Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: S04E13 – Journey’s End

In the thirteenth episode of the fourth series of Doctor Who, we learn what happens when the Doctor regenerates and then THIS IS SERIOUSLY TOO SAD FOR ME. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Doctor Who.

I have a lot of thoughts. And I just wrote over 4,500 words for Mark Reads, so buckle in, my friends. It’s going to be a lengthy ride.

I spoke pretty candidly in my review for the finale of series two about my attachment to Rose and how I was able to relate to her struggle in my own way. I wanted to provide a bit of additional context before I heaped my praise on Donna because I didn’t want it to seem like I was emotionally cheating on Rose.

Straight up, Donna Noble has been my favorite companion of the Doctor. I still like the previous two companions quite a bit, but so much of Donna’s character has grown on me, from her sense of humor, to the way she interacts with the Doctor, to the rather brilliant, unthanked way that she has forced the Doctor to confront what he has become over the years.

In an entirely different way than Rose, however, I found myself feeling a sense of affinity for the character created by this show. One of my only complaints about this series finale is that by jamming so many plots and characters into the story, I felt that there wasn’t enough time spent on Donna as there could have been, especially after what she did over the course of the fourth season.

Donna was developed not only as a foil to the Doctor but as an exploration on self-esteem. We all knew that Donna was important to the story, that she had done wonderful, courageous things for the entire universe, and yet she still referred to herself as a temp. As the temp. As someone who was disposable and forgettable and worthless in her own eyes. (I think “Turn Left” had a great deal of this self-introspection as well.)

Self-esteem has always played a large part in my identity. I don’t have any stories to tell and I’m not really sure I want to right now. But, if you’ve gleaned anything from what I’ve shared with the world, you know I’ve had some…difficult moments in my past. A lot of what Mark Reads and Mark Watches has done for me is to give me an outlet for my experience and my voice and it’s allowed me to come to terms with a lot of what I’ve gone through. One of the harder things to talk about, through all of it, is self-esteem and self-worth. I think for a lot of people (and please correct me if I’m overstepping myself here) it becomes increasingly complicated to discuss self-esteem because other people, especially those who haven’t experienced bouts of really awful self doubt, are quick to immediately erase the sensation. They want to tell you that what you’re feeling is wrong, that you are not the best judge of your character or situation, and that everything will be ok. Funny thing about it is that it’s generally done with the greatest intentions, as a way to cheer a person up. And I get that. I’ve probably done it myself in the past.

To hear that sensation and feeling vocalized on television was a bizarre thing for me. As Donna continued to insist that she wasn’t worth it, despite that we knew it, I did feel as if I could step into the same situation and nothing would be unfamiliar about it. Ok, well, clearly I am not fighting Daleks to destroy a Reality Bomb. But you get the point. (PS: That is a terrible name for a bomb, FYI.)

I think that Donna is a wonderful character and may always be my favorite one from this entire show, and it hurt so much to see her in pain in this episode because I knew there’d always be a part of me that could relate to her. I have to come to the realization myself that I have done good things and that I’m a person who deserves to enjoy who he is, that’s it’s perfectly ok to take care of yourself and feel proud of yourself and to celebrate my accomplishments. That is not what I was raised with, and despite that I fought it so hard (and still do), most days it is hard to escape that voice in my head that echoes what my parents used to tell me, that I am worthless and pointless and useless, that I was a mistake from the beginning.

I am not. And even if I have to consciously tell myself this, day after day, it was really empowering to watch the same realization on screen with Donna Noble. Sometimes, you have to do this yourself. That’s perfectly ok.

“Journey’s End” is not without it’s problems. Reality Bomb? Really? Ok, that’s pretty small. Rose’s end? ONE OF THE CREEPIEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN. Hey, did you miss me, Rose? How about you spend eternity in a parallel universe with a human copy of myself? Holy god, that is so, so, so, so uncomfortable. RIGHT?

