Mark Watches An Original ‘Doctor Who’: Round 1

So, just so this first round is breaking up my viewing schedule, you will be voting for the episode/story arc that I watch AFTER I finish series one. Thankfully, since each series is just 13 episodes, it’ll be two weeks from today before I get to watch it.

Let’s have some fun!


1) You are allowed as many submissions as you like as long as someone else has not already suggested that episode/arc and you are not flooding the comments so that others cannot pitch their suggestions.

2) I am aware that some of the older episodes are actually part of 3-4 episode arcs. If an episode is part of an arc, please suggest the entire arc, not the individual episode it is a part of.

3) Leave a comment pitching your suggestion. Please don’t spoil the episode, but sell it to me. Why should I watch it? You can obviously give basic facts about casting and slight plot hints, but don’t say, “OH YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS BECAUSE THE DOCTOR’S COMPANION DIES AT THE END.” GIF images from that episode/arc are acceptable as long as they are not massively spoiler-ish.

4) VOTE! We have this nifty up- and down-voting system in place with Intense Debate, so we’ll use that. Up-vote the episode/arcs you think I should watch next or ones you were going to suggest. Down-vote those you think I should not. CUTTHROAT COMPETITION.

5) Each round, the comment with the highest up-vote will be the episode/arc that I watch! In the case of a story arc, I might split the review up in parts for length, but otherwise the next post will be about the one voted highest by the community!

6) Don’t be rude, but I suppose that goes without saying.

Sound fun? Voting for round 1 will end on January 1, 2011. HOW POETIC. Review for episode/arc will start on January 4. (I want to watch the Christmas special with Eccleston before I do an older episode.)

If you think of any other rules I should add, let me know. Otherwise, Whovians, go wild!

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Perpetually unprepared since '09.
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240 Responses to Mark Watches An Original ‘Doctor Who’: Round 1

  1. Hokuto says:

    The Daleks, First Doctor! I suggest it because although it is a long serial (seven 20-minute episodes, I think) it is the very second serial, almost as good as watching the very first (that one is only four episodes, but it is about cavemen and kind of – awful), and it is the first appearance of the Daleks. Also, Ian and Barbara as companions are awesome all the time, but Barbara is especially resourceful in a couple of episodes and I love her. And the First Doctor is DELIGHTFULLY EVIL.

    • calimie says:

      "The Daleks" is wonderful!

      I'd say, watch the very first one, skip the rest of the first serial (it's really bad) and then "The Daleks" (the second serial)

  2. simply_shipping says:

    "An Unearthly Child" 4 episodes, the very first serial. You got to watch the very beginning of the series at some point, why not first? 😀

    • This is next on my list, as soon as I get the money! xD

    • ScarlettMi says:

      Definitely. I'm such a completest that I had to go for the first episode that launched it all when I went back and began watching Classic Who.

    • Maddi says:

      The thing about the first serial is that it has the lovely first episode introducing the Doctor and Susan, and Barbara and Ian, and then it's three episodes of cavemen. (That's not a spoiler.) The first episode is wonderful and should absolutely be watched, the last three… are kinda dull.

      • Matthew says:

        It’s possible just to watch the first episode in a “this is how it all started” way. You don’t really miss anything by not knowing what happens in the other three.

        I’d suggest episode one of ‘An Unearthly Child’ combined with all of ‘Spearhead from Space’ (as suggested below) to compare introductory stories.

        You could even add the TV Movie to see how it didn’t work…

      • RJM says:

        Agreed. The first episode is indeed awesome, but, um, THREE EPISODES OF CAVEMEN MAKING FIRE??

    • sabra_n says:

      That's a great idea. "An Unearthly Child" is vastly different from New Who, but it's cool how certain things stayed the same.

    • rowanlee says:

      Nthing this hard!

    • azurefalls says:

      Agreed. Can't beat a bit of classic Hartnell.

