not care. I want Joyce to slay vampires, and I want it now. Damn it.
  6. Giles will meet someone he develops a crush on by the end of season three. HAHAHAHAHAA.
  7. Angel will be retrieved from Hell. Technically, he was, right?
  8. I’m making this separate just so I can at least get one prediction right, but I think Angel will come back via some sort of magic that Willow discovers and executes. Nope.
  9. On that note, Willow will continue to pursue doing magic in season three. Yes!
  10. We will find out why Principal Snyder is “in” with the Mayor of Sunnydale, and the mayor will play a larger role. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
  11. Principal Snyder will die by a creature that’s not a vampire. I AM PERFECT.
  12. We will see one snake in season three. NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME.
  13. There’ll be an episode about bees. Doesn’t every sci-fi show have a bee episode? Okay, one day.
  14. Spike will come back, but not Drusilla. Wow, I did really good.
  15. 112 people will die onscreen. This includes any staked vampires. REMIND ME TO KEEP TRACK OF THIS AS THE SHOW MOVES ALONG. What’s the official count???

I wanted to first start with Angel because I don’t have many predictions at all. I am literally so unprepared for the shit.

Mark’s Predictions for season one of Angel

– Angel will be on the show.

– He’ll brood in half of the season in the dark.

– He will primarily concern himself with slaying vampires.

– There will be some event, thing, or place that is the impetus for wherever he goes having a high amount of supernatural events. So, sort of like the Hellmouth existing, there’s a reason why Angel’s new home will need him there.

– We will see him begin to date again to try to get over Buffy.

– Okay, so I think he’ll try to assemble some sort of “team” in his new location to help him out, and it will be entirely comprised of characters we’ve never seen before.

– The first character to crossover from Buffy will be Buffy herself.

– By the end of season one, I think we’ll see appearances by Buffy, Buffy’s father (doesn’t he live in L.A.?), Cordelia, Willow, and Giles.

– The first non-vampire villain Angel will come across will be a witch.

– I am only bullshitting at this point. I’m out of ideas.


Mark’s Predictions for season four of Buffy

Xander will not go to UC Sunnydale.

– We will learn that Giles got hired as the head librarian at UC Sunnydale.

– Giles will pursue a relationship with Joyce. (MAKE IT HAPPEN, RIPPER.)

– Buffy will have a new boyfriend by the end of the season.

– Okay, I’m so surprised (AND IMMENSELY PLEASED) that Oz survived season three, but his time must end soon. So I say he dies in season four.

– We will find out what happened to Larry and Harmony.

– Cordelia will become much more involved with slaying now that she slayed a vampire at the end of season three.

– Bees?

– The Scoobies will make friends with a new staff member at the university.

– Anya will appear in season four.


– We will have an episode focusing more on Giles’s backstory.

– There will be an episode about ghosts.

– Faith? Look, I don’t how the fuck this show is going to deal with her being alive. So… stuff will happen? I DON’T KNOW.

– Can there be an episode about time travel? I LOVE TIME TRAVEL.

– There will be one explicitly jokey/funny episode.

– There will be one episode that’s just supposed to scare the pants off of us.


– Oh god, it feels kind of like Buffy is starting over. SO UNPREPARED.

Well, here goes nothing.

About Mark Oshiro

Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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456 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ / ‘Angel’ – Predictions (S4, S1)

  1. TrampyMcBitca says:

    Well, they did have wasps in Season 2 🙂

    Cerggl tbbq cerqvpgvbaf

    – Bxnl, V’z fb fhecevfrq (NAQ VZZRAFRYL CYRNFRQ) gung Bm fheivirq frnfba guerr, ohg uvf gvzr zhfg raq fbba. Fb V fnl ur qvrf va frnfba sbhe.

    Jryy uvf gvzr qbrf raq, whfg abg va qrngu.

    • darkwater says:

      Ur vf tbvat gb or fb fhecevfrq jura Pbeql fubjf hc ba Natry naq V'z pregnva ur'yy syvc uvf fuvg bire gur Snvgu nep pbzvat hc. Qbrfa'g rira frr gung pbzvat.

    • Bill says:

      Jr npghnyyl unira'g unq n qrngu va n juvyr, uhu? Abg n znwbe bar ernyyl fvapr Wraal. Fbba gb punatr jvgu Qblyr V thrff.

      • DreamRose311 says:

        Htu, V jvfu gvzr pbhyq nygre naq Qblyr pbhyq fheivir guvf gvzr… *cbhg*

        • EmilianaDarling says:

          Vg jbhyqa'g unir znggrerq gbb zhpu va gur raq, gubhtu, orpnhfr gur npgbe jub cynlrq uvz jbhaq hc qlvat fb fubegyl nsgrejneqf. 🙁

          Ubjrire, V gbgnyyl nterr gung Qblyr'f qrngu jnf fb nofbyhgryl urnegoernxvat gubhtu. Vg znqr zr fgbc jngpuvat Natry sbe frireny lrnef, npghnyyl, naq V'z bayl whfg svavfuvat vg hc abj.

          • gonzoron says:

            V yvxrq Qblyr jryy rabhtu, ohg vs ur unq gb qvr gb oevat va Jrfyrl, vg jnf jryy jbegu vg. (Gur punenpgre V zrna… gur npgbe'f qrngu vf whfg qnza gentvp. Ur jnf terng ba Ebfrnaar gbb.)

            • Bill says:

              Naql Unyyrgg qvrq erpragyl gbb. Ur jnf QRSVAVGRYL nznmvat nf Ybear!

              • jademg says:

                JUNG?!? Gung vf fb GENTVP V nz fb fnq, V qvq abg xabj guvf. V jnfa'g gur ovttrfg sna bs NgF, ohg V nofbyhgryl ybirq uvf cbegenlny bs gung punenpgre!!! Nyy gur fnqf.

    • Gorimek says:

      V jvyy ARIRE sbetvir Nhfgva Cbjref sbe fgrnyvat Bm sebz hf!

      • Fuchsia says:

        Vg jnfa'g ernyyl Nhfgva Cbjref' snhyg, vg jnf gung Bm jnfa'g trggvat nal erny punenpgre qrirybczrag be, uryy, rira qrprag fperra gvzr bgure guna orvat Jvyybj'f oblsevraq. Fb ur jnf haunccl jvgu gung naq yrsg.

        • TrampyMcBitca says:

          V ybirq gur Wbff ovg ba Ebobg Puvpxra.

          "V'ir orra ybbxvat sbe n jnl gb ercnl lbh sbe onvyvat ba Ohssl nsgre 2 frnfbaf. Nalguvat, Frgu. Ernyyl!"

    • Timefire says:

      Znex ernyyl qbrf arrq gb ubar uvf fxvyy va orvat vaqrpvfviryl inthr vs ur vf gb chefhr n pnerre va cebcurfl-vat.

  2. darkwater says:

    So I'm laughing at many of these predictions… whether that is because Mark is scary accurate or way off base is for me to know and you to find out. 🙂

    Regardless he is not prepared for some of the early surprises in both series.

    Yes, this is going to be fun.

    • anobium says:

      I think my favourite is "Pbeqryvn jvyy orpbzr zhpu zber vaibyirq jvgu fynlvat abj gung fur fynlrq n inzcver ng gur raq bs frnfba guerr" – because vg'f pbzcyrgryl pbeerpg, rkprcg sbe orvat va gur jebat yvfg. Oh, Mark. So unprepared.

      • darkwater says:

        Bu lrnu! Guvf tbrf nybat jvgu guvf bar gbb.

        "Ol gur raq bs frnfba bar, V guvax jr’yy frr nccrnenaprf ol Ohssl, Ohssl’f sngure (qbrfa’g ur yvir va Y.N.?), Pbeqryvn, Jvyybj, naq Tvyrf."

        Ur'f fbeg bs unys evtug.. jr trg Ohssl va n pebffbire naq Pbeql nf n erthyne. V qba'g guvax Jvyybj fubjf hc hagvy gur raq bs frnfba gjb (Ohssl frnfba svir!) naq ur'f oynaxvat ragveryl ba Snvgu. Nyfb abg n pyhr nobhg Jrf! unun! Ebthr Qrzba Uhagre. ununun

        Nyfb V'z fhecevfrq ur nccrnef gb unir sbetbggra nobhg Fcvxr, fb gung'yy or n cyrnfnag fhecevfr.

      • GirlWith1Eye says:

        v xabj, evtug? ur'f fb bss j/ gur rnpu yvfg orpnhfr bs pbeqryvn orvat ba natry, abg ohssl

    • Ashes says:

      totally agree 😀 It's great to see these predictions .

  3. Bill says:

    Whoo! A post first thing in the morning! SO HAPPY! Vf gurer rire n orr rcvfbqr? V qba'g erzrzore bar rire. Va rvgure fubj. Njj, ur guvaxf pbeqryvn vf fgnlvat jvu gur fpbbovrf! Gung'yy or n cyrnfnag fhecevfr sbe uvz.

  4. Mavketl says:

    Gurfr Pbeqryvn cerqvpgvbaf ner tbvat gb or gbb shaal.

    In other news… I kind of like the concept of Angel/Buffy reviews, but I'm still a little sad that this means only one Buffy every two days. My daily Buffy! 🙁

  5. Shadowmarauder says:

    V guvax Qblyr'f qrngu vf tbvat gb or n fubpxre sbe gur arjovrf. V zrna ur bayl trg avar rcvfbqrf orsber gurl xvyy uvz bss – fgvyy cvffrq nobhg gung. Ba gur oevtug fvqr ba Ohssl jr trg Gnen.

    • darkwater says:

      Lrnu jryy.. gurl unq gb jevgr gur thl bhg nf ur jnf yrnivat. Vs lbh arrq gb tb, ur tbg gb tb va n cerggl onqnff jnl ernyyl. Naq nf n erfhyg uvf vasyhrapr fgvpxf nebhaq evtug gb gur raq.

      • cait0716 says:

        Gehgu. Qblyr'f va bar bs gur qrnguf gung V arire zvaqrq orpnhfr vg'f fb jryy qbar. Naq vg cnirf gur jnl sbe Jrfyrl!

        • darkwater says:

          Naq gung jubyr rcvfbqr jurer ur qvrf vf fb shyy bs srryf, gb dhbgr Znex. Rfcrpvnyyl fheebhaqvat gur nq gurl jrer gelvat gb znxr. Raqvat gur rcvfbqr ba gung tvirf zr puvyyf gb guvf qnl.

      • Shadowmarauder says:

        V qvqa'g ernyvmr ur jnagrq gb yrnir. V gubhtug vg jnf Wbff qbvat uvf hfhny abj gung lbh pner nobhg guvf punenpgre: ur zhfg qvr.

        • darkwater says:

          V urneq vg bapr. Pbhyq or jebat. Tvira Wbff' jnlf V cebonoyl nz.

          • cait0716 says:

            V unq urneq gung gur npgbe unq fbzr vffhrf jvgu urebva gung jrer pbzcebzvfvat uvf novyvgl gb qb uvf wbo. Gung znl unir whfg orra n ehzbe, ohg ur qvq qvr bs n urebva bireqbfr n pbhcyr bs lrnef yngre.

            • fan says:

              Ernyyl? Gung znxrf Natry na haurnygul fubj gb or na npgbe ba: Naql Unyyrgg (Ybear) qvrq gbb, ng n irel lbhat ntr.

            • ajaxbreaker says:

              V'z cerggl fher V ernq fbzrjurer gung ur jnf sverq orpnhfr bs qeht ceboyrzf.

            • Ellie says:

              V pna'g uryc ohg guvax gung, juvyr crefbany vffhrf znl unir pnhfrq vg gb unccra fbbare, Qblyr jnf nyjnlf znexrq sbe na rneyl qrngu. Abg bayl qbrf vg znxr jnl sbe Jrfyrl, ohg vg'f whfg gbb rffragvny gb Pbeqryvn'f punenpgre nep. Vg tvirf ure n zhpu fgebatre obaq jvgu Natry naq gur ivfvbaf jrer cenpgvpnyyl gnvybe znqr sbe ure.

    • Bill says:

      Lrnu, Wbff cerggl zhpu xvyyrq bss qblyr orpnhfr ur pbhyq. Gung cvffrf zr bss. Ohg gura ntnva jr tbg jrf bhg bs vg, jub jbhyq unir bgurejvfr qevsgrq bss naq arire or frra ntnva.

    • SnarkyWriter says:

      VVEP, gur qhqr jub cynlrq Qblyr (jubfr anzr V pna'g erzrzore) jnf n cerggl frevbhf qeht nqqvpg naq gurl unq gb yrg uvz tb orpnhfr vg jnf vagresrevat jvgu uvf jbex. Ohg ng yrnfg gurl qvqa'g qb gb uvz jung gurl yngre qvq gb Pbeql/Punevfzn. V'z fgvyy cvffrq nobhg GUNG.

      • Ellie says:

        Lrnu, vs rira unys bs jung V'ir urneq nobhg ubj Wbff gerngrq ure vf gehr, V'z tbvat gb or fvqr-rlrvat uvz sberire.

      • ajaxbreaker says:

        V'z fgvyy cvffrq nobhg GUNG.
        Lbh naq zr obgu. Vg'f cerggl zhpu gur bayl guvat va gur Ohsslirefr (nybat jvgu Jvyybj'f zntvp vffhr orvat qrcvpgrq nf na nqqvpgvba engure guna n erfhyg bs ure guvefg sbe cbjre naq gur rnfl jnl bhg) gung' V pna'g fgnaq. Nyy gur bgure cnvashy fghss V pna qrny jvgu, ohg guvaxvat bs Pbeqryvn fgvyy znxrf zr fnq.

        • DreamRose311 says:

          V xvaqn guvax gur Guvefg sbe Cbjre *vf* gur nqqvpgvba, zntvp jnf whfg gur zrnaf.

          • ajaxbreaker says:

            Bu lrnu, V nterr. Ohg V srry gung'f abg gur jnl vg npghnyyl pbzrf npebff va gur fubj. Enpx'f cynpr vf fgebatyl yvxrarq gb n penpx qra naq hayrff V'z erzrzorevat jebat, vfa'g gurer n fprar jurer Jvyybj tbrf guebhtu npghny jvguqenjny flzcgbzf? Gur fubj fgebatyl vzcyvrf gung Jvyybj unf n fhofgnapr nohfr ceboyrz, engure guna rkcybevat gur jrnxarffrf va ure crefbanyvgl gung yrnq ure gb or nqqvpgrq gb gur cbjre gur zntvp tvirf ure.

            • Penguin Zero says:

              Vg'f gehr. Vg inevrq n ovg, ohg guebhtu gur svefg unys bs frnfba fvk, gur cybg guernq jnf trarenyyl nybat gur yvarf bs 'zntvp vf nqqvpgvir orpnhfr vg cebivqrf rnfl fbyhgvbaf gb pbzcyvpngrq ceboyrzf, naq vg'f rnfl gb qvfzvff gur pbafrdhraprf vg unf.' Nebhaq Fznfurq naq Jerpxrq, vg noehcgyl ghearq vagb 'zntvp vf nqqvpgvir orpnhfr BZT VG'F QEHTF!!!!!'

              Guvf jnfa'g arneyl gur bayl njxjneq zvkrq zrffntr frnfba fvk frag, ohg vg jnf n qrsvavgr ernfba V fgnegrq qvfyvxvat gur frnfba. Ohg cerfhznoyl gung'f n qvfphffvba jr pna nyy trg vagb jura jr npghnyyl trg gurer.

      • Sean Murphy says:

        Lrnu gur Pbeql fghss va frnfba 4 vf ubeevoyr ng yrnfg qhr gb gur oruvaq gur fprarf fghss! Sebz jung V'ir ernq vg jnf Wbff CHAVFUVAT Punevfzn sbe trggvat certanag jvgubhg qvfphffvat vg jvgu uvz. Gur punenpgre fghss V qba'g unir n ceboyrz jvgu orpnhfr gung jnfa'g Pbeql qbvat guvatf ohg Wnfzvar naq gura frnfba 5 Pbeql ergheaf sbe na rc naq vf njrfbzr! Gura qvrf ohg gur njrfbzr vf rgpurq vagb gur zrzbel bs ure sberire!

  6. guest_age says:

    I love reading your prediction posts because my reaction is always exactly the same:

    MWAH. HA. HAAAAA. *rubs hands together evilly*

  7. MrsGillianO says:

    – Pbeqryvn jvyy orpbzr zhpu zber vaibyirq jvgu fynlvat abj gung fur fynlrq n inzcver ng gur raq bs frnfba guerr.

    Va n jnl, V fhccbfr.

    Gur Fpbbovrf jvyy znxr sevraqf jvgu n arj fgnss zrzore ng gur havirefvgl.

    V jbhyqa'g pnyy ure n sevraq, rknpgyl. Qbrf Evyrl pbhag?

    Snvgu? Ybbx, V qba’g ubj gur shpx guvf fubj vf tbvat gb qrny jvgu ure orvat nyvir. Fb… fghss jvyy unccra?

    Fghss sbe juvpu lbh ner abg erzbgryl cercnerq.

    Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf.

    BZT, gubfr Tragyrzra!

    Gur svefg punenpgre gb pebffbire sebz Ohssl jvyy or Ohssl urefrys.

    Abcr. V fhccbfr Bm pbhagf nf gur svefg jr frr jub'f fgvyy onpx va tbbq byq FQ. Ur vf tbvat gb syvc fb uneq jura ur ernyvfrf jub unf pebffrq bire!

    Fb ybbxvat sbejneq gb ubj Znex unaqyrf UYBQ/VGQ.


    You are so right, Mark. You are just NOT PREPARED. AT ALL.

  8. GamgeeFest says:

    Bm jvyy qvr va frnfba guerr. V nz onfvat guvf cerqvpgvba fbyryl ba gur snpg gung V yvxr uvz, V guvax ur naq Jvyybj ner phgr, naq Wbff Jurqba pnaabg gbyrengr wbl bire gur pbhefr bs bar frnfba. Ur’f orra nebhaq gbb ybat naq V vzntvar Jurqba jnf whfg vgpuvat gb chyy gur gevttre ng guvf cbvag. BZT FB TYNQ V JNF JEBAT.

    Qba'g or gbb tynq, Znex. Lbh'er nobhg gb fnl Fnlbanen gb Bm! Nyy gur fnqf. Ohg Gnen – LNL!

    There’ll be an episode about bees. Doesn’t every sci-fi show have a bee episode? Okay, one day.

    Wasn't that a bee swarm in "I Only Have Eyes For You?" in S2? Does that count?

    Gurer jvyy or fbzr rirag, guvat, be cynpr gung vf gur vzcrghf sbe jurerire ur tbrf univat n uvtu nzbhag bs fhcreangheny riragf. Fb, fbeg bs yvxr gur Uryyzbhgu rkvfgvat, gurer’f n ernfba jul Natry’f arj ubzr jvyy arrq uvz gurer.

    Guerr ernfbaf npghnyyl, n Jbys, n Enz naq n Uneg. :Q

    Jr jvyy frr uvz ortva gb qngr ntnva gb gel gb trg bire Ohssl.

    N yvggyr cerzngher znlor, ohg fvapr ur oebhtug vg hc, jub'f lbhe BGC?

    Bxnl, fb V guvax ur’yy gel gb nffrzoyr fbzr fbeg bs “grnz” va uvf arj ybpngvba gb uryc uvz bhg, naq vg jvyy or ragveryl pbzcevfrq bs punenpgref jr’ir arire frra orsber.

    Qblyr! BZT, guvf vf tbvat gb or gbegher jngpuvat Znex trg nggnpurq gb guvf punenpgre. 🙁

    Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung unccrarq gb Yneel naq Unezbal.

    "Jub jbhyq qngr Unezbal qrnq? Unf gb or gur zbfg cngvrag thl ba gur cynarg?" (V gbgnyyl ohgpurerq gung dhbgr, yby!)

    Pbeqryvn jvyy orpbzr zhpu zber vaibyirq jvgu fynlvat abj gung fur fynlrq n inzcver ng gur raq bs frnfba guerr.

    Evtug cerqvpgvba, jebat fubj. :Q


    Jryy, jr pregnvayl urne uvf cneragf. Erfgyrff qbrfa'g ernyyl pbhag sbe zr, nf vg'f n qernz naq gurl hfr n qvssrerag npgbe sebz Uryy'f Oryyf.

    Pna gurer or na rcvfbqr nobhg gvzr geniry? V YBIR GVZR GENIRY

    Xvaqn fbegn, ohg ntnva jebat fubj. Ohssl/Natry fnqarff. 🙁

    Gurer jvyy or bar rkcyvpvgyl wbxrl/shaal rcvfbqr.

    – Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf.

    Srne Zr (jryy, znlor abg gur biregher, ohg pregnvayl gur fubj) 😉

    • Karen says:

      Natry/Pbeqryvn vf zl Ohsslirefr BGC.. Npghnyyl V guvax gurl'er npghnyyl zl snibevgr fuvc va nyy bs Wbff'f fubjf.

    • cait0716 says:

      Abj gung lbh'ir yvfgrq gurz, V qba'g guvax V unir na Natry BGC. V ernyyl yvxr uvz naq Pbeql gbtrgure naq vg'f fbeg bs ovggrefjrrg gung jr arire npghnyyl tbg gb *frr* gurz gbtrgure. Ohg V nyzbfg cersre Natry fnivat gur jbeyq ba uvf bja. Be va n ybj-fgnxrf eryngvbafuvc yvxr gur bar jvgu Avan jurer ur'f abg va nal qnatre bs ybfvat uvf fbhy. V qb ybir zr fbzr Natryhf/Qneyn gubhtu. Gubfr synfuonpxf ner nyy fb zhpu sha.

    • Kickpuncher says:

      N yvggyr cerzngher znlor, ohg fvapr ur oebhtug vg hc, jub'f lbhe BGC?

      Natry/Oneel Znavybj, accept no substitutes, make no apologies.

      • GamgeeFest says:

        Natry/Oneel Znavybj – THIS! Forever.