But even right from the beginning, this episode is SO TERRIBLY EXCITING. I would never have expected the Doctor to regenerate as himself by using that severed hand that’s been sitting around for years, and the creation of another Doctor was even more shocking. TWO OF THE SAME DOCTOR. Oh my god, in what world is having two David Tennants not the most amazing thing ever?

We also get the return of Mickey (HHHNNNNGGGG) and Jackie, and it’s when I started to feel there was some sort of a reason for this sort of convergence. Why were all of these people come together at this exact moment? There had to be one beyond the need for Davies to show off.

As all of these people revealed their secret weapons, I thought I had it figured out. Was this Davies’s statement about loyalty, about how the companions of the Doctor were so inspired by them that they’d willing to risk anything to save him? Would Sarah Jane, Mickey, Jack, and Jackie destroy themselves via a Warpstar? Would Martha use the Osterhagen Key to DESTROY ALL OF PLANET EARTH? Holy god that key.

It’s eerie how much the scenes with Davros and the Doctor feel like an impromptu trial, that the Doctor’s companions were a parade of witnesses against him, and for me, it is all the more uncomfortable than any Reality Bomb or Dalek. Has the Doctor really inspired that level of violence, that willingness to destroy, in the people he has traveled with? Even if that question is left unanswered, what is answered is the fact that so many people really have died because of the Doctor.

“The man who keeps running, never looking back because he dare not…out of shame! This is my final victory, Doctor; I have shown you yourself.”

Davies is not a perfect writer and he can be wildly inconsistent. But when he attempts to make grand statements about humanity, or at least the humanity of his characters, he routinely knocks it straight out of the park. He needed this. The Doctor needed be told about his actions and most especially the ramifications of them.

This realization affects the entire end of this episode, from the moment the TARDIS shows up to the final moments with Wilfred. Despite that this episode is transfixing, exciting, and fairly depressing, when Donna arrives, it’s a very brief moment of watching Catherine Tate and David Tennant prove exactly how much talent they have.  It is funny to see them imitate the more ridiculous tendencies of each others’ character, but it was also sad to me, because I knew that soon, Catherine Tate would be gone from the mythology of this show. But before that happened, we get to see her become a Time Lord. (Well, at least partly so.) It was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve seen this show do, and I watched her zip about the Crucible with a giant smile plastered on my face.

But that joy did not last long. As Davros was defeated, the Crucible self-destructed, and the Doctor’s companions scattered about time and space, I knew I had to deal with the inevitable. Donna was now half Time Lord. It couldn’t last.

If “Doomsday” was emotionally difficult to watch, then the end of “Journey’s End” is downright unbearable. Donna Noble changed the entire universe, saved everything and everyone, and protected reality itself. But the knowledge of this won’t matter. Being part Time Lord is killing Donna, and I watched in terror, tears in my eyes, as the Doctor placed his hands on Donna’s temples as she begged him to stop, and took away her memories.

Donna Noble will never remember that she saved the world. She will never remember her travels with the Doctor and she will never remember that she mattered. If that is not the definition of tragedy, then I don’t know what is.


  • Kasper has informed me that the name of Bad Wolf Bay is some of the poorest usage of Norwegian he has ever seen. Instead, it’s translation is more like, “Beach of the Wolf Who Is Rather Shite At Being A Wolf.”
  • I’m also rather sad that we may never see Jackie ever again. I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
  • JACK HARKNESS CALLED MICKEY “BEEFCAKE.” Well, at least the two of us are on the same page about how hot Mickey is.
  • “But, every night, Doctor…when it gets dark, and the stars come out, I’ll look up…on her behalf. I’ll look up at the sky…and think of you.” MY CREYS.
  • “Oi! Watch it, earthgirl!”
  • I found it interesting that Dalek Caan saw what would happen and went ahead with it anyway. So my only question about that is: How can they bring back the Daleks ever again?
  • “I just want you to know, there are worlds out there, safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble, a thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her, while she can never remember. And for one moment, one shining moment, she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.”