    • niamheryoumind says:

      I'm going to have to recommend starting at the start too. Just before the New Who started showing (five years ago) the ABC put on all the old episodes in order, one episode every afternoon, all week for -ages-. I had never seen some of the older ones (Four was my first) and it was great to finally see them in order.

    • Rhino Neil says:

      It's a great story (4 x 25 mins), the opening episode is just a masterclass in television, 4 actors, 3 main sets and recorded "as live". The other three episodes are nowhere near as bad as some suggest there is a quality to the story telling that once you get past the odd situation for an opening story is superb, although I grant they may not be to some people's taste.

    • Elfy says:

      I second that. This is where it all began and it’s a great contrast, the original and the first episode of what is known as New Who.

    • pica_scribit says:

      The first episode is great, but I find the rest of the plot arc almost painful to watch. It's just so…stupid.

    • nyssaoftraken74 says:

      Just wanted to add my voice to those recommending An Unearthly Child. After all you surely must be curious about how it all started. It would be interesting to read a kind of compare and contrast with New Who.

    • Matthew says:

      As it looks like this one is winning, a quick note about episode titles. From the beginning until "The Gunfighters" in May 1966, each episode had its own title (as have since the show came back in 2005), even though the story would be told over several episodes. The multi-episode stories have since been given retrospective titles, which are used on the DVD releases. Thus, the first story is called "An Unearthly Child" but the individual episodes are:

      1. An Unearthly Child
      2. The Cave of Skulls
      3. The Forest of Fear
      4. The Firemaker

      From "The Savages" in 1966 until "Survival" in 1989 (the last story of the original run) each serial has a name and the episodes are just called "Part One", "Part Two" etc; or "Episode One", "Episode Two" etc.

      It should be clear as to what's what on Netflix, but I thought it was worth going into detail in the light of Rule 2 in Mark's original post.

  3. simply_shipping says:

    The Keys of Marinus…because it's the only Classic Who serial I've watched all the way through, and I want to see your take on it. First Doctor, 5th serial, 6 episodes.

    It has a bit more of a sci-fi feel than the historical jumping around of a lot of the First Doctor serials, and each of the episodes are a lot more self-contained than in a lot of the serials. It also has kind of an epic-quest format, which is fun, and we get a bit of spotlight on the companions.

  4. Maddi says:

    THE TIME MONSTER. It's the best Three serial, it has Delgado!Master (the best of the classic Masters, who once killed a man with a plastic chair) and Jo's knee-high neon yellow boots and the phrase "curses, foiled again", the villain is a man in a white suit flapping his arms and pretending to be a bird god while the camera zooms in and out wildly to convince you that ~magic is going on, the word "coccyx" is plot relevant, the queen of Atlantis has hair the size of a soccer ball, and it has The Brigadier, who is fantastic and has the world's best moustache.

    • Theresa says:

      That … does sound amazing. I'm in the process of collecting Old Who right now so I'm super interested in which ones people say are worth watching.

    • Matthew says:

      Much as I love it, I wouldn’t start there. Quite a lot of people actively dislike it, so I’d play safer with a more generally liked story. Also, probably best to start with the Master from his first season (although no many are available yet).

    • RJM says:

      No, dude, he should watch it after S3. For, um, spoilery reasons.

  5. Judging by your comments on THE HUNGER GAMES, I have a feeling that RESURRECTION OF THE DALEKS (4 episodes, Fifth Doctor era) might be right up your alley.

  6. Kyra says:

    I mostly agree with this except I saw The Movie before the S4 finale and then "The End of Time," and after that I couldn't really forgive RTD for…anything. >_< (And then of course he had to refer to EoT yet again in "The Death of the Doctor," the fairly awesome Sarah-Jane Adventures episode that features 11, which…fine, I'm a huge sucker for anything that emphasizes a spinoff's continuity with the parent canon, but it was just like "HEY LOOK REMEMBER ME? I WROTE THAT STEAMING PILE OF WTFERY AND IT WAS AWESOME, LET ME REMIND YOU AGAIN BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE MY CLUTCHES MOO HA HA."

