Mark Watches ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: S02E08 – The Dark Age

In the eighth episode of the second season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, we finally learn how Ethan knew Giles back in “Halloween” and then WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Buffy.

Dear diary,

It’s been a good day. A real good day. Today is the day I figured out what to do with Rupert Giles.

Oh, diary, it truly is a wonderful thing. I had spent a significant amount of time wondering if there was a way that I could ruin the life of another one of my fictional characters more than I already had. “Rupert hasn’t been through any trauma recently,” I thought. (I often think much about the trauma that I cause humans that I have created. Oh, what am I doing? You already know that! Silly me!) How can I change him? How can I tell a story by causing him physical and emotional pain? How much can I melt the minds of the people who have grown to love him?

It had taken me some length of time to come to any sort of conclusion. Rupert was already lonely enough. Should I risk making him more so? Of course the answer was a resounding YES, and I suddenly felt a new burst of energy within me. I was renewed by these thoughts of destruction.

What if, I told myself, Rupert Giles had a morally disgusting past that came back to affect his friends and his girlfriend so negatively that it had the potential to alienate all of them from ever hanging out with him again? What if that were true? I thought. How could I use this to make the story of Rupert Giles more depressing?

But it just didn’t seem like enough, diary. It was definitely a good idea, but how else could I exploit it? Who could I kill that would have emotional resonance with Giles? It wasn’t until an old friend from high school contacted me that I got the mother of all ideas.

What if, I told myself, people from Giles’s past not only came back in his life, but with them they brought a demon that possesses a person and then liquefies them when they are done with them, passing on to the next unconscious or dead body? What if that were true? I thought. Would that be enough to bring about my own happiness.

I was initially quite pleased with myself. I could bring back members of Giles’s past, including Ethan, who provided that delectable twist at the end of “Halloween,” and I could kill all of them. So many characters to kill! Perhaps I shall meet my quota of killing 500 characters onscreen this year, diary. Oh, what a year 1997 shall be!

But….was that enough, diary? Was it enough? I began to ponder the ramifications of such a thing. Killing old friends from London was definitely intriguing, but was it possible to do more? Was there something else I could rip from Rupert Giles’s heart?

What if, I told myself, one of Rupert’s friends came to the library, attacked his friends and knocked out Jenny Calendar, then promptly died and passed into her body, possessing her and creating a sense of horrific dread because the viewer would then worry that at any given moment, I would kill off the only love interest Giles might ever have? What if that were true? I thought. Could that torture the fans of Buffy enough?

Oh, I couldn’t kill off Jenny. It would be much more fun to simply tease the audience, to make them squirm for twenty minutes. (Oooh, make them squirm. I just got an idea for a line in this episode! Must write that down.) But was there a way to finally drive home the point that all of this matters? That this is not some disposable plot, that Rupert Giles’s life is forever changed?

What if, I told myself, Jenny DOES survive the possession, but she becomes wary and frightened of Giles because he did not disclose his past to her and it threatened her very life, and this causes Giles to feel more alone than he ever has, and this moment will also force him to face the reality of how Buffy’s life is just as horrifically lonely and terrifying? What if that were true? I thought. Would my audience believe that I was a heinous troll who fed off their frustration?

Yes, diary, they would.

I’m off to do some writing, diary. I’ve enjoyed our time together. Now, I’ve got to go plan out some more character deaths and depressing backstories. All in a day’s work, as they say!



Some Notes

– Willow’s beautiful freak out on Cordelia and Xander and her demanding they leave HER library is everything that is right with the world.

– Also, did anyone else catch a whiff of chemistry when Xander and Cordelia fought? Whoa, that was a weird feeling.

– More Cordelia? Yes good. Yes, this is what makes any episode better than the last.

– The best use of Angel in a last-minute save ever? Possibly. He smoldered a lot in the three minutes he was onscreen.

– So….what happened to the morgue attendant?

– Also, where is Ethan? OMG IS HE GOING TO COME BACK.

– I would love this show if the custodian had a bit part in every episode, sometimes just walking in the background.

– You know this show is dated when Gavin Rossdale is the subject of a fantasy. Also, I used to listen the hell out of Bush.

– How much is Buffy’s allowance that she could save up for tattoo removal in 1997??? THAT SHIT WAS EXPENSIVE BACK THEN.

– Did anyone else think of the Dark Mark?

– Was anyone else kind of grossed out by the demon thinking so poorly of Giles respecting Jenny’s consent? Like, I get the demon would do that, but the dynamic was still really awkward and I don’t like it and please go back to being a cute couple because I already miss it.

– On that note, I totally thought that Giles and Jenny would pull away from the kiss when the bell rang because that ALWAYS happens in EVERYTHING EVER, so many props for them actually committing to the kiss.

– Oh, cool, another black person on screen for four minutes. Huh. This show is super white, isn’t it?

– Giles, my heart is SHATTERED right now. πŸ™

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    Know the difference. It could save your life.

    And your bonus joke for the day:

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    Know the difference. It could save your life.

    And your bonus joke for the day:

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  3. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Hear that? That’s the sound of my heart shattering into a million tiny pieces.

    Well, I asked for more Giles backstory and I bloody well got it, didn’t I? Ok, as the one part of this episode I can talk coherently about, the stuff with Giles’ past was pretty cool:
    – It’s neat to see him rejecting his role as Watcher, in a parallel to Buffy. If anything, he did far worse than her.
    – Seeing everyone work through a problem without Giles was interesting, especially Cordy getting involved more.
    – Willow’s ultimate solution was really smart and I wouldn’t even have thought of it.
    – Throwing Ethan into the mix as a wild card and having a monster they couldn’t really kill without killing a friend also made this episode more exciting and a little different from the normal ‘monster of the week’

    But onto the more important part of the episode – Giles and Jenny. Giles and Jenny you guys. Talk about wrenching around my emotions during this episode. I should have known it was too good to last because ohhhhh my god how adorable were they at the beginning?? As Xander said, they were just “a twosome of cuteness” as per usual. They kissed and everything and I was just sitting there in this big cloud of glorious shippery glee. But of course they have all of five seconds of happiness before everything goes to hell.
    To be honest, I was pretty terrified for Jenny during this episode and it was a massive relief when they found a way to save her. But when it’s over, she’s more than a little upset with Giles and really…can you blame her? He’s a dangerous enough person to be around at the best of times, but this time a seriously horrifying and fucked-up thing happened to her and it was directly his fault. I mean, if he hadn’t been a total idiot when he was younger the demon wouldn’t have come after them, and even then if she hadn’t been involved with him, she wouldn’t have been there at all to be possessed. She nearly died or worse just because of a stupid mistake Giles made when he was younger and never told them about, even when he knew it was coming back to haunt him. Though Giles obviously feels awful about the whole thing, her attitude of apparently wanting to just keep the hell away from him at this point is perfectly understandable.
    However, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t sitting there in abject misery as my perfect beautiful OTP crumbled before my eyes. I don’t really blame either of them for this but I just so badly wanted them to be happy. Why can’t anyone just be happy for once? Giles and Buffy’s little conversation right at the end with her trying to cheer him up was pretty much as sweet and wonderful as could be, but it still wasn’t enough to take the edge off.

    Please stop it, show. You’re hurting me.

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  4. hpfish13 says:

    I don’t have as much to say about this episode because my thoughts are pretty much “What? Giles? What is going on? This is bad. Very bad. It’s Ethan Rayne! No! Giles? What?”

  5. arctic_hare says:


    Ooh, Giles'd bedroom. Though eek, nightmare.

    Unpopular (?) opinion time: I've never really seen what the big deal is over John Cusack. He just doesn't do anything for me.

    Giles and Jenny! <3 OOH BURN XANDER GOT TOLD. ILU Jenny. Her delivery is priceless, and I love the look on Xander's face. Whatever else I may say about the guy, I never have a problem with Nicholas Brendon's performance, nor anything against the actor himself. I also love the line about the rectal surgery.

    Jenny is such a troll. πŸ˜€ And AWWWW THEY ARE SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN. <3

    Decaf-land AHAHAHAHA. I love her delivery of that line so much. And Cordelia herself, though I must forgive the line about computers replacing books. NO THEY CAN AND DO COEXIST.

    I can tell you're lying, Giles.

    Well, this is looking awfully bad. Giles is drinking alone in his apartment instead of meeting Buffy, is secretive when she comes to ask him what's up, has the same tattoo as Dead Guy, AND there's only Ethan (yay that must mean we're gonna see him again) and himself left on some list. Whatever is back, cannot be good.

    Ew, shut up, Xander. I didn't need that line. I love Cordelia's request to de-louse him, I CONCUR, CORDY.

    Ethan! Sup!

    Smart move with the cage, Buffy!

    I love Cordelia's "ohhhhh" of understanding as to why Ethan called Giles "Ripper" when Giles threatens him.

    And that's where my notes trail off, because I got so absorbed in the action and the Giles backstory that I forgot (or didn't want to) pause and write out thoughts. OOPS. NOT VERY GOOD AT THIS. πŸ˜€ Though I have to note the awesome of the Giles/Buffy conversation at the end, and lament that Giles and Jenny seem to be on the rocks. Noooooo! Though, considering, I can't blame her. Giles done fucked up here, for sure. He messed up big time in his youth (and was just as unhappy with his destiny as Buffy was, only he deceived her about that till now), and put everyone in danger in the present. Ethan is a douche – albeit a hilarious one – but he had a point about Giles not leaving town when he realized something was wrong. Broken clocks and all that. Giles is not dead, though, and I am happy about that.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      Unpopular (?) opinion time: I've never really seen what the big deal is over John Cusack. He just doesn't do anything for me.

      No idea, not really my typ either, it's the same with George Cloney I don't get why he is so popular.

      Ooh, Giles'd bedroom.

      I really like Giles' house, plus we see him in pjs hih.

      • arctic_hare says:

        I don't get the Clooney thing either.

        • DreamRose311 says:

          I don't get the Clooney thing either, but I do loves me some John Cusack. Everyone just has widely varying tastes. My roommate digs a guy she thinks is super hot and I barely find him remotely attractive… It's nice though, it's gotta mean there's someone for everyone right? RIGHT?! *hope*

        • misterbernie says:

          I only get the Clooney thing when he's covered in grime and blood and sports fake tattoos, but then I get distracted by Salma Hayek with a snake.

        • Dru says:

          I always thought Clooney comes off as too much older than me for my taste.

          Which is weird, because I love Brad Pitt, and he's only a couple of years younger than Clooney.

          • enchantedsleeper says:

            See, Brad Pitt is one supposedly "SUPER-HOT DUDE" whom I have never seen the attraction of, but George Clooney is quite sexy. As far as smoking older dudes go, though, he has nothing on Hugh Laurie. πŸ˜€ <3

      • Cusack- It's the way he talks. He's a weird lookin' dude, but he has a manner of speaking that attracts me. Except I heard he's a bit of a douche in real life, so that attraction died…

        Clooney- Never felt anything for the guy until I found out that he's got a great sense of humor and great comedic timing. It was "O Brother Where Art Thou?" that made me love Clooney

    • cait0716 says:

      At least I know who John Cusack is. Who is Amy Yip?

      • arctic_hare says:

        Just wiki'd her, she was a Chinese actress in the late 80s/early 90s, apparently quite the sex symbol. (It says she retired from acting, hence the past tense. She's not dead.)

    • guest_age says:

      Although I disagree with your take on Xander, I just wanted to say thank you for distinguishing between actor and character, because I know there are plenty of instances where I dislike a character and people assume I have some sort of deep and abiding special ~*grudge*~ against the actor or actress who play them, when that's just not true. It's possible to differentiate between the two, so thank you for doing that as well. Now I can say, "See, I'm not the only one who can dislike a character but not hate the person who plays them! It's possible! I AM NOT ALONE!" <3

  6. cait0716 says:


    Plot? What?

  7. settlingforhistory says:

    Thoughts about this episode while re-watching:

    -They would have been able to save Philip, if Buffy had chosen music instead of "noise"

    -'Anywhere but here' sounds fun; I love how childish Xander's and how detailed Willow’s idea
    is, (Ohssl ernyyl yvxrf ornpurf, qbrfa'g fur? Vg erzvaqf zr bs ure qernz nobhg Natry va n yngre rcvfbqr.)

    -Jenny should not be joking about the first edition, I would have cried if someone had done that to my book

    -It’s nice that Giles seems to have liked his dad (dhvgr gur pbagenfg gb Jrfyrl jub nyjnlf fbhaqf cnvarq naq jr xabj jul, cbbe thl)

    -Why do vampires steal blood from a hospital? There is only on souled vamp we know of, so what do they do with it? (Jvyyl'f one znlor?)

    – Qb jr rire frr gung gnggbb ntnva?

    – Qbrf nalbar va Knaqre'f snzvyl Abg qevax?

    – Gung obbx pntr ubyqf fb znal zbafgref va gur frevrf, ohg hfhnyyl abg obbxf.

    -I love how Cordy is trying to help, the way she grins at Buffy waiting for her task; she really
    is a Slayerett now

    -" Gurer'f arire orra n orggre gvzr" (Gurer jvyy arire or gvzr sbe gurz, vg'f whfg fb fnq, nyy gur

    -"Don't be sorry, be Giles" is a wonderful motivational slogan!

    -Giles killed a man in his youth, that is a dark back story for a librarian (znxrf zr guvax gung
    ur fubhyq unir orra noyr gb eryngr orggre gb Snvgu guna ur qvq)

    -Ethan always brings out the best in Giles 

    -There is something positive about being undead, there is just no space for a second demon in you
    (Jul qvq vg gnxr Pbel naq Natry fb ybat gb trg gung vqrn, jura gur xvq jnf cbffrfrq va 'V'ir Tbg Lbh Haqre Zl Fxva' obgu bs gurz unir frra ubr rssrpgvir vg vf.)

    – Buffy and Giles bonding, yay! (gurl qb n ybg bs gung guvf frnfba, juvpu rkcynvaf jul ur vf fb bofrffrq jvgu svaqvat ure yngre, fur ernyyl vf yvxr n qnhtgure gb uvz ol gura)

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      "Don't be sorry, be Giles" is a wonderful motivational slogan!

      I'm going to start using that every time someone apologises to me, just to confuse them.

    • NeonProdigy says:

      – Qb jr rire frr gung gnggbb ntnva?

      -Giles killed a man in his youth, that is a dark back story for a librarian (znxrf zr guvax gung
      ur fubhyq unir orra noyr gb eryngr orggre gb Snvgu guna ur qvq)

      Ernq gur Frnfba Rvtug pbzvpf~

    • NB2000 says:

      Qb jr rire frr gung gnggbb ntnva?

      V pna'g erzrzore juvpu rknpg rcvfbqr ohg V xabj vg fubjf hc va frnfba 4 ng bar cbvag. Vg'f jura gur tnat ner uvqvat sebz gur Vavgvngvir va Knaqre'f onfrzrag, Tvyrf gheaf gur GI bss fb ur pna fyrrc naq gur gnggbb vf ivfvoyr sbe n frpbaq. Vg zvtug fubj hc fbzrjurer ryfr gbb.

      • settlingforhistory says:

        Bu, tbbq, V ungr vg jura gurl oernx pbagvahvgl, yvxr gurl qb jvgu Natry'f gnggbb nyy gur gvzr.

    • Shiyra says:

      "- Gung obbx pntr ubyqf fb znal zbafgref va gur frevrf, ohg hfhnyyl abg obbxf."

      Naq qba'g sbetrg nobhg gur pntr ubyqvat na nefrany bs jrncbaf, gbb. Ubj qb gurl trg njnl jvgu guvf va n fpubby?

      • settlingforhistory says:

        V nyjnlf jbaqrerq ubj gurl tbg gurz vagb gur fpubby, fznyy jrncbaf fubhyqa'g or n ceboyrz ohg n dhnegrefgnss, genvavat qhzzvrf? Qbrf Tvyrf oevor gur phfgbqvna be vf rirelbar ng guvf fpubby whfg fhcre boyvivbhf.

        • Shiyra says:

          Gurl qb xvaqn cbegenl gur yvoenel nf n cynpr jurer ab bar rire frgf sbbg.