So here’s what the upcoming schedule will be like:

Tuesday: The Next Doctor

Wednesday: The Genesis of the Daleks (classic Who)

Thursday: Planet of the Dead

Friday: The Waters of Mars

Monday: The End of Time, Part I

Tuesday: The End of Time, Part II

Wednesday: The Mind Robber (classic Who)

Thursday: Start series 5!!!!

Sound acceptable? PARTY TIME.


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579 Responses to Mark Watches ‘Doctor Who’: S04E13 – Journey’s End

  1. daisysparrow says:

    MARK you are allowed to listen to Chameleon Circut naow 😀 -Journey's End,… – Exterminate Regenerate,… and An Awful Lot of Running 🙂 3 of the best, but there's moreeee.

  2. TJ2723 says:

    First of all,

    "Kasper has informed me that the name of Bad Wolf Bay is some of the poorest usage of Norwegian he has ever seen. Instead, it’s translation is more like, “Beach of the Wolf Who Is Rather Shite At Being A Wolf.”"

    has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read.

    Secondly, love Donna, love Catherine Tate, miss them both immensely. One of the saddest character endings ever.

  3. Cathy (catd94) says:

    Tbh, I didn't really know if I liked Donna.
    Throughout the series though, she grew on me & I love her sfm
    She was an amazing companion and I liked the progression of her character

  4. celestineangel says:

    Donna. EPIC. SADFACE.


    I’ve always felt the biggest tragedy of Donna’s fate is that in losing those memories, she loses the person she’d become. She loses what confidence she’d won, loses the knowledge of something bigger than herself that gives her more compassion than she had before she traveled with the Doctor. She reverts back to being that loud, brash, absolutely hilarious but… self-absorbed in her own way. A self-absorbtion fueled by a complete ignorance of the world around her.

    She lost the woman she was and could be.

    That’s what always saddened me the most.

  5. syntheticjesso says:

    Rose’s end? ONE OF THE CREEPIEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN. Hey, did you miss me, Rose? How about you spend eternity in a parallel universe with a human copy of myself? Holy god, that is so, so, so, so uncomfortable. RIGHT?

    THANK YOU. I HATE THAT ENDING. I mean, granted, I was never a Rose fan to begin with, so the whole thing already feels incredibly Mary Sue (yay she gets to marry the Doctor to fix him all over again because it's ~twoo wuv~ *gag*), but then throw in the fact that he's a copy? WEIRD, WEIRD ENDING.

    Besides, if ANYONE should get to live with a clone of David Tennant, it should be me, dammit.

    Donna Noble will never remember that she saved the world. She will never remember her travels with the Doctor and she will never remember that she mattered. If that is not the definition of tragedy, then I don’t know what is.

    It makes me want to cry, just thinking about it. I've been in bad places before, where I really, really didn't like myself, and having come through it and "rebuilt" myself, I can't even imagine going back to those days. Even worse, those moments when she knew that's what she was going back to… horrible. I want to cry all the tears, forever.

    But man, as tragic as the ending is, the bit before the ending, where they are all traveling together, towing the earth back into place? Makes my heart just SWELL with happiness. They are all so happy and it's one big lovey family and I LOVE THEM ALL. Sometimes I just pretend that's how the episode ended, and then they all had adventures together for a while, before everyone went home to live happily ever after. And Handy came to earth to marry me. BEST ENDING EVER WHY DON'T THEY HIRE ME TO WRITE FOR THE SHOW?

  6. Ashley says:

    WHY!? WHYYYYYY!!??? Donna was my favorite!!! I liked Rose (had great chemistry with the Doctor) and liked Martha (Judoon on the moon and Shakespeare!) and of course Sarah-Jane was the cutest little thing back in the '70s with the cutest clothes and her amazing self. But Donna was just so funny and wonderful (as Wilf is too!). If I could have played a companion, I would have ended up with the same characterization. RIP Donna! You're still there in my heart, flying through the stars! (Ideally with Gramps too!)

    But I do have to say, the best scene ever was all the companions and the Docs flying the TARDIS! <hugs>

  7. Sierra says:

    "Oh my god, in what world is having two David Tennants not the most amazing thing ever?"