    I…have some issues with RTD.

  7. Maddi says:

    No, no, he has to watch The Movie (as a liveblog, IMO) after he's seen some other Who, so he will know just how silly and ridiculous it is!

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      That is a fantastic idea. I want to do the movies/specials as liveblogs, anyway.

      • Steve says:

        Umm, would this be a good time to mention that in addition to the 26 seasons of Old Who, 6 Sesons of New Who (so far) and 1 TV movie there's also a couple of hundred Big Finish audio adventures, many of which feature the 8th doctor and all of which use the actual actors from the show in their proper roles?

        • niamheryoumind says:

          I NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT THE AUDIOS BUT: They really gave Paul McGann, Ricard E Grant and Collin Baker each, a very good run at The Doctor in ways the TV show just couldn't do. I can't think of one I haven't liked and would recommend any of Eight's.

          • I have Storm Warning, and yes, I loved it, but I'm still sorry Eight only got that crappy movie. I really do wish he could appear on the actual show again…

          • nyssaoftraken74 says:

            I'm guessing you mean Sylvester McCoy, rather than Richard E Grant who only ever did Scream of Shalka. He was going to be the web-based ninth Doctor but then the TV show was coming back, so those plans were aborted and his Doctor de-canonised.

            As far as The 1996 Movie goes, I think it was a case of `too many cooks`. There were just too many bosses wanting too many different things and the movie suffers because of that. It also highlights the strength of 21st Century Who where you have just 1 person in charge of the storylines.

            • niamheryoumind says:

              Well, him too. Scream was very, very good for a single shot at it anyway. 😀

              Good thing about Doctor Who is that you can pick your own canon!

              Oh, did you ever hear about the SHERLOCK HOLMES-ESQ costume someone wanted Paul McGann to wear?! At least he only had to deal with the wig.

    • Well, the only other old Who I've ever seen was Ghost Light. *<:) I think after having seen Series 1, he should be fine.

  8. barbiejedi says:

    The Mind Robber, an arc from the 60s with the Second Doctor and Jamie and Zoe. It's got robots and Zoe wears a sparkly catsuit and is the crackiest thing ever, and very obviously made at a time when the budget was £5 and a lottery ticket. It's only five episodes, and all five are intact.

    • barbiejedi says:

      Heck, as long as I'm recommending Second Doctor stories, The Invasion. (Not to be confused with the Third Doctor's Invasion of the Dinosaurs.) It introduces an organization that pretty much defines the Third Doctor's era, and it takes place In Modern Times (meaning the late 60s/early 70s).

      It's an 8 episode story, but two of the episodes were lost to BBC dumbassery– audio recordings for those episodes survived, and they were animated for the DVD release so 1/4 of the arc is a cartoon!

      • ScarlettMi says:

        I was on my way here to immediately suggest the same episode. It's a wonderful story arch and I have such a soft spot for the Second Doctor, his Beatles haircut 🙂 and his wonderful companions, Jamie and Zoe. It's a really great story and the animation that they did to restore those episodes was such a wonderful touch. I definitely second this recommendation.

    • azurefalls says:

      LOVE this episode, LOVE Two, LOVE Jamie. GOOD CHOICE, I was just about to suggest it myself.

    • nyssaoftraken74 says:

      The Mind Robber is brilliant. Episode 1 is made with no budget whatsoever, no sets apart from the TARDIS and no supporting cast apart from 2 or 3 extras wearing some costumes they found in a cupboard. And later there's a genius solution to the problem of what to do what one of your lead actors is unavailable for a couple of weeks.

    • RJM says:

      It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I would upvote this fifty times if I could.