        Naq Znex guvaxf ur'f frra gur jbefg bs Natry'f unve fglyrf!

    • ajaxbreaker says:

      V yvxr Natry/Pbeqryvn naq vg jbhyq unir orra zl snibevgr fuvc unq jr npghnyyl tbggra gb frr gurz gbtrgure, vs bayl sbe n srj rcvfbqrf. Ohg V'z gbb ovggre nobhg gur jnl Pbeql'f punenpgre vf ehvarq va F3 & F4 gb unir nal erznvavat tbbq srryvatf. N/P jbhyq unir orra n terng fuvc nf gurl xabj rnpu bgure jryy, obgu gur tbbq naq gur onq, gurl unir gbaf bs uvfgbel, gurl xrrc rnpu bgure va purpx naq erfcrpg rnpu bgure. Vg jbhyq unir orra bar bs gur zbfg nqhyg eryngvbafuvcf ba gur fubj sbe fher naq vg znxrf zr fnq jr arire tbg gb frr vg. Vafgrnq jr tbg Rivy!Pbeql/Pbaabe :-/

      Zl snir fuvc sbe Natry vf Natry/Qneyn. Gurer vf whfg FB ZHPU uvfgbel gurer. Jura fur gryyf uvz gung fur jnagf uvz rira gubhtu Tbq qbrfa'g, V nyjnlf trg puvyyf. V ybir gur jnl Natry gevrf fb uneq gb uryc Qneyn ohg snvyf va gur raq. Cyhf gurl qb unir n xvq gbtrgure 🙂

      • Andie says:

        Rknpgyl. Frnfba 4 bs Natry gbgnyyl ehvarq Natry/Pbeql sbe zr. 🙁

        • cait0716 says:

          Nf sne nf V'z pbaprearq, Pbeql yrsg Natry ng gur raq bs gur guveq frnfba naq bayl pnzr onpx sbe gung bar rcvfbqr va frnfba svir.

          • ajaxbreaker says:

            I like your head canon!

          • GamgeeFest says:

            Vg'f cerggl pyrne gung Pbeql jnfa'g qevivat va F4. Vg jnf gur ovt onq va punetr nyy gur jnl, fb nalguvat fur qbrf va gung frnfba pna'g or nggevohgrq gb Pbeql. V'z va shyy nterrzrag gung jr qba'g frr gur erny Pbeql ntnva hagvy rc 100. (V'z snvyvat ng rc anzrf gbqnl, yby.)

            • cait0716 says:

              Hasbeghangryl, gung vfa'g erirnyrq gb gur nhqvrapr va shyy hagvy gur irel raq bs gur frnfba. Fur'f npgvat jrveq. Gura fur'f pyrneyl npgvat rivy. Ohg V qba'g guvax gur znxr gur cbffrffvba nfcrpg bs vg pyrne hagvy Wnfzvar npghnyyl neevirf (be cbffvoyl evtug orsber). Rvgure jnl, jngpuvat nybat jvgu Znex naq abg fcbvyvat uvz vf tbvat gb or qbjaevtug cnvashy.

        • Karen says:



          • cait0716 says:

            Abg jrveq ng nyy. Gbgnyyl pnaba. Erzrzore jura gurl uvg gur erfrg ohggba va gur frnfba sbhe svanyr? Vg'f bar bs zl snibevgr guvatf va gung jubyr frnfba.

          • lyvanna says:

            Ohg ohg… V erzrzore vg nf n guerr rcvfbqr frnfba Qrrc Qbja, Fcva gur Obggyr naq Ubzr… tbbq gvzrf.

            (Bu unat ba, fbzr bs gubfr Snvgu rcvfbqrf ner tbbq gbb… V pna'g uryc vg V nqzvg vg… V yvxr cnegf bs frnfba sbhe!)

        • ajaxbreaker says:

          Vg'f rfcrpvnyyl onq orpnhfr V ybir frnfba 4 ncneg sebz Pbeqryvn'f jubyr nep. V ybir gur gvtugyl cybggrq, frevrf ybat nep, gur fhfcrafr, Pbaabe, gur rkcybengvba bs gur eryngvbafuvc orgjrra gebhoyrq grrantre naq sngure, gur svanyr BU ZL URNEG, ybir Wnfzvar, ybir Serq orpbzvat n onqnff, Natryhf va gur pntr, JRF/YVYNU BGC BGC, rira yvxr nzarfvnp!Pbeql, ohg gura fur fgnegf fyrrcvat jvgu Pbaabe naq jrnevat gung ubeevoyr, ubeevoyr oynpx certanapl bhgsvg naq ABGUVAT VF ORNHGVSHY NAQ RIRELGUVAT UHEGF 🙁

          Jbhyq unir orra fb zhpu orggre vs gurl znqr fbzr enaqbz crefba fyrrc jvgu Pbaabe naq orpbzr Wnfzvar'f zbz, naq Pbeqryvn pbhyq unir erznvarq nzarfvnp guebhtubhg gur frnfba naq fybjyl pbzr gb ybir Natry qrfcvgr gur nzarfvn be fbzrguvat. Gura fur vf fbzrubj vawherq/tbrf vagb n pbzn juvyr svtugvat Wnfzvar ng gur raq bs frnfba 4 naq frnfba 5 pbhyq unir cebprrqrq va rknpgyl gur fnzr jnl.

          Fbeel sbe gur ybat enag 🙁 Erjngpuvat Ohssl F1-F3 znxrf zr rira fnqqre sbe Pbeqryvn jura V frr jung fur hfrq gb or jura fur jnf va uvtu fpubby naq jung fur orpbzrf ng gur raq bs ure yvsr.

          • zephyras13 says:

            Qhqr, vg pbhyq unir orra jbefr. V'z cerggl fher Wbff jnf *npghnyyl* tbvat gb znxr ure rivy, ohg gura Punevfzn Pnecragre tbg certanag naq gurl znqr hc gur Wnfzvar fgbelyvar.

    • Andie says:

      uhaaaataaaa V sbetbg nobhg V Jvyy Erzrzore Lbh. QQQQQQ: Gung rcvfbqr znxrf zr onjy.

      htu, Qblyr. JUL, QBLYR, JULLLLL?

      Gb or ubarfg, V xvaq bs fuvc Natry/SBERIRE NYBAR.

    • ajaxbreaker says:

      Ubj pbzr abobql fuvcf Natry jvgu Fcvxr?? Vg'f gbgnyyl pnaba, Fcvxr fnlf fb va Cbjre Cynl 😉

      • GamgeeFest says:

        V jbhyq ybir gb frr Natry/Fcvxr. Whfg gur bapr? Ernyyl, thlf? Lbh pna qb orggre guna gung. 😉

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      V jbhyqa'g hfr gur grez "BGC", ohg Natry/Qneyn (juvpu rapbzcnffrf Natryhf/Qneyn; be ryfr fubhyqa'g jr fcyvg vg vagb Natry/Uhzna!Qneyn naq Natry/Inzcver!Qneyn nf jryy?) vf gur eryngvbafuvc V sbhaq gur zbfg vagrerfgvat naq vg'f zl snibevgr bhg bs Natry'f fuvcf.

      Ohg jub xabjf, Natry/Pbeqryvn zvtug unir orra terng vs vg unq orra qbar orggre.

    • lyvanna says:

      Natry/Pbeqryvn vf zl snibhevgr naq tvirf zr unccl srryvatf ohg V nyfb svaq Natry/Qneyn (va nyy sbezf) snfpvangvat fb V pna xvaqn trg oruvaq gung nf jryy.

  9. cait0716 says:

    Oooh, this went up super early!

    But I can't really do anything except laugh at you and get super excited for two reviews on Monday!

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Oh, I have two episodes to watch over the weekend? EXCITE.

      Usually the weekend is a slow torturous period with no Buffy watching and no Mark Does Stuff and lots of going to work.

      • cait0716 says:

        Yup! Both the Buffy and the Angel premiere!

        And I think there's another double review day on Thursday. So many reviews next week. 🙂

  10. Lol says:

    I think your prediction posts might be the highlight of my life!! lol After every one I feel the need to say something along the lines of 'Aggghhh! so wrong/right!! Sweet summer child you are not prepared!!!' out loud… I'm in a packed room getting some very strange looks. There is so much to come, you just have no idea! Really can't wait!

    I realised halfway through a rewatch of season 5 that I was watching it through your eyes, everytime something major happens I'm like 'OMG, Mark will freak!!' I've always wanted to go back in time and watch it all again not knowing what is coming, I'm really very jealous of people experiencing it for the first time!

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      I've started to do that with every book I read or TV show I watch…

      "OMG Mark would FLIP HIS SHIT when he gets to this part! If…he ever watches this show."

      • pica_scribit says:

        I think a good percentage have probably internalised Mark by this point. I feel like, after reading a million reviews by him, I know him better than I know a lot of my friends. Mark, come be my BFF! I'll bake you vegan apple spice cake and make you watch all my favourite things! Because you will love them! And then we can sit around for hours and discuss the problematic aspects and tropes! Yes, this is my #1 fantasy. Don't judge me. (Apart from Remus and Sirius coming to life and moving in next door. OMG! Remus and Sirius could come over and watch movies and eat cake with me and Mark! New fantasy! *dreams*)

        < /dork >

  11. snapsnzips says:

    So if Angel broods for MORE than half the show in the dark, is that still a win on that prediction?

  12. @danstone13 says:

    You are so unprepared.

  13. TrampyMcBitca says:

    Oh yeah, there were giant wasps, right?

    Joss probably thought, EVERYONE does bees, so he'll do wasps instead. Aren't wasps worse anyway? They don't die after stinging you.

    • cait0716 says:

      Wasps are way worse.I feel bad for bees when they sting me because they usually didn't mean anything by it. They were just scared and then they're dead (how on earth did natural selection favor that one?). But wasps are fucking malicious.

  14. cait0716 says:

    Hey Mark, can you update the Master Schedule? I noticed on Twitter that you said you're reviewing seven episodes next week, but the schedule only shows six. I can guess what the extra one is, but it'd be nice to have an up-to-date schedule to refer to. Thanks!

  15. TrampyMcBitca says:

    I just noticed the advert I have now is for "First Bite" A personalized vampire romance for teens. "Fall in love with your own Edward"


    • pica_scribit says:

      Those "fill in the blank" novels can be pretty hilarious if you do them right. Sort of like Mad Libs. And I can't imagine that the plot is any *worse* than Twilight.

      • TrampyMcBitca says:

        I loved Mad Libs. I also loved "Choose your own adventure" books.

        • pica_scribit says:

          Ever read the "Time Machine" series? Those were my favourite when I was in about 4th and 5th grade. Like "Choose Your Own Adventure", but with history. I had them out from the library constantly. They were at least partially to blame for me becoming an archaeologist.

          (Oh, God! Now I want Mark Reads Time Machine!)

        • DreamRose311 says:

          Choose your own adventures were awesome. I had a couple Super Mario Bros books that were Choose Adventure, but they also had puzzles in them… They were the super best.

      • Noybusiness says:

        Can you make the heroine insult the hell out of the vampire?

    • Andie says:

      hahah Yeah. Most of BBY's books are pretty good. That one is not.

      • pica_scribit says:

        I got one of my friends the "medieval" romance novel one when she got married, with her name and her husband's for the main characters (and her cat, called Angel, for the pet). She thought it was hilarious.

        • Andie says:

          They do make great presents. I participate a lot in forum roleplay, so I like to get them with my RP characters' names. It's like fanfiction I didn't have to write! But then again, I get BBY books for free, so I can be as frivolous as I want with ordering them. If I couldn't, I might actually put myself in them just to take advantage of the novelty.

  16. 7lovelyangel says:

    So, I finally created an account there 1) it will be easier for me to log on when I won't be on my laptop.
    2) WE ARE STARTING ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!! So much excitement!!!

    Hahaha. I love your predictions. Haha.

    Maybe you're starting to be 1/3 prepared….. 😉

  17. lawrence_s says:

    na rcvfbqr nobhg tubfgf.

    Htu, V xrrc gelvat gb sbetrg gung gung rcvfbqr rkvfgf.

    bar rkcyvpvgyl wbxrl/shaal rcvfbqr.

    bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf.

    Naq jr'er fher Znex unf arire frra guvf fubj orsber? Orpnhfr ernyyl, Fbzrguvat Oyhr naq Uhfu, onpx gb onpx?

    • GamgeeFest says:

      BZT, V gbgnyyl sbetbg nobhg Fbzrguvat Oyhr! Ubj pbhyq V qb gung?

      "Jr'er trggvat zneevrq!"
      "Jub? jung? Jub?"

      "Fgbc gung, V pna gur fznpxvat!"

      "Fcvxr yvcf! Yvcf bs Fcvxr!"

    • darkwater says:

      Lrnu, ohg guvf cneg vf njrfbzr.

      "Lbh znqr n orne!"
      "V qvqa'g zrna gb!"
      "Haqb vg! Haqb vg!

      • lawrence_s says:

        Uru. V jnfa'g rira guvaxvat nobhg Cnatf nf gur 'tubfg' rcvfbqr. V npghnyyl rawbl gung bar, qrfcvgr nyy vgf ceboyrzf. V jnf npghnyyl guvaxvat bs Jurer Gur Jvyq Guvatf Ner, juvpu ntnva, unf n srj terng zbzragf, ohg bgurejvfr V whfg pna'g fgnaq.

        • darkwater says:

          Bu V unq sbetbggra nobhg gung rcvfbqr.

        • jademg says:

          Cnatf vf abg zl snibevgr rcvfbqr, ohg V ernyyl qb rawbl Naln'f yvar nobhg Gunaxftvivat orvat n evghny fnpevsvpr – jvgu cvr. Phf, pbzr ba, fur'f evtug.

          • ghostofdurruti says:

            Fvapr jngpuvat Ohssl, gung yvar unf nyjnlf orra gur svefg guvat gb pbzr gb zl zvaq jurarire V urne gur jbeq "Gunaxftvivat".

      • TrampyMcBitca says:

        "Lbh znqr n orne!"
        "V qvqa'g zrna gb!"
        "Haqb vg! Haqb vg!

        Nz V gur bayl crefba jub qbrfa'g svaq guvf rkpunatr nf uvynevbhf nf zbfg crbcyr qb? 🙂

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      Gurer'f zber guna bar rkcyvpvgyl shaal rcvfbqr. Cnatf naq N Arj Zna ner nyfb pbzrql rcvfbqrf sbe gur zbfg cneg. Fhcrefgne vf nyfb cerggl pybfr. V guvax rnfba 4 vf trarenyyl gur zbfg yvtugurnegrq naq cebonoyl shaavrfg frnfba.

  18. SnarkyWriter says:


    Znex pyrneyl xabjf gur fubj gbb jryy. Nyzbfg rirel fvatyr bar bs gurfr vf rvgure fcbg ba be pybfr gb fcbg ba. Rkprcg gur orrf.

  19. @hazakaza says:





  20. knut_knut says:

    Woah super early post! Here are my Buffy predictions
    – Buffy will live in a dorm and her roommate won’t be Willow? This is silly but she COULD live at home to save up
    – YES, WASPS
    – Giles will not become the librarian at UC Sunnydale but will work out of his home (I mean, he could have another job, but his Watcher-y duties will be from home)
    – I want to meet Xander’s parents too! SO WE WILL MEET THEM
    – Faith will wake up from her coma but will leave town
    – Rat Amy will be changed back!
    – lots of people will die and things will be sad
    – there will be slaying

    Angel predictions!
    – oh god, I know nothing about this show except that Pbeqryvn fubjf hc. Umm…Angel will brood
    – Angel will lurk

    • MrsGillianO says:

      Good lord, you're as bad as Mark at getting the stunningly accurate and absurdly wrong so mixed up.

      Oyvax naq lbh zvff Nzl, ohg fur'f gurer, va na rcvfbqr V ybir fbfbfb zhpu.

    • darkwater says:

      Hmm.. interesting. 🙂

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      V'q fnl guvf jnf cresrpg (jr qb frr qernz Knaqre Qnq naq Nzl qbrf trg punatrq onpx vs bayl oevrsyl), rkprcg sbe gur jnfcf. YBY Xrrc njnl sebz sylvat vaprfg cerqvpgvbaf!

    • arctic_hare says:

      Creuncf zbfg vzcbegnagyl, Natry jvyy qnapr. Naq vg vf bar bs gur shaavrfg guvatf rire.

      • robin_comments says:

        naq trg va gur jebat pne! naq gel gb hfr n Ongzna tenccyvat ubbx naq snvy zvfrenoyl! naq… nunununun tbq, V YBIR ubj gurl fgneg bss Ohssl ol fhoiregvat gur gebcr bs gur oybaq nveurnq ubeebe zbivr ivpgvz jurer vg gheaf bhg fur'f xvpxnff & pbzcrgrag, naq gura gurl fgneg bss gur Natry frevrf ol fhoiregvat gur fhnir ureb/abve cevingr vairfgvtngbe gebcr jurer ur unf 2 hafxvyyrq zvfsvgf nf fvqrxvpxf naq ur xrrcf snvyvat ng yvsr.

        • arctic_hare says:

          bzt LRF. V whfg jngpurq vg rneyvre sbe gur svefg gvzr va lrnef naq vg erzvaqrq zr rknpgyl JUL V fb terngyl cersre Natry ba uvf bja fubj: gurl yrg uvz or n qbbshf! Ur vf fb evqvphybhf naq gurl whfg tb jvgu vg. V YBIR VG. <3

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      NO WASPS.


      i really hate wasps please no wasps argh argh argh

      • knut_knut says:

        BECAUSE WASPS ARE TERRIFYING BUT UNDERUSED. And lulzy if they're horrible, gigantic CG messes *cough Doctor Who cough*. I’m tired of spiders being the go-to horror bug. It’s time to bring wasps back.

      • Kickpuncher says:

        Sunnydale is full of WASPs, Mr. Trick had a pretty awesome line about it.

      • amyalices says:


    • stellaaaaakris says:

      I could totally get behind Anya/Xander. Who am I kidding? I'm already there. ANYA, COME BACK TO ME.

      I think you're wrong about the death and sadness. Clearly it's time for happiness and sugar and sunshine. Season 4 should actually be called "Spike and Joyce Explain It All over Mugs of Hot Chocolate with Little Marshmallows."

      • knut_knut says:

        You know, when I was making my predictions list I wasn't going to put the dying and sadness one in because it was too much of a stretch. This is Joss Whedon we're talking about! There would NEVER be unnecessary, upsetting deaths! But no, I thought to myself, this time I'm going to take a chance. I'm going to put the death and sadness prediction in; I can't just go for the easy predictions anymore.

        (I would LOVE if Spike and Joyce had an adorable, televised chat hour)

  21. @stephen_g says:

    O_O +_+ O_O
    V qba'g rira unir nalguvat fcbvyrel gb fnl. V'z whfg uvtuyl nzhfrq ol gur cerqvpgvbaf naq gung Znex xabjf ABGUVAT bs Natry

  22. fan says:

    "Ol gur raq bs frnfba bar, V guvax jr’yy frr nccrnenaprf ol Ohssl, Ohssl’f sngure (qbrfa’g ur yvir va Y.N.?), Pbeqryvn, Jvyybj, naq Tvyrf."

    Fb nccneragyl Znex jnf fcbvyrq nobhg Natry orvat frg va YN?

  23. IceBlueRose says:

    V pna'g jnvg gb frr Znex'f ernpgvba jura Pbeqryvn fubjf hc va gur bcravat perqvgf bs Natry vafgrnq bs Ohssl. V jbaqre vs, ng svefg, ur'yy guvax fur'f orra ohzcrq qbja gb whfg cbccvat hc rirel abj naq gura be vs ur'yy svther bhg gung fur'f n erthyne ba Natry evtug njnl.

    Nyfb, urr, uvf ernpgvba gung Fcvxr vf tbvat gb or gur svefg punenpgre gb pebffbire orgjrra gur fubjf sbyybjrq ol Bm. (Hayrff lbh pbhag Ohssl'f ibvpr va Natry'f svefg rcvfbqr jura ur pnyyf naq whfg yvfgraf gb ure fnl uryyb n srj gvzrf.)

    Nyfb? Uryyb, vageb bs Gnen!

  24. redheadedgirl says:

    – We will learn that Giles got hired as the head librarian at UC Sunnydale.

    If this happens (and I honestly don't remember), then he just change his name to Feeney and be done with it.

  25. Kickpuncher says:

    Man what, last time you did a fanmix sort of thing and I didn't wanna be left out this time so I did one too, and now I'm gonna be the only one doing it and it isn't even that good! But what am I going to do, put an embarrassing amount of work into it, and then not post it?

    Playlist for Buffy Season 3

    I'm not good at doing fan mixes with "themes" and fancy bullshit like that, so I just made a list of major characters, threw in a few minor characters for flavor, and gave them all a song each. I put more effort into some characters than I did with others.

    Buffy Summers
    "Why Can't We Be Happy?"Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

    Every time we have a fight
    It hurts me through and through
    And all at once I'm so unsure
    What I'm supposed to do
    Even so I always know I'll spend my life with you

    I love you so much
    Why can't we be happy?

    Xander Harris
    "American Music"Violent Femmes

    I need a date to the prom
    Would you like to come along?
    But nobody would go to the prom with me, baby

    You were born too soon
    I was born too late
    But every time I look at that ugly lake
    It reminds me of me

    Willow Rosenberg
    "For Me This Is Heaven"Jimmy Eat World

    When the time we have now ends
    When the big hand goes round again
    Can you still feel the butterflies?
    Can you still hear the last goodnight?