    I was rather a Doctor/Rose shipper, and even I was more than a little wierded out by her actually ending up with him. Well, for a certain value of "him." They just weren't clicking for me and then yeah, the whole, "You remember when you met me, how messed up I was? He's like that. Have fun" thing? Not romantic at all.

    And I thought I was broken with Doomsday, but this one… whew. Part of me would love to watch it again because it's fantastic but an even bigger part of me doesn't dare because I'm not sure I can take crying that hard twice.

    Re: Jack's "beefcake" comment – I think he was referring to himself, correcting Mickey calling him "captain cheesecake"

  8. lastyearswishes says:

    Ugh, just reading that last quote made me start crying. I love you, Donna Noble, you will always be my favorite companion. <3

  9. Nicole says:

    Just discovered this blog the other and thought about skipping comments on this post due to my near-hatred of this episode, but that probably wouldn't be fair, would it?

    I guess the worst thing for me in this episode is how OOC the Doctor acts. First, after a season of it being drummed into our heads that the Doctor hates guns and people carrying guns ('people with guns are usually the enemy in my book'), Rose shows up with a gun in TSE that is almost bigger than her and THE DOCTOR SAYS NOTHING? I get that he was a bit distracted in the Meadow Run at the end of TSE, but I thought for sure he would say SOMETHING about it in JE (like he reprimands Jack, for example).

    Then, even worse, was during the Dimension Cannon conversation, where I would think that the Doctor would be horrified about how Rose/Torchwood endangered the multi-verse by PUNCHING HOLES IN IT (which he warned her against in 'Doomsday'), he giggled and smiled instead? WHAT? I mean, I get that Rose can be selfish, but endangering all life as we know it just to get back to the man she loves? That's a bit creepy and psychotic (which, really, makes me think she's a bit like the Master, but that's another post), if you ask me, and I'm surprised the Doctor just brushed it off when he's got up on his high horse for less. IDEK.

    The Donna storyline sadly ranges from completely awesome, but then crashes into terrible when all her agency is snatched away when her memories are wiped. Not that I think that she could still be awesome on her own, but I think that the Doctor really acted as a catalyst in her life and I worry for her future without the memory of how amazing she really can be (I really doubt that Sylvia is going to remain nice to her, even after the Doctor called her out on her emotional abuse).

    I did love seeing Donna as theDoctorDonna, though I have to admit I was a bit confused as to why she couldn't handle a Time-Lord-brain-in-a-human-body and Mr. 'Same Thoughts, Same Feelings' Handy didn't have the same issue. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Handy and I love writing fic about him dealing with coming to terms with who HE actually is (since he is not the Doctor, not Donna, but pieces of each), but I'm still not sure why the metacrisis wasn't fatal to him as well. Then again, some people subscribe to the theory that he 'imploded' or burned up soon after the TARDIS left, so there you go…

    Speaking of Handy, yes, two David Tennants can never USUALLY be a bad thing, but that false regeneration was seriously one of the worst things I've even seen in DW. Maybe it's just the oldskool fan in me, but really? RTD, REALLY? The Doctor has never had any control over the regeneration process in the past and, yes, he had the 'handy spare hand' to shunt the regeneration energy into this time around, but I still don't get why it even worked. IDK.

    Martha is my favorite companion and I was glad to see that she is one of the few Nu!Who companions to get a happy ending. She made some tough decisions with the Osterhagen Key, but I like that, despite the burden of possibly having to destroy the Earth, she tried to approach the situation in the most Doctorly way she could manage. Same with Mickey/SJ/Jack and their warp star. (Which again: Doctor gets mad at them possibly destroying the Earth to save the universe and Rose/Torchwood nearly destroying the multiverse gets a pass? Grr.)

    I do like the whole bit with the companions flying the TARDIS overall. There is some squicky moments, like the forever ill-treatment of Jackie (god, that makes me angry — she has proven herself by now, Doctor!), Donna having to throw herself on Jack to get his attention, and the bad Who!Skience where the Earth wasn't completely ravaged by earthquakes and such from being dragged through space like that (saw a great fanvid that fixed that once!), but overall it's mostly HAPPY TIEMS.