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  10. carma_bee says:

    Spearhead From Space. It's the Third Doctor's first story, so it's interesting to see how the characters react to a new Doctor and that's different than the one they're used to. I do love what I've seen of the Third Doctor, he can be authoritative but also nice and he also does karate and owns a yellow car called Bessie. It's also the first story with the Autons, which it good for a bit more about them. It's also the beginning of the Doctor working at UNIT, which is where he worked for almost that whole incarnation (in real life it was because of having less money to make lots of sets, but I'm not sure if the in show reason is too spoilery or not). But I like the UNIT stories, and the Brig and Liz Shaw, who are kind of his companions in the story.

    • Matthew says:

      It’s also a series reboot of sorts, since the series moved into colour, with a shorter season and a different format (the Doctor exiled to Earth). From that point of view, it’s interesting to compare it to how the new series was relaunched and to how the series started (“An Unearthly Child”).

  11. ScarlettMi says:

    "Horror of Fang Rock", a 4-part story arc from the 1977-78 season of the series. It features The Fourth Doctor and his companion at the time, Leela. I think it's a wonderful, self contained story. It's got a bit of a classic horror vibe to it.

  12. karmapolice says:

    The AV Club has an excellent primer on Doctor Who if you're interested.,39924/2

    If you scroll down to the end of the article, there is a list of "essential" episodes/serials, with short descriptions underneath.

  13. bibliotrek says:

    CITY OF DEATH, which is a Fourth Doctor arc featuring his fellow Time Lord/Time Lady companion, Romana, and involves PARIS and a script written by DOUGLAS ADAMS and is wonderful and hilarious. Four and Romana have a wonderful relationship and I think it would be fantastic to watch some episodes in which the Doctor is not the authoritative figure to his companion that he is in NuWho!

    • sabra_n says:

      Yes! If you're not going to go with "An Unearthly Child", this serial might be the most sheer, unadulterated fun you can have in Old Skool Who.

    • fakehepburn says:

      Fun fact: Fourth Doctor Tom Baker actually real-life married Lalla Ward, the actress who played his companion Romana (II). Their chemistry is fantastic, and an excellent reason to watch.

      Anyway: City of Death is a 4-episode serial and it is fucking awesome. The end.

      • Reonyea says:

        Although they only stayed married for about a year…but their chemistry really is fantastic, without neccessarily bringing a sexual element to their onscreen relationship.

        This is what I was going to nominate – I would give it more thumbs up if i could!

        • RJM says:

          I am pretty sure Lalla said at one point that the whole reason they got married (and only stayed married for a year) is that they got so into acting the Doctor and Romana that they mistook their character's attraction to each other for their own. MARRIAGE BY METHOD ACTING LOL.

    • Elenatintil says:

      City of Death was going to be my suggestion too! For all the reasons already listed, plus it's got Julian Glover (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) in it and he's just fantastic.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:



      • Reonyea says:

        I can only vote once! *sadface* I think, that as part of being me (especially a me that ha had alcohol on an empty stomach) I should have FIVE votes!


        Um, basically, yeah, vote for this episode! It has John Clees! (sp?)

  14. randomisjen says:

    One point I must correct. There isn't an Eccleston Christmas special. Series 1 ends, and Tennant makes his first appearance in The Christmas Invasion. then follows Series 2.

    • xpanasonicyouthx says:

      Thanks! Then I will watch the old Who before the Christmas Invasion.

      • psycicflower says:

        After watching Old Who but before watching The Christmas Invasion I'd suggest watching the Children in Need special from that year. It's not essential but it's set in the TARDIS in the minutes directly after the series finale and leading up to the start of The Christmas Invasion.
        Here's the link, EXTREME SPOILERS since it starts with a recap of the series finale so don't watch until you've seen the whole of series 1 and are about to start The Christmas Invasion. Seriously INSANELY SPOILERY so wait to watch.

        • Elenatintil says:

          Yes, I'd highly recommend watching the Children in Need right before the Christmas Special. It's not plot essential, but I think it's really rather critical to Rose's character arc.