    Cordelia Chase
    "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"Link Wray

    The vagabond who's rapping at your door
    Is standing in the clothes I once wore
    Strike another match, go start anew
    And it's all over now, Baby Blue

    Angel T. Vampire
    "A Kiss Is Not A Contract"Flight of the Conchords

    Just because we've been playing tonsil hockey
    Doesn't mean you get to score the goal that's in my jockey

    Oswald "Oz" Ozzington, Jr.
    "Hungry Like the Wolf"Duran Duran

    Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd
    And I'm hungry like the wolf

    Rupert Giles
    "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"The Beatles

    I look at the world, and I notice it's turning
    While my guitar gently weeps
    With every mistake, we must surely be learning
    Still my guitar gently weeps

    Faith T. Slayer
    "This Year's Girl"Elvis Costello

    See her picture in a thousand places 'cause she's this year's girl
    You think you all own little pieces of this year's girl
    Forget your fancy manners
    Forget your English grammar
    'Cause you don't really give a damn about this year's girl

    • Kickpuncher says:

      Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
      "Welcome to the Working Week"Elvis Costello

      Welcome to the workin' week.
      Oh I know it don't thrill you, I hope it don't kill you.
      Welcome to the workin' week.
      You gotta do it till you're through it so you better get to it.

      I hear you sayin', "Hey, the city's all right
      when you only read about it in books.
      Spend all your money gettin' so convinced
      that you never even bother to look.

      Mayor Richard Wilkins III
      "You've Got Another Thing Comin'"Pat Boone

      If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
      You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
      Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
      You think I'll let it go you're mad
      You've got another thing comin'

      Mr. Trick
      "Sympathy for the Devil"The Rolling Stones (Yeah, it's a cliche, but Mr. Trick is cool enough to deserve it)

      Please allow me to introduce myself
      I'm a man of wealth and taste
      Been around for a long, long year
      Stole many a man's soul and faith

      Principal Snyder
      "The Happiest Days Of Our Lives"Pink Floyd

      When we grew up and went to school
      There were certain teachers who would
      Hurt the children in any way they could
      By pouring their derision
      Upon anything we did
      And exposing every weakness
      However carefully hidden by the kids

      Anyanka X. Demon
      "This Tornado Loves You"Neko Case

      Carved your name across three counties
      Ground it in with bloody hides
      Their broken necks will line the ditch
      'til you stop it, stop it
      Stop this madness

      I want you

      Jonathan W. Banguna
      "Rock & Roll Suicide"David Bowie

      Oh no, love, you're not alone
      No matter what or who you've been
      No matter when or where you've seen
      All the knives seem to lacerate your brain
      I've had my share, I'll help you with the pain
      You're not alone

      Quentin Travers and The Watchers' Council
      "Us and Them"Pink Floyd

      "Forward," he cried, from the rear
      And the front rank died
      Generals sat, and the lines on the map
      Moved from side to side

      Amy Madison
      "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"Smashing Pumpkins

      Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.

    • NotQuiteDave says:

      Just out of interest, have you watched the show before or are you a first timer?

    • notemily says:

      OMG I love "American Music" for Xander! <3333

      hee, "Angel T. Vampire"

    • Hanna_the_Glam says:

      Excellent choices all!

  26. tomomakimou says:

    My predictions on what Mark likes and dislikes in S4.

    * Ur snyyf urnq bire urryf va ybir jvgu Jvyybj/Gnen ol gur raq bs Arj Zbba Evfvat, rira gubhtu uvf urneg oernxf sbe Bm va gung rcvfbqr.

    * Ur jvyy YBIR Uhfu. (naq YBGF BS PNCF YBPX va uvf erivrj ).

    * Erfgyrff jvyy oybj uvf zvaq naq yrnir uvz fcrrpuyrff. (Ohg pregnvayl abg "jevgvat-yrff" ! )

    * Bar jbeq – Nqnz.

    Ok. That’s all I’ve got. :p

    • pica_scribit says:

      V guvax ur zvtug nyfb svaq "Cnatf" ceboyrzngvp, juvpu vf snve, ohg vg'f fgvyy bar bs zl irel snibhevgr rcvfbqrf orpnhfr FCVXR!

      • Karen says:

        "Cnatf" vf ceboyrzngvp, ohg V rawbl vg naljnl. Jngpuvat vg ba Gunaxftvivat vf n genqvgvba sbe zr. V ybir gur eha bs rcvfbqrf bs "Cnatf", "Fbzrguvat Oyhr", "Uhfu" naq "Qbbzrq".

        • cait0716 says:

          Vg'f fbeg bs yvxr erny Gunaxftvivat gung jnl. Lrnu, gur ubyvqnl pryroengrf n engure qnex cneg bs Nzrevpna uvfgbel. Ohg vg'f hygvzngryl zber nobhg trggvat gbtrgure jvgu snzvyl naq sevraqf naq rngvat ybgf bs tbbq sbbq. Sbe zr, Cnatf vf hygvzngryl n uvynevbhf rcvfbqr gung V ybir er-jngpuvat rirel lrne.

          • clockworkmonk says:

            jung nyjnlf erqrrzf gung rcvfbqr sbe zr vf jung Fcvxr unf gb fnl ba gur fhowrpg. Vg vf whfg n cresrpg punenpgre zbzrag. Gur bgure guvatf eryngrq gb gur rcvfbqr nera'g terng, ohg fcvxr znxrf vg nyy hc.

      • Clippy says:

        V'z npghnyyl fyvtugyl nsenvq gung ur'yy ungr "Cnatf" fb zhpu sbe ubj tebffyl vafrafvgvir naq bssrafvir vg vf gung ur'yy entrdhvg gur fubj.

        Gung'f cebonoyl abg gbb yvxryl, V xabj, ohg V cerqvpg n ybg bs natel enagvat.

    • Katie says:

      I really like this idea! Every time Mark does a predictions post, the rot13-ers can do their own predictions about what Mark will or won't like, and then in the end of the season we can un-rot13 them and score ourselves (and Mark can have the supreme judging power in case of disputes)!

      My vote for what Mark will like best. in Buffy: Gnen. In Angel: Pbeqryvn naq Qblyr

      • tomomakimou says:

        Bu lrnu. Pbeqryvn fubjf hc nf n erthyne pnfg zrzore ba NgF jbhyq or uvf svefg pncf ybpxf zbzrag sbe fher! :Q

        Nf sbe arj zrzoref ba OgIF, jr nyernql xabj Znex yvxrf Naln naq Fcvxr, ohg jung nobhg Evyrl?
        Fcrphyngvba, nalbar? 😉

        Zr, V'q fnl LRF. Znex jvyy yvxr uvz. Ur jba'g snyy znqyl va ybir jvgu gur punenpgre be nalguvat ohg ur guvaxf Evyrl vf tbbq sbe Ohssl naq ur'yy or unccl sbe ure. Lhc.

  27. Jenny_M says:

    Okay so here is my silly question: I never watched Angel (well, I caught an episode here and there) and I've forgotten if it aired before or after Buffy – IE when there are crossover episodes, which one aired first so I watch them in the right order?

    Thank you, that is all. You guys are great.

    • cait0716 says:

      For Buffy seasons 4 and 5, Buffy aired first. The two shows always aired back-to-back on the same night (Tuesdays) and took hiatuses at the same time. After season 5, Buffy switched to the UPN and the ordering got a bit messed up. Generally Angel comes first, but the actual airing schedule can be found here on wikipedia The link contains episode titles and a brief synopsis of each episode. So proceed with caution

      ETA: If you click that link and just keep your eyes glued to the far right of the screen, you'll only see the season/episode number. So you'll get a nice column of 4×01, 1×01, 4×02, 1×02, etc

    • Coghead says:

      As I remember, Buffy was on first, followed by Angel. But that wasn't always the case… I think if you just follow Mark's schedule it'll all match up, and the rest of the rot13 club will give you guys a heads up if you need to change viewing order. ^_^

    • Bricker501 says:

      There is also this listing:

      Has episode titles but no other spoilers.

    • maccyAkaMatthew says:

      cait0716 has got it pretty much covered. Her wikipedia link would be hard to avoid being spoiled by, though. I fear.

      Bricker501's graphic is much less spoilery but lists in strict broadcast order, which isn't the best viewing order as a Buffy episode went out a week late. Buffy 7.17 should be watched before Angel 4.15, not after it.

      Mark's schedule will have an order that works, though – so it's probably best to follow that. In the later seasons, when the shows were on different channels, you'd get a bunch of episodes of one show while another was on hiatus. There's some scope to intermingle them better so that the ongoing stories work better, without affecting any crossovers, so that may happen when we get there.

      So, unless you're rushing ahead, I'd watch along with Mark.

  28. Livi x x says:

    Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf.

    Va frnfba 4, sbe zr, guvf jbhyq qrsvavgryl or ‘Uhfu’. va zl uhzoyr bcvavba gurfr ner gur zbfg greevslvat perngherf va Ohssl.

    On that note which Buffy evil is your favourite/ the scariest?

    Crefbanyyl V’z irel sbaq bs Frnfba svir’f Bapr Zber jvgu Srryvat naq Fznfurq.

    I apologize if there’s any formatting errors in my message – I’m not used to using the codes.

    • Andie says:

      Gur Tragyrzra ner gur fghss bs zl avtugznerf. 🙁

    • GamgeeFest says:

      Jurqba jebgr gur Tragyrzra fcrpvsvpnyyl gb or gubfr guvatf gung fpner gur penc bhg bs yvggyr xvqf. Ur jnagrq gurz gb or *gur* zbafgref bs gung trarengvba.

      Zvffvba nppbzcyvfurq.

  29. plaidpants says:

    Okay so as usual, I'm not going to make a prediction post because I'm afraid I'll be unconsciously predicting things I've already read/heard/seen about online. Still I'm excited to watch two shows everyday next week, although it will be a bit more difficult!!

    One question – I'm going to be following Mark's schedule to figure out what episodes of Angel to watch with what episodes of Buffy, but should I watch one of the two first? Like, on Monday we're doing Buffy episode 1 and Angel episode, but should I watch the Buffy episode before the Angel episode, or vice versa, or does it even matter?

  30. Coghead says:

    V pna'g jnvg gb frr Znex'f ernpgvba gb NgF, pbafvqrevat ubj zhpu "Naan" rssrpgrq uvz. Ybgf bs srryf ba gur jnl…

    Nyfb, V jvfu V pbhyq or va gur ebbz jvgu uvz jura Pbeqryvn unve juvcf ure jnl vagb gur jebat bcravat perqvgf, nsgre ur guvaxf fur tbg gur obbg ba Ohssl. Urr~!

  31. Raenef_the_5th says:

    I wanted to ask! Will there be a new banner?

  32. BSGfan1 says:

    Oh man…so excited for Angel! Yippee!

    • robin_comments says:

      me too! I totally cheated last night and rewatched the first 2 episodes already! IT WAS SO HARD TO STOP.

      V xabj fbzr crbcyr nera'g penml nobhg frnfba bar, ohg V ybir vg jvgubhg funzr. Frnfba bar – frnfba gjb vf npghnyyl zl snibevgr crevbq bs Natry.

      • BSGfan1 says:

        V ubcr Znex qbrfa'g onvy va frnfba bar. Rira frnfba sbhe jnfa'g rabhtu gb chg zr bss. Frnfba svir vf zl snibevgr. Naq lrf V yvxr Pbaabe /qhpxf. V pna'g jnvg gb frr jung ur guvaxf nobhg Fcvxr fubjvat hc, naq Serq naq "Fzvyr Gvzr". Naq uvf Pbeqryvn ybir pna bayl tebj.

        • robin_comments says:

          yby Frnfba Sbhe. lrrrrrnu… Gb or ubarfg, V qba'g guvax V'z tbvat gb erjngpu gur svefg unys ng nyy. V trarenyyl whfg fxvc rirelguvat ohg gur Snvgu rcvfbqrf naq gur ovt npgvba Wnfzvar rcvfbqrf. V whfg unir ab vagrerfg va jngpuvat fbzrbar ryfr vzcrefbangr Pbeqryvn. V jnag NPGHNY Pbeqryvn. /ovggrearff

          Frnfba Gjb vf zl nofbyhgr snibevgr, ohg V qb guvax gung Frnfba Bar vf ernyyl sha vs abg nf grpuavpnyyl rkpryyrag, jvgu avpr sevraqfuvc ohvyqvat naq n fznyy rafrzoyr jub trg qrirybcrq naq ner fgvyy svthevat bhg jub gurl ner naq ubj gb or nqhygf. Naq V unir n ybg bs nssrpgvba sbe ubj vg cynlf jvgu naq nyfb fhoiregf gur fhnir cevingr vairfgvtngbe ureb nepurglcr. Gur svefg rcvfbqrf bs Frnfba Bar ner cerggl harira, ohg vs Znex fghpx vg bhg guebhtu OgIF Frnfba Bar naq ubarfgyl rawblrq zbfg bs gur rcvfbqrf gura V ubcr ur jvyy nyfb qb fb jvgu Natry. *pebffrf svatref*

  33. kelseyofcake says:

    "Bxnl, fb V guvax ur’yy gel gb nffrzoyr fbzr fbeg bs “grnz” va uvf arj ybpngvba gb uryc uvz bhg, naq vg jvyy or ragveryl pbzcevfrq bs punenpgref jr’ir arire frra orsber."
    Jryy, unys evtug. Jr xabj Jrf naq Pbeql, ohg gurer'f nyfb Qblyr. V pna'g erzrzore jura Thaa pbzrf va gubhtu. Vf vg guvf frnfba be gur arkg bar?

    "Tvyrf jvyy chefhr n eryngvbafuvc jvgu Wblpr. (ZNXR VG UNCCRA, EVCCRE.)"
    Jryy ab, fnqyl. Ohg jr unir Byvivn, naq V erzrzore yvxvat ure!

    "Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung unccrarq gb Yneel naq Unezbal."
    Fnq snprf sbe Yneel gubhtu. 🙁

    "Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf."
    Bu zl tbq, V jvyy abg fyrrc nsgre gung erjngpu. V jvfu jr jrer qbvat n yviroybt yvxr jr qvq sbe Oyvax fb jr pbhyq frr uvz ernpg va erny gvzr.

    V nz fb rkpvgrq sbe frnfba 4! V'z abg ovt ba gur Ovt Onq guvf frnfba, ohg V fgvyy ybir vg. Uhfu! Fcvxr naq Naln! GNEEENNNNNN!!! Jbeqf pnaabg qrfpevor ubj rkpvgrq V nz sbe Gnen naq YRFOVNAF.

    So are we going to keep the season 2 banner, or get a really cool double banner featuring the Buffy and Angel logos at the same time?

    • pica_scribit says:

      I would also love to see Mark liveblog that particular episode that you mention, and I'm betting we're not alone. But how can we lobby for it without letting Mark know in advance that it's a Super Special Episode? Perhaps the mods of modliness can assist?

    • Plactus says:

      Jryy, unys evtug. Jr xabj Jrf naq Pbeql, ohg gurer'f nyfb Qblyr. V pna'g erzrzore jura Thaa pbzrf va gubhtu. Vf vg guvf frnfba be gur arkg bar?

      Thaa svefg fubjf hc ng gur raq bs frnfba bar, ohg qbrfa'g ernyyl wbva gur tebhc hagvy frnfba gjb.

    • Auracounts says:

      V nz fb rkpvgrq sbe frnfba 4! V'z abg ovt ba gur Ovt Onq guvf frnfba, ohg V fgvyy ybir vg. Uhfu! Fcvxr naq Naln! GNEEENNNNNN!!! Jbeqf pnaabg qrfpevor ubj rkpvgrq V nz sbe Gnen naq YRFOVNAF.

      Lnl sbe Gnen!!!! V pna'g jnvg gb frr Znex'f ernpgvba. Vg xvyyrq zr jura ur gbbx fyvtug bssrafr gb gur pbzzrag, "naq V guvax V'z xvaqn tnl," sebz Qbccrytnatynaq, orpnhfr sne sebz orvat na bssrafvir pbzzrag, vg jnf whfg fbzr oyngnag sberfunqbjvat ol Wbff. Wbff qbrfa'g fnl fuvg yvxr gung jvgubhg ernfba (whfg yvxr gur qernz fprar jvgu Snvgu/Ohssl gung rkcyvpvgyl ersref gb Qnja). Ba gur hcfvqr, ubjrire, gur snpg gung ur qvq abg ernyvmr vg jnf sberfunqbjvat vf TBBQ, orpnhfr V guvax ur jvyy or pbzcyrgryl pnhtug bss thneq gb yrnea gung Jvyybj, va snpg, yvxrf tveyf.

      • kelseyofcake says:

        Jryy, npghnyyl Wbff fgvyy unqa'g qrpvqrq vs vg jbhyq or Knaqre be Jvyybj jub ghearq bhg gb or tnl. Gur yvar jnf cebonoyl chg gurer fb gung vs ur qvq cvpx Jvyybj yngre (juvpu r qvq), vg jbhyq znxr frafr va uvaqfvtug.
        Ohg lrnu, V jnf guvaxvat bs gung gbb jura ur oebhtug vg hc. V ernyyl pna'g jnvg gb frr uvf gubhtugf ba Jvyybj orvat tnl.

        • hamnoo says:

          Wow I did not know that. Now I'm wondering about the possibilities … But I … kinda think that at least just the option of that is great, you know?

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      Thaa pbzrf va gbjneqf gur raq bs frnfba 1, naq orpbzrf n erthyne va frnfba 2.

  34. ajaxbreaker says:

    BZT Znex qbrfa'g xabj gung Pbeqryvn tbrf bire gb Natry V PNA'G JNVG SBE UVF ERNPGVBA BA ZBAQNL!!!!

    • pica_scribit says:

      V xabj! Qb lbh guvax ur'yy or hcfrg jura fur qbrfa'g fubj hc va gur perqvgf bs Ohssl ng nyy? Naq gura uvf zvaq jvyy or oybja naq ur jvyy ernyvfr gung Pbeqryvn'f purreshy qrzrnabe vf gur cresrpg sbvy gb Natry'f oebbqvat.

      • ajaxbreaker says:

        Buuu V qvqa'g guvax bs gur snpg gung ur'yy or jngpuvat Ohssl svefg. Gung zrnaf ur'yy nyernql xabj Pbeqryvn'f yrsg Ohssl jura ur fgnegf Natry, naq vg zvtug tvir uvz na vaxyvat gung fur'f zvtengrq.
        Znlor jr pbhyq trg uvz gb jngpu Natry svefg? V ernyyl jnag uvz gb or pbzcyrgryl fhecevfrq ng Pbeql'f nccrnerapr.

        • fan says:

          Gurer ner cyragl bs ernfbaf jul Pbeqryvn jbhyqa'g or va Ohssl'f perqvgf: fur pbhyq whfg unir pnyyrq vg dhvgf, sbe vafgnapr. V xabj V jnf jvyqyl fhecevfrq frrvat ure va Natry'f perqvgf sbe gur svefg gvzr (juvpu jnf 2 zbaguf ntb), nsgre orvat fnq abg frrvat ure ba Ohssl.

  35. girlpire says:

    yay, you're finally going to watch angel! mark, i am so excited about this. angel is my favorite tv show ever. i've read all your buffy reviews, but i only commented on the last one (graduation 2). i think i'll be commenting a lot more once you start reviewing my primary vampire show. i'm so glad i have an actual excuse for another rewatch! 🙂

  36. girlpire says:

    okay i just created a commenting account. so excited about angel!

  37. enigmaticagentscully says:


    It’s possible I’m a little too excited about this. But ok, here we go with last seasons predictions…

    1)It will be less depressing than season two. Seriously, there’s no way it could be more depressing, short of killing off every single character but Buffy and have her go completely insane…please don’t make that happen? Actually, yeah it was less depressing. No main characters even died! And they totally defeated the Big Bad in the end and everything!
    2)We’ll see Spike and Dru again, but not until a few episodes in. Well, we saw Spike, all too briefly. I guess Dru is lost to us forever. So half a point.
    3)There will be a new main villain, with Spike and Dru as more of a ‘wildcard’ type thing. Yes to the new main villain, but no Spike and Dru. 🙁
    4)Angel will be brought back somehow. Look, I’m cheating with this one because I know he has his own spin-off show, but let me have it anyway. Yup.
    5)Buffy will have to deal with her mother, but they will eventually reconcile. True, and faster than I thought too!
    6)Either Xander/Cordy or Willow/Oz will break up. I don’t want them to, but I don’t think they’ll be allowed to just stay happy. WOAH I was totally right! On reflection I’m glad it was Xander/Cordy because I do love Willow and Oz.
    7)I feel like Willow’s magic stuff is building up to become more important, though I’m not sure how. Kinda? I mean, she did basically become a witch. Her spells were used often so…yeah, I’ll take this one.
    8)Oz being a werewolf will also be brought up again, or at least mentioned. YES there was actually a whole episode with it as a major plot point, and we saw Oz!wolf in the background of another ep too!
    9)We will find out more on what the heck is going on with Snyder and the other town officials. Hahaha main storyline I see you sneaking in there.
    10)OMG maybe SNYDER will be the new main villain! PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN. LOL nope. But he did get a cool death scene.
    11) Yet another new member of the Scooby gang will be introduced. Sorta? Faith was a Scooby for a while, right? Does Wesley count too?
    12) And…yes, another main character will die. I feel a little safer saying this now because for me the worst has already happened. It’s hard to see how they could top Jenny’s death, but I’m sure they’ll try. Actually…no. I don’t think Faith was even dead by the end! Though I’m pretty upset about Larry…
    13) I will continue to annoy everyone by getting really upset any time anyone even obliquely mentions Jenny. Well yeah, this was a given.
    14) Xander, Willow, Giles and Cordy are probably safe though. Thank goodness! Though I did NOT appreciate the Cordy death fake-out.
    15)One character will leave the show, but NOT die. I don’t…think so? No. Oh I guess Angel did actually!
    16) We’ll find out more about the Watchers. Actually this is more of a wish than a prediction. I just really want to know how that system works!Kinda? We did see some more of the Watcher’s council and some of their procedures, but we still don’t know a whole lot about them as an organisation. Who’s in charge? Who gets to be a Watcher? Why are they such dicks?
    17) There will be one really funny episode BAND CANDY. Also, ‘The Zeppo’ was pretty funny.
    18)There will be one really terrifying episode Not that I recall. Though ‘Gingerbread’ had it’s moments. As did ‘Helpless’.
    19)There will be one episode of which I feel completely differently about to the rest of the fandom, and I will really embarrass myself by the comments I make. (This hasn’t happened yet, but I live in fear of it) Maaaaybe ‘Doppelgangland’? I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t love it as much as other people seem to.

