Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’ Liveblog: The God Complex

Oh, Doctor Who, you make my Saturday nights so much fun! Join the Mark Watches community as we flail and shriek at the newest episode of Doctor Who, “The God Complex.”

I hope that for series seven, we aren’t given an experience where it’s split in half because I want thirteen episodes in a row. It’s weird that the season will be over in two weeks! Then lots of waiting! Then Christmas-y stuff! Then more waiting! Still, there’s plenty of time to enjoy what we have, so let’s all liveblog “The God Complex”!

This liveblog starts relative to you. So if it is airing on your television, start liveblogging away in the comments. Same for if you happen to be watching it online by less-than-legal means. (Though I would just time it with another time zone so you can comment with other people!) We already do this with Fringe and it works rather nicely. To avoid seeing spoilery comments regarding the episode from past livebloggers, I merely stay on the first page of comments and comment away, only going back after it’s over in order to comment on what other people said.

Sound fine? Just make sure not to post spoilers before this episode airs.

Review goes up Monday, BSG season two finale goes up Tuesday, and a prediction post for season three of BSG goes up on Wednesday. See you tonight!

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450 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’ Liveblog: The God Complex

  1. NB2000 says:

    Woah TRON

  2. Afloam says:

    Neat effect

  3. Afloam says:

    Space prison!

  4. …but that's the Doctor too. O_O FORESHADOWING

  5. NB2000 says:


  6. Afloam says:

    Doctor… I don't think it meant itself.

  7. I knew he was talking about Timelords ;_;

    • ldwy says:

      Me too, but then they said it out loud in case we didn't notice.
      It would have been enough to ensure everyone got it to just have him say something else that the doctor didn't translate.

  8. Afloam says:

    A goblin who feeds on indecision! That would eat me alive…

  9. Vikinhaw says:

    'I wasn't talking about myself'

    • Steph says:

      I thought it was handled pretty well this week, the parallels between the Doctor and the Minotaur were the central theme of the episode, not just something crowbarred in at the end like in Night Terrors.

      • Vikinhaw says:

        I thought that it was handled well until the 'I wasn't talking about myself'. I think we figured it out without that. Though I suppose kids hadn't.
        (I did like this episode but that line needs to be mocked)

  10. NB2000 says:

    …hold up, where'd the car come from?

    The house is blue *wibble*

  11. Anseflans says:

    Wait but-this isn't permanent IS IT?!?!!

  12. Afloam says:

    Doctor, you can't leave her. You still have to find Melody? Remember? The Pondchild? That everyone's forgotten about? River? Who you love? (Also nice nails, Amy)

  13. Vikinhaw says:

    Yes you CAN'T just drop her off and say goodbye. T_T

  14. NB2000 says:

    OH GOD *crying forever*

    Amy has blue nail varnish *wibbles yet more*

  15. Anseflans says:


  16. No goodbye kiss for Rory, Doctor? BAD FORM.

  17. … Her TARDIS blue nails kind of add extra punch to the tearducts, don't they? ;O;

  18. Anseflans says:


  19. omg next week. omg. omg. omg

  20. Vikinhaw says:

    Oh next time looks good.

  21. NB2000 says:



  22. Mark's Watcher says:


  23. Smudj says:

    Last ep of the series looks fun, James Cordin and Cyberman. Lets go out with a bang!

  24. @RaudhrGarm says:

    He gets all the hugs.

  25. That's thingy from Mirrormask's little brother! As Howie. omg.

  26. tehrevel says:

    I'm just imagining Amy and Rory going inside and breaking down because they've forgotten how to live in a house that doesn't have everything inside it. Also they have to get jobs now, the mortgage on that house and insurance on that car is gonna be pretty crippling and all their friends are probably pretty pissed that they haven't been calling lately.

    • @RaudhrGarm says:

      I doubt they have a mortgage, and wasn't that the car the Doctor had in The Impossible Astronaut?

      • enigmaticagentscully says:

        Why wouldn't they have a mortgage? Do you think they're really rich enough to just buy a house at their age?
        Oh I guess they're probably renting.
        As for the friends thing, I imagine the Doctor just dropped them off the day after they left and no-one even noticed. Time travel, remember?

    • Hanah_banana says:

      The weird thing for me is that Amy and Rory already HAVE a house. Or if not then I want to know where the hell they were living at the start of this series when the Doctor summoned them to America, and again when they were hanging out for three months over the summer…

  27. Albion19 says:

    I bet all the money I don't have that The Doctor saw himself in that room. Breaking his companions faith was very Seven.