          • nyssaoftraken74 says:

            It also explains (and I'm really trying to avoid spoilers here) the opening scene and some of the Doctor's dialogue on the spaceship at the climax. It's like a pre-pretitles sequence, really. Oh, and for someone like Mark who is new to Doctor Who, it's a good way for the audience to really `get` regeneration.

            And I think that's as much as I dare say.

  15. Internet User 027 says:

    You should watch "The Five Doctors". Simple because it has some of my favourite characters ever in it (seriously, the Fifth Doctor – who is wonderful! – Ainley!Master, and the most-awesome-ever BRIGADIER!!!!!! whom I love). It's also an entirely epic episode, and has very many CMOAs. It's also incredibly funny and there's some unbelievable wit in there (…especially with the Second Doctor).

    • jennywildcat says:

      The Five Doctors was my first experience with Classic Who and I loved it. For new fans, I think it's a great overview of the classic Doctors, companions and enemies.

  16. Karen says:

    Genesis of the Daleks because it explains, you know, the Genesis of the Daleks. It's a cool origin story. ALSO, it eatures Four who is like THE quintessential old school Doctor, so I think it'd be a good introduction to the old show. And the companions are Sarah Jane and Harry and I think that they're wonderful. Seriously. It's a great serial.

  17. atalantapendrag says:

    Ooo… you should watch The Face of Evil! It's a personal favorite of mine, the episode where we first meet the utterly awesome companion Leela (she of the tight leather and taste for violence). The effects are juicy cheese and the storyline blew my mind back when I was watching it as an eight-year-old and is comfortably cracky now.

  18. Steve says:

    Sorry for going off-topic here but I thought this might be worth mentioning. I believe in the next few days BBC America is screening the most recent Doctor Who at the Proms. Just wanted to say DON'T WATCH IT! Oh it's fantastically good (and is hosted by Matt Smith's companion, the delightful Karen Gillan, never a bad thing) but it's filled to the brim with spoilers not only for Series 5 but for the tenth Doctor as well (actually, thinking about the video they used for one song, spoilers for every Doctor). Come back to it after you've finished New Who as it's well worth watching but right now avoid like a Dalek on a bad day.

  19. Tilja says:

    Did someone erase my comment? Was it Mark or someone else?

  20. Lina says:

    Genesis of the Daleks is an important arc to watch

  21. aficat says:


    BBC America is having a Who marathon staring 12am friday going into Saturday, cumulating in an Xmas special. Even if you can't watch them now, it might be worth recording for later. I've never seen an episode or special of the good doctor (except for the Craig Ferguson musical number, which was confusing), so I can't rec/dissuade you from any eps they're showing, hopefully someone else can.

  22. Rhino Neil says:

    Every episode from Doctors 1-7 forms part of a longer story (or arc to use yoour word) except for 2 and one of those is a prologue episode for a longer story. My suggested story is "Robots of Death" a fourth Doctor story from 1977. Some great looking robots and a very well realsied community and how they deal or don't deal when the robots start living up to the story title, its sometimes compared to Agatha Christies "Ten Little Indians", but the relationship is fairly light to be honest. 4 x 25 min episodes.

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  24. Cleo says:

    I'd probably suggest "Genesis of the Daleks" Immediately followed by "Revenge of the Cybermen" as they were originally shown. It's twelve episodes altogether but you need to know about both the Daleks and the Cybermen if you're to understand childhood nightmare fodder. Plus it's a Tom Baker episode and the general consensus is that he was one of the best doctors of the old series.

  25. pica_scribit says:

    It's not an official DW story, but you HAVE to watch the Comic Relief series (about 20 minutes total) from 1999 starring Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor. It's hilarious and has many awesome celebrity cameos. It was written by Steven Moffat, one of the writers for the new show, who is a huge Who fan. I don't think you can get it anywhere "official" in the US, but it's available on YouTube.

    • grlgoddess says:

      I think it'd be better to watch that after he has a good grip on what the show is about. Maybe after S1 and a couple of Classic eps (some with the Master)? But I agree, it's definitely a must watch!

