Mark Watches ‘Monster’: Episode 48 – The Scariest Thing

In the forty-eighth episode of Monster, Lunge, Grimmer, Tenma, and Ranke get closer to the truth. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Monster.


Trigger Warning: For brief discussion of child abuse

The Memory

I know it’s just a repeat of the end of the last episode, but I still can’t get over Nina’s “memory.” It’s clear by the conclusion of “The Scariest Thing” that the kids in Kinderheim 511 had their memories completely destroyed or altered, and now that we know that Franz Bonaparta was around BOTH the Libert twins… I wonder. I WONDER, Y’ALL. Did he do something to them? Did he toy with their memories in some way, too? Why is it that Franz’s picture book has such an intense hold over all these people?

Detective Suk’s Mother

Did we just witness Johan manipulating someone for information??? Of course, there’s a crucial cutaway for the bulk of what Johan does to Suk’s mother, but y’all, I’M SO UNNERVED. It’s frightening to see how easily he is able to win people over, and he knows that his charm disarms people. Here, though, he does something unexpected that has a positive affect on others, BUT IT STILL CREEPS ME OUT? Somehow, the conversation he has with Mrs. Suk makes her awareness improved? I don’t understand the mechanics of it, either; I just know what she is like after Johan visits her.

Of course, I assumed the worst of his visit, too! How could I not? I anticipated that he would steal the tape, since it felt obvious that he was erasing all ties to his past. So yeah, I was indeed confused when Mrs. Suk said the tape was still in the player. That… made no sense? Why would he leave it behind? 

Right. Because he’s FUCKED UP. Also, does this episode imply that Johan recorded over the tape in the same room at Mrs. Suk? Because he probably didn’t do it somewhere else! Regardless, Johan seems to be leaving yet another breadcrumb trail for Dr. Tenma, except this time he’s being utterly blatant about it. He knows Tenma is following him, and so it cannot be accidental or foolish for Johan to state that he knows exactly where to go next. He wants Tenma to be there as well! My first guess is… Kinderheim 511? Maybe? It seems to make the most sense, but I am not sure enough to commit to that. I suggest that place because it’s the source of Johan’s “lost” memories. Again, this episode confirms that the boys in that orphanage were abused so badly that their memories were deliberately replaced and they knew this was happening AS it was happening. That’s why Johan begs to keep his memories of his twin sister.

But now what? Does he want to be reunited with her? Is he trying to regain these memories? I DON’T KNOW.

Detective Lunge

YES YES YES. I see this as a good sign, as possible hope that Johan’s deeds will finally catch up to him. The only reason I say that is because of Lunge’s incredible ability to remember even the smallest of details. One of the many reasons that Johan has evaded capture is because of how complicated of a trail he’s left behind him. But who can actually categorize and organize all that complication? Lunge! Even better: he’s not in Prague in any official capacity. He’s on vacation. Which is brilliant the more I think about. He’s able to gain access to spaces and people as a famed inspector, but he doesn’t have to do actual work for any of these other members of law enforcement. He can pursue his suspicions at whatever pace he wants. 

And he does shit that no one ever thought of. Like tracking down the publishing house that published Franz Bonaparta’s picture book! THAT’S SO SMART, GOOD JOB!!!! And it’s because of that trip that we get perhaps the best single clue as to what actually happened long ago. I’m not saying that the other pieces he put together aren’t crucial, but y’all. Those sketches. THOSE SKETCHES. So, Bonaparta knew the twins’ mother before the twins were born. He was in their lives after they came into this world, and somehow, his picture book is vital to their development and identity. Which is why I’m just gonna throw this out here because I think it’s possible: Franz Bonaparta is Johan’s and Nina’s father. Why else would he write a book about twins? Why would he put Johan’s name in that book? Why was he around their parents? I have literally no other evidence, but I want to be dramatic and potentially deeply wrong, so here we are. I’M THEORIZING. And I’m nervous about it, but come on. Those sketches!!!

The video for “The Scariest Thing” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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