    • Kickpuncher says:

      For what it's worth, I'd consider "Helpless" pretty terrifying. Probably the most unnerving episode so far with the possible exception of "Ted."

    • DreamRose311 says:

      V thrff Qeh vf ybfg gb hf sberire. Ubbenl sbe hagehrarff!

    • bdegrande says:

      j just started following this site recently, but I enjoy your reactions as much as Mark's original posts. Seeing the shocked reactions of people watching Buffy for the first time is great fun for those of us who have seen it.

    • girlpire says:

      pbeql yrnirf ohg qbrfa'g qvr. v thrff ravtzngvp qbrfa'g ernyvmr guvf lrg gubhtu.

    • hpfish13 says:

      It is sad or funny that I read this "WHAT TIME IS IT? PREDICTION TIME!!!!" to the tune of What Time is It? from High School Musical 2?

      [youtube MU6qDI_DRc4 youtube]

    • Iamwinterborn says:

      14) Xander, Willow, Giles and Cordy are probably safe though. Thank goodness! Though I did NOT appreciate the Cordy death fake-out.

      This is actually one of my favorite moments from the season. I can't make it my favorite, not with Doppelgangland in this season, but it is definitely up there.

      It just works so perfectly. My reaction was: "Ouch that looks like it hurt-" *cut to funeral* "Holy crap they killed her?" *pan down* "…" "AWESOME FAKE OUT"

      On no other show is it ever completely in character for two high schoolers to just be out for a walk in the middle of a cemetary… XD

  38. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Predictions for Season Four!

    1)I have no idea who the main villain will be now. But…there will be a new one. Is that too vague?
    2)Buffy, Oz and Willow will all go off to College.
    3)Xander and Cordy will NOT go to College, but will remain in Sunnydale for other reasons and still be part of the main cast.
    4)We will meet at least one new main cast member at College.
    5)We will see demon Anya again (please?)
    6)Giles really needs to get a new job, now the library is blown up and all. Maybe there’ll be an opening for a librarian at College?
    7)College now no longer looks like a word.
    8)If they don’t go to College, I’m going to look really stupid.
    9)Buffy will get a new boyfriend, but he’ll be dead by the end of the season.
    10) I probably won’t care.
    11) I feel like Angel is gone for good now, or at least a long while. I think we’ll only see him again in one episode, plus the season finale.
    12) We’ll see Spike again though! Seriously, where IS he? I thought he was an important character in this show, but maybe he’s just really popular for that one season he’s in??
    13) Xander will get a new girlfriend. I’m still sort of hoping for Anya to be honest.
    14)This time, another main character has GOT to die. We’ve been too happy for too long. I…I don’t even want to predict who.
    15) Faith wasn’t dead right? I think she’ll make a recovery and come back somehow.
    16) Everyone will be completely over Jenny’s death, except for me. I will remain here quietly mourning someone who I now come to realise is actually quite a minor character in the grand scheme of things.
    17) I will foolishly download the track ‘Remembering Jenny’ onto my iPod, and accidentally start crying when it plays on my way to work oh wait I already did that.
    18) My theory of alternating really positive finales with really depressing ones is holding up so far, so I think the end of this season will be really depressing.

    • fan says:

      No "Angel" predictions? Are you sticking to just Buffy?

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Alice’s Predictions For Angel:

        -I don’t know.

        I really have no idea. I mean it, at least with Buffy there was a clue in the name. She slays vampires. But just…’Angel’? Apart from the fact that Angel is in it, I have no freaking idea what this show is about. I have no idea about any of the other characters, or plots, or anything besides the fact that it’s five seasons long. And that’s only because I just got the DVDs in the post. Actually, I’m intrigued by the fact that it’s 18 rated, because the Buffy box-set is only a 15. I bet it’s one of those ‘one episode has explicit sex/violence so the whole show is automatically an 18’ things. Like that season of The X Files that’s rated 18 because that one episode has cannibalism.

        • girlpire says:

          i'm glad you're giving angel's show a chance even though you didn't seem to like him that much in the first three seasons of buffy! i personally think he's awesome, but i watched angel before i watched buffy, so i felt like i understood him better in buffy than first-time viewers of his character probably did. if that makes any sense. anyway, i hope it holds your interest. 😀

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            I liked him OK before he MURDERED MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER.

            Ok, deep breaths, deep breaths. And I'm calm.

            But yeah, I'll always give the show a chance! I have this rule that, even if I loathe it, I have to watch at least the first three episodes of a new show before I give up on it. The Pilot, the first real episode, and one more to give it a last chance.
            In this case, though I might not exactly LIKE Angel, he is an interesting character and I'm intrigued to see what happens to him and what the show is even about. Plus, there will be other characters as well, I assume.

            unless Angel snaps their necks too *grumble grumble*

            • robin_comments says:

              The Pilot, the first real episode, and one more to give it a last chance.
              yeah, that's generally my policy as well. The start to lots of series is really rough!

              BtVS itself took a few episodes to find its footing and for the writers to figure out what they really wanted to do with these characters and real life mixed with supernatural themes. I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries, for another example, and its first 4-5 episodes yo-yo between select moments of awesome and TOTALLY AWFUL. I think it loses a lot of potential fans because it requires wading through that in order to get to the neat stuff. Just like some people write off Buffy from just the first episode. (I tried to pimp Buffy to a friend once and he refused to go further. It made me so saaaaaad. HE WILL NEVER KNOW.)

              • enigmaticagentscully says:

                My mum had the same reaction to Buffy from watching the opening two-parter. She just couldn't get into it at all, I guess.

                I came up with that policy because there are so many shows I love where the first few episodes – or in some cases the entire first season – are pretty awful.

                I also try to watch shows right from the beginning if I possibly can because of the time I watched a few episodes of Babylon 5 with my parents from like season three or something…and I decided I didn't like it because I didn't get what was going on.
                Which is, of course, utterly stupid, because how would I know what was going on? When I eventually saw it from the first episode it became one of my favourite shows of all time and I was just kicking myself that I didn't watch it along with the rest of my family.

                So yeah, I'm very much in the GIVE SHOWS A CHANCE camp.

              • @liliaeth says:

                Yeah, it's why I gave Firefly five eps, before realizing it wasn't for me, and then watched the rest of the season so people couldn't tell me I couldn't judge the show without watching it entirely. Still don't like it. The actors just don't do it for me, at all.

                After that I only gave Dollshouse three eps, and didn't even bother getting the rest of the season because ED's acting in it was so horribly flat.

            • Kickpuncher says:

              Lol, Natry npghnyyl fancf Qblyr’f arpx va “Ureb” VVEP.

              • girlpire says:

                anu, qhqr, qblyr fnpevsvprf uvzfrys gb fnir nyy gur vaabprag qrzbaf. ur oheaf hc. nygubhtu v jbhyqa'g or fhecevfrq vs ravtzngvp fgbcf jngpuvat gur fubj nsgre gung unccraf…

                • 00guera00 says:

                  Ur fancf uvf arpx, ohg Qblyr whfg fancf vg evtug onpx ba…naq gura juvarf nobhg vg, IIRC

                  • girlpire says:

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            • girlpire says:

              you are the only person i have ever known of who liked jenny so much! haha. i mean, she seems alright… like, i don't know anybody who hated her or anything. but she's such a minor character with such limited backstory. i always sort of read her as a plot device – she exists to provide character development for giles and angelus, and to put willow in the position of discovering the re-ensouling spell, which begins willow's involvement with magic. other than that, jenny always seemed pretty disposable as a character (to me). so i'm baffled by your attachment to her – but baffled in a pleasant way. 🙂 i like that she meant something to someone other than the characters in the show.

              it's kind of funny, though, that you seem to like spike, as he's currently an evil murderer while angel is a reformed one. do you think you will stop liking him if he shows up again and kills a character you like?

              • enigmaticagentscully says:

                I have a completely irrational devotion to Jenny, I know. I mean, if I had to provide a list of reasons why I like her as a character, I could, but I genuinely don't know exactly why I loved her so much.
                I would also find it very hard to explain (though I did try my best in my post for that episode) why her death affected me so much. All I can say is that it's still a genuine source of horror for me, even now. There was something more to me there, beyond the obvious tragedy of that one episode.

                Honestly, I could probably write a frigging essay trying to explain it, and I almost did in response to this comment, but all the words in the world wouldn't be enough. I know that I still love this show and the characters and plot lines on it, but even after it's over, Jenny and her death will still stand out to me as one of the most important things about it. That will probably be the main experience I take away from watching Buffy. I know it's totally illogical, but still.

                Maybe I'm just plain weird. I guess sometimes things just click for you for no real reason? But I swear to god it upset me more than it did the actual characters on the show.

                As for Spike…well, I guess it depends. I like him a LOT (I mean as a character, I don't agree with his morality or anything), so he'd have to actually kill a character I like more than him to get me to hate him. If he killed Giles, for example, I'd pretty much be apoplectic.

                • sirintegra42 says:

                  I watched Buffy when it was first on and still rewatch it regularly but I don't think I'll ever get over Jenny either so you're not the only one. It doesn't help that I think her death is the first time I can remember a character I really loved being killed off EVER so it's practically burned into my memory. Passion still makes me at least tear up every time I watch it.

                • girlpire says:

                  "I guess sometimes things just click for you for no real reason?" that makes sense to me. 🙂 i didn't mean to try to force you to explain yourself. i just think it's interesting that her character and her character's death really resonated with you, while they didn't with me.

                  i think part of the reason i find it so interesting is because i'm a writer, and when it comes to designing characters, i try to make choices that will encourage people to feel a certain way. i think the writers of buffy really wanted the audience to like jenny (or at least to like the way she interacted with giles) so that when angelus killed her, it would be horrifying and meaningful. they needed a semi-disposable recurring character for him to kill, which would suitably convince the audience of soulless angel's evilness but not really damage the storyline by her absence. she was designed as the perfect victim from the beginning – not that she had the traditional attributes of a "victim" but that she would be the perfect character to sacrifice for the sake of angelus' characterization. i think the writers made some brilliant choices with her in order to maximize horror (omg he killed someone i really liked and SO DID GILES POOR GUY!) but minimize logistic fallout (but she wasn't vital to the story and there is only one character who will experience lasting grief that will need to be depicted onscreen).

                  the whole thing works beautifully, but at the same time i find it troublesome that we are meant to hate angelus for this particular death, and yet other soulless vampires (spike, dru, mr. trick) are presented in amusing ways, such that we almost actually hope they survive/ escape/ win, even though we are given to understand that they kill people on a regular basis exactly as angelus does. because these murders aren't always committed onscreen, we don't find the murderers as horrifying as we should. presumably, every person that these vampires kill is beloved by SOMEone, even if it's not giles or a scooby. so it's hard for me to reconcile disliking angelus for a particular death with liking other vampires who commonly do the exact same thing he did.

                  the way the other vampires are written makes it really hard NOT to enjoy them, though, even if you don't like what they do. so it's… i don't know, a double standard? i don't think we should hate all the vampires or force ourselves not to like them because they kill people, when they are clearly written in a way we are supposed to enjoy. but if we can so easily dismiss the murders they commit on a daily basis in order to enjoy them as characters, then i guess what i'm saying is that, when i get over the shock value of jenny's death, i can dismiss it with the same amount of ease that i dismiss all of the other faceless sunnydale deaths, and i can still enjoy watching a character who amuses me by reveling in his own eviltude. 🙂

                  wow, i just wrote a really superlong comment. sorry about that! i'm mostly just thinking out loud here. heh.

                  • enigmaticagentscully says:

                    Oh, don’t apologise! It’s really interesting!

                    ”i guess what i'm saying is that, when i get over the shock value of jenny's death, i can dismiss it with the same amount of ease that i dismiss all of the other faceless sunnydale deaths”

                    That in particular stood out to me because I think that’s part of the reason why I’m having trouble getting over it. To you (and I think, most people) Jenny’s death can be seen as a singular event, albeit a tragic one. There’s the episode in which she dies and then afterwards you can move on. She only mentioned in a couple of episodes afterwards. But I think in this instance a wire has gotten crossed in my head, because I’m subconsciously treating it more as an ongoing thing. Every episode I watch, Jenny is still dead. Just the act of watching the show reminds me.
                    I imagine it’s a similar experience to losing someone in real life (though not on nearly as bad a scale, of course) – every day you’re aware of them not being there, and every moment of your own existence reminds you they no longer have one. It’s not so much the event of death itself that bothers me, it’s her lack of life. If she had just left the show I would have been sad, sure, but the fact that she died and it’s such a permanent thing, kind of threw me for a loop. How can I get over it? She never will.

                    Does that make any sense? Looking back, I can’t really think of another show where a character I loved has died and it hasn’t been right at the end of the story. So while it might have really upset me at the time, it’s sort of a cathartic experience? The typical bittersweet ending, y’know? (I’m thinking specifically of Harry Potter and Battlestar Galactica). But in this one I’ve had a character torn away in the middle of the story, so as I watch the rest of it I can’t help but think of how things could have been different.

                    I suppose from a writing point of view, they kind of failed in my case, because I care way MORE than I’m supposed to, to the extent that I still find it difficult to forgive Angel, even now. But it is interesting that the way they handled that particular character arc has been so effective where I’m concerned.

                    • snapsnzips says:

                      I don't consider Jenny's death to be faceless or trivial or part of a one-off character. I think many people were emotionally attached to her and found her death traumatic. I even found it bitterly disappointing in Amends when we turned out to not even get a real haunting from her, but just an evil entity impersonating her. She was designed to make us love her and, if you also loved Giles, to make us even angrier at his emotional trauma. Joss Whedon got a real twofer when he murdered her and crushed Giles.

                      I always use Passion as an unspoken litmus test for friends I'm showing the series to. I judge them by their reaction to Jenny's death and usually conclude that there must be something wrong with them if they aren't affected by it. I've received upset phone call/emails from friends going "OMG I can't believe they killed Jenny!"

                      That's the thing, it IS a big moment with a character that everyone cares about. And when watching episodes in compressed time like this, it makes it harder to get past emotional moments. I can tell you that, despite eventually loving David Tennant with an irrational love, I spent the first 3/4 of Doctor Who season 2 mourning for Chris Eccleston and being angry that everyone was so happy any bouncy.

                      Does Jenny's death still affect me? Hell yes. I skipped Passion this time around because I couldn't bear to watch it. Just knowing it existed was enough for me.

                    • Coghead says:

                      I love love love all the discussion about Jenny and Angel, because it's one thing I now feel the show really fucked up on.

                      When I was a wee little Coghead watching this show, I often missed huge portions of it. I missed ALL of Passions, and most episodes with Jenny. (Also "Helpless", which explains why I am so easily able to dismiss Giles' actions there as stupid and OOC and BEST FORGOTTEN, WHEDON.) Anyway, I never really got to know Jenny or see the HORROR of her death, and Angel's always been one of my favorites, so I just kinda… glossed over it.

                      But Jenny was MAGNIFICENT, and while it was a stroke of cruel genius to kill her like that… it feels like a cop out to just treat her and her death like something minor after the fact. It feels like a betrayal of the writer's own work. They SHOULD keep talking about her, all of them. It's like Joss just decided to time warp Angel back to season one so that he and Buffy could keep milking the googly-eyed cash cow (there's an odd metaphor…), and it felt all wrong. Angelus should have been a specter haunting the show, Angel especially. Jenny should have become his "My Greatest Failure", the thing he never misses a chance to attack himself for, the thing he never forgot.

                      I dunno, maybe it's just because I'm nearly as big an enigmaticagentscully fan as a Mark fan now (XD), but Jenny is a constant source of anger for me. Yes, even though I'm an Angel fan. Considering the brutal manner of her death, it's WRONG to just gloss over her like the show does. It's wrong, dammit.

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                      (DID I WIN THE RAMBLE-OFF, GUYS?! :DDDDDD)

                    • girlpire says:

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                    • Coghead says:

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                      Naq bs pbhefr gungf jul "Rcvcunal" vf fb qnza ornhgvshy… jura jr frr Natry snpr jung ur'f orra fb fpnerq bs snpvat, (gung Natryhf pnzr sebz UVZ) jr nyfb frr uvz qrpvqr gb svanyyl, gehyl YRG TB bs gur cnegf gung znqr gur qrzba.

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                    • enigmaticagentscully says:

                      Wait, I have a fan? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

                      And now I am somewhat a fan of you also, because you vocalised a lot of my thoughts right there.
                      I do think it makes the characters come across as a little callous that they never even mention Jenny any more…though I don't know what they could do differently that would seem natural, it bothers me especially that we never saw Angel really talk to any of the other characters about what he did.
                      I did love seeing that Jenny haunted him in 'Amends' but even that was more about Angel and his own demons than about her. And considering that her murder was pretty much the worst thing he did to our protagonists, it's weirdly not brought up by any of them.

                      I mean, OK, I can assume maybe they discussed it off camera, but still. Angel never even attempts to apologise for killing their friend. IDK, I would have liked to see him visit her grave or something.

                      Jenny was murdered by Angel because she found his cure – she literally gave her life for his. She could have walked away, left Sunnydale and lived a long and happy life but she didn’t. She gave up everything to help the friends who had ostracised her, and she died terrified and alone in the dark.
                      The very fact that Angel even has a soul now is thanks to her. In reality, I would think his own existence should be a constant reminder of that, and it seems a little off to me that he doesn't consider her murder as any more important than the other things he did as Angelus.

                      Ah well, maybe I'm just an obsessed fangirl. But it's nice to know that some other people have similar thoughts on this, anyway. I do enjoy these more in-depth discussions!

                    • Coghead says:

                      Yay, I have a slight fan as well! *confetti*

                      The thing is, as much as I HATE the way Jenny isn't even brought up anymore, I also can't blame any of the characters, anymore than I blame Giles for "Helpless". Because I can't ever believe that any of them would ever stop talking about her, ESPECIALLY Angel. In the same way that I don't blame Giles for inexplicably being cool with Faith living alone in a seedy motel. As far as I'm considered, the fault for that kind of WTFery lies solely at the writer's feet. >.>

                      But EXCELLENT point about Angel's soul essentially belonging to Jenny. I will never buy that he would let that go, or forget it. Come on, all they had to do was put one scene with him looking haunted at the stairwell where he killed her. Or him reaching out to the Romani shop owner guy with Jenny's spell from Willow, because it's the only thing he can do for them and for her. But the truth is, they never really bothered making Angel much of a person beyond "Buffy's true love" or "Buffy's archnemesis". Again, the fault lies more with the writers in my mind. -_-

                      And of course you're obssessed, we all are! LOOK at the size of mah posts, holy geeze~! ^_^

                    • tornflames says:

                      *raises hand* I am actually gonna group myself in with your fans, cuz I totally hunt down your comment to read it and its replies on every post, even though I get all awkward and shy and also am not sure I understand the comment system, so I rarely comment and feel like that weird kid who tries too hard when I do.

                      I think it's a little uncomfortable that they never seem to talk about it..and weirder still that no one ever seems to talk about ANY of their losses, not just Jenny. I mean, remember Jesse from way back when? That guy who was supposed to be Willow and Xander's bestest buddy since their childhood and presumably as important to them as they are supposed to be to each other? Cuz…no one in the show seems to.

                      (Tangentially, While I haven't seen the episodes yet, I'm reeeeeally spoiled for 'em, and fbzrjurer nybat gur yvar V'ir tbggra gur vzcerffvba gung Jvyybj'f ernpgvba gb Gnen'f qrngu vf abg whfg nobhg ybfvat ure tveysevraq. Yvxr, 2 cnegf qrnq Gnen, 1 cneg ybat-grez qravny bs urnygul tevrivat, 1 cneg sernx bhg bire gur vqrn gung ab bar vf rire tbvat gb jnag gb gnyx nobhg Gnen ntnva naq fur'yy or rkcrpgrq gb pneel ba jvgu gur Bssvpvny Fpbbol Zrgubq bs unaqyvat vg.)

                      I kind of think the characters are all stuck in a kind of permanent survival-mode, and just refuse to think about what an enormous part of their lives violent death is as a self-preservation measure. Maybe if they ever somehow managed to completely extract themselves from this situation where they probably never feel really safe, they'd have a total meltdown over all the messed up stuff they've avoided dealing with. Who knows?

                      On a semi-related note, there is an essay someone linked in one of the rot13 comments way back when Jenny first showed up about Ms. Calendar as a narrative sacrifice that was a fantastic analysis about how her death influences character behavior later, but it includes some super spoilery stuff, so I won't link it right here yet. I didn't interpret most of those scenes in that way as I was watching my first/only time, but the theories in it make lots of sense in retrospect and I can buy it as intentionally done, so maybe her death WAS treated as a big deal…just in a weirdly subtle way. You know, for what it's worth.

                    • enigmaticagentscully says:

                      Ok, I am legit really happy when people say they like my comments! Except now sudden pressure to be ~witty and erudite~ all the time. Eep!

                      The Jesse thing is a good point, and it's certainly interesting to note that, considering how much this show deals with death, it's quite often glossed over and not really addressed? Like, SO many people die and we rarely see any emotional fallout. Jenny's death was unusual in that it was even mentioned in later episodes at all.

                      It's actually something I really liked about the episode 'Some Assembly Required' that I think I mentioned at the time – the fact that some guy dies (though off-screen) and we actually see his family dealing with his death, and that grief is the main impetus for the plot.

                      Whereas usually the bodies of kids stack up without anyone batting an eye. It's almost like an odd quirk of the show that we have to accept, I suppose. We just have to assume, as you said, that the characters have such violent lives that they've developed a way of simply not dealing with it in order to…well, deal with it.