        • TrampyMcBitca says:

          Jryy nccneragyl gurer vf na bhgfvqr qbbe gung tbrf qverpgyl (be ng yrnfg pybfr gb vg) gb gur yvoenel gung Cuvyvc jnf gelvat gb hfr. Vg'f cebonoyl abg n qverpg qbbe orpnhfr gura gurl jbhyq unir zragvbarq vg jura gurl jrer gelvat gb svaq n jnl bhg bs gur yvoenel va Fpubby Uneq.

        • LadyPeyton says:


    • @Ivana2804 says:

      "-'Anywhere but here' sounds fun; I love how childish Xander's and how detailed Willow’s idea
      is, (Ohssl ernyyl yvxrf ornpurf, qbrfa'g fur? Vg erzvaqf zr bs ure qernz nobhg Natry va n yngre rcvfbqr.)"

      Minor spoiler for season 8 comics: Ohssl naq Jvyybj cynl gur "Naljurer Ohg Urer" tnzr ntnva, naq Ohssl'f snagnfl unccraf ba gur ornpu, ntnva. Guvf gvzr vg'f Qnavry Penvt jub pbzrf bhg bs gur jngre. (pbzvpf gvzryvar vf qryvorengryl jbaxl orpnhfr gur jevgref jnag gb or noyr gb unir pbagrzcbenel cbc phygher ersreraprf)

    • RoseFyre says:

      -Why do vampires steal blood from a hospital? There is only on souled vamp we know of, so what do they do with it?

      Agreed. Also, why does anyone in Sunnydale schedule the blood delivery at night? I mean, dude, you'd think after the amount of times it's been stolen that they'd have the brains to deliver it at high noon. That was my main reaction to that bit – why does ANYONE in Sunnydale do anything at night?

      • @RadagastWiz says:

        It`s the wimpy vamps that don`t have the guts to hunt down live victims. Plus, it`s multiple meals from one attack, prepackaged and refrigerated!

        Yes, vamp fast food. Very Buffy.

        • MaggieCat says:

          Wouldn't it technically be more like vampire slow food? I mean, part of the appeal would be that it can't try to run away…. πŸ˜‰

        • settledforhistory says:

          Yes, vamp fast food

          That's a good idea, after all not every vamp wants to fight Buffy for every single meal, but it's cold blood without the fun of killing the victim, so it's probably like Spam for vamps.

      • settledforhistory says:

        Agreed. Also, why does anyone in Sunnydale schedule the blood delivery at night?

        Jub xabjf? Oevorf? Gur Znlbe?

      • enchantedsleeper says:

        I just loved the awkward moment between Buffy and Angel when she asked if he could make sure the blood got to the right people at the hospital XDD I was like "Why is he looking like… oh. OH." and then I had a sudden mental image of Angel pigging out on blood sachets with a straw. :'D

    • Pseudonymph says:

      V ybir lbhe bofreingvba nobhg ubj Tvyrf eryngrf gb Snvgu. V arire gubhtug nobhg gung orsber ohg abj vg frrzf yvxr n erny zvffrq bccbeghavgl. Be creuncf vg'f vaqvpngvir bs fbzrguvat nobhg Tvyrf' punenpgre gung V qba'g yvxr fb zhpu. V thrff gung cneg bs uvf yvsr vf fb erchtanag gb uvz gung ur abeznyyl cergraqf vg arire unccrarq. Naq jura ur'f snprq jvgu erzvaqref bs jub ur hfrq gb or, yvxr Snvgu, ur erwrpgf gurz orpnhfr ur'f nfunzrq bs univat orra Evccre.

      Nyfb, nobhg lbhe pbzzrag ba gur obbx pntr, V nterr fb zhpu! Gurer ner fb znal zbzragf va gur svefg guerr frnfbaf jura V guvax "jung ba rnegu jbhyq gurl unir qbar va guvf fvghngvba jvgubhg gur obbx pntr?" cnegvphyneyl jura Bm fgnegf genafsbezvat.

  8. Jub pbhyq V xvyy gung jbhyq unir rzbgvbany erfbanapr jvgu Tvyrf?

    perngvat n frafr bs ubeevsvp qernq orpnhfr gur ivrjre jbhyq gura jbeel gung ng nal tvira zbzrag, V jbhyq xvyy bss gur bayl ybir vagrerfg Tvyrf zvtug rire unir?

    Bu, V pbhyqa'g xvyy bss Wraal.

    Nyfb, qvq nalbar ryfr pngpu n juvss bs purzvfgel jura Knaqre naq Pbeqryvn sbhtug? Jubn, gung jnf n jrveq srryvat.

  9. Seventh_Star says:

    "a bonus day of class plus cordelia. mix in a little rectal surgery, and it's my best day ever!"

    1. i gotta back giles on this one, the "music" buffy is working out to is…there are no words for how bad it is. every time i watch this episode i cringe and wait for it to GO AWAY (i'm hearing moaning myrtle say this). nf jr'yy svaq bhg va fhofrdhrag rcvfbqrf, tvyrf unf vzcrppnoyr gnfgr va zhfvp (pernz, gur iryirg haqretebhaq, gur jub, rgp.). v'yy whfg cergraq ur qvqa'g zragvba gur onl pvgl ebyyref. abg gung gurl'er ONQ ohg…

    2. "and the rest is silence." THE SILENCE/ SILENTS?! (i kid, i kid. MAYBE.)

    3. "i trust i gave good squirm." "did anyone ever tell you you're kind of a sexy fuddy-duddy?"

    best conversation y/y?

    4. i've always wanted to know the plural of abacus. mystery solved.

    5. hapyr ebel! jura jr svanyyl trg gb frr uvz ng gur jrqqvat, vg xvaq bs oybjf zl zvaq.

    6. cordy and her huge give-me-a-job-cos-i-wanna-help smile. "what about me? i care about giles." aaaand my heart swells up to 10x its size.


    8. jryy, gung'f fbzr knaqre/ pbeql frkhny grafvba vs v rire fnj vg.

    9. "i'm so used to you being a grownup, and then i find out that you're a person."

    it's all about giles in this one. he is the moist delicious cake and everything else is the icing. everyone has a past. some are more colorful than others. it's easy to assume, like the gang does, that giles was always as he appears now. it is rather short-sighted of them, but when have they ever seen evidence to the contrary? plus, they're teenagers and therefore mostly self-centered. we've all had that moment where we realize that our elders, be it parents or teachers or whoever, don't know everything. they don't have all the answers. they're fallible. they're just people, too. it can be shocking and confusing and hurtful, and it usually is. i believe that the giles we have seen up to this point is the real giles. he does love books and tweed and order, but that's not to say that there isn't more to him. he was a rebellious kid once (and clearly a BADASS) that got in over his head.
    the inherent pressure of being a watcher is enough, even if you got to choose it. he didn't. having already been exposed to the magical world via his watcher heritage, he delved further into it with a group of people that were, unfortunately, a negative influence. i'm not saying that he is innocent in this, but it's important to note that eyghon heckles giles because he was always the cautious one, the caring one, and he apparently attempted to be a stabling influence in his group of friends. what he saw and experienced scared him, and it scared him so badly that he ran away from it and never looked back.

    what i love most about this episode, even more than all the wonderful character development that giles gets, is that this only serves to make his bond with buffy stronger. she no longer relates to him just as an authority figure but also as a person.

  10. znachki says:

    Jvgu rirel arj cbfg, Znex syvatf bhg zber oernqpehzof sbe zr gb sbyybj. Rira gubhtu V xabj jurer guvf cngu yrnqf. Ur vf fb hacercnerq sbe jung vf gb pbzr.

  11. misterbernie says:

    Comments on your review:
    – Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal.
    – Nyfb, qvq nalbar ryfr pngpu n juvss bs purzvfgel jura Knaqre naq Pbeqryvn sbhtug?
    – Nyfb, jurer vf Rguna? BZT VF UR TBVAT GB PBZR ONPX.

    Comments on the ep (I finally got to rewatch one again in time!):
    – hello, obvious initial victim
    – bad music kills people!
    – no seriously Buffy if you need a beat listen to something that actually has one
    – goodbye, obvious initial victim
    – …John Cusack, Willow, seriously?
    BTW: a cozy, well-heated cabin in northern Finland, fully stocked with all kinds of booze, and with a hunky reindeer herder who can teach me both a variety of Sámi and how to make love on a fur rug
    – Willow is spot-on. Willow needs an award or something.
    – ngl, if I had pictured a straight teacher couple ‘getting together’ at 16 I’d’ve pulled those exact faces
    – Jenny, you’re the sexiest troll ever
    – They allowed the squirm line to air? WOO It’s all good, it’s alright, everybody gets laid Saturday night
    – omg A SECOND PERSON OF COLOUR! And she even has lines am I still watching an early Joss Whedon programme?
    – you give Cordelia the straight-on side eye, cop lady
    – aww, Buffy shows concern for Giles <3
    – so, four guys and one girl? Giles, you are something queer! And tattooed! HOT
    – oh no he’s infected with cheesy special effects eyes D:
    – why does the half-naked guy have to be covered in purple spots πŸ™
    – that line non-segue was clunky, dear writers
    – … why are you whispering ‘drinking’
    – hello, Ethan!
    – uvg uvz! UVG UVZ!
    – ahaha, Ethan is such a coward I would have also hidden behind Buffy
    – how considerate of Eyghon to dress his corpsey self
    – let’s all lean on Giles
    – charge-taking Buffy, I approve
    – she’s touching liquour, Giles, SHE IS TV EVIL!
    – …wait what is Willow saying here? I really hope the writers don’t intend to say that Etruscan stuff predates Egyptian stuff.
    – Giles is a good guy <3
    – lol that voice
    – okay, so a demon is possessing and being born from within your girlfriend let’s sit down and do extensive background talk
    – no really you can tell her that later and focus on saving Jenny first. Please?
    – so Eyghon’s powers include a green backlight. huh. handy.
    – Giles so heroic <3
    – and Angel saves the day THANKS TO WILLOW
    – wait you have to pay for that yourself? The least Giles could do was covering for tattoo removal. BAD GILES
    – nooo Giles/Jenny :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    – but aww, Giles and Buffy bond. Again, dead bodies and violence =&gt; Sunnydale bonding. How, uh, adorable.

    German title time: Das Mal des Eyghon – ‘The Mark of Eyghon’.
    Um. Yeah.

    • James says:

      I really hope the writers don’t intend to say that Etruscan stuff predates Egyptian stuff.
      Yeahhhhh, I was side-eyeing that bit so hard.

      But to focus on the good: sexy badass Giles and his orgies with guys! Unf, Ripper.

      • misterbernie says:

        I shall chose to read it as "Etruscans inherited that symbol from somewhere else and thus it predates the establishment of their art style, so everybody later on defaulted to an older civilisation" or something

        And yes, let's focus on that because orgies what's not to love

        well, okay, I guess the demon possession gone wrong would be kind of a bummer, and not in the good way.

    • tigerpetals says:

      " I really hope the writers don’t intend to say that Etruscan stuff predates Egyptian stuff. "

      This is what I forgot to mention! How ridiculous.



    • Epiphany says:

      – bad music kills people!

      I actually have that in my notes, worded, "Nineties pop music kills people!"
      Nice observations about this episode.

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      – omg A SECOND PERSON OF COLOUR! And she even has lines am I still watching an early Joss Whedon programme?

      And she lived!!

    • RoseFyre says:

      – so Eyghon’s powers include a green backlight. huh. handy.

      Laughing out loud, literally.

  12. cait0716 says:

    OK, actual comment. This is another spectacular episode. Mostly because we finally learn that Giles is a human who made mistakes. Also, Ethan Rayne elevates any episode he's in just by being in it.

    This is the second mention we get of Xander's uncle Rory. In "I Robot, You Jane" we learn that he used to be a janitor at CRD. Now we find out that he was, at some point, a taxidermist (presumably before he was a janitor), but had a drinking problem and frequently utilized the services of prostitutes (you really could have phrased that better, Xander). This, coupled with some hints about Xander's possibly abusive home life paint a more complete picture about why he struggles so much with his masculinity. He doesn't seem to have had the best male role models in his life. Of course, this development is quite subtle and you really have to be looking for it. Something a bit more obvious (and some progression on Xander's part once he befriends Buffy and Giles) could have gone a long way to making him a more likeable character. It's a little strange to want things to be more obvious on Buffy, but there you have it.

    On a more positive note, Willow continues to kick ass in this episode. I like what a big role she has in saving the day. And it's nice to see that even when Giles is out of commission the gang can pull together and get things done.

    And poor Jenny. I like that the episode shows her emotional fall out. She was violated in a massive way and it was partially Giles' fault. But I just want them to be together and happy.

    • RoseFyre says:

      "He doesn't seem to have had the best male role models in his life."

      Not sure you could say he's got the best role models of ANY type in his life. After all, the only fact we know about his mom is that she can't cook.

      Ohssl ernyyl trgf gur bayl qrprag cnerag ba guvf ragver fubj, frevbhfyl.

      • Sosa says:

        Ohssl ernyyl trgf gur bayl qrprag cnerag ba guvf ragver fubj, frevbhfyl.

        Serq, gbb. Obgu ure cneragf ner qrprag crbcyr.

      • cait0716 says:

        Not being able to cook doesn't necessarily make his mom a bad role model. And if that's the only thing we know about her, well then that's all we can say.

        I guess I was assuming that the abusive household is due to Xander's dad. It could be his mom or both of his parents. Since it's just hints, it's really hard to figure out.

        • RoseFyre says:

          True. But it's the only thing we know about her – you notice that none of them really talk a lot about their parents. Not that all teenagers do, but…if the relationship is healthy, even teens tend to talk about their parents at least every once in a while. Buffy's the only one who's ever really talked about either parent, out of the entire group.

          And it's always possible that Xander's mother is either an enabler or being abused herself, or simply oblivious. I'm not saying she's the cause of anything – we don't know enough to say that – but that doesn't mean she's a good parent either.

          • Sosa says:

            Even in Teacher-Parent night in School Hard, we didn't hear about Xander's parents or Willow's parents coming to school to ask about their kids.

            The only thing we know about Willow's parents is when she was at home in I, Robot, you, Jane, and she heard knocking ( or the bell ) and she said teasingly, "Dad, did you forget your keys again?" Seems like her relationship with her father is a good one.

            • RoseFyre says:

              Well, we do know that Willow's parents don't allow boys in her room – see her yelling to her mom in Lie to Me. But yeah, we don't know much.

              And we don't see Cordy's parents either! You're very right about School Hard – Willow spends practically the entire night showing Joyce around, which…if her parents are there, why is she helping Buffy with her mom? So there seems to be a general lack of parentage.

    • Sosa says:

      Great catch about his uncle working as a janitor. I looked at the transcript, he doesn't say that his name is Rory, but I don't mind believing it's the same uncle. Xander's home life is clearly shaping to be an abusive one, it does explain his attitude toward the people around him.

      V qb ungr ubj fhogyr gur jevgref ner gerngvat Knaqre'f punenpgre qrirybczrag/onpxtebhaq. Hayrff lbh pner rabhtu nobhg gur punenpgre, lbh'q zvff vg pbzcyrgryl.

  13. eruonna says:

    Bu qrne. V'z ernyyl fgnegvat gb jbeel nobhg jung Fhecevfr/Vaabprapr naq Cnffvba jvyy qb gb Znex…

  14. knut_knut says:

    – Please tell me this is an Alex Mack crossover
    – hey, my mom still uses an abacus!
    – touched Jenny..she's done for RIP JENNY AND GILES πŸ™
    – lol forever at "This is what happens when you have school on Saturday"
    – awww, Cordelia cares about Giles!!!
    – it over? is it gone? ARE WE SURE?
    – πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ at least she’s alive


    • knut_knut says:

      This wasn’t exactly the Giles backstory of my dreams (that would be just 45 minutes of Giles telling Jenny everything. End of episode. And no one would die or be FOREVER TRAUMATIZED), but his past was totally unexpected, so I’m willing to let it go. Giles, the librarian who is stuffy and eats scones and wears nothing but tweed but is still incredibly sexy, dabbled in creepy demon possession?? I never would guessed it. EVER.