    I wish Amy/Rory were more concerned with raising their baby :\

    • tehrevel says:

      I thought he saw dead Amy/Rory to be honest, what with his actions at the end of the episode.

    • ldwy says:

      I think the room was empty, or if it was him, it was him alone. I think he's afraid of lonliness and isolation. That's why even though he's been heartbroken and guiltridden over the fates of each of his companions, he always finds people to invite with him. And the "Do Not Disturb" sign was part of it.

  28. Sophi says:

    Once again, I have missed a liveblog for my Very Nice Boy. For those who are interested, he didn't like Eccleston, found Tennant's scripts the best but Matt Smith the superior actor. He liked the weeping angels but found so many of them in the Season 5 episode killed the fear somewhat.

    And today we went to have dinner together at a noodle bar, and I used chopsticks quite successfully but he just used the spoon for the broth to try and eat noodles, and then attempted chopsticks but just cut a noodle in half so I picked it up in one go and fed him one and laughed for a full minute over it, and then just as I was leaving he asked me out and I said yes so now I have a boyfriend which will really confuse my mother who was last updated on my sexuality when I was 12 and still thinks I'm gay 😀

    Still need to watch the episode, hoping it's a good one to end a great evening 🙂

  29. Openattheclose says:

    Aw, their new place has a TARDIS door.

  30. enigmaticagentscully says:

    Why are the cute nerdy blogger conspiracy-theorists always the first to die?

  31. Openattheclose says:

    Eleven killed me this episode.

  32. Minish says:

    Please remember to keep the comments free of spoilers for those of us who skip the Next Time bits.

  33. knut_knut says:

    maybe the Doctor needs a pet…

  34. doesntsparkle says:

    What would be in your nightmare room?

    A Ouija board would be in mine.

  35. core013 says:

    For the second week in a row, I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it. The universe is working against me.

  36. Tauriel_ says:

    "Our anthem is 'Glory to [insert name here]'."

    "All I want to do is go home and be conquered and oppressed, is that too much to ask?!"

    Oh, Gibbis, I love you. XD

  37. VicarPants says:


  38. VicarPants says:


  39. kartikeya200 says:

    Oh Doctor. 🙁

  40. VicarPants says:




  41. Merrick says:

    Last time the Doctor swore off having Companions, for the same reasons, three episodes later he was ranting about how the laws of time were his and they would obey him. Don't expect this attempt to end much better.

    Not sure what him calling her "Amy Williams" all of the sudden was supposed to have to do with anything?

  42. redletter_ says:


    You know, I went to school with a girl who was terrified of clowns, all you had to do was hum that circus polka song "doot-doot-doodle-oodle oot doot do do" and she was gone.

    Ok, this episode is weird so far. So, I'm guessing there's some sort of cult thing going on? "The God Complex" and some woman is wondering around saying, "I understand now, PRAISE HIM."

    Yep, pretty cultish to me.

  43. VicarPants says:




  44. VicarPants says:

    "Don't talk to the clown!"

    I love how Amy's tone of voice is just scoffing/disgusted/weary.

  45. VicarPants says:



  46. VicarPants says:


  47. VicarPants says:

    …so…the Minotaur and Medusa…had a baby?

  48. redletter_ says:

    Wait, did the Doctor just called Rory Leaky…. or was it Ricky? Oh, BEAKY.

    "IT'S OK, WE'RE NICE!"

    Yep, Rory's got this down 😀

    Doctor, stop flirting and trying to pick up new companions!

    WHUUUUUT, DAVID WALLIAMS! YAY! And he's a rat person?

    • WaveMaker989 says:

      I heard Rickey too. I thought the Doctor'd been reading fan-thouhts on Rory being Mickey 2.0 for a second there.

  49. VicarPants says:


  50. VicarPants says:

    "Not all victories are about saving the universe…"

    Apparently this series is not yet finished with ruthlessly wringing my tear-ducts.

  51. redletter_ says:

    My prediction for this entire episode in gif form:

    <img src=""&gt;

    UNGH, creepy shifting hallways. Creepy ventriloquist puppets.

  52. VicarPants says:

    Of course it was going to be room 11.


  53. VicarPants says:


  54. VicarPants says:


  55. VicarPants says:

    …so…now they're in Tron?

  56. VicarPants says:

    hoshit doctor got TOLD by the dying alienotaur.

  57. redletter_ says:

    Aww, Howie you're adorkale, which probably means you're going to die.

    Doctor, you need to fix that hem on those pants there.

    I do like Rita though, she copes with the weirdness quite well.