                      Also, never feel like you shouldn't comment because your comment was awesome and really interesting and I love having these lengthy discussions with people and hearing their views! That's what Mark Watches is for, no?

                    • enigmaticagentscully says:

                      LULZ I actually sent a similar email to my friend just after watching 'Passion':


                      So I just watched an episode of Buffy. It was called 'Passion'

                      Excuse, me I'll just be over here sobbing my fucking heart out for, I don't know, the rest of my life.

                      I will never get over this.


                      All I got in reply was…

                      "Ahhhhhh, I was waiting for this. Wasn't sure whether to warn you against getting too attached. But. Yeah. Joss Whedon ruins lives basically."

                    • girlpire says:

                      you know, i think you're doing quite a good job of explaining your feelings! i never thought about jenny's death in terms of an ongoing thing. when you put it that way, it really does seem a lot more terrible.

                      it makes me wonder… i mean, i think you mentioned somewhere already that you're starting to realize that in the grand scope of the series, jenny's character was more minor than the audience expects it to be when we meet her. so, i'm thinking that as a person who has experienced the entire buffyverse (and angelverse), i'm looking at it from the perspective of "she wasn't that important." but if you've only seen the first three seasons, i can see how her character could still seem like an integral part of the series, someone that you would be constantly reminded of even if the other characters don't seem to be. after all, her death represents the whole angel-becomes-evil-if-he-achieves-perfect-happiness plotline, which isn't fully resolved until he and buffy realize they can never be together as a couple and angel ends up leaving sunnydale. of course, once angel leaves, there's very little reason to bring up the subject of the curse again, and so the next four seasons logically have nothing to do with it, and since jenny's death is completely tied to this resolved/ abandoned story, i never really think about it again. which makes me wonder how you will feel about it after you've seen the rest of the series – whether the pain and tragedy of her death will feel less once it is less… present.

                      i've never considered myself a particularly callous person when it comes to character death because my favorite tv shows always tend to kill off characters i love, and i frequently get upset… so the fact that the only instance of character death on this show that doesn't really upset me that much does clearly upset you (and others) makes me wonder a lot about your (and other people's) reactions to other potential deaths throughout both the buffy and angel series – especially those that i DO have strong feelings about. which is to say, i am concerned for you but also eager to experience your future suffering second-hand. (okay, sometimes i AM callous…) heh.

                      "I suppose from a writing point of view, they kind of failed in my case, because I care way MORE than I’m supposed to, to the extent that I still find it difficult to forgive Angel, even now." this is a really intriguing point to me. i can't decide if it's a failure or not. i think… well, i think they got it on the mark because you DO care, which they wanted. the fact that you're having a hard time forgiving angel doesn't seem to me to be a failure in the writing when it comes to jenny, but i DO kind of see it as a failure when it comes to the writing of angel. i think the point the writers were trying to make is that angel without his soul is super evil – and they make this point very clearly. but they were also trying to make the point that angel WITH a soul is good – and not just because he has a soul, but because he chooses to use his soul for good things. i think what he says to faith in the episode "choices" is as applicable to himself as it is to her – that because they have souls, they possess the ability to choose good over evil. he points out that without his soul, he didn't have a choice. (i think the actual meaning here is that the choice doesn't OCCUR to him without a soul – he is predisposed to evil.) i think that with clues like that, what the writers were trying to say about the difference between angel and angelus is that it is unfair of us as the audience to blame angel for the things he did without a soul – even though he suffers the guilt of those things. the guilty feelings (and our blame) aren't deserved because he didn't have a choice. so when the audience has a hard time forgiving angel for things he had no control over, the failure on the part of the writers is that they aren't explaining it in a way that is understandable/ acceptable to us when it comes to the issue of jenny's death. i hope that makes sense? the setup and payoff of jenny's death works perfectly within the story, but if we can't see the difference between angel with a soul and without, then there has ultimately been a failure somewhere.

                      "But it is interesting that the way they handled that particular character arc has been so effective where I’m concerned." i completely agree! 😀

                    • Coghead says:

                      See, I think the view of Angel/Angelus, and his responsibility, is less of a clear divide.

                      I mean on one hand, it really ISN'T Angel's fault. Horribly enough, it isn't even Angelus' fault. A soulless being has no choice in what they are and what they do. There's no potential for good there and so no culpability in the pain they inflict. They are essentially wild animals that can taunt you. BUT, when push comes to shove, Angelus is always within Angel. Dude'll will always be a demon, and even when the soul allows him to fight his instincts, that will never change. Yes, neither version of this man made a DECISION to terrorize and kill Jenny Calendar. But the instinct is always there, as well as the possiblity to decide to give in.

                      The writers failed, I think, because they took the easy way out and tried to totally seperate Angel and Angelus. "Amends" is pretty much the only time it's touched on, and as much as I loved that episode (~MAGIC SNOW~), I don't think it pulled it off quite right. But Angelus is a part of Angel's make up, and while he can't be blamed fully, he also can't NOT be blamed. It's a complicated as hell situation, and one the show wasn't really up to tackling I guess.

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                    • snapsnzips says:

                      I agree. When I first watched Buffy S3, I felt frustrated and shortchanged by all the writers didn't do to address the emotional fallout generated in S2. Ten years later, I've accepted it and learned that S3 is really awesome when you don't demand total closure from S2.

                      S6 spoilers: Vg jnf xvaq bs gur fnzr va frnfba fvk jura V ernyyl jnagrq na va qrcgu rkcybengvba ba jung unccrarq gb ohssl, jul ure fbhy jnf jebat, rgp naq V sryg yvxr V tbg n pbhcyr bs purnc jevgvat tvzzvpxf gung qvqa'g ernyyl sbyybj guebhtu. V unira'g frra frnfba 6 fvapr bar erjngpu frireny lrnef ntb fb V'z phevbhf gb frr ubj V yvxr vg guvf gvzr nebhaq.

                    • Hanna_the_Glam says:

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                    • Kickpuncher says:

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                      Frnfba frira jnf n zrff.

                    • Hanna_the_Glam says:

                      Gung'f n terng rknzcyr. Vg jnf fb tbbq, naq gura whfg tbg qebccrq.

                      Gur bgure bar V unq va zvaq jnf 'Yvrf Zl Cneragf Gbyq Zr'. Gung jnf n frevbhfyl njrfbzr rcvfbqr – bar bs zl snibevgrf bs gur jubyr frevrf – ohg V pna'g uryc guvaxvat vg jbhyq unir orra rira orggre vs gurl ohvyg hc gb vg ol hfvat gur Svefg gb qryir vagb fbzr bs gur Tvyrf/Natry/Fcvxr vffhrf gung unq orra yrsg unatvat bire gur lrnef.

            • notemily says:

              Three episodes is my rule too! I remember it was the third episode of Veronica Mars that made me go, "okay, NEW FAVORITE SHOW."

              • tanbarkie says:

                Man, Veronica Mars was one of those very few shows that had me hooked from the pilot alone. The only others I can think of were The West Wing and Firefly.

                Even BSG took me a while, even though I now consider the miniseries one of my favorite "pilot episodes" ever made, simply because it took me until about halfway through the first season to adjust to how unrelentingly bleak the show was.

                • notemily says:

                  Yeah, I fell in love with Firefly right when River-in-a-box showed up. Usually it takes me a while to bond with the characters and really care what happens to them, no matter what the show.

              • enigmaticagentscully says:

                I've seen a couple of random episode of Veronica Mars years ago, and now all I can remember is that I kind of had a crush on her dad?
                I don't remember what he looked like, or anything about him though. or about the show, in fact. That's another one I'm waiting for Mark to do!

                • notemily says:

                  I don't want to spoil since it's on the List, but Enrico Colantoni does an amazing job as Veronica's dad. Your crush was fully justified. 🙂

          • @Ivana2804 says:

            I had a similar experience – I saw some Angel season 1 episodes before I watched Buffy – which spoiled a lot of the Buffy/Angel story on Buffy seasons 1-3, but as a result I liked/understood Angel immediately on BtVS.

            • girlpire says:

              i saw the first three seasons of angel before i watched the first three seasons of buffy – and i only watched it because i was going into angel withdrawal since season four of angel hadn't come out on dvd yet! heh. but yeah, i think it's a lot easier getting to know him on angel than on buffy. even though it's the same character, you see him through buffy's eyes on btvs and through his own eyes on ats, and that makes a huge difference. once you really get to know him on ats, watching him on btvs is a whole different experience, i think. 🙂

        • notemily says:

          This is so great to watch people who are COMPLETELY UNPREPARED for Angel. It could be ANYTHING!

        • hamnoo says:

          It's all rated 16 in Germany, so I looked it up to find out what was rated 18. I didn't find single episodes, but I do remember orvat ernyyl fubpxrq/fpnerq orpnhfr bs fbzr rcvfbqrf bs Natry, zber fb guna Ohssl. Gubhtu Ohssl qbrf unir fbzr greevslvat rcvfbqrf nf jryy. V guvax 'Urycyrff' pbhagf.

          Oh god is that a spoiler? Mild, very mild expectation spoiler.

          • lyvanna says:

            It's rated 18 in the UK because (BIG SPOILER) bs Jrf orvat gbegherq va svir ol svir, V guvax vg'f gur yvtugvat bs gur nrebfby gung jnf gur ceboyrz.

    • darkwater says:

      1)I have no idea who the main villain will be now. But…there will be a new one. Is that too vague?

      There's always a new Big Bad. You don't get this one. Sorry 😛

    • feminerdist says:

      12) We’ll see Spike again though! Seriously, where IS he? I thought he was an important character in this show, but maybe he’s just really popular for that one season he’s in??

      IKR?!! I have the same thoughts you do! I want more Spike, damn it!

    • alz says:

      16) Everyone will be completely over Jenny’s death, except for me. I will remain here quietly mourning someone who I now come to realise is actually quite a minor character in the grand scheme of things.

      I admit I giggled and felt bad all at the same time when reading this. I'm glad you're starting to come to terms with it.

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Ok, I actually promise to not mention Jenny from this point onwards unless either the show does so, or someone else brings her up. 😛

        I shall take my ~FEELINGS~ and deposit them safely on Tumblr or something.

        • Neet says:

          You can't mention Jenny too many times. I knew she was going to die from the first moment she turned up on screen but I was still forced to fall in love with her and I still think her time was far to short (though "Passion" is my favourite episode). There always needs to be more Jenny discussion.

        • alz says:

          I think it's cute and I like that about you…but I do have to say I feel they punished Angel and did a good job of making bringing him back from despicable…Making him sympathetic again…A hundred years in a Hell dimension will start to do that.

    • Kickpuncher says:

      17) I will foolishly download the track ‘Remembering Jenny’ onto my iPod, and accidentally start crying when it plays on my way to work oh wait I already did that.

      Out of curiosity, what would the effect of Tommy Tutone's smash hit '867-5309/Jenny' be?

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        In the interests of science I went and listened to it, but got nothing except a slight new appreciation for the music of Tommy Tutone.

  39. enigmaticagentscully says:

    And because you asked…oh all right, no-one asked, I just wanted to do it…

    Alice’s Top Ten Episodes of Buffy (So Far Mind You) In Chronological Order Because It’s Too Hard To Judge Otherwise:

    Prophecy Girl – This episode will always have a special place in my heart, because it’s the first time I realised that this was a show really worth watching. It has some kick-ass action, some devastating emotional scenes plus some great plot twists. Throw in the second appearance of Jenny Calendar, the Hellmouth bursting out from beneath the library and Cordelia driving her car through the school, and you’ve got a winner.

    Halloween – They turned into their costumes. What could be a better premise? The first appearance of Ethan Rayne and hints of Giles’ past make it a monster of the week with added, um…stuff. Plus Giles freaking out when Willow walks through the wall just puts the icing on the cake. I will never not find that funny.

    Ted – I happen to love this episode for it’s entirely creepy depiction of domestic abuse, and it’s explorations of the deep consequences of taking a human life. It has nothing to do with the adorable Giles/Jenny stuff. Absolutely nothing at all. It’s not even a contributing factor. SHUT UP STOP OPRESSING ME.

    Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered – Oh look, it cracked me up, OK? I refuse to apologise for loving this episode to pieces. The acting was brilliant and, dubious morality aside, it was funny as hell. Also, there’s something about awful things
    happening to Xander that makes me love an episode, for some reason.

    Passio – I love it because it fucking destroyed me. The death of Jenny Calendar, while I hate to admit it, was handled in a brilliant way. It was brutal, shocking and genuinely heartbreaking. It also had serious repercussions for all the characters, and was the beginning of my suitably passionate (if somewhat short lived) hatred for Angel. I cried. A LOT. So maybe this makes me a masochist, but damn it if this isn’t one fantastically good episode.

    Becoming Part Two – I really am a masochist, aren’t I? But this episode was such a fantastic end to the season. Buffy having to kill Angel to save the world was heartbreaking and I just love how the whole thing played out. It was wonderfully…I suppose ‘cathartic’ is the right word? It was all very depressing, but perfectly done. Also Jenny Jenny my Jenny I got to see her again even if it was just for a few moments my hearttttt.

    Lovers Walk – Two words: Drunk. Spike.

    The Wish – Alternate universe? Count me in! We see some fantastic alternate versions of our heroes, the return of the Master, and a fascinating look into Sunnydale life without the Slayer. It’s dark as all hell. I love it.

    The Zeppo – Who would have thought there would be TWO Xander-centric episodes on this list? But maybe that’s why I loved this one so much – it made me actually sympathise and get behind a character who I usually don’t really like. It was a cool format breaking ep, and managed to poke a lot of fun at the show whilst also giving us some genuinely great character development.

    Earshot – A fantastic premise that gives plenty of opportunity for humour, drama and some interesting characterisation. It’s nice to see Jonathan in the spotlight (even if it is in the most tragic way possible) and it’s a neat plot that pays off perfectly.

    Honourable mentions to The Dark Age, I Only Have Eyes For You, Band Candy, Graduation Part 2

    • ajaxbreaker says:

      I like your list 🙂 You should update and repost it at the end of every season.

    • sirintegra42 says:

      Passion and Lovers Walk are definitely on my top ten overall too. They change all the time though as I'm ridiculously indecisive :D. Lovers Walk is on there for Spike alone, it almost makes up for the lack of him and Dru in the third series. ALMOST. I still miss them every time I watch it again.

    • cait0716 says:

      Hooray for top ten lists! Mine changes constantly. My "top five" is really the five episodes I most often call my favorite. I can't wait to see how this changes as you see more Buffy!

      I'm right there with you on being a masochist. Passion and Becoming are such good episodes. They're constructed for maximum pain in a really beautiful way.

      • hamnoo says:

        Can I say that I adore the scene in which Angelus kills Jenny and not sound … evil? But it's so perfect, you know? I also love other parts of the episode, but that is definitely a highlight.

        • airawyn says:

          You know what, I watched these when they originally aired and they had a promo before the show saying "ONE OF THESE CHARACTERS WILL DIE". I guessed pretty early on in the episode that Jenny was a goner, so when it got to that scene I was just like, "Okay, I knew that was coming."

          AND THEN the way Jenny's body was found just BLEW ME AWAY. I finally realized just how cruel Angelus could be. Watching Giles be all happy and knowing it was a trap is just devastating. I can usually hold my tears until Willow starts crying, but Aly's face just destroys me.

          Passion's in my top ten list, as well. It's an incredible and heartbreaking hour of television.

    • pica_scribit says:

      I want to believe that you intentionally left the "n" off "Passion" because you're still in denial about the ending.

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Yes…let's…go with that.

        That's weird actually, because it says 'Passion' in the word document I copyed and pasted it from? So I don't know what happened there. Whatever, I'll leave it. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Ok, I finally made an official account for this place, and this is my first post with it.

      Trying to do a top ten for all of Buffy is so damn hard. So, maybe this will be easier? I'm gonna give it a shot. And look, I'm a cheater. Becoming pt1 &2 and Graduation Day pt1 &2 will be counted as one episode. They are Parts of One Episode… right? RIGHT? At least, for my purposes they will be. (I can already tell that even with that this is still going to be harder than I though)

      Innocence – Rocket. Launcher. (With the hand motion that the Mayor uses for Minature.Golf.) Angelus for the first time. The perfect metaphor for the guy you sleep with that becomes a jerk. SMG is just perfection. Willow and Giles' reactions to everything (particularly "Giles, Shut up" when Willow JUST KNOWS). "Uh, arm" Look it's no secret I love Oz. If I could make him become real life I would pursue him until it ended me. So him joining the Scoobs is just everything. And his Willow Kissage speech in the van? *dreamy sigh* I have issues.

      Passion – There's not more to say than you already did. Storytelling is best when you care about it, and I think this is the best example that it is clearly cared about. Also I guess I'm a masochist too.

      I Only Have Eyes For You – This is one of my absolute favorite non-Mtyharc eps. The way this easy-to beleive story seems to have nothing to do with our main characters, but then when Buffy & Angel get possesed it's a perfect mirror. Also the idea of forgiveness and particularly what Giles says about it is really important to me. Another good example of this is Catch And Release. I feel like if you understand this movie, then you understand forgiveness, but that if you don't, you don't. It can be surprising when you watch it with other people and learn things.

      Becoming – I can't separate them. If I HAD to I would just go with part two, but discovering the disk and the conversation that follows? Kendra? Drusilla's amazing creepiness? And most of all Buffy's slow-mo run down the hall and then the click of the gun… And I kinda dig Whistler's narration.

      Amends – I used to never cry at movies and tv shows, and now I do a lot. But this was the first. Though even then it still was just tearing up, but that was pretty huge for me to do at a tv show. Everything about the episode is just so great, Xander helping, the shared dreams, "Angel on top?", Every Single Second of Willow&Oz, Buffy's speech to Angel, and yes even the magic snow. Also Mutant Enemy Demon in a santa hat. Naq gur frg hc sbe Gur Svefg. V pna'g jnvg gb jngpu gur pbaarpgvbaf sbez sbe gur svefg-gvzr-jngpuref jura jr fgneg frnfba frira.

      Doppelgangland – Every incarnation of Willow here. But most especially ourWillow as VampWillow. Also getting more Anya, getting her personality (because we don't really get to see much of it in the Wish)

      Enemies – It's one thing for characters to fool eachother. For them to fool the audience? Fuvvvvg V pna'g jnvg gb gnyx nobhg Njnxravat. Fheerny Rkcrevrapr. When they reveal to Faith that they've played her, that scene will never not get to me. It's just great. A lot of things come to light in the episode, and it's just wonderful.

      Prom – EVERYTHING. How Buffy Deals. Giles offering ice cream. Xander&Cordy. Wes&Cordy. CLASS PROTECTOR. That is a truly great moment. So unexpected. I also have an emotional connection to it because I had a similar (but far smaller scale) kind of thing with our last EndOfYear MarchingBand shindig thing. Wild Horses. It's probably my favorite Stones song, but I LOVE this version too. Just UGH. A perfectly perfect episode of perfectness.

      Graduation Day – Again, if I had to pick, I'd go part two. Just… Every last second of the final confrontation. But I can't let go of part 1 either. "Graduating" from the council, WILLOW&OZ, Buffy and Faith fight scene… SUCH AWESOME CHOREO. "Give us a Kiss" "Gonna need a bigger boat". Just… EVERYTHING IN BOTH PARTS.

      Don't count them again, there's only 9. I'm finding it too difficult to decide on a tenth.

      Honorable Mentions
      – Prophecy Girl – This moves higher up on the list every rewatch, but look, it would really only go on there for the scene where Buffy finds out she's going to die. And probably for 'Oh look, a bad guy'
      – Halloween – This used to be on the list. It's just so FUN.
      – The Wish – Who doesn't love a good AltReality ep.
      – Band Candy – Kiss Rocks.
      – Zeppo – The first time I saw this, I completely forgot it until my first full rewatch. When I rediscovered it, I fell in love with it.
      I had like four others for this sub list…

      • girlpire says:

        hello, fellow brand-new account commenter person! i'm noticing a bit of an angel theme in your list, and i'm sensing that we have a lot in common. especially about lbhe qrfver gb gnyx nobhg njnxravat. ba zl svefg jngpu v jnf yvxr ABBBBBBB JNVG JUNG? uru uru. npghnyyl v xarj fbzrguvat jnf shaxl jura jrf naq thaa fhqqrayl jrer oss ntnva. OHG FGVYY. anyway, hi! 🙂

        • DreamRose311 says:

          Thanks! Technically I have been commenting, but just as a guest…but now I can actually track my posts and see if they go somewhere! YAY. Also I'll have to set up some profile stuff for when people click on me…

          There's a few themes there… Angel is present though. I do love him and his series, but I love Buffy more.

          Ohg Njnxravat… zna. V'z tbvat jvgu "Fheerny Rkcrevrapr" ntnva. V'yy cebonoyl ercbfg guvf ireongvz jura jr trg gb vg, ohg V'yy tb nurnq naq fnl… vg'f whfg fb jrveq! V zrna gur guvatf gurl jrer tbvat guebhtu gb trg gb gur fjbeq jrer qvssvphyg, ohg rira gur snpg gung gurer jnf fbzrguvat… V jnf whfg fvggvat gurer tbvat "Guvf vf whfg gbb rnfl, guvf pna'g or evtug, vg srryf fb… BSS", naq gura jr ernyvmr gurer'f n ernfba sbe gung naq vg'f yvxr "AB! V Gnxr vg onpx! TVIR ZR GBB RNFL!! NNNHHHEEETTUUUUPPPPXXXX" Vg'f n zvaq-shpx sbe fher naq V pna'g JNVG gb frr gur ernpgvbaf gb vg.

          • cait0716 says:

            And you can get points! Points are fun!

            V ybir gung rcvfbqr fb zhpu. Naq V ybir ubj zhpu Natry'f qrsvavgvba bs unccvarff unf rkcnaqrq. Vg'f abg rabhtu gb trg gur tvey, ur unf gb znxr nzraqf jvgu uvf fba naq orfg sevraq naq fnir gur jbeyq va beqre gb or gehyl unccl. Nyfb, ur gbgnyyl jvfurf ur jrer Vaqvnan Wbarf.