    I have to admit that I hoped against hope that SJ calling Ten on his loneliness schtick and telling him that he actually had tons of family would finally jog him from his relentless emo. But this is a regeneration in love with his own suffering, so he was STILL all weepy about being alone at the end with Wilf. Which, by the way, WILF! Man, he always makes me cry. ALWAYS. The salute! *weeps*

    And for all the I don't like Rose, I feel a bit bad for her about her ending. Since the beginning of S2, her agency has been chipped away more and more as she's become less of an individual and more just defined by her relationship with the Doctor (i.e how enmeshed with her feelings about the Doctor and being with him). It's almost like there was no character growth from 'Doomsday', as if she'd be standing on that beach, doing nothing but trying to get back to the Doctor that whole time before JE. That's so sad to me.

    And I feel really bad for her that when she'd finally got back to Ten and he just basically dumped her back where she could never see him again (maybe he was upset with her reaction to his regeneration?). Sure she got Handy as a Consolation Prize, but he was basically dumped on her lap without her having a chance to say no, and I just can't see that relationship doing very well. Especially after she ran toward the TARDIS at the end. Ultimately, while a nice likeness, he is not the man she loves and that can only draw a big wedge between them. Creepy, creepy, creep ending.

    Anyway, as much as I liked TSE, I think RTD failed again at his finale-ending (he seems to be really weak on pt 2 of his finales, across the board). It had a lot of potential, but ultimately I think it got too bloated by too many characters (even if I love them) and too many plots going on.

    • You Are Not Alone says:

      Re: The gun thing. It's different when there are Daleks involved. Look back at episodes with Daleks and the Doctor doesn't ever reprimand anyone for carrying a gun to fight them with, including Jack and Mickey who also carry guns in this episode and the Doctor doesn't tell them anything either, so it's not just Rose.

      Re: Dimension Cannon
      There was no indication it was punching holes in the Universe. Yes, Rose was trying to find a way to cross over, but hadn't gone as far as doing any damage in the process and I don't think she would have. The Dimension Cannon began working due to the weakening of the barriers between Universes caused by Davros.

    • Starsea28 says:

      First, after a season of it being drummed into our heads that the Doctor hates guns and people carrying guns ('people with guns are usually the enemy in my book'), Rose shows up with a gun in TSE that is almost bigger than her and THE DOCTOR SAYS NOTHING? I get that he was a bit distracted in the Meadow Run at the end of TSE, but I thought for sure he would say SOMETHING about it in JE (like he reprimands Jack, for example).

      I wish I could agree that it's because she's fighting Daleks. But really, my suspicion is that he doesn't tell her off because it's Rose who's carrying the gun. *sigh*

  10. mkjcaylor says:

    I like this episode, but not love it.

    The Handy/Rose thing sort of squicks me, which is sad because I'm a huge Rose/Ten shipper. But… I don't really like Handy all that much. And his hair is funky. And he kinda stands weird. And he's supposed to be the person she loves and for some reason *DESPITE IT BEING THE SAME ACTUAL PERSON* I can't see Handy as being the one that Rose came back for. There is this large amount of mopey sad in me that heartsick and lonely Ten and Rose never actually got to kiss. Also, apparently Handy and Rose can't kiss worth a damn so I'm sad about that too.

    I am also mopey sad because Rose doesn't seem like Rose anymore, either. She's lost her bubbly happiness that I loved about her.

    That's right. It's all the drugs. (I have so grown to love and cherish this meme.)

    ANYWAY. Scene in the TARDIS with everyone? AWESOME. Especially love Sarah Jane's hilarious look when Donna shoves her unceremoniously out of the way.

    People are complaining about Martha's look at the camera, but didn't Jack do that too? I think they were trying to do something there that was poorly communicated through not-so-good editing. I don't think it was a mistake, just a stretch to convey something that some people didn't understand.

