Mark Watches An Original ‘Doctor Who’: Round 1

So, just so this first round is breaking up my viewing schedule, you will be voting for the episode/story arc that I watch AFTER I finish series one. Thankfully, since each series is just 13 episodes, it’ll be two weeks from today before I get to watch it.

Let’s have some fun!


1) You are allowed as many submissions as you like as long as someone else has not already suggested that episode/arc and you are not flooding the comments so that others cannot pitch their suggestions.

2) I am aware that some of the older episodes are actually part of 3-4 episode arcs. If an episode is part of an arc, please suggest the entire arc, not the individual episode it is a part of.

3) Leave a comment pitching your suggestion. Please don’t spoil the episode, but sell it to me. Why should I watch it? You can obviously give basic facts about casting and slight plot hints, but don’t say, “OH YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS BECAUSE THE DOCTOR’S COMPANION DIES AT THE END.” GIF images from that episode/arc are acceptable as long as they are not massively spoiler-ish.

4) VOTE! We have this nifty up- and down-voting system in place with Intense Debate, so we’ll use that. Up-vote the episode/arcs you think I should watch next or ones you were going to suggest. Down-vote those you think I should not. CUTTHROAT COMPETITION.

5) Each round, the comment with the highest up-vote will be the episode/arc that I watch! In the case of a story arc, I might split the review up in parts for length, but otherwise the next post will be about the one voted highest by the community!

6) Don’t be rude, but I suppose that goes without saying.

Sound fun? Voting for round 1 will end on January 1, 2011. HOW POETIC. Review for episode/arc will start on January 4. (I want to watch the Christmas special with Eccleston before I do an older episode.)

If you think of any other rules I should add, let me know. Otherwise, Whovians, go wild!

About Mark Oshiro

Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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