Mark Watches ‘Sense8’: S02E11 – You Want a War?

In the eleventh and penultimate episode of the second season of Sense8, Sun meets her destiny; Kala tries to tell the truth; Wolfgang is delayed. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Sense8.

Trigger Warning: For talk of torture, blood.

I’m in awe. IN AWE, Y’ALL.


I have been waiting for this for SO LONG. I am so pleased to be able to say that I was not the slightest bit disappointed in the long, bloody confrontation between Joong-Ki and Sun. Everything comes together in chaotic brilliance, and watching the sensates unite to defeat Joong-Ki was high entertainment, y’all. But it wasn’t just all action, and I appreciated just how layered this was. I talked about this on video, but I was floored by Joong-Ki’s speech at the party. It wasn’t good, mind you. But the script plays with the audience: we know exactly who this man is, as does Sun, and thus, we’re able to see the subtext to everything he’s saying. What was most striking to me was my realization that he most likely had begun to believe what he was saying. Perhaps his performance was nothing but that: a play enacted on a stage before an audience of the mega rich. But because he had gotten away with so much, I began to wonder if he really did see himself as a victim, not a perpetrator. 

Which made Detective Mun’s appearance the straw that broke the camel’s back. This moment of victory, of his portrayal of a man plagued by a challenging family, of a brother who just “wished” his sister had not done the things she had done, was immediately sullied. Detective Mun had found a way to nail down Joong-Ki’s crimes, and the picture-perfect mask was about to crumble. So, while I was COMPLETELY shocked by what Joong-Ki did, I don’t think it was out of character. The man utilizes power and violence to avoid responsibility, and he combines it with this constant victimization. That’s exactly what he did in that moment!

He also MADE SUN’S DECISION SO MUCH EASIER. Holy shit, I love that so very much of this episode is dedicated to the chase. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT WAS SO DEEPLY SATISFYING!!! I love that each of them gets a chance to shine, especially Kala, who gives us both a moment of levity and enacts a brilliant plan at the same time. All of this was leading towards the big question, though: Was Sun willing to kill her brother? Would that provide her the closure that she needed? The script for “You Want a War?” manifests this in a remarkable way. It asks a question through Sun: Who am I? Is she a character destined for revenge? Is her life an enactment of violence and nothing more? Is her brother worthy of mercy? Is the promise she made to her mother important to her? Sun’s struggle is represented through multiple flashbacks from scenes of the past two seasons of Sense8, and her decision reflects where she is now. After everything she’s gone through, I wasn’t surprised that she chose not to kill Joong-Ki. I don’t think it would have provided her any real happiness, and she knew that. And so, she gives herself up, without even asking Joong-Ki to confess the truth. I imagine that’s what the special will deal with, since this politician—Minister Park—has a connection to Joong-Ki and is willing to protect him. He even helps him escape the scene of a crime. 

So, how do they get him to tell the truth? He’s protected once more, and Sun’s presence has already allowed a specific narrative to form in the absence of any facts. She was the one who unleashed chaos on that party, not the other way around. UGH, WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN.


This episode has three very different appearances of sensates from other clusters, but I was so happy that Capheus was visited by four sensates who supported him. One thing that’s been very cool to see is how other sensates realize the good intentions of this main cluster because they live so openly. As this group points out, it would be foolish for anyone to make such a public appearance, and yet? Capheus still did it, and thus, these sensates now know he’s genuine. AHHHHHH HE HAS SENSATES CONTACTING HIM NOW!!! This is so exciting!


Well, this was not what I expected. And I don’t mean that as a criticism! I was bracing myself for Kala to finally tell Rajan the truth, and I knew that the conversation would be immensely difficult. Look, Wolfgang and Kala are in love with one another. Period! This episode establishes that beyond a doubt. And as I said before, I don’t see a way out of this without Rajan getting hurt. Kala has to tell him the truth, then, and rip off the bandage, so to speak. 

Except then Rajan comes home and drops a surprise in Kala’s lap. LOOK, I KNEW NOT TO TRUST ARJAY, but holy shit. WHAT??? Rajan has been cooperating in an investigation against Arjay? Wait, then what does that gift mean??? Rajan was incredibly upset by it, but he didn’t explain why. Oh god, WHAT’S HAPPENING??? I think the note that came with it is a clue, so… is something hidden inside of it? You know, since it’s so “fragile”?


Before this episode goes to a dark place, there’s a lot of joy in it. Between Sun’s escape, Capheus’s sensate experience, and Wolfgang and Kala being honest with one another, we get lightness. But the most joyous moment of this episode is the DUAL PROPOSAL between Nomi and Amanita. Seriously, Amanita chose the perfect moment, too, since Nomi was checking in with her partner. Was Amanita actually fine with what had transpired over the last year? Her answer: NOT ONLY IS SHE FINE, BUT SHE WANTS TO SPEND THE REST OF HER LIFE WITH NOMI. And then Nomi reveals that she had gotten a ring for Amanita and had planned to propose, too????? HELP ME.


Look, Lila did warn Wolfgang. And we did know that she’d made some sort of deal with BPO. Here, we see those two things collide and come to fruition: Lila sold out Wolfgang to Whispers. Gods, there was even a warning just before this when one of Puck’s cluster warns him that Whispers (also known as the Cannibal) was out hunting. Like I said on video, I forgot that Whispers didn’t know the identity of Will’s whole cluster! And what would delight him more than finding that cluster and destroying them all, one by one, so that Will could feel them all die? Again, I’m reminded of Whisper’s promise that Will didn’t know just how much pain he could feel. His torment of Wolfgang to learn the identity of the cluster is the most violent moment experienced by the sensates. The show does a horrifying job showing us how this torture manifests in the bodies of the rest of the cluster, to the point that many of them start bleeding just as Wolfgang is. 

But the response to this… y’all. Y’ALL. I didn’t even figure it all out until it was confirmed, but the whole team went to LONDON in order to kidnap BOTH WHISPERS AND JONAS. Oh my god, that scene in the interrogation room??? My soul left my entire body, I WAS NOT READY. So, I assume Wolfgang is in some other facility, and the cluster now has leverage: they’ve got two of the most important members of BPO on their hands. But why did Jonas say that Will wouldn’t understand his decision just yet? What sort of long con is he playing?

The war is starting. Which makes me wonder: are other sensates finally going to join them? Or will they all hide like Puck and his cluster?

This special is gonna ruin me. I can’t wait!

The video for “You Want a War?” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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