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Hello, friends! So, not to get all wistful on main, but this is actually my final prediction post on Mark Watches. We’re nearing the end of this project, so I am having a lot of feelings about that!!! In the meantime, there’s still quite a bit of Discovery left to get through, so: allow me to reflect on this journey and guess what’s coming up!

Here are my previous predictions:

Predictions for Season 2 of Discovery

1) First and foremost, this is more of a need than a guess: Dr. Hugh Culber is somehow going to come back to the show because of the mycelial network. HELL YEAH.

2) A familiar face BESIDES Admiral Pike will be on the Enterprise. Two of them!!!!

3) Bonus points if it is Spock. I GET ALL THE POINTS.

4) At some point in season 2, Burnham and Tyler will rekindle their romance. OH, THIS… THIS HURTS. I mean, I suppose I’m technically not correct here because I don’t know if what happened in this season counted as “rekindling,” so to speak.

5) But it ultimately won’t work out. Well, I definitely got this part right.

6) Tilly will graduate out of her command program by the end of the season. Okay, this is actually very fascinating. I was wrong, but I will also bring this forward into the next set of predictions!

7) Saru will have a story/arc with another Kelpien. hell yeah ALSO RIGHT!

8) We will meet the new captain of the Discovery by the end of episode 2. Actually, by the end of episode one! Also, I really, really liked Captain Pike.

9) We will also get an arc involving Terran Georgiou. NOT JUST AN ARC BUT SHE WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME.

10) Who will also return to her universe by the end of the season. oh my god I WASN’T EVEN CLOSE TO GETTING THIS RIGHT. Even if she does, she’d be in the wrong time!

11) Another major character will die this season. Do Airiam or Cornwell count as major characters? Or Leland?

12) I don’t know if the timeline syncs up the same, but I am gonna guess that Pike’s story will intersect with the one we saw on The Original Series at some point. I would like to take this back.

13) The main serialized story won’t be about the Klingons, but a new threat. I would also like to state that I had literally no concept of what this season would be like. NONE.

14) A species/culture from the original batch of shows will appear on Discovery for the first time. I believe there were a few!!!!


In preparation for season 3, I would like to publicly embarrass myself again because I feel like I’m in an even worse position than last season. Lord.

Predictions for Season 3 of Discovery

1) Okay, let’s start with this: Discovery stays in the future all of season 3. I think the writers are going to commit with this.

2) At some point, Michael will be reunited with her mother. 

3) Saru will become caption of the Discovery.

4) Everyone will discover that they did indeed save the future timeline and Control did not wipe out all sentient life.

5) At some point, Tilly will basically graduate out of her program, which she’ll complete on board the ship.

6) My guess as to how this season is even going to function: the crew is going to integrate into future society by pretending they were always there, rather than admitting that they traveled from the past.

7) We will meet at least one relative of someone from the original time period.

8) We will not see Pike, Ash Tyler, Spock, or L’Rell this season.

9) Hugh and Paul will reconcile their relationship over the course of season 3.

10) We will get at least one episode that delves into Bryce or Rhys. (Bonus if we get backstories or plots focused on both of them!!!)

11) I have completely run out of steam at this point. I genuinely don’t fucking know what else could happen because IT’S THE FUTURE. THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

12) So… there’s a new season-long threat? And it’s in the future?

13) Um… Georgiou… does something? IDK. Maybe she changes after traveling to yet ANOTHER completely ridiculous place?

14) Stuff?


As a reminder, this upcoming week will be devoted to the five episodes of Short Treks that I am watching, which does not include the sixth, since I was advised that it will mostly be confusing to me as someone who isn’t watching Picard. After that: season three is a go! 

Thank you all for following along with this specific review series; I am truly having the time of my life writing about Discovery, and I can’t imagine a better way to go out on a high note.

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