      One fun thing I learned about myself thanks to this episode, is that I’m incredibly quick to despair and lose all hope. As soon as Jenny’s hand touched the putty-demon I’d written her off as dead and spent the rest of the episode mourning her in advance. I clearly have no faith in anything. I really hope this isn’t the end of Jenny and Giles, but I can understand if it is. How do you recover from demonic possession? I completely understand if she wants to distance herself from the group. It won’t stop me from being incredibly sad, though, or forever shipping them. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP.

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Also, I wish to join the 'I will go down with this ship' team.

        I will be really really upset if Jenny has left for good. πŸ™

        • knut_knut says:

          Me too πŸ™ Now I don’t want to watch the next episode. What if she’s not there? What if she left?? D:

          • enigmaticagentscully says:

            Awww it's ok, we'll get through it somehow. Us noobs have to stick together for our emotional health y'know.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:


      This seems to be my reaction to anything by Joss Whedon.

    • monkeybutter says:

      – Please tell me this is an Alex Mack crossover

      I THOUGHT THE SAME EXACT THING! I love the the whole Terminator 2-induced liquid people trend during the 90s. I felt a huge swell of nostalgia when those bodies dissolved into goo.

      • knut_knut says:

        slime in general was pretty big in the 90s, now that I think about it. I wonder why that was. One of my friends had some of that weird slime stuff Nickelodeon sold and we got it stuck on her cat. I'm sure it loved us.

  15. unefeeverte says:

    "Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal."

    Bhpu. Ubj znal rcvfbqrf hagvy Cnffvba? πŸ˜‰

  16. Karen says:

    This episode doesn't really inspire tl;dr thoughts in me. I mean, I think that it is interesting to get to know Giles better and I think the idea of Buffy's image of Giles being shattered as she finds out that adults are people too is worth exploring. But mostly, the episode is pretty straightforward and fairly enjoyable to watch. So yes, a solid episode, but not one that I generally rewatch.

    ALTHOUGH I’m pretty sure that the dialogue both at the beginning and end of the episode where Giles complains about Buffy’s music was directly lifted from a conversation between my mom and me.

  17. Kickpuncher says:

    Hahaha, Mark, could you be any LESS prepared?

  18. cait0716 says:

    Oh Mark, you probably think you're prepared, don't you? You think you totally have Joss figured out.

    I'm just gonna sit over here and laugh

    • Seventh_Star says:

      gurer jnf npghny yby-vat juvyr ernqvat guvf cbfg.

    • whedonzombie says:

      V'z nagvpvcngvat frireny shgher Znex-zrygqbjaf bire Wraal'f shgher fgbelyvarf/raq.

    • Mary Sue says:

      'Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal. Vg jbhyq or zhpu zber sha gb fvzcyl grnfr gur nhqvrapr, gb znxr gurz fdhvez sbe gjragl zvahgrf.'

      Naq guvf vf jurer Znel Fhr fgnegrq ynhtuvat sbe svir zvahgrf fgenvtug, hagvy fur pbhyqa'g fgbc tnfcvat sbe oerngu.

  19. NeonProdigy says:

    So according to Mark, Joss Whedon is Naqerj Uhffvr.

    • tentacleTherapist says:

      Please allow me to share a properly cyphered URL which might assist in further illustrating your point to those who are unafraid of spoilers.


    • kelseyofcake says:

      Well he kind of is if we're talking about uvf graqrapl gb xvyy rirelbar. Gubhtu V guvax Uhffvr unf n uvture obql pbhag.
      Nyfb, V'z cerggl fher Znex ernqf Ubzrfghpx fb V'z abg fher vs fnlvat uvf anzr jbhyq unir pbhagrq nf fcbvyrel be abg…nalbar xabj ubj sne ur vf?

  20. monkeybutter says:

    "Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal."


    My brain somehow combined "that was a weird feeling" and "more Cordelia" as "More Than a Feeling." Thank you for that. I totally agree that this episode is better because of her. I love that Cordelia is spending more time with the group, and that she wanted to help Giles! Yay!

  21. Tat says:

    Mark, I know you stay amazingly spoiler free, but I have to wonder, if you hadn't seen Firefly before this would you be experiencing Joss' way of inflicting pain the same way? Would you still be expecting it regularly and with it's full wrath, or would you have hope for happy endings?

    It did take six years of Buffy for him to perfect the pain he unleashed with such skill in Firefly.

    • Zoli says:

      Yeah, and if you think Firefly is traumatizing, go watch Dollhouse. I think it's probably Joss's best work overall, but goddamn, there are so many upsetting things in that show. D:

      • Mary Sue says:

        I'mna ROT13 this just in case, but it's about Dollhouse so if you haven't seen that you have been warned —

        V'ir orra n Wbff snatvey fvapr F1 bs Ohssl naq V'z gen yn yn jngpuvat Rcvgncu 2
        gen yn yn, yn qv qnu, cbcpbea cbcpbea cbcpbea, jurr, rkcybfvbaf!
        jnvg, jung?
        Gurl whfg xvyyrq Cnhy?
        Bu, uv, ebbzzngr. Ab, rirelguvat'f svar. V whfg rawbl pebhpuvat urer ba gur sybbe bs zl ebbz pelvat naq fpernzvat rkcyrgvirf ng gur gryrivfvba fperra.

        • Coughdrop01 says:

          thoughts on Dollhouse:
          V nz abg ovt va gur snaqbz fb V unir ab vqrn vs guvf vf na hacbchyne bcvavba ohg V guvax Qbyyubhfr vf ol sne Wbff' jrnxrfg jbex! Gur gurzrf naq vqrnf jrer vagrerfgvat naq V jngpurq gur jubyr guvat ohg V guvax gur punenpgrevmngvba jnf ynpxvat gerzraqbhfyl. V xabj vgf uneq gb pevgvpvmr orpnhfr cneg bs gur cbvag jnf gung bar crefba jnf znal crbcyr ohg V jnf abg eraqrerq nf fnq jvgu nal bs gur ybffrf va gung fubj gur jnl V jnf jvgu uvf bgure fubjf. Ohg V jvyy sbyybj Wbff gb gur rnegu naq Wbff'f jrnx vf n ybg bs bgure jevgre'f fgebat. πŸ™‚

        • Zoli says:

          Zl snibevgr gjvfg va gur frevrf vf Oblq'f erirny gbjneqf gur raq bs frnfba gjb. OBLQ!! Qnzzvg, V fgvyy ybir uvf punenpgre, naq V fgvyy pna'g trg bire vg jurarire ur erirnyf gung ur'f gur urnq bs Ebffhz.

          Nyfb, Gbcure/Oraargg jnf nqbenoyr naq V pna'g sbetvir Wbff sbe qrfgeblvat gung fb noehcgyl. Q:

          • tanbarkie says:

            Htu, ernyyl? Gur Oblq gjvfg vf gur bar guvat nobhg Frnfba 2 V pna'g fgnaq. Gur erfg bs gur frnfba vf oevyyvnag, zvaq-oraqvat fpvrapr svpgvba… naq gura Wbff erfbegf gb Nyvnf-yriry "UN UN TBG LBH JVGU N GJVFG V WHFG ZNQR HC" ohyyfuvggrel.

            Oblq jnf n onq thl nyy nybat? Fb nyy gung punenpgre qrirybczrag V tbg vairfgrq va jnf na rynobengr ubnk? SHPX LBH IREL ZHPU, WBFF JURQBA

      • @farwell3d says:

        I liked Dollhouse, own both seasons, etc etc, but I feel the complete opposite, and that it is clearly the weakest of Whedon's tv shows. To each their own, and such.

        • TRVA says:

          Dollhouse was what introduced me to Whedon, and I live for problematic shows with moral grey areas. so Dollhouse is still my favorite out of his shows.

          • @farwell3d says:

            Ah. I'm a Whedon geek from way back. But, that aside, I could never fully get past the base concept of Dollhouse… Gur npghny vqrn bs crbcyr fcraqvat gung xvaq bs zbarl ba, sbe gur zbfg cneg, ernyyl rkcrafvir cebfgvghgrf whfg arire jbexrq sbe zr.

            Again, that's not to say I don't like the show. Especially season 2 when they knew damn well they were getting cancelled and thus just started throwing everything at the wall.

      • Jenny_M says:

        Dollhouse season 2 was a thing of absolute beauty. Season 1 I could take or leave, but it did get quite good towards the end.

        • @farwell3d says:

          I agree. Season 2 was fantastic. I still think the show is weaker than Firefly, Angel, and BTVS. Then again, I think EVERYTHING is weaker than BTVS, and the only other show I like more than Angel is Veronica Mars.

          When I did a ballot for a website for best tv shows post-1980, Buffy was my #1, Angel #3, Firefly #13 (and only because of how short it was) and Dollhouse was #18. So, no hatred, just that I think it's the weakest of the 4 shows Joss has created.

          • Zoli says:

            I think Firefly could have been the best, but it was cut so short it's hard for me to judge it. Firefly had fantastic characters, but didn't get to finish its plot. (Serenity is better, but it's so depressing I've never been able to watch it more than the once.)

            I've only seen S1-3 of Buffy, with random episodes from 5, 6, and 7, and only S1 of Angel. This may be an unpopular opinion, but V srry yvxr gurer vf fbzr *frevbhfyl* fybccl jevgvat va obgu Ohssl naq Natry. Yvxr, jura V urneq Qneyn jnf pbzvat onpx sbe Natry F2, V pbhyqa'g jngpu nal zber bs gur fubj. (Fur vf QRNQ. QHFG. LBH PNA'G PBZR ONPX SEBZ GUNG.) V ernq rabhtu fcbvyref ba GIGebcrf gb yrnea gung vg whfg trgf zber naq zber qenzngnfgvp, naq gung'f abg ernyyl jung V rawbl va n fubj. Nyfb, V arire sbetnir Jurqba sbe xvyyvat Qblyr naq ercynpvat uvz jvgu Jrfyrl.

            V srry yvxr Ohssl vf cebonoyl orggre birenyy, ohg… ntnva, qenzngnfgvp. F2 rfcrpvnyyl. N ybg bs gur cybg vaibyivat Natryhf frrzf gb unir rirelbar ubyqvat gur vqvbg onyy sbe ab bgure ernfba guna vg znxrf punenpgref fhssre haarprffnevyl. V unir urneq guvf vf n znffvir ceboyrz jvgu frnfba fvk nf jryy, jvgu ybgf bs qenzn naq BBP npgvbaf naq zber qenzn. V tvir Jurqba n yvggyr fynpx fvapr gurfr jrer uvf svefg erny GI fubjf, ohg… zna, gurl znxr zr pevatr jvgu gur qenzn. Qbyyubhfr naq Sversyl unir n ybg yrff Vqvbg Onyy naq, juvyr punenpgref fgvyy fhssre, V qba'g srry yvxr Wbff vf gbeghevat gurz whfg gb znxr uvf nhqvrapr pevatr. Jryy, znlor fbzrgvzrf. Ohg abg arneyl nf zhpu.

            • tanbarkie says:

              Jbj. Nf fbzrbar jub oneryl erzrzorerq jub Qneyn jnf jura fur jnf oebhtug onpx ba "Natry" (frevbhfyl, V unq gb ybbx vg hc ba gur vagrearg), V gubhtug ure nep ba Frnfbaf 2-3 bs "Natry" jnf bar bs gur orfg "ivyynva" fgbevrf sebz rvgure fubj. Vg znl ybbx zrybqenzngvp ba cncre (ohg yrg'f snpr vg, fb qbrf rirel fgbel nep sebz OgIF), ohg vg'f jevggra naq rkrphgrq ornhgvshyyl bafperra.

            • @farwell3d says:

              Frnfba 6 bs Ohssl vf yvgrenyyl zl fvatyr snibevgr guvat rire znqr va nyy bs cbc phygher. Orfg frnfba bs n gi fubj rire, orggre guna nal obbx V unir rire ernq, nal zbivr V unir rire frra, nal fbat V unir rire urneq.

      • Tat says:

        Like all Whedon shows there were fantastic episodes and then there was the rest. Unfortunately a poor casting choice made it difficult impossible for me to sit through those episodes more than once. And there were a lot of them.

        • @farwell3d says:

          Which casting choice?

          • Tat says:

            The lead.

            I tried to like her (I even think I loved her when she debuted on Ohssl), but I can only be so loyal. Dollhouse could have been so much more tolerable without Ryvmn Qhfuxh.

            Can you be a producer without being a star? I'm pretty sure you can.

            • @farwell3d says:

              Oh. Then, in that case, we just completely disagree.

              Ryvmn'f fgergpurf va frnfbaf 1 naq 4 bs Natry cebqhprq fbzr bs gur orfg rcvfbqrf bs gryrivfvba V unir rire frra, naq V guvax fur jnf fbyvq vs abg nofbyhgryl nznmvat va Qbyyubhfr.

              • Tat says:

                I understand how you feel, she's an oddly polarizing actress for some reason. But…

                Qbyyubhfr ernyyl jnf jung svanyyl ghearq zr bss gb ure nf na npgerff. Fvapr Ohssl/Natry V'ir yvxrq ure yrff naq yrff.

                Znlor zl ovggrearff gbjneqf ure pbzrf sebz gur snpg gung V guvax Qbyyubhfr pbhyq unir orra n ernyyl fgebat fubj vs vg qvqa'g fcraq fb zhpu gvzr sbphfvat ba Rpub. Gur fhccbegvat pnfg jnf rkpryyrag naq bapr vg fgnegrq sbphfvat zber ba gur zlgubybtl vafgrnq bs gur cebprqheny ryrzragf vg fxlebpxrgrq va dhnyvgl.

                V whfg qba'g guvax Ryvmn jnf n fgebat rabhtu bs na npgerff gb fhccbeg gur fubj ba ure bja, rfcrpvnyyl ng gung yriry. Sbe zr vg jbexrq orfg jura vg jnf zber bs na rafrzoyr fubj (be, va bgure jbeqf, frnfba 2).

                • @farwell3d says:

                  Frnfba 2 qrsvavgryl jbexrq orggre, orpnhfr rafrzoyr naq ent-gnt snzvyl vf jung Wbff qbrf orfg. Ohg V qba'g guvax Ryvmn jnf rire gur ceboyrz, fb zhpu nf gur ceboyrz jnf vg jnf qvssvphyg vs abg bhg evtug vzcbffvoyr gb unir zhpu vs nal tebjgu sbe Rpub sebz rcvfbqr gb rcvfbqr, qhr gb gur onfvp pbaprcg bs gur fubj. Gur aba qbyyf naq (QBHOYR FCBVYRE, V thrff) Qe. Fnhaqref npghnyyl unq ebbz gb tebj juvyr gryyvat gur frevnyvmrq fgbel.

                  Vg nyfb urycrq va frnfba 2 jura gurl nofbyhgryl xarj gurer jnf ab punapr va uryy gurl jrer trggvat n frnfba 3, fb gurl jrer jvyyvat gb grne qbja qnza arne rirelguvat naq guebj nyy gur fuvg ng gur jnyy gb frr jung fghpx.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Hmmm. I don't know. Actually, I think the thing that's affected me most to sort of accept tragic and awful things happening comes from George R.R. Martin. Honestly, everyone pales in comparison to him.

      • tanbarkie says:

        Yeah, Joss has got nothin' on GRRM. If nothing else, he's got Standards and Practices to worry about, and GRRM most emphatically does not.

        That being said, Joss loves your pain. Joss loves my pain. Joss loves all of our pain.

        • ambyrglow says:

          …ng yrnfg hagvy Ohssl zbirf gb HCA, abgnoyr sbe abg univat n Fgnaqneqf naq Cenpgvprf qrcnegzrag, va frnfba fvk.

        • cait0716 says:

          V qb guvax Wbff qvq n cerggl tbbq wbo bs cercnevat zr sbe NFBVNS. Ur xvyyf bss fb znal punenpgref gung V jnf fbeg bs hfrq gb gung. Fb jura rirelbar jnf fnlvat gung TEEZ'f obbxf jrer vagrafr, V qvqa'g ernyyl frr vg. Crbcyr qvrq naq V zbirq ba. Gura gur Erq Jrqqvat unccrarq.

