Hi, friends! Let’s do a big Mark Watches liveblog together

In light of all the social distancing stuff many of us are following, I figured that we are all gonna be home a lot more. And lord, I miss liveblogging. So, Patreon is going to get a Patreon-only liveblog first next week, but I would love to host a public liveblog here on Mark Watches on Sunday, March 22.

I have not figured out what time that day OR what to watch, so I wanted to invite this lovely community to pitch things to me. I expect to host a few of these over the next month, since I have no travel booked due to all my appearances and visits being cancelled. Generally, I think around 2PM eastern is a good time to start, as the majority of my readers are awake and could ostensibly join us in the comments. Does that sound fine?

And as long as I can access the movie digitally AND I haven’t seen it: I think pretty much anything is fair game. Obviously, the more entertaining and more well-known, the better. But let’s try this!!! What should we do???

I hope each of you are safe and in good health. I’m proud of any of you who are taking a personal or professional hit in order to think of the health of others. As shitty as the world is these days, that makes me very happy.

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