  58. redletter_ says:

    So, it's a Boggart in hotel form? You all are going to need chocolate instead of tea.

  59. VicarPants says:






    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

  60. redletter_ says:

    Mops, weapon of champions.

    AMMMMY, STAY OUT OF THAT ROOOOOM. And of course it's room number 7. But what did she seeeeeeee?

    Also, a bit a of a labyrinth theme. Minotaurs and mazes. So, where's Ariadne when you need her?

  61. redletter_ says:

    I am going to be really annoyed if we don't find out what's actually in any of the Team TARDIS rooms.

    And of course it's Baby Amy in there. D:

  62. redletter_ says:

    This series is doing a hell of a lot to disabuse the Doctor (and the audience) of his notions that he's a hero.

    Also, though sort of ridiculous, I can't help but feel sorry for Minotaurs ever since I read a Sara Douglass series called The Troy Game.

    • elusivebreath says:

      OMG The Troy Game is basically the best book series I have ever read EVER. I <3 it sooooo much! Everything by Sara Douglass is amazing, but I am constantly recommending the The Troy Game to anyone who will listen!! And I also thought about it while I was watching this episode lol!!

      • redletter_ says:

        HA! Always running into Sara Douglass fans in the strangest places.

        I do love The Troy Game, but without a doubt I think her best series in The Crucible, Tom is such an interesting hero, and Boilingbroke was such a loveable asshole!

  63. redletter_ says:


    A creature soaked in the blood of thousands drifting through space in a constantly shifting maze, to whom death would be a gift.

    <img src=""&gt;

    "I'm not talking about myself." YES, HOW VERY SUBTLE OF YOU, EPISODE

  64. inseriousity. says:

    omg both these baby gifs are adorable.
    baby gifs ftw

  65. redletter_ says:

    This has got me thinking about when Amy and Rory are going to be left behind for good (Because they're going to be around for S7 right? RIGHT?) and I'm all NOOOOOOOOO, YOU CAN'T BREAK UP MATT AND KAREN THE BESTEST FRIENDS WHO EVER BESTED.

    It's just going to be so awkward to have someone else permanently travelling on the TARDIS in their place. And now I'm sort of beginning to understand all the Rose Stans 😐

    • VicarPants says:

      Amy/Rory are feeling a lot like Donna, to me. I want them to stay with the Doctor forever.

      Rose and Martha I'm glad came to the ends of their arcs as companions. Once you start feeling romantically-inclined towards the Doctor you should really get the boot from the TARDIS because he's rubbish at that sort of stuff and it's just going to make everyone miserable.

      Platonic awesome adorable friendship? TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.

      • kartikeya200 says:

        This is pretty much how I feel. I know they can't stay forever, but that doesn't stop me wanting them to. 🙁

      • redletter_ says:

        I just don't want the Ponds to ever leeeeave. D: Though it's probably better for their mental state if they do, that could be said of all his companions however.

        A very, very small part of me wants 11 to regenerate when the Ponds go so we don't see him travelling with any other regular companions.

    • Tenalto says:

      This is the first Doctor/Companion(s) set-up I've followed in real-time; I mainlined series 1-4, which meant I only had a week (…or two days) to form any feelings about the Team TARDIS. I don't know now how I would have coped with the end of Donna if I'd followed for thirteen weeks instead of three days.

      So this is what it's like to be properly in the fandom when there seems to be an impending companion change. I'm not sure I like the feeling. 🙁

      • redletter_ says:

        I'm the same! I started with Series 5 first after all my friends started raving about. While I had been aware of who playing the Doctor and who his companions were over the last few years via cultural osmosis, Matt was really 'My First Doctor' and Karen my first companion.

        I only caught up on the earlier seasons on UKTV over the course of a couple of months, so I never really formed the same emotional connection.

      • ldwy says:

        Same for me. It was heartbreaking with Rose, and Donna (Martha was more empowering, she knew she needed to leave, and she wanted to leave, and she chose to leave), but in real time the attachment is so strong!

    • tehrevel says:

      You know what would be even more awkward? If only one of them came back and they tried to put it into the storyline. "Oh me and Rory broke up totally offscreen, pretty crazy eh".

      Get a couple alien companions in there next time and I'll be ok, that victorian samurai Silurian detective and her girlfriend and someone from the past like Jamie was and it'd be awesome.

  66. WaveMaker989 says:

    It's starting! I am so excite!

  67. icingflarewhite says:

    The last one left? Well that's not encouraging.

  68. WaveMaker989 says:

    I thought apples were rubbish….