      • LadyPeyton says:

        Hrm. Maybe you are prepared, after all. I haven't actually read the books, but my husband is a huge fan and I keep checking with him to see if it's OK to love one of the show characters or if I'll be gutted by their eventual ghastly death and the number of times he's actually given me the go ahead is *APPALLING*!!!

        I can't wait!

  22. hassibah says:

    "- On that note, I totally thought that Giles and Jenny would pull away from the kiss when the bell rang because that ALWAYS happens in EVERYTHING EVER, so many props for them actually committing to the kiss."
    No joke!

    So um, when I made my comments yesterday about how hot and awesome Jenny and Giles were together I had been watching all of my Buffy at the exact same pace as the blog, and as such I swear I had no idea at the time that THIS EPISODE, of all episodes, was coming up next. Jesus Christ I forgot how the end of it just completely crushes my dreams after putting them in front of me. That last scene where Jenny pulls away from him is what I consider one of the saddest things ever. Vg npghnyyl znqr zr fnqqre guna ure qrngu fprar, juvpu zbfgyl znqr zr natel.

    A good episode, with so much awesome Giles-ness, but so damn sad.

    But anyways let's talk about how awesome Cordelia is shall we. I mean she stopped Ethan Rayne, and then she VOLUNTEERS to help someone else. If this show had been currently airing, I would have written them letters in capslock saying, THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE CORDY, JUST KEEP DOING THIS AND WE WILL ALL BE FINE.

    Also Angel's still boring but I like him better as Tuxedo Mask than as a goth. So even though just having him absorb the demon was knd of a quick fix it was nice of him to finally pitch in for once instead of sitting around staring. Also pretty rad that Willow was the one to work everything out in the end. Is this a first? I think it is!

    • beckaboomer says:

      Also Angel's still boring but I like him better as Tuxedo Mask than as a goth.

      Tuxedo Kamen-sama! *heart eyes* ….God, I still own every episode of that show in VHS, fansubbed format. I am the biggest nerd who ever nerded.

    • claretstock says:

      I had all sorts of love for Cordy this episode. The super expectant smile she has when she comes up in line to be given a task makes me lol forever. I think that she feels impressed with herself that she knows so much about the demon world, but she obviously can't share it with her regular school friends, so she feels included when pitching in and helping the slayers posse get the bad guys. πŸ˜›

    • Dru says:

      Also Angel's still boring but I like him better as Tuxedo Mask than as a goth.

      lol, all that's missing is him chucking roses everywhere. That entire series (manga, anime, all of it) is so ridiculous but I still have so much love for it.

  23. cat lady says:


    No, that's not rot13; it's the sound of not saying a word. Must. Suppress. Everything.

  24. ambyrglow says:

    Now I can repost my thoughts from Never Kill a Boy on the First Date without rot-13!

    What I found fascinating about Giles's talk with Buffy in Never Kill a Boy on the First Date was that he didn't lie to her about his past. When Buffy asks if he was "thrilled" to learn about his destiny as a watcher, he says, "No, I had very definite plans about my future. I was going to be a fighter pilot. Or possibly a grocer. Well, uh… My father gave me a very tiresome speech about, uh, responsibility and sacrifice." And then he changes the subject so fast it makes my head spin, deliberately deflecting the conversation back onto Owen.

    I don't think the writers knew exactly what dark secrets lurked in Giles's history back in season one, but I'm pretty sure they knew there were some.

    • robin_comments says:

      IA, they definitely knew that Giles had not at all gone about his duty without some serious rebellion when they wrote that scene.

  25. guest_age says:

    "Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal."


    "Nyfb, qvq nalbar ryfr pngpu n juvss bs purzvfgel jura Knaqre naq Pbeqryvn sbhtug? Jubn, gung jnf n jrveq srryvat."

    Znex unf orra jnl orggre jvgu uvf cerqvpgvbaf/cvpxvat hc fhogrkg ba Ohssl guna ur unf jvgu nal bs uvf bgure fghss, unfa'g ur?

    And yes, this show is "super white." That fact is one of its weakest points and has always bothered me, tbh.

    Can I just say how much I love the way they write Jenny? I love her reaction to Giles at the end of the episode and that she is allowed to have that and it's never portrayed as, "Geez, why can't she just forgive him already it's not like he wanted that to happen to her!" He's sad, yes, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she's entitled to be upset, wary, and a hell of a whole lot of other things, and bless this show for allowing her that while also allowing Giles to be sad about it. YAY FOR ALLOWING TWO EQUALLY JUST PERSPECTIVES WITHOUT DEMONIZING EITHER. (puns, yay)

    • ambyrglow says:


      L NAQ NYFB SBE XAHG_XAHG NAQ RAVTZNGVPNTRAGFPHYYL NAQ RIRELBAR RYFR ARJ GB GUR FUBJ. Nyy gurfr "bu, gunax Tbq, fur'f abg qrnq!" pbzzragf ner whfg qrfgeblvat zr.

      • Zoli says:

        Guvf jnf gur orarsvg sbe zr jura V tbg vagb gur fubj; V unq pnhtug frireny rcvfbqrf sebz frnfbaf svir naq fvk rneyvre jura zl sevraqf jrer znengubavat gur fubj, naq V jnf fcbvyrq ba n ahzore bs znwbe cybg qrirybczragf (Natry orvat n inzcver, Fcvxr trggvat n fbhy). Jura V fnj Wraal naq qvqa'g erzrzore ure sebz yngre frnfbaf, V xarj fur jnf n tbare ng fbzr cbvag.

        Tenagrq, V fgvyy qvqa'g rkcrpg gurz gb fvzcyl fanc ure arpx. V unq n irel "…qvq Wrg whfg qvr?" zbzrag va gung rcvfbqr. Ohg ng yrnfg V jnf xvaqn cercnerq.

        • guest_age says:

          +1 sbe gur NGYN ersrerapr, naq fnzr urer. V fnj gur cvybg svefg, gura BZJS, fb va zl urnq, Tvyrf jnf fvatyr, Jvyybj jnf n yrfovna, Knaqre jnf jvgu Naln, Qnja rkvfgrq, Natry naq Pbeqryvn qvqa'g, naq Ohssl naq Fcvxr ~*haqrefgbbq rnpu bgure*~ orggre guna nalbar ryfr. Pbagrkg pbyberq zl bcvavbaf ba nyy bs gubfr guvatf, boivbhfyl, ohg frrvat BZJS orsber nalguvat ryfr qrsvavgryl funcrq zl rkcrevrapr jvgu gur fubj, ng yrnfg vavgvnyyl.

          • ambyrglow says:

            Crbcyr nyjnlf jnag gb fubj arjovrf BZJS, qba'g gurl? Naq V pna haqrefgnaq jul: Fvatvat! Qnapvat! Naljurer ohg va n Wbff Jurqba fubj, guvf jbhyq or n sebgul qryvtug!

            Ohg vg vf n Wbff Jurqba fubj, naq fb vafgrnq bs orvat syhss vg'f n pbzcyrk rcvfbqr gung qrnyf jvgu fvk frnfbaf jbegu bs gnatyrq vagrecrefbany srryvatf. Naq nyfb, vg'f qrcerffvat nf uryy.

            Va fubeg, vg vf (VZB) n greevoyr rcvfbqr gb fubj arjovrf. 9/10guf bs vg znxrf ab frafr jvgubhg pbagrkg, naq gur erfg whfg znxrf zr pel.

            Naq lrg. Fvatvat. Qnapvat. Fbzr bs gur fubj'f orfg jbex. Rira xabjvat vg'f abg gur orfg vqrn, V pna'g erfvfg gur grzcgngvba gb yher crbcyr va jvgu gur cebzvfr bs zhfvpny uvwvaxf.

            • ladililn says:

              Nyy guvf. V gbgnyyl gevrq gb vagebqhpr crbcyr gb Ohssl guebhtu BZJS bapr, naq gurve rlrf jrer cerggl tynmrq bire ol nobhg n guveq bs gur jnl va. Gurl whfg unq ab vqrn jung jnf tbvat ba!

              V qb ybir Wbff sbe gnxvat jung pbhyq irel rnfvyl naq npprcgnoyl unir orra n bar-bss wnhag bs na rcvfbqr jvgu ab erny nep fvtavsvpnapr, naq gheavat vg vagb fbzrguvat gung ernyyl nqinaprf punenpgre qrirybczrag naq unf erny rzbgvbany vzcnpg. V nz fhpu n BZJS snatvey.

              • Zoli says:

                Gbbx zr n frpbaq gb ernyvmr lbh jrer gnyxvat nobhg 'Bapr Zber Jvgu Srryvat' juvpu V nffhzr vf gur zhfvpny rcvfbqr.

                Vaqrrq, fbzrbar QVQ gel gb fubj zr gur zhfvpny rcvfbqr orsber nalguvat ryfr bs Ohssl. V unir abj pbzcyrgryl sbetbggra vg naq unir AB vqrn jung ryfr vg jnf nobhg. Gur rcvfbqrf gung fhpxrq zr va jrer va yngre frnfbaf fgvyy, fb V fnj ovgf bs gur qvfnfgebhf qrzba jrqqvat (Naln'f?) naq Fcvxr sernxvat bhg nobhg univat n fbhy. V sbhaq gung rira gubhtu V unq ab vqrn jung jnf tbvat ba V jnf fgvyy dhvgr vairfgrq. Gur fnzr unccrarq jura, nsgre frrvat F1-3, V fnj zbfg bs gur raq nep jvgu rivy Anguna Svyyvba. …Ohg V jnfa'g dhvgr vairfgrq rabhtu gb fgvpx guebhtu naq frr gur ynfg gjb rcvfbqrf, naq gurer jnf fgvyy n ybg bs punenpgre pubvprf gung znqr zr pevatr.

                (Nyfb, rira frira frnfbaf yngre, V pnaabg erfcrpg Knaqre. V whfg qb abg yvxr uvz. V pna'g haqrefgnaq jul ur'f gurer!)

            • notemily says:

              Vg jnf gur svefg rcvfbqr V fnj, naq V jnf ubbxrq whfg ol gur cebzvfr bs Fchssl. Ohg V nterr gung vg'f abg n terng rcvfbqr sbe arjovrf.

      • darkwater says:

        Crefbanyyl V nz va n fgngr bs uvtu nagvpvcngvba sbe gur oenva rkcybfvbaf gung jvyy or Vaabprapr naq Cnffvba.. naq yrg'f abg sbetrg gur raq bs Orpbzvat.

        • RoseFyre says:

          Bu Tbq, naq Orpbzvat vf tbvat gb or n jrrxraq pyvssunatre, gbb. Ur'f tbg bar cneg ba n Sevqnl naq bar cneg ba n Zbaqnl!

      • NB2000 says:

        Zbfg havagragvbanyyl cnvashy pbzzragf frpgvba fb sne? Lrf V guvax fb. V whfg jnag gb uht nyy gur arjovrf orpnhfr GURL QBA'G XABJ!!

    • Mart says:

      Cbbe Znex. Ur vf FBBB abg cercnerq.

      Gb or ubarfg, gb guvf qnl V unir gebhoyr xrrcvat "Cnffvbaf" bhg bs zl zvaq jura urnevat "B fbnir snapvhyyn". Vg qbrfa'g uryc gung vg'f n ornhgvshy nevn, bar bs zl snibhevgrf. Fb jryy pubfra ol Jurqba naq uvf perj; bar bs gur zbfg ornhgvshy ybir fbatf va bcren uvfgbel jvgu gung irel cnvashy fprar.

    • NB2000 says:


      L, irel zhpu L

    • kelseyofcake says:

      All I can say is "THIS THIS THIS THIS" on the show's handling of Jenny at the end of the episode. Hurray for women not being vilified for telling someone to back off!
      Even though I want Giles and Jenny to be together, I would only like it if both parties were comfortable. Naq fnqyl V jvyy arire trg gb frr gung jvgu gurfr gjb. Qnza lbh, Wbff.

      Bu zna jr'er nyy tbaan arrq n znffvir uht cnegl jura ur trgf gb "Cnffvbaf". Gung rcvfbqr fgvyy znxrf zr pel. Jr fubhyq pbyyrpg ybgf bs xvggra tvsf sbe gur bppnfvba.

  26. tigerpetals says:

    "I would love this show if the custodian had a bit part in every episode, sometimes just walking in the background."

    You mean you don't now?

    I wondered why Buffy couldn't just use the liquid Ethan used. It's could be a magic tattoo anyway.

    "On that note, I totally thought that Giles and Jenny would pull away from the kiss when the bell rang because that ALWAYS happens in EVERYTHING EVER, so many props for them actually committing to the kiss."

    That sold someone on the show.

    I appreciate that this all led to some more Buffy/Giles bonding, but why can't Giles, like her, have friends outside of, well, her? Well maybe he has Willow. She does call it her library, after all.

    The episode rejects, once again, the idea of lone warrior dealing with scary issues. Like in When She Was Bad, pushing others away leads to them being in danger.

    • Meenalives says:

      The liquid Ethan used was labeled as sulfuric acid, I believe. Ethan is going to have a large and very ugly scar, and be in a lot of pain for a while.

    • James says:

      The episode rejects, once again, the idea of lone warrior dealing with scary issues (…) pushing others away leads to them being in danger.
      YES. God, that is one of my favourite things about this show. How many times in just one and a bit seasons has Buffy (or someone else in the gang) been saved because they didn't keep others at bay? I should just watch Buffy as a palate cleanser every time I read HBP and want to punch Harry for breaking up with Ginny because Spider-Man will always have enemies.

    • LadyPeyton says:

      "N Fynlre jvgu snzvyl naq sevraqf. Gung fher nf uryy jnfa'g va gur oebpuher."

  27. NB2000 says:

    ROFL LOVE this review Mark! I'm loling every few lines, totally perfect summary of Joss' brain.

    So basically: AAAAAAASH! The bulk of my notes consist of how amazing he is in this episode. Just, the ACTING. Tiny thing that I only caught while rewatching today, his accent slips ever so slightly when he tells Buffy that he hated studying to be a Watcher (this could be my hearing being unreliable though).

    Also, Jenny you are amazing and wonderful. Every single one of her interactions with the kids makes me love her. She's able to have fun and joke with them, her response to Xander asking when he'll ever need a computer is particularly fun, but still maintain her authority as a teacher. And then everything goes to hell and she gets possessed, but Robia LaMorte does some really good demon-y acting under all that make-up (although where did that random green backlighting when she arrives at Ethan's come from?)

    I thought about mentioning it in the Halloween post but they only had the one scene so I decided to save it for now: I love watching Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Sachs play off each other, there's a really interesting dynamic and energy between them that makes the scenes so much fun (um, I feel that I should stress that I don't mean this in a shippy way, just…yeah).

    Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal.


    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      although where did that random green backlighting when she arrives at Ethan's come from?)

      Ha, when I watched this episode my immediate thought was 'OMG it's evil!Jenny! And…she's brought a green lamp with her apparently?'

      It did kind of take me out of the moment. Maybe the streetlamps in Sunnydale are just green?

      • TrampyMcBitca says:

        But then it fades when she walks in the door. Maybe she drove up in her EvilMobile and the lights take a few seconds to dim to give some light as you walk away.

      • Epiphany says:

        I actually had the immediate reaction of, "space invaders!" Wait, are there aliens in this show? That would be strange.

  28. "- You know this show is dated when Gavin Rossdale is the subject of a fantasy. Also, I used to listen the hell out of Bush."

    I still do. Don't judge me -.-

    • lyvanna says:

      V'q abg urneq bs gurz hagvy 'bhg bs guvf jbeyq' cynlrq va 'qrnq guvatf' va frnfba fvk – gung fbat trgf n ybg bs cynl sebz zr.

      • @Ivana2804 says:

        The only two songs by Bush I listen to are that song, and the remix of "Letting the Cables Sleep" that was on one of the Cafe Del Mar compilations. I love those two songs, but when I tried to listen to their albums I wasn't impressed.