    Lastly, too many people doing too many things and too much going on. But Donna's end is sad and her expression makes me tear up. I love Donna too. I am sad about that. But I honestly think that it was a necessary thing instead of letting her die. She is capable of greatness without the Doctor and now she really gets the chance to prove it. (And what if we went on an adventure with the Doctor and we never knew? Does it matter? Are we suffering now that we don't know? No, not really. Being ignorant and oblivious only causes suffering to the ones that know the truth. So she's not suffering in the slightest, and not dead, and I think it was a decent ending for her. ADMITTEDLY, your protagonists are supposed to change and evolve from the beginning to the end and Donna didn't, so that's violating a generally accepted fundamental rule of good storytelling.)

  11. Loz says:

    In July 2007 I remember reading Deathly Hallows and thinking that there will never be another story that would have me curled into the foetus position and sobbing for at least three hours.

    In 2008 I started watching Doctor Who and was proven wrong with this episode.

    Donna Noble will always be my favourite companion.

    • Loz says:

      I just had a thought about Rose and Handy…

      Rose thinks the Doctor is okay, and may find happiness again, so long as he still has his BFF Donna. She doesn't know the Doctor has lost Donna oh God I am weeping again..

  12. Reddi says:

    This episode hit the nail SO hard on the head when it came to the Doctor's character arc. Really, from nine thru ten, that's the story RTD has been writing… and it *had* to come to Davros' words, a twisting of the truth, but they had a lot of truth in them. And did that blow hurt. That was the greatest wound (and most crippling) he could have inflicted on the doctor. The other doctor, 10.5, or Handy, or whatever he was, did NOT HEAR THOSE WORDS and I think this is why he could do what Ten could not. And I also think those words are why Ten systematically cut himself off from everyone of those who cared about him at the end– with almost surgical precision.

    Re: Ten/10.5/Rose… you said : "Rose’s end? ONE OF THE CREEPIEST THINGS I’VE EVER SEEN. Hey, did you miss me, Rose? How about you spend eternity in a parallel universe with a human copy of myself? "

    Was this total CRAP or what? It wasn't even written like it was supposed to be tragic, as Donna' s end was. I think RTD did some awesome things with this ep, but he did stupid things too, and this was possibly the STUPIDEST. I fear for the doctor- both ten and 10.5, because Rose WILL NOT BE HAPPY and maybe she'll tear thru the skin of the universe again to KICK HIS ASS. And quite honestly, he deserves it. (no, that's not a spoiler, just a personal wish, :D). But honestly, it makes sense given what the doctor was doing– cutting himself off from everyone "for their own good." Self Esteem, Mark? This isn't about Donnas, it's about HIS. Despite his pseudo-god moments, he loathes himself. He's one of those people who seems to have a HUGE EGO and yet is filled with self loathing. And what does he do? After he cuts off the one person who could keep him on Track (DONNA), he does just what she said not to do. HE MAKES HIMSELF TOTALLY ALONE.

    And yet this is the ONLY place he could go, given the path he he was on. It makes sense.

    Donna's end was indeed the most tragic thing I've seen on Doctor Who. Absolutely. I was saying WTF??? at the Bad Wolf bay scene (LOL on the translation– somehow it FITS given this crappy scene), but within minutes I was crying my eyes out at Donna's end. :: bawls ::

    Before you watch WoM, I strongly strongly advise watching yet another classic who that deals with Gallifrey, because to get the last of the time lords in the doctor, you need to see the others. I hope you will squeeze in the Deadly Assassin or something similar. I can't remember if you saw the spotty and somewhat silly Five Doctors, but that also goes back to Gallfrey.

  13. flootzavut says:

    Mark, I'm not sure what to say – Journey's End just rips my heart out when I watch it but your recap of how tragic it is that Donna will not – cannot – remember what she did, how much she mattered… that actually made me cry more than watching the ep did. That is truly saying something.

    Also: “Beach of the Wolf Who Is Rather Shite At Being A Wolf.” This might be my favourite thing ever 😀

  14. mr.mowgli says:

    I don't get the Rose loves drugs jokes.
    everytime i see one it cracks me up, but i don't understand why its a thing.

    what it the meaning. EXPLAIN!

