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Mark Watches Doctor Who (Series One) is now published!!!

IT HAS BEGUN! I will now begin the conversion process for ALL of my Doctor Who reviews, and I’m happy to report that the first book is NOW DONE and AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Mark Watches Doctor Who (Series One) is available in … Continue reading

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Hello! Two Towers Discussion Post / Scheduling

As I know lots of you have noticed (since I have a lot of Twitter replies, Facebook messages, and Tumblr messages), I haven’t gotten a chance to put up a review of The Two Towers. I wanted to let you … Continue reading

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Mark Watches Firefly is now available for purchase

Look, I can have secrets. Though apparently “having secrets” means “telling everyone I saw on tour about this two weeks ago.” STOP JUDGING ME. Mark Watches will not be immune from delicious eBooks, so I’d like to happily announce the … Continue reading

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Mark Does Stuff merch is FINALLY HERE!

OH MY DEAR WATCHERS. It’s been over a month since I put these wheels in motion, and after a lot of hard work from my lovely designer, the (massive) first round of merchandise is done! YOU CAN NOW OWN MARK … Continue reading

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The Official Mark Does Stuff store is now live!

As you can see in the new menu up above, there is now a link to the new Mark Does Stuff store. Here, you can purchase the first of many items to come: the Mark Reads Twilight eBook, currently available … Continue reading

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Hello, Watchers! My newest Mark Does Stuff project is here!

Just an update about my newest project, which just launched this morning, and has been occupying my time for nearly a month! GlobParents.com In conjunction with GlobWorld, where I am a community manager, and the Mark Does Stuff Internet empire, … Continue reading

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A preview of what is to come

Tee hee.

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