            • enigmaticagentscully says:

              Points? Oh wait is that what that number in the green oval is? I did wonder about that…



            • DreamRose311 says:

              Oh hey neat, I've kinda noticed the oval before but never really thought about it or what it meant. I have points! yay!

              Is there a thing about how to accrue them? Must research…

              Also a big thing is being able to edit.

              • cait0716 says:

                Being able to edit is pretty awesome.

                The points are some combination of # of comments, # of likes, and # of responses. I don't know the actual equation. Point accumulation definitely slows down as you get more, though

                • DreamRose311 says:

                  It seems they can be lost too… Before that reply I had 31 points and then after I had 29… I will figure it out! Super curious ahhhhh!!

                  *editing to see if editing a comment causes point loss*

            • girlpire says:

              v guvax vg'f orpnhfr nyy ur pnerq nobhg va ogif jnf ohssl, naq ur bayl unq eryngvbafuvcf jvgu rirelbar ryfr va grezf bs ubj gurl eryngrq gb ure. ur qvqa'g ernyyl pbafvqre gurz uvf sevraqf. ohg ba ngf, nyy gur eryngvbafuvcf ner vzcbegnag gb uvz orpnhfr gurl ner nyy crefbanyyl zrnavatshy naq abg va grezf bs nalbar ryfr. naq gbb evtug ba gur vaqvnan wbarf guvat! v ernyyl guvax gur jevgref zvffrq na bccbeghavgl jura nyy gur fgnxrf cbc bhg naq ur fnlf "jbbq. jul qvq vg unir gb or jbbq?" vafgrnq bs "fgnxrf. jul qvq vg unir gb or fgnxrf?" orpnhfr, lbh xabj… cnebql bs gur "fanxrf" yvar ba vaqvnan wbarf. v'ir nyjnlf jbaqrerq vs gurl bevtvanyyl unq uvz fnlvat fgnxrf naq unq gb punatr vg sbe fbzr ernfba…

    • bdegrande says:

      It's an excellent list, but I would have to have Innocence on there somewhere, it's one of my favorites of the entire show.

    • ScarecrowCeno says:

      Some great lists here! I'm always tempted to put "lie to Me" up there. Doesn't seem to hit many peoples top -10 but as a teenager it really spoke to me. That sort of self-reflexive fiction was big then, Ford has a lot in common with the villains of the first Scream film. The sort of blurring of teenage troubles and fiction, and the role-taking. It's brilliant stuff.

      Anyway, pretty much all episodes near the tops of my list.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      My chronological top 10 seasons 1-3 episodes:

      Prophecy Girl
      Lie to Me
      I Only Have Eyes For You
      Becoming I
      Becoming II
      The Wish
      Graduation Day II

      Honorable mentions: Nightmares, Out of Mind, Out of Sight, When She Was Bad, Halloween, What's My Line II, Anne, Lovers Walk, Consequences, Graduation Day I

    • Gorimek says:

      Good list, but there really needs to be at least 15 episodes in any Buffy top 10 list!

    • lyvanna says:

      Ooo, fun game. From seasons 1-3…

      Prophecy Girl
      School Hard
      I Only Have Eyes For You
      Becoming part 2
      Lovers Walk
      Graduation Day part 1

      Nygubhtu va zl yvfg sebz nyy frnfbaf V guvax bayl gjb be guerr bs gubfr jbhyq znxr vg.

  40. Raenef_the_5th says:

    My predictions for Mark Likes/Dislikes, Season 4 spoilers only (nothing beyond):

    UHFU. Bu zna jvyy jr ernyyl unir gb jnvg NYY ZBAGU sbe vg?
    GUR SNVGU RCVFBQRF!!!!! juvpu gura pebffbire gb Natry. (Ernyyl rkpvgrq nobhg gubfr.)
    Jvyybj naq Gnen, qrfcvgr orvat qrinfgngrq gung Bm yrnirf.

    Qvfyvxrf: Nf fbzrbar zragvbarq orsber, Cnatf sbe vg'f boivbhf ceboyrzngvp guvatf, gubhtu creuncf n fyvtug nccerpvngvba gung gur fubj gevrf gb gnpxyr orvat ceboyrzngvp… Nyfb, Fcvxr gnxvat na NEEBJ GB GUR XARR.
    Birenyy yvxr sbe Erfgyrff, rkprcg sbe gur svefg Fynlre qhr gb ceboyrzngvp enpr naq phygher vffhrf gur fubj graqf gb unir.

    Nyfb, Byvivn unq cebzvfr ohg hasbeghangryl snqrq njnl jvgubhg zhpu punenpgre ohvyq.

    Birenyy, ur'yy yvxr frnfba sbhe yrff guna guerr be gjb.

    • Karen says:

      Er: gur svefg Fynlre. V'z abg fher jung Wbff'f vagragvbaf jrer, ohg V nyjnlf ernq gur snpg gung fur pnzr sebz Nsevpn nf orvat nobhg Nsevpn vf gur cynpr jurer uhznaf svefg ribyirq (be ng yrnfg gung vf jung pheerag rivqrapr fhttrfgf). Fb vg jnf nobhg ubj sne onpx gur jubyr Fynlre guvatf tbrf. Ohg vqx vs gung jnf uvf vagragvba naq vg qbrf tvir bss jrveq ivorf va yvtug bs gur znfxf va "Qrnq Zna'f Cnegl".

    • buyn says:

      Fbzrbar arrqf gb znxr na vzntr bs fcvxr gung fnlf, "V hfrq gb or n zheqrevat inzcver yvxr lbh, ohg gura V gbbx n puvc gb gur oenva."

    • lawrence_s says:

      Birenyy yvxr sbe Erfgyrff

      V guvax gur orfg cneg bs gung rcvfbqr urer vf tbvat gb or gur snpg gung va Ohssl'f qernz, Gnen cerggl zhpu gryyf ure, "LBH NER ABG CERCNERQ."

      • GamgeeFest says:

        V jnf whfg guvaxvat nobhg gung qernz gur bgure qnl jura gur Znlbe gryyf Snvgu cerggl zhpu gur fnzr guvat: fur qbrfa'g xabj ure cbjre naq fur'f abg ernql lrg sbe jung'f gb pbzr. Pbvapvqrapr? V guvax abg.

    • girlpire says:

      jung nobhg uvf srryvatf er: evyrl? v crefbanyyl ybir evyrl gb cvrprf, ohg v xabj n ybg bs snaqbz qbrfa'g yvxr uvz zhpu.

      • Kickpuncher says:

        This is just a wild guess, but bar guvat V'ir nyjnlf yvxrq nobhg Znex Jngpurf vf ubj cbfvgvir Znex vf pbzcnerq gb zbfg bgure pbearef bs snaqbz. Gung va zvaq, V guvax Znex jvyy yvxr Evyrl jryy rabhtu guvf frnfba. V qbhog ur'yy or va ybir jvgu uvz ba gur fnzr yriry nf V guvax ur jvyy or jvgu Naln naq Gnen, orpnhfr yrg'f or ubarfg, gubfr gjb frg n cerggl uvtu one.

        Ur'yy cebonoyl abg yvxr Evyrl irel zhpu va Frnfba Svir, gubhtu.

  41. DreamRose311 says:

    I forgot to do prediction predictions this time… I might still add some reaction predictions later… when it gets to be 4pm Eastern and my 'daily mark watches' routine kicks in…

    – Angel will be on the show. I hate to tell you this, but this one is wrong

    – Bxnl, fb V guvax ur’yy gel gb nffrzoyr fbzr fbeg bs “grnz” va uvf arj ybpngvba gb uryc uvz bhg, naq vg jvyy or ragveryl pbzcevfrq bs punenpgref jr’ir arire frra orsber. (ururur jebat bss gur ong! Naq ernyyl grpuavpnyyl ur qbrfa'g gel gb nffrzoyr vg… )

    – Gur svefg punenpgre gb pebffbire sebz Ohssl jvyy or Ohssl urefrys. Cnun! Abcr. V xvaqn yvxr gung ur snyfryl cerqvpgrq guvf.

    – Ol gur raq bs frnfba bar, V guvax jr’yy frr nccrnenaprf ol Ohssl, Ohssl’f sngure (qbrfa’g ur yvir va Y.N.?), Pbeqryvn, Jvyybj, naq Tvyrf. Ohssl'f qnq orvat va YN vf xvaq bs n tbbq cbvag… V'z fhecevfrq vg arire pnzr hc. Bu jryy. Pbeqryvn! ojnununununun

    – Gur svefg aba-inzcver ivyynva Natry jvyy pbzr npebff jvyy or n jvgpu. V qba'g xabj gur nafjre gb guvf bar bss unaq! Ubj fgenatr srryvat.

    – Knaqre jvyy abg tb gb HP Fhaalqnyr. Bbb, tbbq pnyy fve. Jvfu ur unq gevrq gb cbfgher nygreangvirf. Bu jryy.

    – Jr jvyy yrnea gung Tvyrf tbg uverq nf gur urnq yvoenevna ng HP Fhaalqnyr. HARZCYBLZRAG! JBBBBB! Uru, fbzoereb-Tvyrf sbyybjrq ol Punvafnj-Tvyrf whfg pnzr gb zvaq… Fubhyqa'g ur or xvaq bs nagv-punvafnj?

    – Tvyrf jvyy chefhr n eryngvbafuvc jvgu Wblpr. *fvtu* vs bayl.

    – Bxnl, V’z fb fhecevfrq (NAQ VZZRAFRYL CYRNFRQ) gung Bm fheivirq frnfba guerr, ohg uvf gvzr zhfg raq fbba. Fb V fnl ur qvrf va frnfba sbhe. Arire qvrf! JBBBB! Ng yrnfg nf sne nf V xabj, juvpu vf nobhg 5 vffhrf orsber gur raq bs frnfba 8. Gubhtu nf V erpnyy uvf nep jnf whfg na nep naq ur qvqa'g erwbva gur grnz fb… ab qrnq Bm rire? Cyrnfr?

    – Jr jvyy svaq bhg jung unccrarq gb Yneel naq Unezbal. Qbrfa'g Yneel fgnl hapbasvezrq hagvy fvk'f Fznfurq?

    – Pbeqryvn jvyy orpbzr zhpu zber vaibyirq jvgu fynlvat abj gung fur fynlrq n inzcver ng gur raq bs frnfba guerr. NYY GUR TVTTYRF!

    – Orrf? Znex, lbhe qnvyl cbfgf znxr zr fb unccl.

    – Naln jvyy nccrne va frnfba sbhe. Urur, ur guvaxf ur yvxrf ure abj, whfg jnvg!!!

    – JR JVYY SVANYYL FRR KNAQRE’F CNERAGF. Lbh qba'g jnag gb. Gehfg zr.

  42. DreamRose311 says:

    Vg'f xvaqn gbb onq gung ur qvqa'g cerqvpg na ratntrzrag. Favpxre.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Orpnhfr V'z gverq naq zl oenva tbrf ba jrveq gnatragf jura gung unccraf, vg whfg bppheerq gb zr ubj jrveq vg vf gung, ba n fubj gung vf nyy nobhg gur uneqfuvcf lbhat crbcyr qrny jvgu, gur fhowrpg bs grra certanapl jnf arire ernyyl nqqerffrq. Be jnf vg fbzrjurer (zrgncubevpnyyl be bgurejvfr) naq V'z whfg pbzcyrgryl oynaxvat ba vg? (Frr nobir, er: gverq)

      • DreamRose311 says:

        V'z cerggl fher lbh'er evtug, vg'f abg ernyyl nqqerffrq. V zrna gurer vf gur Pbeql fhcre-dhvpx-certanapl bs Natry, ohg vg'f abg ernyyl va n grra certanapl xvaq bs jlnl.

  43. Katie says:

    I must say: although I'm a big fan of Buffy, I am actually more excited for Mark to watch Angel. Because a) that show is actually much more funny than I remembered. I've recently started rewatching season one, and dialogue is just soooo good. And b) I have a feeling Mark is more unprepared for Angel than for Buffy, as he already has some idea of where Buffy takes place and who the main characters are, etc., whereas it will all come as a great (and hopefully enjoyable) surprise for Angel.

    • girlpire says:

      i'm more excited for angel, too. but i suppose that's understandable since it's my most favorite television series ever. 🙂 nyfb, v yvxr gung natry vf zber tebja-hc guna ohssl. v srry yvxr vg nqqerffrf gur vffhrf bs nqhygubbq zber guna ohssl qbrf. ohssl vf nobhg tebjvat hc, jurernf natry vf nobhg orvat n tebja-hc, vs gung znxrf frafr. naq orpnhfr v jnf nyernql nqhyg(vfu) jura v jngpurq gurfr fubjf, natry nccrnyrq gb zr zber. v'z vagrerfgrq va frrvat ubj znex (naq bguref) srry nobhg guvf qlanzvp.

  44. Andie says:

    This is going to be so much fun.

    Bzt gur Cunagbz Qraavf. V zvff uvz.

    V jnf fb znq gurl arire fubjrq Pbeqryvn gnyxvat gb uvz nobhg zbivat, be znlor uvz pbzvat jvgu ure gb gur Ulcrevba. Ur ernyyl yvxrq ure!

  45. nat says:

    so i've seen all of Buffy, but was just never interested in Angel because of the whole brooding aspect of his character.
    i guess that means i'll have to watch Angel now so i don't feel left out of all this rot13'ing.
    – Gurer jvyy or bar rkcyvpvgyl wbxrl/shaal rcvfbqr.
    ebsy fbzrguvat oyhr.

    – Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf.
    ebsy uhfu

    • pica_scribit says:

      I hope you will enjoy Angel. It's pretty different from Buffy, but there is definitely much to love! Do not fear the brooding.

    • robin_comments says:

      Come, yes! COME TO THE DARK SIDE. They're like two very different tastes that go great together. I'm feeling so unexpectedly excited about you people who haven't gotten into Angel before. YOU MUST WATCH AND THEN COMMENT FOR US. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  46. annstarrr says:

    So excited you're enjoying Buffy, now that you're at the halfway point! I just discovered it last year, and I've watched all seven seasons at least three times. If you had to rate them, what would you say your favorite episodes have been so far?

    • pica_scribit says:

      Not even halfway yet! *maths* We're just under 39% of the way through Buffy at this point. — merely at the end of the first era.

      • annstarrr says:

        Isn't the fourth season the halfway point? I guess I just jumped ahead a bit and counted it as where Mark was – after all, by the time he finishes the season, he'll be more than halfway through!

  47. hpfish13 says:

    So, in lieu of any official info in the episode guides today, I’m going to share some interesting information that I’ve come to discover.

    Yrg’f frr ubj jryy V pna qvfthvfr guvf va ebg13…Urer ner gur gbc gjragl zbfg nccrnevat punenpgref jura lbh pbzovar gurve rcvfbqrf ba Ohssl naq Natry. Svefg vf Natry, jvgu svsgl-frira nccrnenaprf ba Ohssl naq bar uhaqerq ryrira ba Natry (gbgny=bar uhaqerq fvkgl-rvtug). Gura jr unir n guerr jnl gvr jvgu Ohssl (bar uhaqerq sbegl-svir naq gjb), Pbeqryvn (svsgl-frira naq avargl), naq Jvyybj (bar uhaqerq sbegl-sbhe naq guerr) nyy ng bar uhaqerq sbegl-frira gbgny. Knaqre vf evtug oruvaq gurz jvgu bar uhaqerq sbegl-svir rcvfbqrf, nyy ba Ohssl.

    Gura gurer vf n ovg bs n whzc, jvgu Tvyrf orvat va bar uhaqerq gjragl-guerr rcvfbqrf naq abar ba Natry. Ur vf sbyybjrq dhvpxyl ol Fcvxr jvgu avargl-frira naq gjragl-sbhe (gbgnyvat bar uhaqerq gjragl-bar).

    Abj gur tncf trg ovttre, Jrfyrl vf va avar rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl naq bar uhaqerq bar Natry rcvfbqrf (gbgnyvat bar uhaqerq gra). Thaa vf va avargl-bar rcvfbqrf bs Natry. Naln ebhaqf bhg gur gbc gra jvgu rvtugl-svir rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl.

    Ybear vf va friragl-fvk rcvfbqrf bs Natry. Serq vf va friragl rcvfbqrf bs Natry. Gura, onpx ba Ohssl, Qnja vf va fvkgl-fvk rcvfbqr naq Wblpr vf va svsgl-rvtug. Gurl ner sbyybjrq ol ahzore svsgrra, Gnen, jub vf va sbegl-frira rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl.

    Arkg vf Bm, jub vf va sbegl rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl naq bar rcvfbqr bs Natry. Gura Yvynu vf va guvegl-svir rcvfbqrf bs Natry. Arkg jnf zl ovttrfg fhecevfr, Unezbal vf va fvkgrra rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl naq friragrra rcvfbqrf bs Natry, gbgnyvat guvegl-guerr. Evyrl vf va guvegl-bar rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl.

    Naq gura, ynfg, ohg pregnvayl abg yrnfg, ebhaqvat bhg gur gbc gjragl vf Wbanguna jvgu gjragl-avar rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl! Abg onq sbe n thl jub jnf cebonoyl svefg pnfg nf n srngherq rkgen!

    Nyy bs guvf vasb jnf tnearerq sebz ahzoref V sbhaq ba vzqo, fb vs lbh frr fbzrguvat gung ybbxf jebat, cyrnfr zr xabj!

    • pica_scribit says:

      Knaqre vf evtug oruvaq gurz jvgu bar uhaqerq sbegl-svir rcvfbqrf, nyy ba Ohssl.

      Hzzz…purpx lbhe ahzoref. Gurer jrer bayl 144 rcvfbqrf bs Ohssl, hayrff lbh'er pbhagvat gur hanverq cvybg (naq jrera'g gurer bar be gjb rcvfbqrf ur'f abg va ng nyy?)

      • hpfish13 says:

        Vagrerfgvat…Vg qbrf frrz gb or gur hanverq cvybg gung'f guebjvat bss gur pbhag. Fb, jvgubhg vg, Jvyybj jbhyq or va bar uhaqerq sbegl-frira, jvgu Ohssl naq Pbeqryvn univat bayl bar uhaqerq sbegl-fvk ncvrpr. Knaqre jvgu bar uhaqerq sbegl-sbhe, Tvyrf jvgu bar uhaqerq gjragl-gjb, Unezbal jvgu guvegl-gjb naq Wbanguna jvgu gjragl-rvtug. Gunaxf!

        • MrsGillianO says:

          Knaqre vf va nyy ohg bar bs Ohssl – PJQC ynpxf uvz orpnhfr ur whfg qvqa'g svg nal bs gur fgbelyvarf, V oryvrir.Guhf n uhaqerq naq sbegl guerr rcf.

    • cait0716 says:

      Knaqre jnfa'g va Pbairefngvba Jvgu Qrnq Crbcyr, rira gubhtu ur'f perqvgrq jvgu orvat va vg. Ohg Avpx Oeraqna jnf va gur hanverq cvybg, fb gung jbhyq oevat uvf gbgny gb bar uhaqerq naq sbegl sbhe.

      Unezbal vf gur ybatrfg yvirq punenpgre, nccrnevat va obgu gur hanverq cvybg (juvpu Natry jnfa'g va) naq gur frnfba svanyr bs Natry (juvpu Ohssl jnfa'g va)

      • hpfish13 says:

        Vg'f jrveq gung ur'f perqvgrq jvgubhg orvat va gur rcvfbqr.

        Vg'f nyfb sha gung Yvaqfrl vf gur bayl punenpgre va gur svefg naq ynfg rcvfbqrf bs Natry!

        • cait0716 says:

          Fvapr ur'f bar bs gur znva pnfg naq nccrnef va gur bcravat perqvgf ur trgf perqvgrq sbe rirel rcvfbqr. Guvf cebonoyl unf fbzrguvat gb qb jvgu cnl fpnyrf naq flaqvpngvba naq jungabg.

          V pna'g jnvg sbe Yvaqfrl. V ybir Puevfgvna Xnar fb zhpu naq ur'f fb nqbenoyr va gur svefg frnfba.

        • notemily says:

          bu zl tbq V whfg erjngpurq "pvgl bs" gbavtug naq YVAQFRL. V unir fb zhpu ybir sbe Puevfgvna Xnar rfcrpvnyyl nsgre jngpuvat Yrirentr, naq Yvaqfrl vf whfg fb SHA gb jngpu. nyfb V'z cerggl fher ur'f jrnevat yvc tybff. urr.

          • misterbernie says:

            Fact One: Zl fvyyvrfg fuvc rire jnf cebonoyl Yvaqfrl/Evyrl bayl orpnhfr V jbhyqa'g zvaq jngpuvat Puevfgvna Xnar naq Znep Oyhpnf znxr bhg.

            Fact Two: V jrag gb frr Puevfgvna Xnar cresbez bapr. Gur qnl orsber zl svany Ratyvfu rknz va uvtu fpubby. Vg jnf njrfbzr naq V tbg ubzr ng bar nz naq V fgvyy nprq gur svany.

    • Bricker501 says:

      Nyfb, vs lbh ner pbhagvat nccrnenaprf qebc Naln ol bar (perqvgrq ohg abg va Pbairefngvbaf jvgu Qrnq Crbcyr) naq Natry ol bar (perqvgrq ohg abg va Vapn Zhzzl Tvey).

      • hpfish13 says:

        Guvf jnf zl vagragvba (pbhagvat nccrnenaprf, abg perqvgf), fb gunaxf!

        • @Ivana2804 says:

          Naln jnfa'g va Abezny Ntnva be Uryc, rvgure, V guvax.

          Nyfb qebc bar sbe Fcvxr, ur jnfa'g va Gur Obql. V qba'g erzrzore vs ur zvffrq nal bs gur NgF frnfba 5 rcvfbqrf.

    • notemily says:

      Ohssl bayl nccrnerq gjvpr ba Natry? V pbhyq fjrne vg jnf zber guna gung. Uhu.