        • "Glycerine" and "Cold Contagious" are my absolute favorites, but they have a ton of songs that I like. Whenever the band gets brought up and I excitedly exclaim, "OMG, I LOVE Bush" I feel awkward though haha.

    • Deester says:

      I still fantasise over Gavin Rossdale. I admit this UNABASHEDLY! And still a huge Bush fan πŸ™‚

      Also the idea of Giles as 'Ripper' is all sorts of awesome. They should do a spin off prequel called 'The Watcher Diaries' !

    • pica_scribit says:

      "Glycerine" was "our song" for my high school flame and I. I still have a hard time hearing it without tearing up.

  29. Inseriousity. says:

    Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal. Njj znex, fb anvir, jvyy lbh rire yrnea? ununun.

    This is the episode where we find out Giles has a dark and dangerous past that has come back to bite him on the bum… or rip his stomach out. Ouch. He's only got a broken heart… and window. frr, vs gung qrzba unq whfg jnvgrq n srj zber lrnef, knaqre jbhyq'ir orra noyr gb svk vg! gung'f nyy ur rire qvq va frnfba frira!

    Jenny and Giles are so sweet together but I think it's understandable she wants to have some space. Not too long though please Jenny πŸ™

  30. Raenef_the_5th says:

    Vg'f vagrerfgvat gb frr rirelbar'f ernpgvba gb Tvyr'f naq uvf cnfg, abj xabjvat Wraal unf n frperg cnfg bs ure bja.

    • RoseFyre says:

      Lrf, naq ure cnfg qevirf uvz njnl whfg nf uvf cnfg qevirf uref njnl!

      Cnfgf = abg n tbbq guvat gb unir ba guvf fubj.

  31. Zoli says:


    Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal. Vg jbhyq or zhpu zber sha gb fvzcyl grnfr gur nhqvrapr, gb znxr gurz fdhvez sbe gjragl zvahgrf.


    BZT, arire cercnerq. Cbbe Wraal unf, jung, yvxr rvtug be avar rcvfbqrf yrsg? V zrna, V jnf cercnerq tbvat va, orpnhfr V'q frra cvrprf bs frnfbaf svir naq fvk naq fvapr fur jnfa'g gurer, V nffhzrq ng fbzr cbvag fur'q or ubeevoyl xvyyrq. Naq rira V jnfa'g dhvgr cercnerq sbe ubj gung unccrarq.

    Qnzzvg Wbff Jurqba. Nyy V jnagrq jnf bar rcvfbqr bs cher Tvyrf/Wraal unccvarff. JNF GUNG FB UNEQ.

  32. mediamadmeg says:

    Nalbar ryfr trg n funec, fubbgvat cnva va gurve purfg jura ur fnvq, "Bu, V pbhyqa'g xvyy bss Wraal?"



    Question: Mark, are you going to go back and translate some of the rot13 stuff when you finish the series? I mean, there's a TON of it for each episode, but I was just wondering…

    GILES-CENTRIC EPISODE FTW! Gosh, I LOVE this character so much. I forget, and then I remember and everything is Giles and nothing hurts. Except everything hurts because it's a Joss show.

    Please tell me more reviews will be in the "Dear Diary" format…

  33. tigerpetals says:

    "I would love this show if the custodian had a bit part in every episode, sometimes just walking in the background."

    You mean you don't now?

    I wondered why Buffy couldn't just use the liquid Ethan used. It's could be a magic tattoo anyway.

    "On that note, I totally thought that Giles and Jenny would pull away from the kiss when the bell rang because that ALWAYS happens in EVERYTHING EVER, so many props for them actually committing to the kiss."

    That sold someone on the show.

    I appreciate that this all led to some more Buffy/Giles bonding, but why can't Giles, like her, have friends outside of, well, her? Well maybe he has Willow. She does call it her library, after all.

    The episode rejects, once again, the idea of lone warrior dealing with scary issues. Like in When She Was Bad, pushing others away leads to them being in danger.

    Nyfb, V'z fnq gung guvf qvqa'g yrnq gb zber Tvyrf rcvfbqrf. Onaq Pnaql qbrfa'g pbhag, orvat pbzrql gung vfa'g sbyybjrq hc ba nfvqr sebz bar wbxr. Urycyrff naq N Arj Zna srngher uvf punenpgre nep fgebatyl ohg vg'f abg rabhtu. Gura gurer'f uvf snqvat bhg naq va qhevat frnfba svir orsber ur yrnirf va frnfba fvk. Jryy, V fhccbfr uvf yrnivat jbhyq znxr yrff frafr vs gurer unq orra zber rcvfbqrf bs uvz naq uvf eryngvbafuvcf jvgu nalbar va Fhaalqnyr.

    • tigerpetals says:

      And once more, I edited my comment right off the first page.

    • settlingforhistory says:

      V nccerpvngr gung guvf nyy yrq gb fbzr zber Ohssl/Tvyrf obaqvat, ohg jul pna'g Tvyrf, yvxr ure, unir sevraqf bhgfvqr bs, jryy, ure?

      Jryy nyy uvf sbezre sevraqf ner qrnq abj, nea'g gurl?
      Ohg lbh ner evtug, ur frrzf n ernyyl ybaryl crefba naq jbhyq unir fgnlrq nybar vs vg jurera'g sbe Ohssl. (Nf jr frr va "Gur jvfu")
      Bu, ohg gurer vf Byvivn. V jvfu gurer unq orra zber Byvivn, V yvxrq ure.

    • cait0716 says:

      Ethan used acid to burn the tattoo off his skin. Pretty sure Buffy would rather avoid that solution.

  34. Oh MARK.


    Xrrc oryvrivat gung fbzr qnl Wbff jvyy nyybj gjb crbcyr gb or unccvyl va ybir. Vg’f n qryhfvba znal bs hf unir ybfg. Lbhe vaabprapr vf…gbhpuvat.

    • cait0716 says:

      Lrnu, nyjnlf erzrzore gur svany zbzragf bs “V Ebobg, Lbh Wnar”

      “Yrg’f snpr vg: Abar bs hf jvyy rire unir n unccl, abezny eryngvbafuvc”
      “Jr’er qbbzrq!”

  35. Jenny says:

    So. Unprepared.
    So, so, so unprepared.

    Ba gur oevtug fvqr, V abj xabj jung zl anzr ybbxf yvxr ng n tynapr va ebg13! Zl arkg ivqrb tnzr nyvra vf fb trggvat anzrq Wraal. πŸ˜‰

    • monkeybutter says:

      Guvf zvtug or bireyl pnhgvbhf, ohg V rqvgrq guvf orpnhfr V qba'g jnag Znex gb xabj gung rirelbar vf dhbgvat uvf fghss nobhg Wraal.

      • lawrence_s says:

        Holy crap, I forgot to rot13 my reply. So sorry. I hope I deleted it fast enough. Trying again.

      • lawrence_s says:

        V'ir orra abgvpvat gung, gbb. V zrna, nf vg vf, rirelbar vf dhbgvat bar fcrpvsvp yvar sebz uvf erivrj, fb vs ur frrf gur fnzr rapelcgrq cuenfr bire naq bire ntnva, ur znl thrff ur uvg ba fbzrguvat bs frevbhf fvtavsvpnapr.

        • monkeybutter says:

          lol, I didn't get a notification for it, so you're probably okay.

          Lrnu, ohg yhpxvyl ur'f hfrq gb hf ynhtuvat ng uvf hacercnerqarff va ebg13, fb ubcrshyyl ur'yy whfg vtaber vg nyy. πŸ™‚

        • MrsGillianO says:

          Jryy, jr jrer nyy tbvat Wbanguna !!! n ybg bayl n pbhcyr bs rcvfbqrf ntb, naq ur pna'g cbffvoyl thrff gung bar. Pna ur?

          Ur vf hapnaavyl tbbq va fbzr bs uvf thrffrf – ur znl jryy unir na vqrn gung ABOBQL vf fnsr.

  36. CrisA says:

    So there were orgies and bacchanals in a group whose members were Giles, Ethan, Thomas, Phillip, Randal, and Deidre, huh? Either Deidre was REALLY busy at these orgies or….

    Yeah, that's pretty much my only thought about this episode, really.

    Gubhtu, vg nyjnlf znxrf zr fnq gung arire znqr Tvyrf/Rguna be Tvyrf'f ovfrkhnyvgl rkcyvpvgyl pnaba, fvzcyl orpnhfr gurl pbhyq'ir qbar fb zhpu jvgu gung qhevat gur Jvyybj/Gnen fgbelyvar.

    • Hanna says:

      "Gubhtu, vg nyjnlf znxrf zr fnq gung arire znqr Tvyrf/Rguna be Tvyrf'f ovfrkhnyvgl rkcyvpvgyl pnaba, fvzcyl orpnhfr gurl pbhyq'ir qbar fb zhpu jvgu gung qhevat gur Jvyybj/Gnen fgbelyvar."

      Gurl qvq cerggl jryy jvgu vg fhogrkghnyyl va "N Arj Zna", V gubhtug — gung fprar jurer Rguna naq Tvyrf ner ng gur one gnyxvat nobhg zntvp naq, nurz, gur avtug orvat fgvyy lbhat phgf njnl ng n irel fhttrfgvir cbvag gb n Jvyybj/Gnen fprar jurer gurl ner nobhg gb trg nyy frkl jvgu gur zntvp.

  37. monkeybutter says:

    I would love this show if the custodian had a bit part in every episode, sometimes just walking in the background.

    How do you know he's not, and you're just missing him Observer-style?

    • rabbitape says:

      Oh great, now I have to go re-watch every episode again.

      Oh, great! I'm gonna go re-watch every episode again!

      • monkeybutter says:

        Do it! I'm in the middle of rewatching season 1 at the moment, and I'm doing pretty well with Observer sightings! I also found out that Gillian Jacobs was a bad guy in one episode, and that she looks really good with darker hair. I want to finish before the new episode airs on Friday (so excited!).

    • pica_scribit says:

      I'm surprised they can get someone to be a nighttime custodian at Sunnydale High. I'm guessing there's a pretty high turnover rate on that job.

      • RoseFyre says:

        I'm surprised they can get ANYONE to do ANYTHING at night in Sunnydale. The blood delivery being at night in this episode made me scratch my head at that.

  38. Mez says:

    Failure of Secret Identity Count:

    16 + 1 (Ethan) = 17

  39. Meltha says:

    Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal.

    Bu zna, Znex vf abg tbvat gb gnxr gung fprar jryy, vf ur.

    Not prepared. Not even a little prepared.

  40. t09yavosaur says:

    -Metal suitcase = espionage in my head.
    -Janitor isn't very security minded.
    -To die because of Jazzercise is depressing.
    -Eww, goo.
    -Scary backstory Giles. I might be fine not knowing.
    -What about the dead body?
    -Jenny+Rupert 4Eva! But dead body?
    -*snigger* but DEAD BODY!
    -HooooGosh don't scare me (and Giles) like that Computer Lady.
    -Dead Body?
    -Oh Cordy. I love when you speak sense about nonsense.
    -I don't understand the coroner's warning. I can understand being uncomfortable about seeing a dead body but he wasn't mangled. Would someone really lose their breakfast?
    -There seems to be an excessive amount of bruises.
    -Wonder where the briefcase is at.
    -Angel is there to steal his dinner right? Are those his dealers?
    -She said her feelings were hurt. I would have apologized.
    -Do all morgues do that or does Sunnydale just have a policy of making sure its dead bodies haven't left?
    -The gang are the only ones at Saturday school. If that isn't a clue that action is coming I don't know what is.
    -Love Cordelia's face when Xander said “taxidermist”
    -Its nice to be watching something that I don't feel the need to shout at the character not to investigate the strange noises.
    -What's wrong Ethan? Why are you limping?
    -Yes, try to joke with the girl you just threw a bookcase at.
    -Hiding behind her, even better.
    -Nice takedown Cordy, you'll get it next time Xander.
    -Oh, but nice instinctive saving of Cordy, Xander.
    -I will have to keep track of points next episode.
    -Nooo, Computer Lady!!
    -Magic Ooze is making me think of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie.
    -Gotta appreciate Ethan putting the tattoo in a easy to hide place.
    -Xander is ok with throwing Jenny in lava but not cutting off her head?
    -That was almost a “Just Kiss” Moment. But there wasn't quite enough tension.
    -Willow's Mom Voice!!!!
    -Go Angel's demon.
    -Aww, πŸ™ Jenny and Giles 4eva?

    • arctic_hare says:

      Seriously, I've seen worse on Pushing Daisies, and that show didn't even usually show any blood! Makes me remember a great moment in the pilot with one that was implied to be particularly bad…

      • knut_knut says:

        I was expecting the body to be really gruesome, so when the coroner pulled back the sheet it was really disappointing :/ Not that I enjoy watching shows that make me vomit…

        Re Pushing Daises: did you not see his face in the pilot? Vg’f gur bar jvgu gur qbt, evtug? V’z cerggl fher jura V fnj vg unys uvf snpr jnf zvffvat o_O But then again, I didn’t watch the show when it aired.

        • arctic_hare says:

          Yeah, that's the one I was referring to. They show you just enough to tell you why Emerson reacted the way he did (his dialogue there is, as always, beautiful), without getting too gross.

          • knut_knut says:

            some of the dead people on that show were REALLY gruesome. I'd go from "awww!! everything is so cute and funny!" to wanting to vomit everywhere

      • t09yavosaur says:

        The Pushing Daisies one made me cringe but thats it. The warning here just seemed silly to me, especially since the girl in the beginning had looked much worse.

    • Kari18212 says:

      Lol I had the exact same thought about the coroner in Sunnydale counting bodies. Not a bad plan, but I have to wonder what happens when one does disappear (and the coroner doesn't immediately die). Does it end up on the news or do they just go 'Oh well, someone must be up to some shenanigans, we'll just convince the family to cremate nbd."

    • etherealclarity says:

      "I don't understand the coroner's warning. I can understand being uncomfortable about seeing a dead body but he wasn't mangled. Would someone really lose their breakfast?"

      Smell issues, maybe? Refrigeration only does so much.

    • James says:

      Angel is there to steal his dinner right? Are those his dealers?

      Ab, gung'f gur ohgpure.

    • notemily says:

      To die because of Jazzercise is depressing. Ahahaha totally

  41. LucyGoosey says:

    Naq fb pbagvahrf Wbff Jurqba'f genqvgvba bs ab pbhcyr orvat noyr gb or unccl sbe zber guna n srj rcvfbqrf fgenvtug. V'ir jngpurq nyy bs uvf jbex, naq jr'ir unq yvxr, GJB, pbhcyrf raq hc hanzovthbhfyl unccl.

    Nyy V pna guvax bs vf Cnffvba jura Znex gnyxf nobhg Wraal. NYY GUR PERLF

  42. stellaaaaakris says:

    I know I mentally asked for more Giles, but I'm getting a feeling it's going to be like when I asked for more Gaeta in BSG. Heartbreak, here I come. Can we get some awesome Giles backstory? After he washed his face and said "So you're back" or something like that, I thought he was talking to himself/Ripper and not the demon, so I was expecting more badass kicks and blocks and stuff like in that other episode.

    I thought these past few episodes were fantastic, so I can finally see why it has so many fans. I spent this weekend stuck at home with a cold, but that's okay because it finally gave me a chance to catch up on LOTR and Buffy. Vacation was super fun, but exhausting and work has been incredibly busy since I got back. But now I'm back on page with you all and I think I'm really starting to enjoy this show. Before the Halloween episode, I was enjoying moments but I still could take or leave the show. But I loved that episode and this one is quite interesting.

    Speaking of past episodes, I was reading the past reviews and skimming the comments and somebody said something about not wanting to "watch Willow pining after Xander while Xander was with or pining after somebody else" but I misread it as "while Xander was with or without pines" and an image of Xander holding a bunch of pine cones popped into my head and now it won't leave.

  43. Shiyra says:

    Some trivial points
    Giles should be the one to pay for the tattoo removal.

    I Love the scene right after Jenny nabs Xander for a Saturday class; they are all like awww cute Giles and Jenny and smooches… and then they all look really uncomfortable thinking about the images that places in their minds and they quickly disperse. Hahaha!