    • Starsea28 says:

      I believe it all comes from a fanart of Martha complaining about visiting New New York and Ten responding with saying "Rose loved (insert something here)!" When Martha complains that all the New New York citizens are on drugs, Ten starts weeping and claims "Rose loved drugs!" And thus the meme was born. (I think.)

  15. Starsea28 says:

    Most of my favourite Doctor/Donna vids have been posted, but here are a couple: – Who Knew – Happy Ending (the one by Mika) – Remember Me

    And now some happy vids! – Help! – Drops of Jupiter – Black and Gold

  16. notemily says:

    So yesterday I was watching a video of every Doctor Who theme ever, and my friend Alan (who's never seen DW) was in the room. A few minutes later I heard him idly tapping out the drumming from the theme and I cracked up. He didn't know what was so funny about it and it's impossible to explain to someone who hasn't seen the show. OMG ALAN THE MASTER IS IN YOUR BRAIN

  17. PigRescuer says:


    I loved that bit so much.

  18. flootzavut says:

    Yes – I love/hate this ending – in universe,it is unbearably tragic for Donna and it makes me cry. From a writing standpoint, it has enormous pathos and is just beautiful and the only thing they could have done and made her stay in character. No way would she have left otherwise.

    (In my own personal Cannon, Donna and Ten are still out there travelling the universe together *sniff*)

  19. ScarecrowCeno says:

    I adore this fin ale, it's so much fun. it works as a climax of so much that has come before, and seeing the Doctor face what he's done to the 'children of time' is heart breaking. davros is perfect, he relishes so much of what he does. he has TWO amazing speaches and how can you not adore the sheer joy as he screams "DETONATE THE REALITY BOMB". The destruction of reaity itself is high stakes but makes perfect sense for the Daleks. The Human-Doctor works as he IS the Doctor, still. he's got all the memories and experiences of ours, surely, due to the regeneration energy that created him, so he and Rose are perfectly matched in many ways. Donna's fate is brave but heartbreaking… when Wilf opens the door.. breaks my heart…

  20. klmnumbers says:

    This episode BROKE ME. Donna is by far my favorite companion. I think her ending is so tragic – not only because she doesn't get to remember the Doctor or her travails but because the ending basically amounts to character assassination. She goes right back to gossiping on the phone and being insecure.

    So sad. I'll never forgive RTD for her ending. =(

  21. travelinghobbit says:

    Next Thursday I can link you to one of the BEST VIDS EVEH. I've been waiting, it's the perfect songs to the perfect bits. You have no idea. And I'll stop fangirling now and drooling all over the floor in here. *wipes up after herself as she leaves*

  22. ScarlettMi says:

    Damn, just reading that recap made me remember how saw and devastating that ending was and now I'm crying all the tears all over again.

    Donna. 🙁

  23. Kirei says:

    I never expected to like Donna as much as I did, but I agree with you that she's pretty much my favorite companion to date. And I utterly related to her self-esteem conflict. Just hearing her plead "Don't make me go back" caused me to weep buckets.

    Also, I must be the ONLY person on here who was O.K. with Rose getting to stay with hand!Doctor/ 10.2/ DonnaDoctor whathaveyou. Maybe it was because I felt so badly for Rose, who waited years to see the Doctor again and crossed universes to find him, that I felt like even a strange sort of consolation prize was better than another curtailed confession of feelings that would leave her just as lonely and unresolved as she seemed to be at their first parting. I don't know – I just bought into it as being okay despite all the weirdness because I wanted Rose to be happy.

    Augh these are fictional characters why do I care so much!

  24. CBG says:

    Flawed episode, but there were things I loved, such as Tennant with his sassy-ness and Donna with the saving everyone!

    I hated when they started turning the Doctor and Rose's relationship into a romance. It was because I hated her character, and also it felt cheap.

    I'll stop with the Rose hate, 'cause I see you're a fan. Sorry.

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