      • cait0716 says:

        Fur'f bayl va V Jvyy Erzrzore Lbh naq bar bs gur Snvgu rcvfbqrf. Gura Natry gryyf ure gb fgnl bhg bs uvf gbja naq nygubhtu ur ivfvgf Fhaalqnyr n srj zber gvzrf, V guvax Jvyybj naq Fcvxr ner gur bayl punenpgref jub tb gb YN nsgre gung.

  48. Plactus says:

    Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Season.

    #10: Frrvat vs gur rcvfbqrf V qba'g unir sbaq zrzbevrf bs ner nal orggre 12 lrnef yngre. V qba'g unir uvtu ubcrf sbe "V Jvyy Erzrzore Lbh," ohg rirelguvat ryfr? Jub xabjf, znlor V'yy ybir vg abj.
    #9: Frrvat "Gur Cebz" naq "Tenqhngvba Qnl," V'z fgnegvat gb trg vagb Knaqre/Naln. Jngpuvat gurz npghnyyl orpbzr n pbhcyr guvf frnfba fubhyq or sha.
    #8: "Gur Serfuzna." Frrzf yvxr sberire fvapr V'ir frra guvf rcvfbqr. V erzrzore guvaxvat vg jnf ernyyl tbbq, gbb.
    #7: Qblyr. Ur'f n ynetr cneg bs gur ernfba V tbg ubbxrq ba <v>Natry</v>, gb gur cbvag V jnfa'g fher V jnf tbvat gb fgvpx nebhaq nsgre ur qvrq.
    #6: "Erfgyrff." Abj gung V xabj jung unccraf va frnfba svir (naq gb n yrffre rkgrag, fvk naq frira), frrvat vs V pna znxr frafr bs guvf.
    #5: Qneyn! Synfuonpxf va trareny, ohg… Qneyn va cnegvphyne. (Nyfb, gur pyvssunatre svanyr…)
    #4: "Uhfu." V'q fnl zber, ohg gur Tragyrzra unir fgbyra zl ibvpr. (Frr nyfb, #1.)
    #3: "Fbzanzohyvfg." Zl snibevgr rcvfbqr bs <v>Natry</v>, ng yrnfg nf sne nf V'ir frra (gur frnfba svir rcvfbqr jurer Natry naq Rir fyrrc gbtrgure), naq gur svefg erny vaqvpngvba bs gur fubj Natry jbhyq tebj vagb.
    #2: Snvgu'f erghea. Vs V znqr n gbc gra yvfg bs rcvfbqrf sebz gurfr gjb frnfbaf, nyy sbhe bs Snvgu'f jbhyq cebonoyl or ba gurer. "Svir ol Svir" vf jurer <v>Natry</v> ernyyl uvg vgf fgevqr.
    #1: Bxnl, guvf vf gjb guvatf, ohg frcnengvat gurz whfg frrzf jebat. Gnen'f zl snibevgr punenpgre, naq Jvyybj/Gnen zl BGC – sebz nal snaqbz – fb… frrvat obgu ntnva sebz gur ortvaavat vf rkpvgvat.

  49. IceBlueRose says:

    [youtube ix-EOXyZuDY youtube]

    I have no idea if this was posted yesterday (probably though) but in case it wasn't….season 3 trailer! (I'm pretty sure that this sucker gives away every major plot point or at least hints at them but it still ends up looking pretty awesome. ^_^ )

  50. ladililn says:

    Qnja guernq? KQ

    Zrnavat, guvf frrzf nf tbbq nf nal n cynpr gb chg guvf, fb–jung'f tbvat ba jvgu guvf? V'ir abg orra ernyyl ernqvat gur pbzzrag frpgvbaf sbe zbfg bs F3, gubhtu V'ir orra ernqvat gur erivrjf, 'pnhfr V ernyvmrq vg jnf gnxvat hc n ybg bs zl gvzr (phefr lbh, ohfl Jvagre dhnegre!). Fb, unf guvf orra pbagvahvat? Gurer jnf fbzrobql xrrcvat n erpbeq bs rnpu qnl'f pbafrafhf, evtug? V zrna, gur svefg Qnja!uvagf unir orra qebccrq nyernql! 🙂

    Naljnl, whfg jnagrq gb xabj 'pnhfr gur Qnja Guernqf jrer zl snibevgr cnegf bs pbzzragvat, naq V'z ubcvat gb trg onpx vagb pbzzragvat abj gung V (ubcrshyyl) unir n ovg zber serr gvzr. :Q

    • pica_scribit says:

      I haven't noticed it in a while, but I don't always read all the rot13 comments, so maybe someone is keeping up?

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I've been mostly sticking to page one of comments (also to cut down on time) So i haven't noticed it at all either. I don't think it's been happening. It's a shame, I didn't realize how much I missed it.

    • NB2000 says:

      Gurl qb frrz gb unir qebccrq bss guvf frnfba. V qba'g xabj nobhg nalbar ryfr ohg gurer jrer n ybg bs rcvfbqrf jurer V pbhyqa'g frr ubj fur jbhyq unir svg va. Gur frpbaq unys rfcrpvnyyl sryg yvxr vg jnf sbphfrq ba fhaalqnyr Uvtu va n jnl gung ernyyl jbhyqa'g nppbznqngr Qnja. Rcvfbqrf yvxr Rarzvrf, Rnefubg naq Pubvprf qba'g frrz yvxr gurer'q or ebbz sbe zber guna n fprar be gjb sbe ure (Rnefubg zvtug unir orra noyr gb svg va n "Ohssl ernqf Qnja'f zvaq" fprar fbzrjurer gubhtu).

      V fhfcrpg fur cebonoyl jnfa'g nebhaq zhpu va frnfba 4 rvgure pbafvqrevat gur sbphf ba pbyyrtr. Wblpr bayl nccrnef va n unaqshy bs rcvfbqrf (nygubhtu V xabj gung'f sbe erny yvsr ernfbaf) fb Qnja zvtug abg unir nccrnerq va znal zber.

  51. EmilianaDarling says:

    "- Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf."


    *fuhqqref ng gur gubhtug bs Gur Tragyrzra*

  52. t09yavosaur says:

    ~First I think Cordy and Xander will break up. Not because I want them to but because I think it would be thematically effective, and I don't want it to be Willow and Oz: Well, both groups broke up but Oz and Willow got back together. 🙂
    ~I'm gonna say that my last “previously-viewed” episode will be this season. I have no clue this time: Nope, still waiting (I have realized that there will be some clues when it is coming up).
    ~Spike will show up so he can be entertaining some more: Luv you, Spike!
    ~Oz will do some more werewolfing. Maybe for the good of mankind: Not so much for the good of mankind. Some for the good of womankind and once for the good of Xander.
    ~Danny Strong is going to continue his background existence, with a prominent role sometime in the future: Yup Yup Yup.
    ~There will be another slayer. She (he?) will take over while Buffy is gone. Half a point? Faith took over but not in Sunnydale. And there were people who took over in Sunnydale as well.
    ~Buffy will obviously come back early on because the show is named after her: Pretty early.
    ~Lets say Angel will come back this season too. Angst and all: Oh yes.
    ~Joyce will welcome Buffy back and they will live in harmony for a bit. I can't actually visualize this happening but it would be nice: The harmony took some time but it did happen.
    ~I want to predict something about Willow but predictions have evil powers on this site, so I predict that she will do more magic: Lots more.
    ~I suppose I predict that the Romani curse will have consequences: I…don't quite remember what I meant. I think I was saying consequences for Willow and it didn't so I'll go with no.
    ~Now I need a Giles prediction. How 'bout Ethan comes back again and causes some shenanigans: Yes! Some fantastic shenanigans!
    ~Oooo, and we get to meet more Watchers. Maybe the Watcher's council or whatever it is. (Does that exist? I feel like it was mentioned somewhere): Yup. (Grrrrrrrrr)
    ~Here is my big one. Snyder is obviously in some conspiracy with the mayor. and it seems they really wanted to get the slayer out of town. I have been deliberating whether this is for good or evil purposes and I am going to go with good, but for selfish reasons. I think they want to perform some type of magic without slayer intervention: It was for selfish reasons, none of which were good though. I knew that one was a 50/50 gamble.
    ~Oh, and Whistler will show up again to be unhelpful some more: No 🙁

    Total: 10.5 out of 15

    Season 4 Predictions

    ~I'm thinking Faith will continue to show up in Buffy's dreams to help out.
    ~As always, my last “previously-viewed” episode will be this season.
    ~I want to see Spike again, so bring him back Joss.
    ~And Ethan, I always love seeing Ethan.
    ~Giles and Joyce will be forced into a situation where they will have to confront each other about Band Candy.
    ~The Watchers are going to stick their noses into Buffy's business to try and get her back under their control, when that doesn't work they will send something after her.
    ~Since Faith is only in a coma the only logical follow-up to her story is to have her wake up at some point in time. Either through her own power or demonic possession.
    ~Buffy said that she would be living on campus if possible. I am gonna guess that her roommate will either die or become one of the gang.
    ~Anya will come back and she will be shunned by Xander until she does something that convinces him that she is not solely interested in self preservation. This might be the most trope-y prediction I have made to date.
    ~Amy will get de-rat-ified because it is really about time.
    ~Since Wesley was incapacitated I assume that means he had to stick around Sunnydale for a while. I think he is going to become an unwilling tool in the Watchers Council's nefarious plots.
    ~We haven't seen Hank in awhile, I think he is going to show up at some point.
    ~Werewolfing. I will never not ask for this.

    I don't have any predictions for Angel because despite having seen a couple episodes (it is on TNT at 7AM) I only have vague spoilery ideas about the show's concept.

    And finally I have begun a wish-list for creatures I would like to see on the show, with the date I thought of it included for my own records.
    ~Body Switching (2/2)-Like Amy and her mom but with 2 protagonists instead.
    ~Djinn (2/11)-We kinda got this with Anya but mainly just someone to grant some wishes.
    ~Literal Angels (2/13)-Angels are awesome.
    ~Powers That Be (2/13)-Gods, Slayer-makers, whatever.
    ~Shape-Shifters (2/13)-This one actually surprised me that we hadn't had any yet. It seems like a go-to demon.
    ~Good Guy Demons (2/14)-Like Whistler or something.
    ~Demon Hunters (2/14)-Good or bad, no real preference.
    ~Gorgon (2/15)-Lets make some Sunnydale style garden ornaments.
    ~Dragon (3/1)-Would dragons work in this universe?

    • DreamRose311 says:

      V'z guvaxvat Snvgu jvyy pbagvahr gb fubj hc va Ohssl'f qernzf gb uryc bhg. – Guvf jbhyq'ir orra n pbby vqrn. Ohg abg nf njrfbzr nf jung unccraf.

      Jrerjbysvat. V jvyy arire abg nfx sbe guvf. – Abbbb, onq jrerjbysvat.

      Obql Fjvgpuvat – Fgvyy bayl bar cebgntbavfg, ohg… !

    • pica_scribit says:

      You? Not prepared. Not even a little bit.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "~V jnag gb frr Fcvxr ntnva, fb oevat uvz onpx Wbff.
      ~Naq Rguna, V nyjnlf ybir frrvat Rguna."
      BU LRNU.

      "~Tvyrf naq Wblpr jvyy or sbeprq vagb n fvghngvba jurer gurl jvyy unir gb pbasebag rnpu bgure nobhg Onaq Pnaql."
      Vs bayl. 🙁

      "~Naln jvyy pbzr onpx naq fur jvyy or fuhaarq ol Knaqre hagvy fur qbrf fbzrguvat gung pbaivaprf uvz gung fur vf abg fbyryl vagrerfgrq va frys cerfreingvba. Guvf zvtug or gur zbfg gebcr-l cerqvpgvba V unir znqr gb qngr."
      Lrf… hagvy fur pbaivaprf uvz gung fur vf vagrerfgrq va frk jvgu uvz. 😉

      "~Nzl jvyy trg qr-eng-vsvrq orpnhfr vg vf ernyyl nobhg gvzr."
      Lrf, ohg fur jba'g fgnl gung jnl sbe ybat.

      "~Fvapr Jrfyrl jnf vapncnpvgngrq V nffhzr gung zrnaf ur unq gb fgvpx nebhaq Fhaalqnyr sbe n juvyr. V guvax ur vf tbvat gb orpbzr na hajvyyvat gbby va gur Jngpuref Pbhapvy'f arsnevbhf cybgf."
      UN UN

      "~Jr unira'g frra Unax va njuvyr, V guvax ur vf tbvat gb fubj hc ng fbzr cbvag."
      Qrnq jebat nobhg guvf bar.

      "~Jrerjbysvat. V jvyy arire abg nfx sbe guvf."
      Qba'g fnl gung gjvpr. 🙁

      "Naq svanyyl V unir ortha n jvfu-yvfg sbe perngherf V jbhyq yvxr gb frr ba gur fubj, jvgu gur qngr V gubhtug bs vg vapyhqrq sbe zl bja erpbeqf.
      ~Obql Fjvgpuvat (2/2)-Yvxr Nzl naq ure zbz ohg jvgu 2 cebgntbavfgf vafgrnq."
      Bu lrnu, naq ubj! Snvgu vf ernyyl gur cebgntbavfg bs gur rcvfbqr Jub Ner Lbh?, fb V guvax guvf vf evtug. (Fur vf nyjnlf bar bs gur cebgntbavfgf sbe zr.)

      "~Qwvaa (2/11)-Jr xvaqn tbg guvf jvgu Naln ohg znvayl whfg fbzrbar gb tenag fbzr jvfurf."
      Ubj nobhg zrrgvat Naln'f obff vafgrnq?

      "~Yvgreny Natryf (2/13)-Natryf ner njrfbzr."
      Ab (sbeghangryl. Yvgreny natryf ner purrfl.)

      "~Cbjref Gung Or (2/13)-Tbqf, Fynlre-znxref, jungrire."
      Lbh'yy or fvpx naq gverq bs gurz ol gur gvzr frnfba 1 raqf. Be ng yrnfg ol gur gvzr lbh frr nyy bs 'Natry'.

      "~Tbbq Thl Qrzbaf (2/14)-Yvxr Juvfgyre be fbzrguvat."
      BU LRNU. Bayl ZHPU zber yvxrnoyr guna Juvfgyre.

      "~Qrzba Uhagref (2/14)-Tbbq be onq, ab erny cersrerapr."
      BU LRNU. Bar 'ebthr qrzba uhagre' naq bar npghny qrzba uhagre. Nyy tbbq, gubhtu. Lbh'yy unir gb jnvg sbe frnfba 3 sbe gur onq qrzba uhagre. (Nf va, onq zna. Ohg terng punenpgre.)

      "~Qentba (3/1)-Jbhyq qentbaf jbex va guvf havirefr?"
      Un, xvaqn. Ohg abg guvf frnfba.

      Un, lbh cerqvpgrq fb zhpu bs 'Natry' jvgubhg rira xabjvat vg.

    • notemily says:

      spoilerz hear:
      rrrr V pna'g jnvg sbe gur obql-fjvgpuvat rcvfbqr <3333
      yby "cbjref gung or"

  53. kaleidoscoptics says:

    NYFB ZBER NALN ORPNHFR NALN VF JBAQRESHY. V guvax gung Tvyrf vf zl snibevgr, ohg Naln vf uvynevbhf naq nqbenoyr ng gur fnzr gvzr.

    Guvf vf gur frnfba jvgu Evyrl, gubhtu, vfa'g vg? V jnf fhcre qvfnccbvagrq jvgu gung cybg. Evyrl uvzfrys jnf Obevat ZpOynaqzna, naq gur fhcre frperg zvyvgnel betnavmngvba jnfa'g rknpgyl jryy-rkcynvarq be qrirybcrq. Ohg url, jr trg zber Naln naq Tvyrf orvat n ovg bs n ohz naq nyfb Gnen, V guvxa?

    In other news. MARK YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW AMUSING YOUR SNYDER-EATEN-SNAKE TRIFECTA WAS. ALSO I AM SO EXCITE ABOUT ANGEL SINCE I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN IT IN ORDER. For some reason all the best tv shows are like this. I still have yet to see X-Files in order. I have seen episodes from every season, but the actual layout of the plot eludes me.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Lrnu, V pbhyq arire trg irel rkpvgrq nobhg Evyrl. Ur jnf bxnl jura ur jnf "qbcrl pbyyrtr thl", ohg gur zvyvgnel natfg yrsg zr pbyq. V jnf abg fnq gb frr uvz tb.

      • girlpire says:

        njj, v ybirq evyrl! ur jnf fb fjrrg. naq ubg. naq gur bayl crefba ohssl rire qngrq jub jnf npghnyyl tbbq sbe ure. v jnfa'g fbeel gb frr uvz yrnir, gubhtu, orpnhfr rira gubhtu v ybirq uvz gb qrngu, v qvqa'g guvax ohssl qrfreirq uvz. v yvxr gung ur raqrq hc jvgu n xvpxnff jvsr. :Q

  54. First results: 1. Buffy will return in the first episode, but it will take at least four episodes for things to be resolved from the finale (THE REPERCUSSIONS WERE ALL OVER THE PLACE, SO I'LL GIVE MYSELF HALF A POINT)
    2. Willow will do more magic (AWESOME I AM)
    3. Spike and Dru will return, but in a hilarious way (SPIIIKE. at least I was half right? oh god he's terrifying. HALF A POINT)
    5. Ethan will return, and it will have damaging consequences, but not for Giles (OMG HE CAME BACK AND IT HAD CONSEQUENCES FOR EVERYONE AHHHH HALF A POINT?)
    6. Vampires will be slain ( WOOOOT)
    7. Joyce will have gone to Giles for advice during Buffy's absence, and they will be BFFs (pipe dream, I know)DAMN IT HOW WRONG WAS I (BUT OMG BAND CANDY!! GILES AND JOYCE OMG!!!!)
    8. There will be a new teacher and they will be totally suspicious, but totally innocent (DOES THE PSYCHOLOGIST COUNT. I THINK IT DOES. POINT.)
    9. Snyder's motives will be revealed (ish? not really, huh.OMG HE GOT EATEN THOUGH)
    10. Hell will be hilarious and badly done and we will love it anyway (WELL WE HAD SOME BAD CGI, BUT NO HELL)
    11. there will be a terrible MOTW episode, but it will have one redeeming factor NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO BE WRONG
    12. Oz won't die, but will be taken from us in a heartbreaking way NEVER EVEN BEEN HAPPIEST TO BE WRONG OMG OZ IS MY FAVORITE SETH GREEN STAY FOREVER
    13. I will be unprepared (TOTALLY)
    14. My sister will laugh at how unprepared I am (DONE AND DONE)
    15. Buffy's hairstyle will be different. ( WOOOOT)


  55. Ryan Lohner says:

    Va Arj Lbex, Znex fnvq ur'f bayl orra fcbvyrq sbe bar rcvfbqr gvgyr sebz uvf ebbzzngr, jub'f n uhtr Ohssl sna naq znqr gur zvfgnxr bs nfxvat vs ur'q frra vg lrg: Uhfu. Naq ur ybirf fnlvat vg whfg sbe gur ubeevsvrq ernpgvba sebz gur jubyr pebjq, jvgu ab vqrn jul.

    Gur Tragyrzra ner pbzvat sbe lbh…

  56. And now predictions! I know less about Angel than Buffy so this should be fun!


    12. ETHAN WILL RETURN AND HE WILL FINALLY FACE JUSTICE (ok ok I'm grasping at straws here)


    1. Someone else from Buffy will appear at least once besides Buffy
    2. Within the first five episodes, there will be terrible CGI
    3. There will be a girl on Angel's 'Scooby' team, and she will be brunette, and the anti-Buffy, so he will sleep with her
    4. There won't be a big bad, but a bunch of little bads
    5. By the end of the season, I will have fallen in love with a character, and that character will be the big bad for season2
    6. Angel will brood (I have to have one okay)
    7. Angel's apartment wherever he ends up will be awesome and strangely fully furnished
    8. There won't be a lot of color in the clothes
    (that's all I have)

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      "5. By the end of the season, I will have fallen in love with a character, and that character will be the big bad for season2"

      That's pretty goddamn tragic bro. I can totally see it happening.

    • robin_comments says:

      ahzore guerr sbe Natry vf… fgenatryl ncg va harkcrpgrq jnlf. urr!

      • @sab39 says:

        I know right! It's almost like one of those prophecies, where it takes until when you reread the novel or whatever to realize that it came precisely true and you never would have realized it because everything in it was still completely unexpected.

    • Bonnie says:


      Naq vg'f tbvat gb or ure orfg unvefglyr rire. Frevbhfyl, V qba'g xabj jul fur rire yrg ure unve tebj bhg ntnva, pnhfr gung ybcfvqrq obo jvgu gur sevatr ybbxf nqbenoyr ba ure, naq fhvgf ure yvxr jbj.

    • notemily says:

      Hee, I love Jonathan as "the Wedge Antilles of Buffy."

  57. nao says:

    Just to avoir some spoilers, i suggest for these seasons, to see first buffy s4 ep 1, then angel s1 ep 1, buffy s4 ep 2, then angel s1 ep2… Same for other episodes. If you watch them in the other way, you may occasionally learn some informations about something you didn't see yet.

  58. DonSample says:

    Official tally of deaths from The Buffy Body Count

    Third Season Totals
    People: 30
    Vampires: 56
    Others: 26

    See for the complete list.

    So, Mark predicted 112, people and vamps killed, and the BBC total is 86.
    But add in "Others" and the total is 112, for a remarkably accurate prediction.

    (This after his prediction for the total human body count for season 2 was only off by 1.)

  59. mannii says:

    Can you rot13 your first Angel prediction because it looks like something too spoilery. I'm pretty sure DVD covers count as spoilers.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Lrnu, Argsyvk Vafgnaq vf hfvat gur Frnfba 5 pbiref sbe obgu Ohssl naq Natry, sbe fbzr ernfba. Juvpu zrnaf gung bu, url! Vg'f Qnja naq nyfb Fcvxr!