      • pica_scribit says:

        That episode was actually my introduction to the wonderful world of Doctor Who, and I thought it was hilarious, even though I didn't have a clue about the stuff it was referencing. Granted, it makes a lot more sense after seeing the show, but I think one series of DW is probably enough for Mark to enjoy it properly. Incidentally, this makes Rowan Atkinson my first Doctor. How weird is that?

  26. Liz says:

    My favorite classic serial is "Tomb of the Cybermen." It's the Second Doctor, Jamie (KILT!), and Victoria and brings me joy every time I watch it. Of course, that's largely because it's very much in the old-school visible-zippers/cheese-tastic special effects vein and I adore every second of that – and I don't care what anyone says, Cybermats are pretty much the most awesome things ever. So if you feel like getting your lulz on, I strongly suggest Tomb of the Cybermen. It's a four-episode serial and is one of the few completely-available Second Doctor serials (much of the First and Second Doctors' serials are lost because the BBC destroyed the film to save storage space *facepalm*), and Patrick Troughton's Doctor is (a) brilliant and (b) a big part of Matt Smith's inspiration for *his* Doctor (particularly costume choices – like the bow tie!). Oh, and also Matt Smith has cited Tomb of the Cybermen as his favorite classic serial.

  27. Internet User 027 says:

    Oh my god, no. That sounds beautiful.
    I have the special edition with the updated version that has the commentary by Peter Davison and Terrance Dicks though, and it's fantastic as well.

  28. nyssaoftraken74 says:

    Just as a general point. In my opinion, I think Mark should steer clear of stories that involve returning monsters/villains/characters that he hasn't got to yet in New Who. So that means no Cybermen, Master, Sontarans or Silurians, and no Sarah Jane. Let RTD and co introduce him to these wonders of the Whoniverse.

    Edit: I can't believe no-one's suggested The Caves of Androzani yet! It was only voted Best Doctor Who Story Ever by readers of Doctor Who Magazine in 2009.

    • pica_scribit says:

      Doesn't this kind of tell Mark who/what's going to be turning up? Surely having backstory isn't going to impare his enjoyment of any returning people/beings.

      • nyssaoftraken74 says:

        Well, the clue is often in the episode title, I didn't give any indication to when they appear and the list isn't necessarily exclusive, but you're right in that I probably should have been less specific with my comment. So apologies for any semi-spoilers.

        As to your other point, of course it won't impare Mark's enjoyment. I'm just curious to see how some of these episodes work for someone *without* backstory.

    • Imogen1984 says:

      Nonono! Sarah Jane must be known NOW!

  29. Adam Atkinson says:

    I’d like to go out on a limb and say “Black Orchid”. (5th Doctor adventure, very short).

  30. John says:

    I don't particularly care which one, but YOU MUST WATCH A TOM BAKER STORY. He is, quite simply, the greatest Doctor of all time.

  31. NyssaOfTraken says:

    So how long until the `voting` closes? How is it going to work? Is Mark simply going to go with the one with the highest votes or are we going to have a second round of voting with the list narrowed down to the top 3 or something? After all, if I understand correctly and he's continuing series 1 this weekend, we've got until Tuesday.

    Edit: It sems we have a clear winner with An Unearthly Child. (Quite right, too.) And it's going to be tough to beat Genesis for 2nd.

    Edit2: And somehow I failed to spot City of Death, which pips Unearthly Child at the post.

    Intrigued? I certainly am! 😉

  32. Adam Atkinson says:

    “The Web Planet” is remarkable in its own way. It shouldn’t be anyone’s
    first experience of original Who, but, uh… it sticks in the memory.

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  34. Imogen1984 says:

    Ok, I have so many favourite classic episodes that it's REALLY REALLY hard to narrow them down. But my favourite episode of all time is The Robots of Death – Fourth Doctor & Leela. It's fantastic.

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