    I was impressed with how much Jenny's whole dynamic changes when she is possessed.

    Poor, poor Giles.

    Also, you really need to stop taunting Joss Whedon because he will always, always win.
    You are so so so so so so so so not prepared.

    • Raenef_the_5th says:

      Yeah Giles should. I mean he has disposable income! And if I were in Buffy's shoes I'd be like WELL IF YOU DO NEED HELP ON ALLEVIATING THOSE GUILT FEELINGS, HOW ABOUT THIS INK ON ME…

    • Shiyra says:

      I like that awkward moment when she realizes that she is handing a box of blood packs over to a vampire to return to the hospital and she questions herself and him with a look and then his face is like, "of course I'll return it! how could you even doubt me?" and then her face is like, "ok, right I do trust you and you don't drink human blood so this should be is ok."

  44. Kari18212 says:

    Yay Giles backstory! I've been looking forward to this episode since… forever? Seems that way anyway. Cordelia being the one to stop Ethan from leaving by kicking him is awesome. Jenny being scared of Giles made me super sad, not that I can blame her, but… they were all happy and cute. Obviously I should have seen that coming I guess. Also, Buffy like whispering that Giles was *drinking* struck me as hilarious. I know that drinking alone is not a good sign, but it is very legal for him and something I bet Joyce even does at times.

    Obviously in an episode with so much Giles, the Knock Out Count goes up to 7.5, when he hits his head on the desk and has visions of Eyghon. I couldn't decide if he was so out of it because of the drinking or the fight, but either way, he's definitely knocked out on the desk.

    • cait0716 says:

      I thought he was also kind of out because of Buffy being a new initiate. At least, I figure the completion of her tattoo is what triggered his vision of her

    • DreamRose311 says:

      Vs Wblpr qbrfa'g abj, fur pregnvayl jvyy fgneg bapr jr uvg Orpbzvat…

      • Kari18212 says:

        Yby lrnu V pna'g guvax bs n orggre ernfba gb fgneg uvggvat gur obggyr guna svaqvat bhg lbhe qnhtugre vf n fynlre. Nygubhtu V guvax gung qevax cebonoyl urycrq chfu ure gb gryyvat Ohssl gb trg bhg πŸ™

  45. beckaboomer says:

    Oh, Rupert Giles! Why must you be so conflicted and gorgeous and brilliant? I crush on you so much.

    I like Buffy, Xander and Willow's gentle mockery of Giles at the beginning, not only because of how ironic it turns out to be, but because of this line, "He probably sat in math class thinking, 'There should be more math. This could be mathier.'" "Mathier" is a wonderful word that I still use without shame to this very day.

    I too like that Giles/Jenny committed to the kiss even when the bell rang. They are so cute! WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO SUCH CUTE COUPLES? (Answer: Because this is a Joss Whedon show.) This episode frustrated me so much the first time I viewed it, and yeah… still frustrating. They were so close! Stupid dark pasts catching up with you! God Giles, you couldn't have just smoked a lot of pot and done some underage drinking like the rest of us? You had to go all dark magic-y? Sigh.

    One of the things I love about Buffy is the layered characterization. I love that this side of Giles comes to light and I love that it scares the heck out of Buffy because "OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO 'I'M SO STUFF, GIVE ME A SCONE'!?" It's also nice that the actions in this episode have actual consequences for Giles in his relationship with Jenny. Frustrating as is might be for shippers like myself, it's completely understandable for her to need some time processing this stuff.

    • enigmaticagentscully says:

      Giles' dark and secret past is the ultimate cockblock.

      Seriously though, why couldn't he have rebelled in a way that didn't have such long-lasting effects? THINK OF THE SHIPPERS GILES.

      • beckaboomer says:


        EXACTLY. THINK OF THE SHIPPERS, BECAUSE THEY THINK OF YOU. (Having orgies with Ethan Rayne. Wait, what? Was that out loud? *slinking away*)

  46. Raenef_the_5th says:

    Ba ersyrpgvba, vg'f nznmvat gb frr ubj nyy bs gurfr rcvfbqrf ner ohvyqvat hc gb Fhecevfr/Vaabprapr, vs abg sberfunqbjvat Natry'f punatr vagb Natryhf gura qbvat n terng "fznyy" grfg eha jvgu bhe rzbgvbaf.

    – Ybirq barf gheavat ntnvafg lbh/Tbbq punenpgref gung orpbzr ivyynvaf (Wraal, Nzcngn, Sbeq)
    – Lbhe cnfg jvyy pbzr onpx gb unhag lbh. (Tvyrf)
    – Pubvprf unir pbafrdhraprf (Ercgvyr Obl)

    Whfg vzntvar Wbff Jurqba fvggvat gurer tbvat, LBH GUVAX LBH'IR FRRA GUR JBEFG? LBH NVA'G FRRA ABGUVAT LRG.

  47. Patrick721 says:

    This is one of my favorite episodes so far. Mostly because GILES BACKSTORY and ETHAN RAYNE. Man, they were just waxing goddamn nostalgic, weren't they?

  48. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Two things I forgot to mention because I was too busy being really really sad…

    1) Jenny in this episode…UNF. I mean, before the whole demon thing, obviously. But seriously, I love her more and more every time she appears and then this happens…SIGH.

    2) I find it hilarious that Buffy and her friends are so grossed out by Giles/Jenny. Maybe I'm just weird, but at that age if two of my teachers had gotten together, I would have thought it was the cutest thing ever.

    • lula34 says:

      THIS. And you're not weird. After Adama and Roslin, I ship Giles and Jenny the most. Because…obviously. That's my porn.

    • I've actually had classes with two sets of professors that I found out afterwards were married…. the one couple both taught Latin and Greek and the second two are linguistics professors….

      And yes I did think it was adorable especially because in both cases I was like "Really? Those two?"

      I loved the classics professors because they both loved 30 Rock and Doctor Who. Damn I miss them.

      • hpfish13 says:

        When I went on my semester abroad, we traveled with two professors who were married to each other, they were the most adorable couple.

    • Mauve_Avenger says:

      In high school my two favorite teachers were really close friends, and quite a few students were pretty vocal in shipping them. Which is kinda awkward considering one of them is (or was at the time, at least) married, and the kids in question had no problem saying these somewhat shippery things to the teachers' faces.

      • knut_knut says:

        we had something like that at my school too! Two teachers were bffs growing up and the students shipped them to no end. They never did get together

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      Yeah, it's never rung true to me. Every teenager I know would've been gossiping and giggling and trying to watch. πŸ˜‰

    • stefb4 says:

      2) I find it hilarious that Buffy and her friends are so grossed out by Giles/Jenny. Maybe I'm just weird, but at that age if two of my teachers had gotten together, I would have thought it was the cutest thing ever.

      I know this is an old comment, but I had to share πŸ™‚

      My high school chemistry teacher actually wound up marrying one of my favorite English teachers the summer after I graduated. They were really attractive people too and I may or may not of had a crush on my chemistry teacher…TEACH ME MORE STOICHIOMETRY PLZ

  49. atalantapendrag says:


    Oh Mark, your innocence is so delicious.

    Guvf fubj vf tbvat gb oernx lbh bire naq bire. Pbhagvat gur qnlf 'gvy Cnffvba!

  50. Best bit of the review by far! Oh Mark, you are so not prepared.

    • stephanie says:

      jr'er qrsvavgryl tbvat gb unir gb uryc znex gueh guvf… v zrna svefg ur'f tbaan trg uvf zvaq oybja hc jvgu fhecevfr/vaabprapr, gura uvf urneg jvyy rkcybqr jvgu fnqarff qhevat cnffvba. cbbe thl. ur unf AB VQRN JUNG'F PBZVAT!!!!

  51. Alayne_Stone says:

    Bu, cbbe Znex ernyyl unfa'g svtherq bhg ubj sne guvf fubj jvyy or jvyyvat gb tb, unf ur :/ V nyzbfg qba'g qner gb ybbx gur qnl Cnffvba nvef.

    I don't know how anyone can dispute Ethan/Giles-in-college though. Most obvious slash ship in this show let's be real πŸ˜‰

  52. Mart says:

    "Do you want me to answer that or shall I just glare?"

    Go snarky Giles.

    And I'll repeat what I said in an earlier post: sooo unprepared.

  53. ABBryant says:

    I would love this show if the custodian had a bit part in every episode, sometimes just walking in the background.

    But what would Battlestar Galactica say to that?

    Also, this was the first time I gut-busted when reading a review. I have chuckled berofe, but this was hilarious… Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal… Amazing….

  54. etherealclarity says:

    So, this is not a bad episode, and it has some great moments, but overall, I don't have a lot to comment on. I know I'm in the minority here, but Giles and his backstory don't interest me all that much. What I do love is the impact it has on Buffy. Her line at the end about learning that he's human is really fantastic.

    Also love the humor in this episode. Ohg V'z abg fher vs gurer'f n fvatyr rcvfbqr gung QBRFA'G unir uhzbe gung V ybir, rira va gur rcvfbqrf V ungr.

    Willow's improved confidence continuing in this episode from Halloween – LOVE IT.

    Cordelia's obliviousness with Giles in front of the police officers? Priceless. "…and, I can take a hint." *whispers* "What's the hint?"

    That's all I've got today.

    • Shiyra says:

      Tbbq cbvag, arire gubhtug bs gung, gurl fubhyq gbgnyyl cnl ure, n ybg!!!

      • ripchordgirl says:

        Jvyybj vf fhccbfrq gb or n travhf naq Naln vf nyy nobhg gur zbarl. Jbhyq vg unir orra fb uneq sbe gurz gb onynapr n purdhrobbx? Nyfb, jbhyqa'g vg unir orra shry sbe fbpvny freivprf gb gnxr Qnja njnl vs gurl fnj gung 'Ohssl' jnf oheavat guebhtu zbarl fb snfg gung fur jnf oebxr. Htu.

    • RoseFyre says:

      One of the few times we see anyone actually *gasp* go looking for a BOOK in the LIBRARY!

      …Bs pbhefr, V guvax rirel fvatyr gvzr vf cybggl rkprcg sbe bar – juvpu V guvax vf n Wbanguna wbxr.

  55. ripchordgirl says:

    The tattoo removal thing really bugs me in this ep (not only for the “wouldn’t your mother notice your multiple trips to the dermatologist?”), really Giles? Really? The fact that he didn’t pay for removal/trg gur pbhapvy gb whfg ohtf zr. Fheryl gurer’f n fynlre shaq gurer sbe fhaqevrf.

    • TrampyMcBitca says:

      Zragvbavat gur Pbhapvy erzvaqrq zr nobhg gur snpg gung Tvyrf trgf cnvq nf n Jngpure ohg Ohssl trgf ABGUVAT ng nyy nf gur Fynlre. Naq yvxr Ohssl fnvq, jvgubhg n Fynlre, gur Jngpuref ner cerggl zhpu whfg jngpuvat Znfgrecvrpr Gurnger. Jura fur "artbgvngvrq" jvgu Dhragva gb trg Tvyrf' wbo onpx (ergebnpgviryl ab yrff), fur fubhyq unir gbyq gurz gb fgneg cnlvat ure.

      • ripchordgirl says:

        Ohg fheryl Fynlref yvxr Xraqen jub jrer envfrq gb or fynlref naq jneqf bs gurve jngpuref jbhyq unir gurve hcxrrc cnvq ol gur Pbhapvy. Jung vs Ohssl arrqrq znwbe fhetrel qhr gb n fynlvat nppvqrag? V ernyyl ubcr gur pbhapvy jbhyq unir n shaq sbe fghss yvxr gung. Bu Tbq, abj V'z tbvat bss ba zrgn-gnatragf… V ungr ubj nfxvat gur pbhapvy sbe n fgvcraq jnfa'g rira zragvbarq va F6. (Gubhtu V thrff gur pbhapvy'q fnl gung vs fur jnagrq zbarl gura fur fubhyqa'g fhccbeg Qnja/Jvyybj&Gnen- gnyxvat nobhg gung. JUL QVQ GURL ABG CNL ERAG?)

        • TrampyMcBitca says:


          V qba'g guvax gurl rire pynevsvrq vs Jvyybj naq Gnen qvq be qvq abg cnl erag. Bar bs gur guvatf V qvqa'g yvxr nobhg Frnfba 6 jnf gur zbarl vffhrf. Ohg V'yy ubyq zl enagvat hagvy jr trg gurer. πŸ™‚

        • Shiyra says:

          I agree.

  56. lula34 says:

    V unq n pbzzrag nobhg guvf rcvfbqr. Gura Znex zragvbarq Ohfu naq nyy V pna guvax bs vf frnfba fvk'f "Qrnq Guvatf," naq ubj rssrpgviryl gurl hfrq "Bhg bs guvf Jbeyq" va gung qnex, qnex, qnex rcvfbqr. V nz fb hacercnerq sbe nyy gur srryvatf jr'er NYY tbvat gb unir bapr Znex trgf gb frnfba fvk.

    Lrnu, V unq n pbzzrag nobhg guvf rcvfbqr. Ohg vg'f ybat tbar.

    • lyvanna says:

      V nqber gung rcvfbqr. Nqber.

      • lula34 says:

        V ybir vg naq ungr vg. Vg fgnegf bhg dhvgr shaal, ohg gur qrprag vagb qnexarff unccraf fb snfg, jung jvgu Xngevan'f qrngu naq Ohssl'f haeniryvat naq, naq…fvtu…V whfg unir n ybg bs srryvatf nobhg "Qrnq Guvatf."

        • lyvanna says:

          Uru, gur qnexarff vf jung V yvxr gur zbfg, cebonoyl gur ernfba V ybir frnfba fvk n jubyr.

          • Seventh_Star says:

            glad i'm not the only one! v'z cercnerq gb qrsraq vg gb gur qrngu bapr jr trg gurer!

            • lyvanna says:

              V'z fb ybbxvat sbejneq gb trggvat gurer (ohg nyfb qernqvat vg n yvggyr, fheryl Znex jvyy yvxr vg cyrnfr?)

              • lula34 says:

                V'z BX jvgu vg (orpnhfr vg'f fhpu n qvssrerag fvqr gb Ohssl–naq bar gung irel jryy arrqrq gb or rkcyberq) hagvy gur nggrzcgrq encr va "Frrvat Erq." V ungr gung rcvfbqr, nf Wnzrf Znefgref uvzfrys unf fnvq ur ungrf vg. Ohg vg unf vgf cynpr, V xabj, naq vg freirf vgf checbfr. Orpnhfr vg frgf Fcvxr ba uvf cngu gb rneavat uvf fbhy naq orpbzvat gur punzcvba, ohg fgvyy…vg tvirf zr gur cnvaf.

                Orlbaq gung, frnfba fvk unf nyjnlf orra zl snibevgr naq V'z funyybj rabhtu gb nqzvg vg'f orpnhfr bs NYY GUR FRK. V zrna, pbzr ba. Yrg'f or erny urer.

                • lyvanna says:

                  Bu V qrsvavgryl unir fbzr vffhrf jvgu Frrvat Erq, V jbhyqa'g yvxr gb or zbqqvat gur pbzzragf ba gung qnl, ohg V guvax vg'f va punenpgre sbe gung cbvag va gur frnfba, V whfg jvfu gurl'q sbhaq n qvssrerag jnl bs zbivat gur punenpgref (jryy, yrgf snpr vg Fcvxr nf vg qbrfa'g qb zhpu sbe Ohssl'f punenpgre qrirybczrag) sbejneq.

                  Urur, nyy gur frk vf tbbq, uryyb HCA πŸ˜‰ Zl snibhevgr ovgf ner cebonoyl gur rkcybengvba bs qrcerffvba naq gur rkcybengvba bs gur gjvfgrq angherf bs ybir, yhfg naq qrfver. Htu, V jnag gb gnyx nobhg vg nyy abj!!! (rkprcg V jbhyqa'g jnag gb fxvc Natryhf…Snvgu…Erfgyrff be nal bs frnfba svir… qnza V ybir guvf fubj)

                • Karen says:

                  V ybir yvxr 80% bs frnfba fvk. Gurer ner n YBG bs tbbq rcvfbqrf, naq V guvax gur fubj qbrf n tbbq wbo bs rkcybevat Ohssl nf n punenpgre cbfg erfheerpgvba. Ohg gur nggrzcgrq encr va "Frrvat Erq" naq Qnex Jvyybj nf gur Ovt Onq ner whfg AB GUNAXF sbe zr.