    • feminerdist says:

      oh really? I didn't even think of that! Ooooops……… FAILURE.

      And… now I sorta can't, cause it's been responded to…? Can the mods do it? Oh well wait. Lemme just delete it…

    • feminerdist says:

      My sorta predictions for season 4:
      1. I want more Spike. James Marsters just clearly has so much fun with this role, and his enthusiasm is so infectious. So Spike will show up and do… stuff?
      2. Oz will leave the show, but of his own accord. I will never forgive Wheadon for killing Oz, but since we can't have nice things, I'm sure Oz/Willow can't last. So Oz will leave, because of… stuff?

      Now my sorta predictions for Angel:
      1. David Boreanaz will never again attempt an Irish accent, cause… well, y'all know.
      2. I had another prediction, but it's spoilery. And I don't want to rot 13 cause then I'll be tempted to un rot 13 other people's responses… and then I'll just feel left out.

  60. stellaaaaakris says:

    I didn't realize this would be so early! I was so excited that I had a half day at work and I'd be at home when it went up so I could comment to my heart's content. I didn't even think to check earlier. Oh, well. Anyways, time to review my season 3 predictions.

    -Buffy will return at some point in the first episode, but we will find out where she's been. I think she returns for the last scene, right? But we spent the whole episode finding out where she's been.
    -Angel will be back for the…last few episodes of the season, maybe a little build up to what I'm guessing will be a 2 part season ender. Boy, was I wrong. He returned about 3 minutes in as Dream!Angel and then his naked self reappeared in episode 3. But hey, I was right about the 2 part finale.
    -Spike will return!!! (Please) HELL YEAH!!!! DANCE PARTY!
    <img src=""&gt;
    -Joyce will stake a vampire (MARK, I HAD THE SAME THOUGHT!!!) No, but I'm going to hold on to this prediction.
    -Sunnydalers will continue to be ridiculously oblivious to all things supernatural. Yes and no. Apparently the students noticed but just chose to remain in denial. And then they make me want to cry. And then they kick so much ass.
    -BUT three more people will be in the know Well, the entire senior class of Sunnydale only seemed to be about 50 students and they all knew. But I'm going to say Anya, Jonathan, and Larry. Because I said so.
    -Xander and Cordelia will still be together but he's going to mess things up, possibly by falling for Willow, by halfway through the season Well, I was right. But I thought Willow would resist. I am disappoint.
    -Willow will be on staff and be more ~magical~ Staff, no. More magical, oh yeah.
    -Principal Jerkface will find out Buffy's the Slayer and will bow down to her. I'm actually not sure if he ever truly figured out she was the Slayer, but there was definitely no bowing.
    -We will meet the Mayor Yuppers.
    -One of the monsters of the week will be a bright green color, like Shrek. Hey, maybe there will even be an ogre! No ogres, but the Mayor in demonic form was kinda green. Sorta?
    -Turns out Jonathan is secretly a…warlock. Do they have warlocks in this world? Hmmm… Not yet, but I think he'll still turn into something if he goes to UC Sunnydale.
    -There will be many meetups at the Bronze YESSSSSSSSS
    -By the end of the season, Buffy will burn down the Bronze. No, but she blew up the school which is pretty close.
    -Buffy will get a new love interest For like 3 seconds? Whatever, still counts.
    -We'll see more Oz…but he was a senior. Um, maybe he'll be on staff with Willow! AND HE WILL NOT DIE, MARK, HE WILL NOT. VICTORY (for the most important part). He was still at school and we definitely saw him more often and, ahem, more of him.
    -There will be slayage I AM SO FULL OF KNOWLEDGE
    -I will be ridiculously tempted to decode everything on this site because there will be countless posts solely in rot13 with lots of upvotes and replies. THIS IS A FACT, NOT A PREDICTION, SINCE I KNOW IT WILL BE TRUE. (ETA: It's happening already. GAHHHHHH I want the knowledge.) I know myself pretty well. I spent a bit of time trying to think of real words that look like they might be rot13 and was considering just writing in nonsense to some of those really long ciphered threads. It would read something like this: Wbanguna et al ipsom loro quid hullabaloo pro quo habeas hoc scorpio. Convincing, huh?

    • Bonnie says:

      Oh God, there's this one thing there on your list that just fills me with glee.

    • Kickpuncher says:

      Lbh fubhyqn fnirq gur “terra qrzba” cerqvpgvba sbe F2/5. Ybear naq Byns gur Gebyy, jung jung.

    • GamgeeFest says:

      And now I have "It's Not Unusual To Be Loved by Anyone" stuck in my head.

      Carlton gif is the best! 😀

  61. t09yavosaur says:

    Can some one tell me if I can watch this without being spoiled?

  62. stellaaaaakris says:

    Season 4 predictions
    -I said I'd bring it again, but Joyce will stake a vampire.
    -Everybody goes to UC Sunnydale, meaning Buffy, Willow, Xander, Cordy, Jonathan, Giles, and Amy – in human or rat form.
    -Wesley comes back.
    -Faith will wake up at the end of the season.
    -We get another Slayer? Maybe. I'm not too sure what happens when the Slayer is in a coma.
    -Oz goes away, either going to another college or transferring part way through. I love you so much, Oz, that every time you're on the screen, I'm convinced Joss is going to kill you to hurt me. So, off you go. I'm going to act like Buffy when she sent away Joyce during Graduation. Get away from Sunnydale and live a long, lovely life as a werewolf somewhere else.
    -New Buffy love interest in episode 13.
    -Xander and Cordy are cordial to one another.
    -SPIKE RETURNS. Listen, I just really adore Spike.
    -No more returns of Jenny; they make me so sad.
    -A dragon. I don't know if it appears or if it's just mentioned in a story, but there will be mention of a dragon.
    -A fly. Or maybe a bat.
    -A freak out about Y2K?
    -Anya returns.
    -32 people will die.

  63. stellaaaaakris says:

    Angel predictions
    -Lots of brooding.
    -Lots of reading books in French in the dark.
    -Lots of Oirish accents.
    -Angel will stand in sunlight and it will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because the writers really don't care about being consistent about that (Did I mention how annoyed I got in Earshot that, when Buffy was pretty delirious and he was sitting on her bed, the sun was shining on his back through the OPEN blinds? GAH!!! And just moments before they had him covered up and smoking from being in the sun. PICK A SIDE AND STAY WITH IT)
    -Angel goes to LA.
    -Oooh, ooh! Maybe he meets Chantarelle/Lily!
    -Dru reappears, but without Spike.
    -Angel becomes his own evil-fighting-man-person.
    -2 crossover episodes.
    -17 shirtless scenes (completely unbuttoned shirts count too).
    -Angel's entire wardrobe will be made of black, red, gray, and he'll throw in some brown for whimsy.

    • knut_knut says:

      Oh my god, I really hope we get some Angel backstory, complete with terrible Irish accent and horrible wigs/facial hair.

    • robin_comments says:

      guvf vf nyy FB ZHPU SHAAVRE gb zr abj gung V whfg jngpurq rcvfbqr gjb jurer Natry vf yvxr, "tbbq jbex grnz! jr pna… tb bhg naq pryroengr. bhg. jvgu gur crbcyr. lrnu."
      Qblyr naq Pbeqryvn: "…" "ubj nobhg lbh whfg fgnl ubzr naq oebbq va gur qnex?"
      Natry: "ERNYYL? LNL!" *oebbqf unccvyl*

    • girlpire says:

      oh man. man oh man. i am so amused by these. 😀

      qbrf vg pbhag nf fuvegyrff vs ur'f jrnevat n fvyxl xvzbab-ebor guvat? urrrr.

  64. Kickpuncher says:

    All you first-timers think you’re so special with your “predictions” and “not knowing what happens, but I’ve hit myself on the head with a cartoony mallet and with my new absurdly specific amnesia, I’m ready to make some predictions too.

    1. A character I love will appear in a role where it is not immediately apparent that he or she will return. I will flip the fuck out in rot13 and worry that I have ruined the surprise for other people, because I secretly believe that people pay more attention to me than they actually do.

    2. Mark will offhandedly say hilariously ironic things that will make me compare him to an adorable but horribly doomed lamb or other baby animal.

    3. I will laugh at all the first-time watchers falling in love with characters who are marked for death. Characters like THE PERSONAL FAVORITE CHARACTER OF YOU, THE PERSON READING THIS POST.

    4. Snake kills Snyderdore.

    5. Pain. Never-ending pain.

  65. haguenite says:

    I only watched a few Angel episodes as they aired, so here is my prediction: 85% of it will be some variation on this.

    <img src=""&gt;

  66. Sarah S says:

    Mark, I love these because I love going, "Yes . . . no . . . yes . . . yessss-ish . . . half a yes, or is that half a no? . . . no . . . did that happen this season or next?" I think my favourites tend to be, "It happens in X season, does that count?"

    For the record, no, these don't match up to any particular list of predictions, these are just reactions I have as I read them, so please no one assume these match up in their current order to anything.

  67. laconic says:

    A suggestion of how to watch BtVS and AtS at the same time: watch an episode of Buffy and then follow it up with an episode of Angel. Not only was this the way it originally aired, with Buffy on Tuesday and Angel on Wednesday, but there are a few two-part crossover episodes over the course of the series that won't make much sense if you watch the Angel episode first.

  68. robin_comments says:

    Instead of predictions, I'm going to post the top 5 things in Angel season one that I was NEVER PREPARED FOR:

    #1: Fhcreangheny orvatf jub ner abg onq thlf gb or fgnxrq, vapyhqvat n unys qrzba znwbe punenpgre!
    #2: Svaqvat Natry gb or raqrnevatyl qbexl naq onq ng yvsr
    #3: Rnearfgyl fuvccvat Pbeqryvn naq Natry ol gur raq bs gur frnfba bar svanyr
    #4: Jrfyrl wbvavat gur pnfg! V JNF FB FUBPXRQ. Qvq abg xabj jung gb znxr bs guvf be ubj ur'q svg va
    #5: N ovt onq gung vfa'g bar be gjb crbcyr naq qbrfa'g trg erfbyirq ng frnfba raq

  69. Inseriousity. says:

    My first attempt at posting this seems to have disappeared despite there being lots more posts so I'll try again 🙁

    Inseriousity.'s predictions for Angel

    Angel will get a personality.

    Okay I joke, I have actually seen all 5 seasons now so this prediction is a little late. I like reading the newcomers' predictions. It's very hilarious jngpuvat lbh nyy trg fcbeqryvn jebat ol nffhzvat fur'f va Ohssl jura fur'f va Natry ununun.

  70. @Ivana2804 says:

    ". Qnivq Obernanm jvyy arire ntnva nggrzcg na Vevfu npprag, pnhfr… jryy, l'nyy xabj. "


    V'z tynq lbh jrer jebat – jr'q or qravrq fb znal terng synfuonpxf (qrfcvgr gur npprag!).

  71. Danielle says:

    I'm sorry but predicting that Angel will be broody is like predicting that Xander will make jokes or the Giles will be British. I say that one can't count (unless I'm proven wrong and Angel becomes truly happy–at which point he will stop being broody and be horribly kick-ass evil instead).

    (BTW, I could never get into Angel. I know I watched the first episode, but its been so long that I can't remember much (bgure guna Pbeqryvn naq Jrfyrl ner va vg). I'm kind of looking forward to giving it a second chance and watch it a long with Mark.

    • John says:

      I hope you stick with it this time! =) I love Buffy, but I always thought that Angel was the better show…like Buffy, Angel as a show changes a lot with every season.

      • BSGfan1 says:

        Right there with you about Angel.

      • pica_scribit says:

        I think it's very much a matter of taste. There are some Angel plotlines, the awesome of which I will never recover from. But there are others that still make me cringe when I think about them a decade later.

        • John says:

          Oh I agree about the cringe-y plotlines (I think I know which one you're talking about) but even those have some really, really great episodes attached to them. I guess for me, it's less about the plotlines and more about the characters of Angel that I adore.

  72. Abs says:

    Some of these things are DEAD ON and some are DEAD WRONG. You are not prepared.

  73. Suzannezibar says:


    So, my exposure to Buffy is *the weirdest*. I watched Angel before Buffy, but…only watched bits and pieces of Angel? I think I've seen, like half of Season One, the last half of Season Five, and maybe like a quarter of Seasons 2-4. I dunno, whatever was on reruns on TNT between 2003 and 2005 :P. (and, for the record, I'm only two episodes into Season Five of Buffy, Mark is going to catch up to me so soon good god).

    SO I am going to do my best to watch Angel along with Mark and I will be semi-unprepared!! I've never watched a show along before, so this will be a fun new experience 😀 😀 😀

  74. girlpire says:

    one reason why i am so excited about rewatching angel: YVAQFRL ZPQBANYQ! v ybir lbh fb zhpu, fve. v'z fhecevfrq ab bar unf zragvbarq uvz lrg.

  75. The Notorious G.O.B. says:



  76. byelves says:

    The number of times I read this – and the comments I knew to be newbie comments – and giggled made me both happy and sad.


  77. LisaChimes says:

    Back when Angel was originally airing after Buffy I used to record each ep for later watch, however I almost never actually watched them. I've probably seen a total of 15 episodes, most of which were from season one. So after years of avoiding it Mark has inspired me to finally watch the full run of Angel. I'm surprised I'm not alone in this. I thought everyone in the Buffy fandom had watched/loved Angel and I was a lone resistant wolf, but I see in these comments this is not the case.

    I only wish that: a) I wasn't so spoiled by seeing random episodes from different seasons; b) I wasn't SO VERY spoiled by all of the ROT13 comments that I assumed were Buffy spoilers and foolishly read; and c) I actually liked the character Angel.

    • V’z er-jngpuvat gufbr rneyl rc.f (abg whfg sbe ZNex; jr’er hc gb guvf cbvag va gur “abg-nf-terng-nf-jr’q-ubcrq-Terng Ohssl Erjngpu ” ng gur Oebamr Orgn naq, juvyr gur F-4 OgIF rc.f ner nf tbbq nf nyjnlf, V’z univat eryn gebhoyr znxvat zlfrys jnag gb jngpu gubfr rneyl Natry rcvbfqrf ntnva. Hacyrnfnag.

  78. Saint Mercy says:

    Your unpreparedness has pleased me. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. @geo_hof says:

    I know you are going you are going to be reviewing the episodes every other day but is that how you are going to watch them? You should at least watch them on the same day because of the cross over events that happened in the first 2 seasons of angel. Some story arcs spill over from one show to the next.

  80. Shiroikami says:

    Gah! Mark! I object! Why do you keep trying to kill Oz in your predictions?!? DON'T YOU WANT HIM TO LIVE?!?!?

  81. NyssaOfTraken says:

    What, no predictions for how many times Angel will take his shirt off? 😉

    Actually, the Angel side of things is really exciting for me, because while I've seen Buffy a few times over the years, I've only seen Angel once on its original UK transmission, and even then I don't think I've seen all 5 seasons. IIRC, it was on late night on BBC, which meast it had to be a VCR job, and I think they buggered about with the schedule and it turned into one of those shows you lose track of. Since then, whenever I think to look for it, I never seem to be able to catch Season 1. So I've bought the box set and everything just for Mark Watches! What can I say, I'm Mark's number1 fan! …Actually, I think I'm fan number 163, but the point still stands, right?


    – Pbeqryvn jvyy orpbzr zhpu zber vaibyirq jvgu fynlvat abj gung fur fynlrq n inzcver ng gur raq bs frnfba guerr.

    Bbu funzr! Tbbq cerqvpgvba, jebat fubj!

    • MrsGillianO says:

      Angel was never on the BBC. C4 bought the first season and put it on at FRIGGIN' 5.00!!! They then cut it to shreds because it was on so early and that meant half the episodes made no sense at all. Then C5 bought later seasons (I'm not sure how many) and put it out stupidly late at night as filler – random times, often random days. I just gave in and bought the DVDs.

      • NyssaOfTraken says:

        Oh yes, you're right! The scheduling was even worse than I remembered. No wonder I lost track of it!

  82. jne says:

    Mark's predictions are the best! I have to admit, I started out reading Mark Watches Buffy and just sort of lived vicariously through review. Then, I couldn't take it anymore and started watching WITH Mark. I have no self-discipline though and have sped far past Mark into the Season Five. However, I keep my watching buddy and partner abreast of Mark's progress. He has not read Mark, but is now after hearing my commentary on Mark's perceptive and sensitive reviews very concerned for him. Last night we were watching an episode no one ever forgets and he was like, "How is Mark going to handle this????! I don't think he's going to handle this!".

    • fan says:

      Self-discipline is a great thing to have, I hear. I started watching with Mark (I had never seen Buffy/Angel before, and knew almost nothing), but in the past two months I somehow rushed ahead to the point that I've seen ALL of Buffy and Angel now!

  83. VicarPants says:

    Gurer jvyy or bar rcvfbqr gung’f whfg fhccbfrq gb fpner gur cnagf bss bs hf.


  84. Umm, what happened to Larry seemed kinda-sorta obvious, but we only saw the first split second of what happened to Harmony. (I never realized until a couple weeks ago; the vamp who grabbed Harm appeared to be a light-skinned Afro-Hispanic woman. And the extra who played her seems to show up whenever Joss needs a small mob of vamps.)

    • pica_scribit says:

      V arire ernyyl cnvq nal nggragvba gb jub fverq Unezbal, fvapr, nf lbh fnl, vg qbrf synfu ol fbeg bs dhvpxyl. Gung'f ernyyl vagrerfgvat, gubhtu, fvapr cerfhznoyl gung inzc qrpvqrq gb fver ure sbe fbzr ernfba. V pna bayl guvax bs guerr ernfba jul fur zvtug qb guvf: 1) frkhny vagrerfg, 2) jnagvat gb fgneg ure bja inzc tnat, naq abg pnevat zhpu jub'f va vg, be 3) fur pnerf n ybg nobhg snfuvba, naq jnagf n snfuvbanoyr inzcl tnycny gb unat bhg jvgu.

      Be… qb jr xabj sbe fher gung fbzrbar ryfr pbhyqa'g unir fverq Unezbal? Rira vs gung inzc qenax ure, pbhyq nabgure bar unir pbzr nybat nf fur jnf qlvat naq punatrq ure, be qbrf vg unir gb or gur fnzr inzc?

  85. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Even if my POV is mainly incoherent sobbing?


  86. mophead50 says:

    I have not commented in a while…just lurking are reading the first time watchers comments…..but Mark you have to watch season 4 of BTVS and season one of Angel back to back…the Buffy universe is expanded and extended and too much would be missed by new fans and you…

  87. @DogEyedBoy says:

    HI Mark,

    I stumbled across your site today. I’ve just finished season 4/1 of Buffy/Angel myself. This is my second time doing a full run of Buffy/Angel and I’d like to offer my advice on episode viewing order.

    I created this list for my own reference and a friend of mine who is thinking of starting Buffy soon. There are no spoilers. [Mod edit – the list contains episode titles]

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Episode Viewing Order

    Take a look and (hopefully) tell me what you think. I’m a definite supporter of Buffy/Angel playing better when you don’t just alternate episodes. This is especially true of later seasons. Maybe I could help tailor something to your needs.

    • echinodermata says:

      Edited your comment to include a warning that your list does contain episode titles, which are considered spoilers by Mark.

      • @DogEyedBoy says:

        Oops, sorry about that. I'm guessing that with Mark's stringent views on spoilers that just knowing when their are crossovers would be a big no-no?

  88. Stine says:

    V pna'g jnvg hagvy Znex qvfpbiref gung Pbeql vf onfvpnyyl Natry'f yrnqvat ynql. Naq gung Jrfyrl orpbzrf n erthyne gurer. Naq gung Qblyr vf tbar jnl gbb dhvpxyl. Naq Snvgu fghss. Naq Fcvxr fghss. Naq Naln fghss. Naq Bm yrnivat. Naq Fbzrguvat Oyhr. Naq Uhfu. Naq JVYYBJ/GNEN (bu Tbq, V'z fb rkpvgrq nobhg gung. V jbaqre vs ur'yy pngpu ba ng bapr be vs vg'yy gnxr uvz n srj rcvfbqrf). Gurer'f fb zhpu va gurfr frnfbaf gung V whfg pna'g jnvg gb urne Znex'f gubhtugf ba.

    • pica_scribit says:

      V jnf fb boyvivbhf nobhg Jvyybj/Gnen gur svefg gvzr nebhaq. Jura V er-jngpurq Ohssl 4 yngre, V pbhyqa'g oryvrir V zvffrq vg, orpnhfr vg'f fb boivbhf sebz gur irel fgneg!

  89. IneptLurker says:

    Hi, Mark. Long time listener, first time caller; delurking just to make this one recommendation regarding the Buffy and Angel viewing schedule: If you’re not planning to watch and review both shows every day, then I’d highly recommend that you never double up on episodes, not even for the handful of crossover episodes.

    In part, this is just a matter of logistics: Consistently alternating between episodes of Buffy and Angel makes the schedule easier to follow; and two episodes in a single day might be a bit much for some watchers, especially if they plan to write lengthy comments on both episodes. As it stands now, it takes me at least a couple of hours every day just to read through all of the comments on a single episode. That’s not even counting the time I spend watching the episodes themselves. I can’t even imagine trying to double that.

    But I also worry that doubling up on episodes might blunt their emotional impact. I don’t think it’s really much of a spoiler to point out that some of the upcoming episodes of both Buffy and Angel are going to evoke lots of feelings and spark lots of discussion. You are likely to encounter situations in which trying to watch and review two episodes on the same day will detract from one or both of them. This is true even for the crossover episodes. Just as in a two-part episode like “Becoming” or “Graduation Day”, sometimes it’s best to take some time to fully digest what happened in the first half of the story before moving on to see how it gets resolved in the conclusion.

    Anyway, just a suggestion. I will now return to the shadows and resume my lurking. I’m really enjoying rewatching some of my favorite shows through the eyes of first-time viewers. Keep up the good work.

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