  69. WaveMaker989 says:

    XD "It's okay! We're nice!" Oh Rory <3

  70. icingflarewhite says:

    Living hotel with no ways out? IS MOFFAT TRYING TO MAKE ME AFRAID OF HOTELS?

  71. icingflarewhite says:

    No, Doctor. It's more than "rude."

  72. WaveMaker989 says:

    D: Do not want the puppet laughter kthx

  73. WaveMaker989 says:

    …Norway… what?

  74. WaveMaker989 says:

    XD Rory, have I mentioned how much I love you? Oh, I have? Hope you won't mind me repeating myself, then.

  75. icingflarewhite says:

    Weeping Angels? Well that's not good either,

  76. icingflarewhite says:

    So is it a prison or a hotel? Or is it both?

  77. WaveMaker989 says:

    Matty's face. That is pure and untainted "I am disappoint, mole man."

  78. WaveMaker989 says:

    Oh snap! Name drop! lol

  79. icingflarewhite says:

    "You said that in the past tense."

    "No I didn't."

    I hope that isn't foreshadowing.

  80. WaveMaker989 says:

    Man, Matt Smith is an amazing actor. Every single sad scene given to him, you can see so much emotion in just little face movements and voice changes.

  81. WaveMaker989 says:

    Aw, Rory's too perfect for the prison.

  82. icingflarewhite says:

    "Of course. Who else?"

    The person he saw in his room was either the Master or the Time Lords. I can't explain it but it just seems like it'd fit if it's your fear that you see.

    • redletter_ says:

      I reckon he either saw himself or maybe River.

    • WaveMaker989 says:

      I agree with a number of comments that it was probably himself. I mean, we saw in Amy's Choice how much hate he has towards himself, and after episodes like The Waters of Mars and A Good Man Goes To War, it would be reasonable that he's starting to fear exactly how much control he as over himself as well.

    • ldwy says:

      I still hold that it was no one. An empty room. Or if he saw himself, specifically that he saw himself alone. And the fear of loneliness could tie into that fear he has of his own power. Remember how Donna saw and understood that the Doctor needs someone to hold him in a good place?

  83. WaveMaker989 says:

    XD Amy looks like she's gonna sex it up.

  84. WaveMaker989 says:

    "Amy Williams" And my heart just squeed so very hard *has been wishing for a moment where the possibility that she might take his name was acknowledged for so long*.

  85. WaveMaker989 says:

    …And then things turned into Tron and WaveMaker was so confused…

  86. icingflarewhite says:

    What just happened?

  87. WaveMaker989 says:

    XD "You showed me a picture once and said '*mock voice* It's my favorite car.'" God I love those two.

  88. WaveMaker989 says:

    I love how Amy's nails never actually match her outfit.

  89. icingflarewhite says:

    It's a fake out. It has to be.

  90. Meadow says:

    God damn this was an awesome episode.

  91. klutzygal12 says:

    I am on an emotional roller coaster of SADNESS.
    I'm exhausted. I'll miss you Ponds.
    Please return soon.

  92. canyonoflight says:

    Ack! I just watched it on DVR and had a brain fart about the fact that people posting and reading right now are only halfway through it.

  93. allyndra says:

    The episode finished half an hour ago, and I am still SO SAD! D: The rest of my Doctor Who-watching family are totally fine and thinking I'm weird.

  94. What happened to the Doctor's new coat? And yet again with the Rubix cube. Oh silly Doctor.

  95. …I'm kind of falling out of love with Doctor Who after this season. Aside from the fact that it seems to be turning more into a horror show, I'm just not finding the Doctor very LIKEABLE anymore. Matt Smith is still flipping adorable, and there are always scenes where I just want to reach through the screen and cuddle him, but more and more there are scenes where I just want to SLAP the Doctor because no. And this season seems to have very little in the way of continuity. There are so many things that I think need to be brought up again, and then they AREN'T. Instead, we get another mention of how the Doctor is going to die. WE KNOW, PLEASE MOVE ON.

    Also, calling Amy "Amy Williams" when she has always clearly chosen to identify as Amy POND? No. Just no.

    Hoping for a really awesome next two weeks, because I really don't want to take Doctor Who off my must-watch list. But like Amy, I think my faith in the Doctor is a bit broken.

  96. Bah! I hate these types of dummies. With their big eyes and hands. DO NOT WANT.

  97. t09yavors says:

    The Doctor's room was Room 11.

    Clearly his greatest fear is Harry Potter during PoA.

  98. Awwww sad clown is sad.

  99. Hahaha, Amy I love you. " don't talk to the clown."

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