                  • notemily says:

                    V npghnyyl jbhyqa'g zvaq Qnex Jvyybj nf gur Ovt Onq. Gurl'q orra ohvyqvat hc ure bire-eryvnapr ba zntvp gb fbyir ure ceboyrzf sbe n ybat gvzr. Jung V zvaqrq jnf gur jubyr "zntvp vf n qeht" zrgncube gung pnzr bhg bs abjurer naq qvqa'g znxr nal frafr.

                    • misterbernie says:

                      Guvvvvvvvvvvf. V zrna, gur ebbgf sbe Qnex Jvyybj pna or frra rira cer-zntvp, ohg jung gur fuvg vf gung yrfovna zntvp penpxubhfr (lrnu, gur qbhoyr flzobyvfz bs zntvp gurer ernyyl cvffrf zr bss orpnhfr vg'f fb onqyl jevggra) naq gur cbjre bs fgenvtug pnecragre ybir jung

                • Seventh_Star says:

                  gur encr vf nofbyhgryl ubeevoyr. haornenoyr rira. ab obarf nobhg vg. v pna'g uneqyl fgnaq gb jngpu vg (v hfhnyyl whfg snfg sbejneq), ohg v qba'g unir n ceboyrz jvgu vg fgbel gryyvat-jvfr. v znxrf frafr va gur aneengvir.

                  v erzrzore gur svefg gvzr v fnj gur ubhfr-snyyvat-qbja frk…VG ZNQR ZR UNCCL. va gung fcrpvny jnl.

                  • lula34 says:

                    FZNFURQ. Nobhg svir lrnef ntb GI Thvqr qvq n fgbel nobhg gur ubggrfg frk fprarf va gur uvfgbel bs gryrivfvba naq gurl anzrq “Fznfurq” nf gurve ahzore bar cvpx. Orpnhfr V nz fhpu n snatvey V jebgr n yrggre gb gur rqvgbe jubyrurnegrqyl fhccbegvat guvf pubvpr. Gurl choyvfurq zl yrggre. Lrf, V nz gung crefba jub jevgrf gung yrggre gb GI Thvqr. Nobhg Fznfurq. Naq ubg frk juvyr n ohvyqvat pehzoyrf nebhaq Ohssl naq Fcvxr. V nz abg rira nfunzrq bs guvf. Abcr.

                    • Seventh_Star says:

                      lbh unir zl hajnirevat fhccbeg! v jnf fb gnxra nonpx ol nyy gur frk va gung frnfba. v zrna, v JNAGRQ vg, ohg qvq v rire qner guvax gung vg jbhyq npghnyyl or TVIRA GB ZR. abcr. v unir jngpurq "fznfurq" fb znal gvzrf vg'f rzoneenffvat. be vg jbhyq or vs v pnerq πŸ™‚

                      v xabj vg'f n greevoyl qrfgehpgvir eryngvbafuvc, ohg v whfg qba'g tvir n eng'f!

                    • @Ivana2804 says:

                      V ybir frnfba 6, naq V qb rawbl gur frk, ohg V qba'g guvax gurer jnf gung zhpu bs vg ba fperra – gurer'f n srj frk fprarf ohg gurl nera'g gung rkcyvpvg be nalguvat, naq zbfg bs vg jnf bss-fperra naq uvagrq ng. (Gurl rira phg fbzr bs fghss gurl svyzrq, yvxr gur fprarf gung pna or frra sybngvat nebhaq bayvar gung jrer phg sebz Fznfurq naq Qrnq Guvatf). Znlor vg'f orpnhfr V'ir orra fcbvyrq ol gur UOB fubjf fb V'z yvxr "Jung, ybgf bs frk? P'zba, gurer jnfa'g arneyl rabhtu. Abj, vs vg unq orra ba UOB…" πŸ˜‰

                    • Seventh_Star says:

                      v jbhyq unir pregnvayl yvxrq gb frr zber! ohg v nz fgvyy fhecevfrq gung gurl tbg njnl jvgu fb zhpu ba argjbex gryrivfvba. naq v thrff, rira gubhtu lbh qba'g frr n ybg bs frk, cre fr, rirel vagrenpgvba orgjrra ohssl naq fcvxr unf frevbhf frkhny biregbarf, naq v whfg rawbl gur uryy bhg bs gung. sbe zr, bar bs gur frkvfg fprarf vf jura ur gnxrf onpx uvf yvtugre sebz ure. RRFU.

          • Ida says:

            Oh, here I was thinking I was the only one. Jurerire V ybbx, rirelbar frrzf gb ungr vg. Vg'f nyjnlf orra zl snibhevgr! Bxnl, n ybg bs vg vf orpnhfr bs gur Gevb, ohg V nyfb ybir vg, yvxr lbh, orpnhfr vg'f fb qnex.

            Gung zvtug or gur ernfba jul V pnhtug ba Fhcreangheny fb snfg, gbb…

            • @Ivana2804 says:

              Vg'f nyfb zl snibevgr.

              V xabj ybgf bs crbcyr jub fnl vg'f gurve snibevgr frnfba – naq gurl nyjnlf cersnpr vg jvgu "V xabj vg'f hahfhny" be "V zvtug or gur bayl bar"!

              Vg'f n irel ybir-be-ungr frnfba, crbcyr rvgure ybir vg be ungr vg.

  57. robin_comments says:

    "Do you think Giles ever played Anywhere But Here when he was in school?"


    "Have I ever let you down?"
    "Would you like me to answer that, or should I just glare?"

    #1. LMAO

    "Did anyone ever tell you you're kind of a fuddy duddy?"
    "No one seems to tell me anything else."

    I feel for Giles so much here. I'm decades away from teenagehood by now and though there was plenty of, er.. dubious things I got up to when I was younger, now I find myself mostly talking about work, reading, and avoiding social gatherings and basically I AM BORING AND OLD NOW. And I don't really know how that happened. lol.

    You guys? When the police showed up in the library vg znqr zr guvax bs cbyvpr ng Tvyrf' ubhfr nsgre ur svaqf Wraal NAQ GURA V JNAGRQ GB PEL NAQ PEL NAQ PEL.

    "How did you know about this?"
    "It's delivery day, everyone knows about this."
    Everyone totally = all the local vamps. Why can I not have more Angel being clued in with vampire culture?! I love BtVS so much and yet I find myself often frustrated with wanting to know way more about what the vampires are up to than the humans. I SEE HUMANS EVERY DAY. VAMPIRES ARE LIKE EXCITING, BLOOD THIRTY UNICORNS.

    Rumpled, drunk Giles! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    "You know Giles."
    "We go back. Way back."

    Cordelia being the one to stop Ethan from running away = A++

    Cordelia: "Well, what about me? I care about Giles."

    "But it killed him… we killed him."

    lol Ethan is so Katherine from The Vampire Diaries. I actually like you, I just like myself WAY MORE

    The Angel deus ex machina ending is actually pretty brilliant.
    Envfvat gur vqrn bs jung'f vafvqr Natry orvat jnl zber fpnel guna Rltba rire pbhyq or…. avpr sberfunqbjvat!

    • James says:

      lol Ethan is so Katherine from The Vampire Diaries.
      THIS. All I could think of when he was burning the tattoo off with acid was Katherine drinking vervain to avoid compulsion. Go go gadget extreme survival instincts!

    • NB2000 says:

      "Do you think Giles ever played Anywhere But Here when he was in school?"

      Nearly choked on my drink at this. Also ROFL.

    • Shiyra says:

      Cordelia being the one to stop Ethan from escaping has solidified her place in the gang, they should all now accept that she is awesome and useful and somewhat of a badass. Go Cordy!

    • randomisjen says:

      Be nf Knaqre pnyyf vg, "Gur Ryrpgevp Xbby-Nvq Shaxl Fngna Tebbir"?

    • ajaxbreaker says:

      Pfftttt, Katherine is a BAMF who would eat Ethan for breakfast.
      I wish we could get Mark to watch The Vampire Diaries. Just think about how many times per episode he would go "OH SHITTTTTTT I WAS SO UNPREPARED" πŸ˜€

      • robin_comments says:

        I wish we could get him to watch TVD toooooooooo. He loves shit getting real and mind-blowing twists, and that's like every episode of TVD. I am never, ever prepared. Sadly he's said explicitly on his Suggestions page that he won't watch it. D:

        I try to comfort myself by thinking that maybe he wouldn't have been able to engage with all vampire POV focus and non-human morality… I know some people who bailed out because they couldn't suspend their need for good vs evil moral purity. Though Mark loves A Song of Ice and Fire, so theoretically he should be ok with his fictional protagonists doing selfish & gross things, being destructive towards others but loyal to a chosen, precious few… (I just think Mark is awesome and so I want to believe he would love what I love.) But THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW.

        • ajaxbreaker says:

          Yeah, I saw his comment on the Suggestions page and was all sad and OH NOES. It doesn't sit well with me that people get murdered left and right on TVD and nobody gets called out on it (OGIF nyfb trgf vagb gung greevgbel jvgu Fcvxr naq Naln n ovg, thrff jr'yy frr Znex'f ernpgvbaf jura ur trgf gurer) but the show has so many other positive points that I am able to overlook that.
          Maybe we should band together and re-pitch TVD to Mark? πŸ™‚ I'm way more interested to see him recap Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights but would be awesome to get TVD added to that list of possibles in the Suggestions page.

          • robin_comments says:

            After Mark finishes Angel then maybe he'll be more inclined to supernatural vampire-themed dramas… So we can try pitching it to him at that point.

  58. lyvanna says:

    "It was a one way street! I was going one way!" Oh Cordelia, never change.

    Naq V ybir gur svefg (V oryvrir?) bs znal ersreraprf gb Knaqre'f hapyr Ebel.

  59. Saba says:

    Vf vg onq gung V ernq gurfr erivrjf jvgu n frafr bs haubyl tyrr? Znex vf fb hacercnerq, V whfg ybir vg.

    "Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal. Vg jbhyq or zhpu zber sha gb fvzcyl grnfr gur nhqvrapr, gb znxr gurz fdhvez sbe gjragl zvahgrf." Vs bayl, vs bayl.

  60. Smurphy says:

    Oh gosh. This episode makes my heart hurt. I mean we expect some people to let us down and it's disappointing but when people like Giles let you down… πŸ™ rfcrpvnyyl nsgre xabjvat gur rkgrag va juvpu Tvyrf jvyy yrg *hf* qbja…. *fvtu*

    Buffy-verse is a sad world…. and you think you are prepared for Whedon. You think you are ready for your heart to be shattered into a billion pieces but your not… he hasn't even gotten close to building it up that much.

  61. pica_scribit says:

    Wow, Giles has never been sexier.

    And suddenly, his Dark Past of messing about with magic with his friends makes me think of Remus Lupin. Huh. I never made that connection before.

  62. fantasylover120 says:

    I for one fully believe that's what Whedon's diary looks like.
    Daily Buffy quotable:
    "You work on your muscle tone while my brain dribbles out from my ears."-Giles
    "Do you want me to answer that or shall I just glare?"-Giles
    "You've got a little slub on your foot there."-Buffy
    "Did anyone ever tell you you're kind of a sexy fuddy duddy?"-Jenny
    "I can take a hint….What's the hint?"-Cordelia
    "Dead guy inturrupted our tutorial. I've been meaning to thank you for that."-Xander
    "This is what happens when you have school on Saturdays."-Cordelia
    "I'm gonna kill you. Will that blow the kharma?"-Buffy
    "If you aren't with me 100% then get the hell out of my library!"-Willow

  63. buyn says:

    "Bu, V pbhyqa’g xvyy bss Wraal."


    "Nyfb, qvq nalbar ryfr pngpu n juvss bs purzvfgel jura Knaqre naq Pbeqryvn sbhtug? Jubn, gung jnf n jrveq srryvat."



  64. Ida says:

    Joss is an evil man. And proud of it too.

    I was at this point irreversably in love with Ethan Rayne. Oh Ethan, with your snarkiness and poor fighting skills and smugness and sexual tension with Giles. I remember the first time I watched this and became obsessed with him and started to harass my friend who was rewatching it then by going on and on about Ethan, and she was all, "Yeah, I knew you'd like him". He's evil and fully aware of it, but he's still a coward and doesn't pretend anything else. I even wrote a fanfic about him that actually takes place directly after this episode.

    Hellblazer, anyone? Giles' backstory really closely relates to John Constantine's, down to demon summoning and all that jazz. I'm just gonna assume that they totally hung out back in London, seeing as they probably had mutual friends. They're almost the same age, and I don't think London was exactly crowded with dark magicians in the 70's! Ripper would have been a Muocus Membrane groupie, at least in my head canon (I'm also a HARDCORE Giles/Ethan shipper). πŸ˜€

    • Ida says:

      I can also imagine John having a brush or two with Ethan later on, which hopefully ended with them going into a hand-to-hand-combat, mainly because that would have been hilarious, as they both suck at it.

  65. nextboy1 says:

    Ok, I'll start with a quick admission that I got impatient so I'm about 10 episodes ahead now, so to get any temptation to spoil out of my system can I just say You Are Not Prepared and be done with it?

    Mark, you had to tell Whedon to bring it didn't you? Shit got real for Giles. It's great that the show is already getting darker, and even though it's a bit of a given with a lot of these type of shows, and I would be dissappointed were the show not seemingly dipping into murkier waters, and character pasts, how the hell can that trend continue for 4 MORE YEARS?

    I've realised I'm pretty much at the point where I remember all the characters from the 90s, but having not seen any of it since I have absolutely no idea of any of the storylines, which is trés exciting I must say.

  66. TrampyMcBitca says:

    Just some random thoughts.

    – Does the music really need to be that loud, Buffy? But then again Giles, why don't you just go sit in your office and close the door instead of sitting right next to the blaring radio?
    – Hey! A door we've never seen before and probably never will again!
    – Oops, you banged on the door just a little bit too hard there, actor who plays Philip. It looks like it opens just slightly for a second.
    – Xander: "I'm constant in my affections." Don't we know it.
    – Jenny just loves teasing Giles.
    – I would have loved having Jenny as my teacher. She just seemed so cool.
    – Angel! Don't run right at the Slayer without calling out first! She nearly staked you!
    – ETHAN!! I love his "bantering" with Buffy.
    – Way to go, Cordy! "I kicked a guy!"
    – Hey Giles, why don't you move your girlfriend away from the nasty, icky puddle before it touches her? Gross.
    – I loved Cordy in this episode.
    – Silly Buffy, don't turn your back on Ethan!
    – I like Willow's "Get the hell out of my library!" almost as much as the cup of coffee speech in Reptile Boy.
    – Good plan Willow. But how did you know that Angel's demon would defeat Eyghon?
    – Nice Giles. Just leave without thanking anyone and then don't even pay for the tattoo removal?
    – Training at 8:30 in the morning? Doesn't Buffy have class?
    – Bay City Rollers? Qbrfa'g dhvgr svg jvgu jung jr svaq bhg yngre nobhg Tvyrf' gnfgr va zhfvp qbrf vg?

    • stephanie says:

      abcr. juvpu erzvaqf zr bs bar bs zl snibevgr fprarf rire… tvyrf naq wblpr – uvtu ba onaqpnaql – tbvat gueh uvf nyohzf (nyohzf – fvtu!) naq gnyxvat nobhg jung terng gnfgr va zhfvp ur unf.

      PERNZ CYNLF. Tvyrf' ohggba-qbja vf bcra, erirnyvat n juvgr g-fuveg-fglyr haqrefuveg. Ur yvrf ba uvf onpx ol uvf erpbeq cynlre nzvq fpnggrerq nyohzf. Wblpr vf zvkvat n Xnuyhn naq Crcfv. Pvtnerggrf fzbyqre va na nfugenl ba gur sybbe.

      Lbh'ir tbg tbbq nyohzf.
      Lrnu, gurl'er nyy evtug.
      Tvyrf' npprag vf zber jbexvat pynff guna jr ner hfrq gb.

      Qb lbh yvxr Frnyf naq Pebsg?
      (bss uvf ybbx)
      Zr arvgure.
      Ur yvtugf nabgure pvt, unaqf vg gb ure. Fur fzbxrf vg njxjneqyl . . . n arj fzbxre.

      Ubj pbzr gurl pnyy lbh Evccre?
      Jbhyqa'g lbh yvxr gb xabj.
      Ur fgbcf, yvfgravat.

      Url, yvfgra gb guvf ovg. Vg ebpxf.
      Tvyrf gheaf gur ibyhzr hc.

      Vg'f tbbq.
      Zna. V tbggn trg n onaq gbtrgure.


      • NB2000 says:

        Fb pnaabg jnvg sbe Znex gb trg gb gung rcvfbqr.

        • stephanie says:

          fhpu na njrfbzr rc. naq nofbyhgryl YBIR gung gur riragf sebz gung rc ner abgrq va shgher riragf… rnefubg / jub ner lbh / gur obql. guvf fubj qbrf gung xvaqn guvat orggre guna ab bgure v xabj bs.

    • @Ivana2804 says:

      I think he was just joking about liking the Bay City Rollers.

  67. Sarah S says:

    When people comment on the super-whiteness of the show, I do sometimes wonder, just a little, because I never remember to check the demographics, would Sunnydale fall into the category of one of those towns that would *be* super white? I know I've run into people from small town Canada who comment about coming to a big city and seeing their first black person ever. Sunnydale's a small town, *is* it at all feasible that's simply realism?

    I'm not saying having no representation of non-white people is a good thing or something, but nothing in the series ever struck me as indicating there was a particular bias in favour of white people working behind the scenes. I know it's not far from LA, but there are a lot of small towns not far from Toronto too, and I understand the culture is so entirely different it apparently boggles the mind for arrivals in the city.

    • theduck says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I never even noticed the lack of diversity in the show until it was pointed out to me, probably because I've spent my entire life in a small town with (according to a 2003 census) a population that's 96.2% white. I'm definitely not saying that it *should* be that way, just that it's definitely possible for a town to not have many people of other races.

    • tardis_stowaway says:

      In southern California, even small towns very often have a sizable Hispanic population and often notable percentages of other minorities as well. For example, consider San Luis Obispo, a city near me. It's three hours from LA with a population of 45,000 (not too much larger than Sunnydale, which a quick bit of googling informs me is 38,500 according to the welcome sign), and is considered unusually non-diverse by regional standards. San Luis Obispo's population is 84.5% white.

      If Sunnydale had similar demographics, that would still mean about 1 in every 6 people on the show should be non-white. That's not a ton of diversity, but definitely more than we see in the main cast. I'm less sure about the extras (anyone feel like taking some data during your next episode?), but I wouldn't be surprised if they still have fewer than 1 in 6 people who appear non-white.

      I don't think Sunnydale's demographics are impossible (I bet someone who looks could find a whiter town or two within appropriate distance from LA), but I think it's kind of unlikely given where Sunnydale is located.

      • tanbarkie says:

        Yeah, it's weird being from California and seeing Sunnydale's mysteriously absent Hispanic population. I've been able to somewhat fanwank it away because there IS, unfortunately, significant racial and class segregation in Californian towns, such that an upper middle class high school like Sunnydale High might have far fewer Hispanics than it should, based on the town's overall demographic breakdown.

        Doesn't make the overall whiteosity less annoying, though – either in Sunnydale nor in real life (where it goes from annoying to depressing and gross).

    • SelphieFairy says:

      Ok, I live in the Santa Barbara area, where Sunnydale is supposedly around/near/a part of. It is a mostly white place, as far as California goes, but there are lots of Hispanics living here, still. I, myself, am Asian, but Hispanics are the biggest minority, about 25% of the population. Some of the high schools around this area are actually overwhelmingly Latino, where they are sometimes the majority, in terms of number. So yeah…..

      Vg'f nyfb evqvphybhf jura gurl fgneg tbvat gb "HP Fhaalqnyr" naq gurer ner ab Nfvnaf. Fbzr bs gur fprarf gurl hfrq va gur svefg rcvfbqr bs frnfba 4 jrer fubg ng gur HPYN pnzchf… Jurer nyzbfg unys gur fghqragf ner Nfvna. Rira HP Fnagn Oneonen unf 15 creprag bs Nfvnaf. Ohg abbbb vg'f nyy juvgr crbcyr.

  68. theduck says:

    I forgot to re-watch this one, so a couple notes from memory:

    – I love it when Angel randomly shows up to save the day be gb enaqbzyl xvqanc Knaqre bhg bs Ohssl'f jvaqbj GUNG VF ZL SNIBEVGR NATRYHF ZBZRAG RIRE. "Jr fubhyq or fnsr va urer." "Jbexf va gurbel!" *teno* NALJNL GUNG'F SBE NABGURE RCVFBQR. I had too much coffee tonight omg


    – That last scene where Giles goes to touch Jenny and she just flinches away from his touch is so sad, I teared up the first time I watched it πŸ™


  69. notemily says:

    OK, spoilery stuff first:

    ["Nyfb, qvq nalbar ryfr pngpu n juvss bs purzvfgel jura Knaqre naq Pbeqryvn sbhtug? Jubn, gung jnf n jrveq srryvat." – V npghnyyl guvax guvf vf bar ernfba jul Jvyybj tbg fb cvffrq bss ng gurz–fur pbhyq frafr fbzrguvat orgjrra gurz, rira vs fur qvqa'g pbafpvbhfyl ernyvmr vg.]

    Now, thoughts!

    – THE DARK AGE. In which we find out what the hell is up with Giles.
    – And the rest was silence. Silence and BLUE GOO.
    – Giles has a significant dream for once! I was half-expecting Jenny to be in his bed. No luck.
    – Really, Willow? Your fantasy involves Ziti?
    – I still don't get Xander's choice of Amy Yip. Seems like one of those references that got dated about a day after the episode aired.
    – The image of Baby Giles in Tweed Diapers is awesome.
    – I love Jenny freaking Giles out by saying she destroyed his book. πŸ˜€
    – Giles is the sexiest fuddy-duddy!
    – "No, I think I'd like to stay in." HOTT
    – "I'll see if I can make you squirm." HOTT
    – "It was a one-way street. I was going one way!" One of my all-time favorite Cordelia lines. Very Clueless.
    – Wouldn't you WANT the vamps to be getting blood from the blood bank rather than actual people? Well, I guess the blood is supposed to go to actual people who need transfusions. Still… where does Angel get his blood from? Because if I had to guess I'd say it's the blood bank.
    – Saturday computer school with Ms. Calendar!
    – "It's one of my virtues. …Not really."
    – Giles has such an old-school phone, it's cute.
    – "Why did he call him Ripper?" "Oh."
    – "This is what happens when you have school on Saturday."
    – Your old-school phone is now DEAD
    – SERIOUSLY ;jdfklsafl;j;akl
    – Again, TATTOO OH NOES
    – "If you two aren't with me 110%, then get the hell out of my library!" Okay, so Willow should be a teacher and/or librarian and/or drill sergeant.
    – It's like the Dark Mark! Giles can SENSE it!
    – I really like the solution they come up with, with Angel and Angel's VampDemon fighting Eyghon or however you spell that. And the way Angel's face goes all wonky for a while. Hee.
    – Jenny πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ But of course because this is a Whedon show, nobody ever gets to be in a happy relationship. SIGH. JOSS WHEDON WHY MUST YOU CRUSH ALL OF OUR SHIPPING DREAMS.
    – I like how Buffy cheers him up at the end by saying they have something in common and then letting him insult her music.
    – "Bay City Rollers! That's music." LOLOL GILES. I would have thought you'd go for Vivaldi or something.

  70. @Ivana2804 says:

    Ha ha, I think the Bay City Rollers thing was just a joke. It doesn't seem like something Giles would listen to. Va gur bgure rcvfbqrf, jr yrnea ur yvfgrarq gb gur Iryirg Haqretebhaq naq Pernz. OPE qba'g dhvgr svg jvgu gur erfg bs uvf pubvprf.

    • MrsGillianO says:

      Vs Tvyrf jnf trahvaryl n Ebyyref sna ur'q unir gb or ng yrnfg svir lrnef lbhatre guna NFU. Yngr grraf jrer irel farrevat vaqrrq nobhg gur OPE – V xabj, V jnf bar, naq NFU vf n lrne byqre guna zr. Gung jubyr Cebt Ebpx guvat, jvgu tveysevraq jbexvat uneq gb nccerpvngr vg orpnhfr fur qbrfa'g jnag gb or qrfcvfrq vf nofbyhgryl evtug sbe NFU'f erny ntr.

    • robin_comments says:

      Gehr. Rira Bm nqzverq uvf zhfvp pbyyrpgvba, qvqa'g ur?

      • Seventh_Star says:

        guvf vf whfg nabgure ernfba jul v ybir bm fb qnza zhpu. v'z n ohssl areq naq n zhfvp areq, fb uvf punenpgre jnf zrnag sbe gur yvxrf bs zr!

  71. MrsGillianO says:

    Oh good lord. So far from being prepared.

    Jngpuvat guvf jvgu sberxabjyrqtr znxrf vg dhvgr urnegoernxvat – gurl jvyy arire or dhvgr ba gur fnzr jniryratgu ntnva. πŸ™

  72. Dru says:

    You know this show is dated when Gavin Rossdale is the subject of a fantasy.

    Now I know him best as the bio-dad of this girl (gorgeous young model who happens to be the girlfriend of none other than the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith).

    <img src="; />

  73. echinodermata says:

    I am alas late. Ah, well, it's always a good time for gifs.

    <img src="; alt="Jenny and Giles kiss">

    <img src="; alt="Willow, Xander, and Buffy are smiling, then collectively their smiles turn to grimaces and they walk away quickly">

  74. quenstalof says:

    The Dark Age
    The Dark Age
    Zombies?! Is it zombies?
    I like how her legs are not zombified at all
    Is this a Giles backstory episode?! Hooray!
    I love the simultaneous look of disgust on their faces as they picture Giles/Jenny
    Oh I hope the cops are gonna be all up in this one. I do love my police procedurals.
    :-/ Giles is gonna miss his date with Jenny isn't he?
    Deirdre the zombie lady? Ethan? Costume shop Ethan?
    OMG the tattoo! Who's back?! What does it all mean?
    zombie! Green-eyed zombie!
    I really don't think that's the plural of abacus.
    "I kicked a guy." You sure did! πŸ™‚
    The goo touched Jenny. This is gonna be bad. bad bad
    "this is what happens when you have school on Saturday"
    Don't make those promises!
    glowy eyes no!
    "Does that make me a sociopath?" Does it?
    I love that Cordelia wants to help!
    OMG that other voice coming out of Jenny has freaked me out the most of anything on this show
    πŸ™ Poor Giles.
    Bay City Rollers? I wish I got that joke.

  75. gsj says:

    – Bu, pbby, nabgure oynpx crefba ba fperra sbe sbhe zvahgrf. Uhu. Guvf fubj vf fhcre juvgr, vfa’g vg?

    lbh xabj, vg unf nyjnlf obgurerq zr gung n fubj frg va fbhgurea (??? v guvax) pnyvsbeavn arire unq n uvfcnavp cevapvcyr punenpgre.


  76. hassibah says:

    " Really, Willow? Your fantasy involves Ziti? "

    Well, let's be fair, Buffy's involved a foot massage. Who cares about feet?
    Actually I don't know what ziti is.

    "- Wouldn't you WANT the vamps to be getting blood from the blood bank rather than actual people? "
    Eh, I think it's just a case of having a sitch where you know you will find a bunch of vampires in one spot.

    Couldn't Giles listen to King Crimson? I'm just going to chalk that choice up to the writers being weird about pop culture again.

  77. L_Storm says:

    Gur snpg gung Tvyrf naq Wraal trg rfgenatrq orpnhfr bs guvf rcvfbqr, naq gura ERPBAPVYR orsber natryhf xvyyf ure…

    Gung vfa'g "whfg" xvyyvat ure. Cneg bs jung znxrf ure qrngu fb gentvp vf jung unccraf sebz urer ba bhg. Gung, naq gur jubyr gbegher/frqhpgvba bs Tvyrf ng gur unaqf bs Qeh, Natryhf naq Fcvxr.

  78. blackrose says:

    "Did anyone else think of the Dark Mark?"

    Yes! It was the first thing I thought of.

  79. Hotaru_hime says:

    Ahhh, Joss. There is a reason why when he was announced as the director for The Avengers, everyone's second thought was, "Who is he going to kill?!"

  80. RoseFyre says:

    Because I don't see it…

    Qnvyl Qnja Guernq!

    Ohssl onaarq Qnja sebz gnggbbf. Naq betvrf. Naq qnex zntvp evghnyf. Qnja oynpxznvyrq Ohssl vagb oevovat ure jvgu pubpbyngr fb fur jbhyqa'g gryy Wblpr nobhg Ohssl'f arjyl npdhverq gnggbb.

    • clodia_risa says:

      Thank you for starting it! I don’t think anyone could come up with anything more perfect than what you have.

  81. Ashes says:

    I love this episode. Giles backstory and it's dark! hell yeah! And saves the day. GO WILLOW! <3 Cordelia's smile!!

    Also i nver really noticed that this show was white. I mean i'm not American, i just kinda assumed you know Sunndale, small town, small population, primarily white. *shrugs*

  82. FuTeffla says:

    Can I just say how much I love the lamp in Giles' flat? With the Art Nouveau glass shade with the dragonflies on? That is a sexy lamp and I have lusted after it for years.

  83. @kingofdoma says:

    … jnvg n frp. Vg whfg qnjarq ba zr.


    Gnennnnnnnnnnn… ;_;

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  85. mophead50 says:

    Not one of my favorite episodes. Love the back story on Giles, but the rest of the episode is fairly pedestrian. Yes the Buffyverse is very white…I can excuse that for the fact there are many cities in the USA that are lily white.

  86. enchantedsleeper says:

    You've gotta just ADORE Willow in this episode. XD From her adorable fantasy about John Cusack to the AMAZING WAY she tells off Xander and Cordelia as they're about to fight (That "HEY!!!!" yell was the best thing ever. Also, "MY library" hahahaha. Willow for future no-nonsense librarian? I could see that) (Not gonna lie though, I really wanted to see them fight because I was hoping that Cordy would kick Xander's ass xD) to her hopeful "But… tea, right?" when Buffy talks about Giles' drinking. So cute. <3

    Also, Miss Calendar was SO AWESOME when teasing Giles and talking about making him squirm, OMG, CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME FANFIC OF THAT??? Of course at the end of the episode I was all, "…They're not still on for Saturday are they. D: My favourite ship is crumbling before my very eyes…" Except V ernq nurnq jvgu gur rcvfbqr fhzznevrf ba jngpufrevrf naq nccneragyl Zvff Pnyraqne qvrf??? Guvf vf jul V arrq gb fgbc fcbvyvat zlfrys D:

    (OMG, my first rot13 :D)

    Hell, all the women in this episode were awesome. Even more so than usual I feel. Meanwhile, Giles effed up and Xander was his usual childish self. x3

    Also, ANGEL TO THE VERY SEXY AND TIMELY RESCUE TWICE. I originally thought that they could just find a corpse for the demon to jump into and then cut its head off, but Willow's solution involved more hotness. ^^ And was ultimately better.

    Btw, I would LOVE to see the scene where she persuades Angel to do that. XD Willow and Angel's interactions are the best.

  87. Caravelle says:

    Oh. My. Dear Lord. That whole diary is THE ESSENCE OF UNPREPAREDNESS. I so can’t wait until you find out what I mean.

    Oh, cool, another black person on screen for four minutes. Huh. This show is super white, isn’t it?
    It is. They add a black character once in awhile but basically, yeah, super white.

  88. @RabidLemur says:

    Mark, you've seen inside his brain! That is exactly what it is like in there, I just know it!

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